2019 MLB Award Finalists (Mike Trout, Christian Yelich, Cody Bellinger and others!)

Check out all the MLB Award Finalist for 2019!
Award finalists:
NL Rookie of the Year:
Pete Alonso, 1B, Mets
Mike Soroka, SP, Braves
Fernando Tatis Jr., SS, Padres
AL Rookie of the Year
Yordan Alvarez, Astros
Brandon Lowe, Rays
John Means, Orioles
NL Manager of the Year:
Craig Counsell, Brewers
Mike Shildt, Cardinals
Brian Snitker, Braves
AL Manager of the Year:
Rocco Baldelli, Twins
Aaron Boone, Yankees
Kevin Cash, Rays
NL Cy Young
Jacob deGrom, Mets
Hyun-Jin Ryu, Dodgers
Max Scherzer, Nationals
AL Cy Young
Gerrit Cole, Astros
Charlie Morton, Rays
Justin Verlander, Astros
Cody Bellinger, Dodgers
Anthony Rendon, Nationals
Christian Yelich, Brewers
Alex Bregman, Astros
Marcus Semien, Athletics
Mike Trout, Angels
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  1. Nicholas Sanders

    Nicholas Sanders20 days ago

    I am a Dodgers fan, but I think that Yelich should get the award. Outstanding season with a really unlucky injury right at the end.

  2. Cash King

    Cash King23 days ago

    Honestly if Yelich didn’t get hurt he would of won MVP again 🤷‍♂️. But next up would be Cody

  3. MannyFresco

    MannyFresco26 days ago


  4. MannyFresco

    MannyFresco26 days ago

    You cant give it to *cheating Bregman*

  5. Sub t o pew die pie 21

    Sub t o pew die pie 2128 days ago


  6. Matthew Pridgen #8

    Matthew Pridgen #828 days ago


  7. Marcos Bencosme

    Marcos Bencosme28 days ago

    Rendon or Alonso should get mvp

  8. Shauna Falco

    Shauna Falco29 days ago

    I agree!!!!

  9. amaury joel

    amaury joel29 days ago

    “And of course, Mike Trout”

  10. Ralphie Prospero

    Ralphie Prospero29 days ago

    How TF is fcking Simmons in there and not dj.... RiGGED

  11. sparkZ𒁂

    sparkZ𒁂29 days ago

    Idk guys. For AL rookie of the year, Pete Alonso blew away all r minds. After setting the homerun record for a rookie, lead the mlb in Homer's as well. For A.L. cy young, Jacob Degrom absolutely deserves it, again. Just a superb job for the mets. He kept his team alive throughout the season. I'm a pirates fan btw

  12. Chase Smith

    Chase Smith29 days ago

    Al Verlander Yordan Trout NL Bellinger Alonso Ryu

  13. bravocorn

    bravocornMonth ago

    AL MVP: Trout NL MVP: Yelich AL CY: verlander NL CY: degrom

  14. 翕聒

    翕聒Month ago

    BBWAA said CYA:Gerrit,Jacob MVP:Alex,Christian RoY:Alvarez,Pete

  15. Kaito Uchiha

    Kaito UchihaMonth ago

    Gerrit Cole winning Cy Young no competition. If you get that close to the season K record, you are a Cy Young winner.

  16. The Saminater

    The Saminater28 days ago

    cole was the most dominant starter in mlb this season. stop talking

  17. Zigor Campos McGregor

    Zigor Campos McGregor28 days ago

    Kaito Uchiha volume stats are overrated

  18. JT Leinss

    JT LeinssMonth ago

    Can I ask why everybody is saying Yelich isn’t gonna win the MVP anymore because he missed 2 weeks of the season? He still played over 5 months and did even better than his MVP season last year so I just don’t understand it.

  19. NOO NOPE

    NOO NOPEMonth ago

    Now if you learn to market the players like other sports........ u did great with baseball cards.. but that phase came and went lol. And i get it with their busy schedules hard to get free time for interviews and so forth during season. what 200 dayrs basicaly of nothing but baseball and traveling to from ball parks....... what a grind.

  20. Owen Hanes

    Owen HanesMonth ago

    bregman should be mvp

  21. MannyFresco

    MannyFresco26 days ago

    Nah cheaters shouldnt win any award.

  22. Ouijawii

    OuijawiiMonth ago

    Trout, Verlander, Bellinger, DeGrom

  23. JCSuperman73 4

    JCSuperman73 4Month ago

    I know the media hates the nationals but rendon is the choice for mvp, but belli will prob win it

  24. True Blue5

    True Blue5Month ago

    Fine Wine??? That's Justin Verlander! #GiraffeNeckMarc


    JOHN LUEBBERSMonth ago


  26. Isidor Tatarevic

    Isidor TatarevicMonth ago

    Unpopular opinion: Yeli for nl, my opinion

  27. Charlie Victor

    Charlie VictorMonth ago

    A little giraffeneckmarc reference with a fine wine

  28. Helen G. Pitts

    Helen G. PittsMonth ago

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  29. Eastbay Baseball cards

    Eastbay Baseball cardsMonth ago

    Semien alvp

  30. Thedominator 1616

    Thedominator 1616Month ago

    The Astros gonna sweep the big three awards

  31. I ate those food

    I ate those foodMonth ago

    AL MVP: Mike Trout NL MVP: Belli Al Cy Young: Gerrit Cole NL Cy Young: Scherzer AL ROY: Alvarez NL ROY: Pete


    MRCARROTMAN 101Month ago

    I ate those food degrom for NL Cy young

  33. Obmot58 P

    Obmot58 PMonth ago

    When you factor Rendon’s defense at a more premium position than Yelich and Bellinger I think he gets it. I know this is a regular season award but it’s also really hard to ignore his post season performance. I’ve never seen a more clutch guy. His late inning hitting stats in the playoffs were unreal. I’m also a Nats fan so I’m far from objective here.

  34. Can I get 10,000 subs with no vids?

    Can I get 10,000 subs with no vids?Month ago

    Just give the nl mvp to belli, man He’s a young stud

  35. Jennifer Hip-Flores

    Jennifer Hip-FloresMonth ago

    DJ should be here over Simian

  36. Nick Venditti

    Nick VendittiMonth ago

    From a diehard mets fan, rendon should be mvp

  37. Michele

    MicheleMonth ago

    cody for mvp

  38. Matteo Depetrillo

    Matteo DepetrilloMonth ago

    rendon bregman

  39. Crispy

    CrispyMonth ago


  40. Gaming Rooster

    Gaming RoosterMonth ago

    Bartolo for mvp? Edit: Or Chris Davis?

  41. glonik

    glonikMonth ago

    deGrom is winning it. Ryu fell off at the end. Scherzer played well but not on the other two levels

  42. Mees :p

    Mees :pMonth ago

    Bellinger should win everything

  43. Jrum178

    Jrum178Month ago

    Rendon, Bregman for MVP Alvarez, Alonso for ROY DeGrom, Cole for Cy Young Cash, Counsell for Managers

  44. MetalCrow448

    MetalCrow448Month ago

    If either Rendon or Bregman win MVP, there are some shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

  45. Frozen Ropes

    Frozen RopesMonth ago

    So rendon got to the finalists but Acuña didn’t ?

  46. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    As good as Acuna was, Rendon and the others had ridiculously good seasons. There was no one better than them.

  47. Isabella Pitre

    Isabella PitreMonth ago

    As a Brewers fan I want Yeli to win MVP but I think Rendon deserves it.

  48. Adam Bullerman

    Adam BullermanMonth ago

    Isabella Pitre I’m saying the same thing brother