Kawhi Leonard CRAZY GAME-WINNER - Game 7 | Raptors vs 76ers | 2019 NBA Playoffs


  1. jamesthemaniac

    jamesthemaniac3 minutes ago

    Nobody comments on the travel off the inbound

  2. Astro Guitar Man

    Astro Guitar ManHour ago

    Notice how the scoreboard flashed it's the end of regulation

  3. Mwamba Kandimba

    Mwamba KandimbaHour ago

    This was magical!

  4. panggop jio

    panggop jio2 hours ago

    And Kawhi Did It Again!!!

  5. Leroy Le

    Leroy Le2 hours ago

    Best game winner

  6. Arturo Arreola

    Arturo Arreola3 hours ago

    Beat Phil-ly! Beat Phil-ly!

  7. Jason Armstrong

    Jason Armstrong3 hours ago

    Look like he traveled before he started the dribble.

  8. Chalk

    ChalkHour ago

    He sure did. ESPN pointed it out on television

  9. Ethanal Spencer

    Ethanal Spencer4 hours ago

    One day we'll get a deep rewind on this play, 'The Dagger'

  10. TAO CHEN

    TAO CHEN5 hours ago

    Now ,Raptor get into Final.

  11. Chris Surjoo

    Chris Surjoo10 hours ago

    Who is here after the conference finals!?! The shot that made it possible!

  12. W.T.C 1990

    W.T.C 199011 hours ago

    it's off to Leonard.......defended by Simmons......is this the dagger..........ohhhhhh !!!!!! that commentary was beautiful if he wins them a championship and leaves he'll still be considered a legend by the Raptors fans but it's a tall order to beat my Warriors, it will be a good series

  13. W.T.C 1990

    W.T.C 199024 minutes ago

    +Chalk the Raptors was the team I didn't want to see get out of the East cause there the team best equipped to beat us

  14. Chalk

    ChalkHour ago

    Epic commentary. Huge task to go against a high level warriors team

  15. SAR - Neon & Santa

    SAR - Neon & Santa12 hours ago


  16. Kelvin Birch

    Kelvin Birch13 hours ago

    Kevin Harlan Best calls

  17. Benny Love

    Benny Love15 hours ago

    Claw talk. 76ers can't beat the Raptors even if it was a game 8

  18. Chalk

    ChalkHour ago

    Remember...they went all the way to say game 7. The shot was extremely lucky with all those bounces.shouldve gone to overtime

  19. ValorOni

    ValorOni16 hours ago

    And so the fans of Philadelphia, destroy their city again....

  20. Cyclus_ Senpai

    Cyclus_ Senpai17 hours ago

    Wait is that travelling right after he got the ball? Or I just don’t know how to count lol

  21. Chalk

    ChalkHour ago

    +Cyclus_ Senpai yup. Probably even 5. First take was talking about that on television and pointing it out. Even shaq during post game coverage pointed it out

  22. Cyclus_ Senpai

    Cyclus_ Senpai6 hours ago

    Probably even 5?

  23. Andrew Fuehring

    Andrew Fuehring17 hours ago

    100% travel he took 4 steps after gaining possession before his dribble, but that will never get called.

  24. Some Dude

    Some Dude18 hours ago

    And to think, if that shot doesn’t go in, they don’t make the finals, amazing

  25. Chalk

    ChalkHour ago

    If the shot doesn't go in, it goes to overtime. The score was tied buddy

  26. 6kasımDERİNYARA

    6kasımDERİNYARA18 hours ago

    Türk yok mu mk

  27. Daniel Ratajczyk

    Daniel Ratajczyk18 hours ago


  28. Chalk

    ChalkHour ago

    +Shadow The Ghost naw he's not hurt. Look at it again with your own eyes. He took like 4 steps before even dribvling the ball after receiving the pass. Clearly

  29. Shadow The Ghost

    Shadow The Ghost18 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 you hurttttttttttt

  30. Eck KD

    Eck KD19 hours ago

    Had to come back to watch this after they just finished off the Bucks to get to their 1st ever finals. Go Raptors!

  31. Chalk

    ChalkHour ago

    +Shadow The Ghost maybe in 7 but warriros are way to stack. And DeMarcus is returning.

  32. Shadow The Ghost

    Shadow The Ghost18 hours ago

    +Mick Funny raptors in 7

  33. Mick Funny

    Mick Funny19 hours ago

    Eck KD they’ll be slaughtered by the Dubs, Draymond will shut Kawhi down

  34. Hussein Belhaj

    Hussein Belhaj20 hours ago

    anyone here when they beat the bucks?

  35. Jeremy

    JeremyHour ago

    +Chalk Naw I cant blame you at all. Bucks really let that series go.

  36. Chalk

    ChalkHour ago

    +Jeremy I was one of them lol. Can you blame me tho? Bucks were up 2-0 in the series. They have the best record in the NBA. I thought it would be a sweep honestly.

  37. Jeremy

    Jeremy17 hours ago

    Yep hunting those comments that said bucks in 4

  38. Shadow The Ghost

    Shadow The Ghost18 hours ago


  39. Ty Cardwell

    Ty Cardwell20 hours ago

    Kawhi is the best player in the world hands down. You can still debate it between him and KD but if he finds a way to beat GS in the finals he’ll be the best player in the league. I hope he stays in Toronto, or goes to the Clippers. If he goes to the Lakers I’m going to be pisssssssed

  40. Ty Cardwell

    Ty Cardwell17 hours ago

    Mick Funny The likely thing is the Lakers get nobody next offseason. Absolutely Nobody and Lebron plays out the rest of his contract then retires. Then the Lakers become a crapshoot until they get new ownership

  41. Ty Cardwell

    Ty Cardwell18 hours ago

    Mick Funny Dude you’re dreaming. It’s a nice dream sure. But the Pelicans GM has made it abundantly clear they are not trading AD to the Lakers. The Lakers already offered everyone for AD and the Pelicans turned it down. And Kawhi going to the Lakers is almost non existent anymore. With the disfunction in the front office and LeBron out as the best player in the world he’s way more likely to choose the Clippers or the Raptors then the Lakers

  42. Mick Funny

    Mick Funny19 hours ago

    Ty Cardwell Lakers will trade the whole damn franchise to get Anthony Davis with LeBron. Not sure they would have the cap space to add Kawhi. Can you imagine a LeBron, AD, and Kawhi Big 3🤔🤔

  43. Austiny Fengy Stupid

    Austiny Fengy Stupid20 hours ago

    And the Raptors end up making the Finals. Historic run.

  44. Flying V

    Flying V19 hours ago

    Austiny Fengy Stupid hope they do it

  45. Star Platinum

    Star Platinum20 hours ago

    *And Kawhi Did It Again!!!*

  46. Jaylon Foster

    Jaylon Foster21 hour ago

    Travel you clowns

  47. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker21 hour ago

    I remember seeing it live shit was insane

  48. SuperMario49 Gaming

    SuperMario49 Gaming23 hours ago

    Imagine if the Finals was decided like this????

  49. SuperMario49 Gaming

    SuperMario49 Gaming17 hours ago

    Mick Funny but Toronto has home court advantage, so Game 7 of the finals would be in Toronto

  50. Mick Funny

    Mick Funny18 hours ago

    Flying V crowd wouldn’t be loud since this would be a Game 7 and take place in Oakland

  51. Flying V

    Flying V19 hours ago

    SuperMario49 Gaming the crowd would be twice as loud, and you’d probably hear cheering all throughout Toronto.

  52. Malaya Canchela

    Malaya CanchelaDay ago

    Tonight is our chance to win the Series and play Golden State. #WeTheNorth

  53. Cantteactobe GREAT

    Cantteactobe GREATDay ago

    I feel bad for the security that didnt get to see that shot went in. Smh

  54. raj mataj

    raj matajDay ago


  55. The AMU

    The AMUDay ago

    I watch this right before sex so I can get rock hard

  56. Jose Bustillo

    Jose BustilloDay ago

    Like a scene straight out of a movie.

  57. 王竣禾

    王竣禾Day ago

    Best shot ever in Leonard’s career

  58. Craig Conley

    Craig ConleyDay ago

    WE THE NORTH!!!!!

  59. Faizool Mohammed

    Faizool MohammedDay ago


  60. Faizool Mohammed

    Faizool MohammedDay ago


  61. catch tone

    catch toneDay ago

    Good fuck embiid

  62. albcev1511

    albcev1511Day ago

    He's a fun guy

  63. Eddie

    Eddie2 days ago

    *Kawhi Leonard laugh*

  64. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon2 days ago

    This is the fun guy side of Kawhi he was talking about

  65. George Lowery

    George Lowery2 days ago

    Kawhi Leonard is a bad boy!!! Do you know the soft touch & arch you need to have on a jump shot to get that kind of shooter’s bounce? Amazing & Unbelievable.

  66. djordje roganovic

    djordje roganovic2 days ago

    Long live Africa


    PAXX PLAYS2 days ago

    All the dislikes are salty Philly fans saying he traveled

  68. Geron Fletcher

    Geron Fletcher2 days ago

    Y’all see kawhis uncle down there after he hit the shot? Lol

  69. Hells Angels

    Hells Angels2 days ago

    Drake's writing a new Song, about this moment, rigt now! 😱

  70. Deadpool Gaming

    Deadpool Gaming2 days ago

    I remember seeing it live shit was insane

  71. Rich Ə Wrych

    Rich Ə Wrych2 days ago

    Kawhi King of the north

  72. CanadaMMA

    CanadaMMA2 days ago

    I loved how you could hear every bounce on the rim. Everyone was holding their breath...

  73. News page for rappers

    News page for rappers2 days ago

    the shot was grest but damion lillard shot was better

  74. GD McK

    GD McK2 days ago

    Top 5 Buzzer Beaters of All Time

  75. Xperienced GAM3R

    Xperienced GAM3R2 days ago

    Joel Embiid don’t cry Hulu still got live sports.........

  76. Big boi Jinny

    Big boi Jinny2 days ago

    Who’s here when the raptors are one win away from the finals?

  77. K Wright

    K Wright2 days ago

    Notice the "end of regulation" that was the game to be at this year

  78. Luis pika

    Luis pika3 days ago

    Rim: “Gods plan”

  79. A HaZard

    A HaZard3 days ago

    Anyone else keep replaying it to see everyone's reactions?

  80. mnlue83

    mnlue833 days ago

    Even though they would probably get beat by the Warriors in the Finals, I'd love to see the Raptors make it to the Finals. This franchise deserves it (coming from a Wolves fan).

  81. Schwapz Bwapz

    Schwapz Bwapz3 days ago

    Kawhis dad must be the proudest dad alive

  82. JaberBlitzz199

    JaberBlitzz199Day ago

    Uhhh, u do know his dad died back when he was young

  83. Duran Ferguson

    Duran Ferguson3 days ago

    Hell of a bounce

  84. Steven Saunders

    Steven Saunders3 days ago

    Bat Flip Last second clunker in game 7 Leafs choking to Boston in game 7 time and time again. We have had some sweet memories

  85. Neal Lavezares

    Neal Lavezares3 days ago

    Kawhi's Dad is the happiest angel in heaven

  86. The comenter The comenter

    The comenter The comenter3 days ago

    Wish the Raptors win this championship. They deserve it.

  87. Keitron Wallace

    Keitron Wallace3 days ago

    Count the number of steps he takes before dribbling. Don't worry. As a Philly fan I've nothing but time.....

  88. rohanzo1

    rohanzo14 days ago

    that is definitely the most craziest way ive ever seen a team advance to the next round of the playoffs

  89. Oliver Ocat

    Oliver Ocat4 days ago

    I'm a Kahwi fan but there was a violation on this play. Watch this video again and focus on the inbounds play. Kahwi took 4 steps before dribbling the ball. Refs should've called a travelling violation.

  90. ZombieSlayer22

    ZombieSlayer224 days ago

    Some people say that he traveled. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  91. Kyle Dumont

    Kyle Dumont4 days ago

    I like how the coach cheers once and then walks off like nothing happened

  92. Sir Spike

    Sir Spike4 days ago

    You could have heard a paper clip drop from the silence of that crowd as the ball neared the net

  93. Victor Van Lier

    Victor Van Lier5 days ago

    Is traveling still a rule? Seems like its not.

  94. hen ko

    hen ko5 days ago

    Damn that preview for the next video ruined the view

  95. Juanye Seaton

    Juanye Seaton5 days ago

    He traveled

  96. Garion24601

    Garion246015 days ago

    I watched this live at a Pub on a cruise ship (Norwegian Breakaway) which had sailed out of Miami that day...couldn't believe how the number of Raptor fans outnumbered Philly fans like 10 - 1. So many Canadians on the ship. Like every other bar across Canada in that moment, you could hear a pin drop once the shot was made, and the ball bounced around the rim...seemed like an eternity. When it dropped in, the ship officially became property of Canada.

  97. Zainab Queen Bee

    Zainab Queen Bee8 hours ago

    That last line made my day!!!!

  98. TheDudecof

    TheDudecofDay ago

    LMAO that last line made me burst out laughing

  99. Gian Halili

    Gian Halili5 days ago

    Kawhi finished what Carter couldn't

  100. Angel Herrera

    Angel Herrera6 days ago

    That still is the most luckiest shot first of all and also because it didnt get blocked. Second of all that was a lucky bounce.

  101. Ali Shalash

    Ali Shalash6 days ago

    He traveled right when he got it

  102. Jasbir

    Jasbir2 days ago

    Does it matter now?

  103. Nicholas Artuso

    Nicholas Artuso6 days ago

    Jose: I will forever be remembered in Toronto Kawhi: Hold my beer

  104. tavor the king

    tavor the king6 days ago

    Im not philly fan but that was a travel

  105. Jarl Borg

    Jarl Borg4 days ago

    Doesn't matter, Refs didn't make any call.

  106. `1nfamous Soldier

    `1nfamous Soldier6 days ago

    Philly got ethered lol

  107. drz

    drz6 days ago

    Some of the Raptors bench stepped on the court. Shot should have been voided. Fake winners.

  108. Elijah Williams

    Elijah Williams6 days ago

    00:43 Kahwai look like a running back trynna score from 5 yards out, the way he tucked the ball and ran 😂😂😂

  109. Elijah Williams

    Elijah Williams6 days ago

    Lebron travelllll


    LILROAST6 days ago

    *Its funny how Ben Didn’t even give a fuck about the basketball game after that lmao😂*

  111. Ethan Topacio

    Ethan Topacio6 days ago

    No one cares if he traveled, it was still legendary

  112. Ethan Topacio

    Ethan Topacio6 days ago

    Such a slow and epic moment

  113. The Nimble Ninja

    The Nimble Ninja6 days ago

    Luck is when hard work and preparation meet opportunity.

  114. Red Ace

    Red Ace2 days ago


  115. OD Wilson

    OD Wilson6 days ago

    I robot 🤖

  116. grgr basil

    grgr basil6 days ago

    Definitive proof of magnets

  117. Kas Cuev

    Kas Cuev6 days ago

    We The North equals Ghetto Ebonics,good job uneducated ghetto slobs

  118. Nirvezz

    Nirvezz6 days ago

    Damn that preview for the next video ruined the view

  119. Radiation Refugee

    Radiation Refugee7 days ago

    This was fake tho.

  120. cookie king

    cookie king7 days ago

    Legend has it is still bouncing

  121. Solokey

    Solokey7 days ago

    Simmons gave up on the last play

  122. Denson Crowe

    Denson Crowe7 days ago

    we gonna act like he didn’t travel

  123. Rafay Malik

    Rafay Malik7 days ago

    0:05 IT WAS A TRAVEL

  124. Sebastian Figueroa

    Sebastian Figueroa7 days ago

    I ain't hating on this shot but kawhi traveled when he go the ball. Pay close attention to his feet

  125. your majesty mrmac215

    your majesty mrmac2157 days ago

    Idc ..philly forever bitches

  126. Keely Chow

    Keely Chow7 days ago

    1993: Joe Carter hit a walk-off 3-run home run against the Phillies in the bottom of the ninth in Game 6 of the World Series. 2019: Kawhi Leonard hits a game-winning shot against the 76ers in Game 7 of the ECF.

  127. אורי ווילף

    אורי ווילף7 days ago

    He was travelled

  128. steven tapiz

    steven tapiz7 days ago

    I needed the over on this game & Kawhi shattered my bet all to pieces . Great shot !

  129. FilipinoHeat 805

    FilipinoHeat 8057 days ago

    Ball 🏀 dropped like mega millions lottery numbers 😆

  130. GuBop

    GuBop7 days ago

    cmon simmons..

  131. Primo H

    Primo H7 days ago