We made all 78 Breath of the Wild recipes in one day | Unraveled


  1. brian david gilbert

    brian david gilbert13 days ago

    cooking pro tip: literally just use carrots as any other vegetable it's totally fine and doesn't affect recipes at all

  2. alysdexia

    alysdexiaDay ago

    @AimeeWoodWorks learn semicolons

  3. alysdexia

    alysdexiaDay ago

    @ChesuMori but not ouht

  4. alysdexia

    alysdexiaDay ago

    @Matt G rue has nothing to do with roux. thicken -> stiffen

  5. alysdexia

    alysdexiaDay ago

    @Agent Stache sorry, fruits are minerals, not vegetables.

  6. alysdexia

    alysdexiaDay ago

    @Xue theViewer carrot has protein?

  7. RenaDeles

    RenaDelesHour ago

    Ok the egg "custard" I'm just going "that's so close to tamagoyaki, how does it taste so bad"

  8. Volvagia´s Blaze

    Volvagia´s Blaze2 hours ago

    is it just me or does Brian david gilbert look like ProJared with a pornstache?

  9. hehe horf

    hehe horf3 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay is actually Link's long lost descendant

  10. izzy lemons

    izzy lemons3 hours ago


  11. Zekeram12

    Zekeram124 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna comment on Brian David Gilbert's perfect glorious mustache

  12. Emm

    Emm4 hours ago

    kinda mad they gave everything bad ratings when it so clearly was because they were rushing

  13. watsgoinonhere1

    watsgoinonhere15 hours ago

    I just ate an entire pizza, but this made my mouth water soooo much, and I don't even like half these ingredients. I hate fish. I hate gourds, pumpkins, and basically every other vegetable. I'm not a big fan of beef. I hate pies (Specifically, the crust has the worst texture on earth). I loathe honey. But like, dang, a lot of this (above a 4♥, at least) looked *really* good, and the way your eyes lit up at the salted bread was astonishing.

  14. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh Mungus5 hours ago

    Video Idea: Look for residential building code violations in Luigi's Mansion. I'm sure there are plenty dependent on where the mansion would be (eg. Italy, japan, Tajikistan)

  15. Saggitar

    Saggitar6 hours ago

    Would like to see them cooking wood.

  16. Scereyaha

    Scereyaha6 hours ago

    I added salt to lots of the recipes all the time. Why no salt?

  17. Elijah Branch

    Elijah Branch6 hours ago

    You know you had rock salt to salt things right?

  18. Ramen Traveler

    Ramen Traveler6 hours ago

    3:52 T H A T ' S S C I E N C E , B A B Y

  19. Mind over Mindfuck

    Mind over Mindfuck7 hours ago

    My friends told me about this weeks ago, and somehow I expected it to be BDG making every botw dish properly and beautifully. That's how I imagined it. So impressively foolish.

  20. Ewa Biernat

    Ewa Biernat9 hours ago

    Yall could've made kogelmogel instead of the sweet scrambled eggs!! Beaten eggs with sugar. Polish classic low effort dessert :)

  21. D

    D10 hours ago


  22. Joshua Lamm

    Joshua Lamm11 hours ago

    TIL: Link is a phenomenal chef to make such pretty and edible dishes using only a giant pan.

  23. Masamoon

    Masamoon12 hours ago

    Here is an idea: what IS the curriculum for Dangan Ronpa's Hope's Peak Academy?

  24. Morpheus

    Morpheus12 hours ago

    you remember me a litlebit of Marti Fischer (theclavinover) a musician from youtube

  25. with a side of fries

    with a side of fries12 hours ago

    If you were a little older you could totally play j jona Jameson you have the perfect face for it

  26. Poay Yeak Fung

    Poay Yeak Fung13 hours ago

    What about dragon's parts? And star fragment??

  27. •*Floofy Flareon*•

    •*Floofy Flareon*•14 hours ago

    Has anybody else just made tons of dubious food with like 1 bokoblin horn each Just me? Ok .

  28. Haytham Kenway

    Haytham Kenway15 hours ago

    But did you do STEAMED HAMS?

  29. CuteFaceJay

    CuteFaceJay15 hours ago

    But the same has rock salt :|

  30. sanjana toifa

    sanjana toifa16 hours ago

    Guy with the moustache and ned from try guys are one and the same

  31. Common Freak

    Common Freak17 hours ago

    pretty sure there's way more recipes, as the ratio of ingredients is very important

  32. art. N

    art. N17 hours ago

    Both of them is mighty girly

  33. azh hikari

    azh hikari17 hours ago

    I'm just so happy to see you guys tried the fried banana, because my mother always cooks that for Sunday brunch and it's really delicious, but I never seen foreigner try that, so I'm curious. And I'm laughing so hard when you guys like it too ^^

  34. Doug Hall

    Doug Hall17 hours ago

    5 Hearty durains, and BOOM, Health (20 extra hearts) (Full recovery)

  35. Joystick Versus Machine

    Joystick Versus Machine18 hours ago

    OMFG, these two need their own cooking show!

  36. Lana

    Lana20 hours ago

    You should taste all of Skyrim's dishes

  37. T Co

    T Co20 hours ago

    I've got a topic: Did the Fable games actually tell a good story?

  38. Bertine Faria

    Bertine Faria21 hour ago

    Came to watch them eat rocks

  39. eeveelutionmaster

    eeveelutionmaster22 hours ago

    do an unraveled on which stardew valley character would survive an apocalyptic world

  40. Adrian Clayton

    Adrian Clayton22 hours ago

    You did the Elder Scrolls, you should do something on Fallout. Like which faction broke the fewest laws/would look best on a resume/whatever else occurs, or how one would survive an actual nuclear wasteland, or what the vaults would need. I’m sure there’s loads to Unravel.

  41. kwehknight9001

    kwehknight900122 hours ago

    the one thing you know is that it can always be worse

  42. Maheep Singh

    Maheep Singh22 hours ago

    "fried salted bread" ,, what you have there, dear, is a parantha

  43. Chad Willams

    Chad Willams23 hours ago

    you guys cant cook tho

  44. Dragoon YLW虎恶

    Dragoon YLW虎恶23 hours ago

    This is a feast to link

  45. Nicodemus708

    Nicodemus70823 hours ago

    "And ingredient coming into contact with a fire, you don't have to be good at cooking to do this you just have to be good at arson" I would argue that this is more or less a description of microwave meals

  46. Vibrant Vibes

    Vibrant VibesDay ago

    Like some of these dishes would have been super delicious had they been cooked correctly 🙄 I’m kinda triggered

  47. Vibrant Vibes

    Vibrant VibesDay ago

    The idea of the video is really good but I wanna watch someone properly make the recipes correctly

  48. Octavian Wilson

    Octavian WilsonDay ago

    BRIAN i wanna see all the pokemon ranked by edibility and i want it NOW

  49. Octavian Wilson

    Octavian WilsonDay ago

    alternatively, i wanna know which pokemon are legal to own as pets

  50. White Rabbit

    White RabbitDay ago

    "Compared to WHAT, Patrick?"

  51. Bogdan Ostashevski

    Bogdan OstashevskiDay ago

    imagine putting the "fruit cake" you made in someones burger.

  52. Marcel Cevallos

    Marcel CevallosDay ago

    your pie it's literally empanadas

  53. Super cool Magnus Maker

    Super cool Magnus MakerDay ago

    Could have been worse Jk

  54. Griffin Knapp

    Griffin KnappDay ago

    Jacob Gyory came up with this idea, i have video proof

  55. Julia Saeore

    Julia SaeoreDay ago

    Came here from a youtube suggestion. I enjoyed it a lot. Under rated!

  56. Misterkingdom

    MisterkingdomDay ago

    "They are at war in my mouth."