Kawhi Leonard CRAZY GAME-WINNER - Game 7 | Raptors vs 76ers | 2019 NBA Playoffs


  1. Bryce Benjamin

    Bryce Benjamin23 hours ago

    I still don't understand how the hell that shot rolled in, yo 🤦🏿‍♂️😤

  2. Lionel Avila

    Lionel Avila2 days ago


  3. Evelyn Castro

    Evelyn Castro2 days ago

    Welcome to LA 😌

  4. DethTrix

    DethTrix2 days ago

    Yo he travelled when he got the ball in his hands, the shot should have been called off

  5. Mem3_Lord

    Mem3_Lord2 days ago

    So no one noticed he traveled once he caught the ball? (I’m not a sixers fan)

  6. Keno Santos

    Keno Santos3 days ago

    Imagine if Sixers won, Warriors would've killed em

  7. Jahod Davis

    Jahod Davis2 days ago

    Bucks would’ve killed them

  8. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover3 days ago

    Man Toronto sports teams have some amazing playoff moments

  9. Dennis Monaghan

    Dennis Monaghan4 days ago

    Love how the house of highlights thumbnail covers everything on the replay. Great work

  10. Anna Thoomkuzhy

    Anna Thoomkuzhy4 days ago

    I come back and watch this at least once a week.

  11. Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown4 days ago


  12. Nikusha Davitaia

    Nikusha Davitaia5 days ago

    thats was trevel when kawhi tajes ball

  13. Maximilian Feldhoff

    Maximilian Feldhoff5 days ago


  14. Maximilian Feldhoff

    Maximilian Feldhoff5 days ago


  15. Stefanthelazy GOD

    Stefanthelazy GOD6 days ago

    When kawhi leornard got the ball he traveled he took 4 steps without bouncing the ball 😕

  16. Dwings Rs

    Dwings Rs6 days ago

    Ive replayed this like 1000 times.

  17. Charles Cooper

    Charles Cooper7 days ago

    Am I the only one that seen the travel on the inbounds pass?????

  18. Wil Crawford

    Wil Crawford7 days ago

    Which shot is best of the decade this one 2016 kyrie game 7 or Ray Allen game 6 2013?

  19. Sway Sway555

    Sway Sway5556 days ago

    Wil Crawford this one because this made the raptors win the finals but I wanna say kyrie and Allen because they saved my favorite player lebron but this shot was different dawg

  20. Flamey

    Flamey7 days ago

    The 76ers gave a better match up the the warriors in the finals.

  21. J and B

    J and B7 days ago

    That travel though

  22. Diego Santin

    Diego Santin8 days ago

    0:39 move that out of the way

  23. Diego Santin

    Diego Santin8 days ago

    GAME! SIRIZ! TORONTO HAS ONE!!!!! #neverForget

  24. Master

    Master8 days ago

    That's the greatest shot in NBA history.

  25. Javon Matte

    Javon Matte9 days ago

    0:05 This “game winner” should NEVER have counted... You can see the 5 step travel. Look I’m a Warriors fan and if this didn’t count like it wasn’t supposed too, we could have had a three peat.

  26. Javon Matte

    Javon Matte6 days ago

    No u

  27. BJ! We need you defending us with the MG42!

    BJ! We need you defending us with the MG42!6 days ago


  28. Javon Matte

    Javon Matte9 days ago

    @Tom Smith no they wouldn’t idiot shut up

  29. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith9 days ago

    This Philly team would sweep u without KD so just stop plz

  30. B_rad0806

    B_rad08069 days ago

    He traveled when he got the ball

  31. Viral Chirkute

    Viral Chirkute9 days ago


  32. Viral Chirkute

    Viral Chirkute9 days ago

    Leonard committed a travel slow the starting of the video and see how many steps he took

  33. C l a u d e M a i n

    C l a u d e M a i n12 days ago

    Whos here after Leonard is with Paul George in La Clippers

  34. Daniel Deaver

    Daniel Deaver12 days ago

    Anyone else realize he traveled?

  35. Neil Vincent John A. Barral

    Neil Vincent John A. Barral13 days ago

    It's because Ben Simmons can't shoot threes

  36. Austin Levine

    Austin Levine13 days ago

    Kawhi traveled when he got the ball

  37. Joshua Newberry

    Joshua Newberry13 days ago

    He walked he took 3 or 4 steps before the shot the game should have went to overtime but overtime really wouldn’t have made a difference

  38. Jordan Dobbins

    Jordan Dobbins13 days ago

    Raptors got lucky sixers had them beat

  39. Christheclamper 661

    Christheclamper 66114 days ago

    Now Raptors fans wanna say the whole playoffs was team effort fuck no that bucks and Sixers series was all Kawhi Raptors didnt show up til they knew the bucks we're folding

  40. Jerry

    Jerry14 days ago

    Imagine the shot just as a full court shot 0:08

  41. Jerry Li

    Jerry Li14 days ago

    Coke and hookers that night in Toronto spike cause of this shot

  42. Ruling Rubiez

    Ruling Rubiez15 days ago

    Play the speed 0.25X

  43. Derek Bishop

    Derek Bishop16 days ago

    That was a 3 y he only get 2

  44. Steffan Westerberg

    Steffan Westerberg17 days ago

    “Gotta be aware of the inbounder here if you’re Philly”...


    KING DAVID17 days ago


  46. Matt B

    Matt B19 days ago

    "This is for all the bullshit Raptors fans" - The Basketball Gods

  47. hello

    hello19 days ago



    TLTD_BLACKLIGHT !20 days ago

    I just came here to remind myself the golden state warriors are in for a tough time and I'm a warrior fan

  49. Infinite

    Infinite20 days ago

    when i was watching this live and he shot i was sooo happy for an overtime of playoff basketball... boy was i shocked

  50. morgen stern

    morgen stern21 day ago

    God's plan

  51. Daniel Marrello

    Daniel Marrello21 day ago

    Greatest moment of my life... still watch it to motivate myself in life 😂

  52. TheXbox BlackBelt

    TheXbox BlackBelt22 days ago

    Lol Kyle Lowry was open in the corner 😂

  53. Bopper Studio

    Bopper Studio22 days ago

    Why on earth are you putting thumbnails in the way of Kawhi's celebration? Come on man!!

  54. Reuben Ahmed

    Reuben Ahmed23 days ago

    Game, (Set), Match. Player 1.

  55. Ghosssttt

    Ghosssttt24 days ago

    nice travel kawhi

  56. gucci gucci

    gucci gucci24 days ago

    I lost my voice that night lol 😂

  57. Ronald samuel

    Ronald samuel24 days ago

    Godamn! Young savage bitch and I do not hang round them swishas

  58. raven brown

    raven brown24 days ago


  59. OSU

    OSU24 days ago

    I found the guy in the crowd that was filming the video that u did the must see angle lol

  60. Faiq Fayyadh

    Faiq Fayyadh25 days ago


  61. Bob Costas

    Bob Costas25 days ago

    Phili was the only team that really gave us a run for our money!

  62. t buoy

    t buoy25 days ago

    Can’t believe he left a perfect situation in Toronto.

  63. yallallineed

    yallallineed26 days ago

    Travel before the shot,play in slow mo


    BISCUITtheDOG26 days ago

    Who watched this live??? I did

  65. Loyal Philly fan

    Loyal Philly fan27 days ago

    You guys don’t know how hard it hurt to watch that ball roll in watching it live

  66. FalloutTactics

    FalloutTactics27 days ago

    One of the greatest shots in NBA history.

  67. Sly Ish

    Sly Ish28 days ago


  68. Reggie Will

    Reggie Will28 days ago

    They say history repeats it self. There will never be another k y

  69. Gioco Giacobbe

    Gioco Giacobbe28 days ago

    defended by simmons is this the dagger *OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

  70. Matt Causon

    Matt Causon29 days ago

    Ryan Hollins - “Kawhi is not a closer”.

  71. Chris Kreager

    Chris KreagerMonth ago

    Lowry’s reaction is priceless

  72. Re TRAC

    Re TRACMonth ago

    Who's here after he built his own super team... With THE CLIPERS

  73. Ariana Goodness

    Ariana GoodnessMonth ago


  74. Pain

    PainMonth ago

    *My reaction* 0:12

  75. Filipe Almeida

    Filipe AlmeidaMonth ago

    A perfect moment of bliss I can invoke at any time.

  76. lazerlazer

    lazerlazerMonth ago

    Among top five winning shots of all time. First game seven decider makes it unique in and of itself

  77. Max Kim

    Max KimMonth ago

    Lol just came back to vid to say it was a travel. Play it at 0.25 and you can see he takes 7 steps before dribbling 😵

  78. Jason Garcia

    Jason GarciaMonth ago

    into the phone booth, he went. out, he came. you knew what was going to happen.

  79. RandysVids

    RandysVidsMonth ago

    538 skip bayless fans disliked this game winning shot

  80. Thia Beb

    Thia BebMonth ago

    Can someone tell me what the commentator said? “Is this the...”

  81. Cluez31

    Cluez31Month ago


  82. themobbkillas

    themobbkillasMonth ago

    Whos Here after Kawhi left ?

  83. Sam Scholten

    Sam ScholtenMonth ago

    What really made this legendary was kevin harlan It wouldnt be near as good if it were marv albert

  84. Edison Gao

    Edison GaoMonth ago

    Kawhi, they will never love you like we did. I promise.

  85. Jose Escobar

    Jose EscobarMonth ago

    The Raptors have earned this...Orlando were in the playoffs for the first time in years...Philly were immature and hadnt earned it....Bucks thought they were too good until Kawhi solved him and GS have won to much...the Raptors paid their dues...and made it to the promised land

  86. JD

    JDMonth ago

    Who else gets chills?

  87. erik bessette

    erik bessetteMonth ago

    Greatest shot in Kawhi's career and greatest shot in toronto raptors franchise history