Stephen Strasburg signs 7-year, $245M deal: Day 1 at the MLB Winter Meetings | Baseball Tonight

Clinton Yates and Jeff Passan react to Stephen Strasburg re-signing with the Washington Nationals for 7-years, $245M and what it could mean for Gerrit Cole in free agency. Also, the duo discuss if Mookie Betts and Francisco Lindor are on the move and will the Cubs make a major trade? Jon Sciambi and Jesse Rogers join in on the fun from the 2019 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings in San Diego, California.
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  1. Phil Crane

    Phil CraneMonth ago

    Obscene ....and prices for fans will continue to rise. How come the liberals never condemn sports salaries that are way out of line.....especially for a player that pitches once a week on average. I've had it with pro sports and they want the public to pay for a $1B dollar stadiums? Screw them!

  2. Stanley Hudson

    Stanley HudsonMonth ago

    🔴 Starting pitching is over rated. To me a 5 year deal is already risky enough. What starting pitcher has lasted?

  3. Eric S

    Eric SMonth ago


  4. Matt Harrelson

    Matt HarrelsonMonth ago

    As a Braves fan, I'm glad the Nats signed Strasburg instead of Rendon. He's too fragile and wont make it through this entire contract. Now if the Braves can just re-up the Rainmaker....

  5. AShinyGiratina

    AShinyGiratinaMonth ago

    "Strasburg is going to leave DC"

  6. Edwin

    EdwinMonth ago

    This Passan guy irritates me

  7. Claret Mug

    Claret MugMonth ago

    $245,000,000 million dollars for one man to hit a baseball. I wonder how many homeless people we could feed and house for that ?

  8. Obmot58 P

    Obmot58 PMonth ago

    The beauty of America is that we can pay 245 million to one man to THROW a baseball and feed the homeless.

  9. Mr. POPO

    Mr. POPOMonth ago

    Hes a pitcher and secondly why does someone have to help? How about think how they got there, socialist.

  10. Noteman

    NotemanMonth ago

    Ridiculous. No one is worth that. Salaries are are stratospheric and ticket prices follow. $10 a beer around the corner. He’d better have 5 no hitters every year. I don’t go nor watch anymore. Bunch of narcissistic juicers. Just like A(sshole)rod. Juiced, overpaid, everybody loves him. Bullshit. They’re all losers.

  11. Noteman

    NotemanMonth ago

    @Mr. POPO I didn't say he was in the league. Juiced is past tense. Overpaid is past tense. Now who is lol?

  12. Mr. POPO

    Mr. POPOMonth ago

    Hes not in the league anymore lol

  13. BrianC6234

    BrianC6234Month ago

    The Nationals are dumb to give him this much. He's getting too old and is too fragile. He isn't worth what Gerrit Cole is worth and that's what Cole should be getting. How many decades are they paying him though?

  14. Ronald Zent

    Ronald ZentMonth ago

    He also pitched till almost his mid 40s.

  15. Ronald Zent

    Ronald ZentMonth ago

    I think Nolan Ryan left the angels after the 1979 season because he wanted 1 million bucks a year, with a longer term contract, this was a guy who pitched 7 no-hitters!, 2 of them within a month of each other in 1973, he supposedly had 100+ mile and hour fastball @ 18 yrs old.

  16. Sugit H

    Sugit HMonth ago

    Too much money

  17. Eboni Taylor

    Eboni TaylorMonth ago

    Why the guy on the right hating world series mvp

  18. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector RodriguezMonth ago

    Stephen Strasburg is a Nationals for ever

  19. mrgetitdone85

    mrgetitdone85Month ago

    Welp cole definitely getting $300 mil now

  20. Xman

    XmanMonth ago

    Only the Yankees can pay more than $245m right now. It's not a done deal that Gerrit Cole will get more.

  21. Erwin Zamora

    Erwin ZamoraMonth ago

    I remember when Keith Hernandez got the crazy amount of $3 million a year by St. Louis and then he was traded to the Mets. I was able to go and see him playing for under five dollars sitting on the right field bleachers at Shea Stadium. How many kids these days in Washington DC will be able to go to see Strasburg using their week allowance?

  22. Ezekiel Bell

    Ezekiel BellMonth ago

    Same, especially during the summer

  23. Billy Um

    Billy UmMonth ago

    I’ve gone to plenty of weekday 1pm Nats games for $5-$10 a ticket.

  24. Ezekiel Bell

    Ezekiel BellMonth ago

    Honestly my allowance could probably let me go see him

  25. Steven Cooney

    Steven CooneyMonth ago

    Erwin Zamora you can still get cheap baseball tickets for $15. I’m able to sit in yankee stadium for as little as 10$ when if I play my cards right

  26. Blue Turtle

    Blue TurtleMonth ago

    Big deal, I've been at McD's for 19-years and I'm up to $400 a week plus discounts on Big Macs!!!!

  27. Guitars rcool

    Guitars rcoolMonth ago



    CHUNKYxLUVERx93Month ago

    phuck da jankies

  29. SpiffySqueaker

    SpiffySqueakerMonth ago


  30. Henry Bernard

    Henry BernardMonth ago

    I'm not an active baseball fan anymore but just looking at espn ticker this guy stays injured and hasn't been producing much but I could be wrong

  31. Hank Channel

    Hank ChannelMonth ago

    Henry Bernard Yeah, he’s a nobody. Just the World Series MVP.

  32. Ezekiel Bell

    Ezekiel BellMonth ago

    He was always producing, but he would get injured a lot.

  33. Big Braves Fan

    Big Braves FanMonth ago

    This tells me my Braves won't be resigning Donaldson. I know he'll want more now since a once a week player is getting $35 mil a year.

  34. Jblaze600

    Jblaze600Month ago

    I don’t get it. Donaldson had a monster season, see how it plays out in free agency

  35. Jblaze600

    Jblaze600Month ago

    Big Braves Fan Appreciate that

  36. Big Braves Fan

    Big Braves FanMonth ago

    I'd rather the Dodgers get him than y'all. It was hard enough seeing Suzuki in your uniform. I begrudgingly have say that I was pulling for y'all in the Series though. I'd rather see a NL team win than an AL team.

  37. Santa So

    Santa SoMonth ago

    @Jblaze600 obviously

  38. Jblaze600

    Jblaze600Month ago

    Big Braves Fan I hope the NATS sign him if we don’t resign Rendon.

  39. Derek Dubz2434

    Derek Dubz2434Month ago

    It's amazing how a strong post season can make people forget age and injury history. What a power move by Strasburg. Man did he cash in. He's unbelievable when he's on , but that much ? The organization has to have injury protection in there somewhere.

  40. Jack Masterson

    Jack MastersonMonth ago

    Jeff Passan couldn't be more annoying. It's not even that I disagree with what he's saying, he's just shreiky, stiff, and artificial.

  41. Jack Masterson

    Jack MastersonMonth ago

    Clinton Yates seems cool.

  42. kamb26

    kamb26Month ago

    ESPN is laughable. This is kind of a joke segment.

  43. Custom Shade

    Custom ShadeMonth ago

    Stephen A. Smith! Where is he? You know the Yankees are gonna have to give Scott Boras... I mean Gerrit Cole... $400MM if they wanna end The Wait For 28!!! The same Yankees who $tuck it to Derek Jeter at the end of his career!

  44. Lee J

    Lee JMonth ago

    This is going fast and thank ,domino effect signs may all be done before Christmas . Big $ is back

  45. Paul F.

    Paul F.Month ago

    Who did he sign with?

  46. ItsThePalmTopTaiga

    ItsThePalmTopTaigaMonth ago

    Resigned with nationals

  47. carrythatweight

    carrythatweightMonth ago

    Bruh I don't understand how baseball players make this much I would think NFL & NBA and 10x more popular these days

  48. MoneyBagz nba

    MoneyBagz nbaMonth ago

    fan checkmate

  49. Depressed Charger fan

    Depressed Charger fanMonth ago

    165 games vrs 16 games

  50. Vos Landeck

    Vos LandeckMonth ago

    Nats didn't have much choice but to re-sign either Strasburg or Rendon. A seven year contract to a pitcher with a history of injury issues could really come back to bite them down the road though.

  51. JF Bub

    JF BubMonth ago

    Cue the cash register audio from the epic pink Floyd song"Money"!

  52. Omaticdream

    OmaticdreamMonth ago

    Will Cole sign this week or after new year?

  53. Custom Shade

    Custom ShadeMonth ago

    After the new year. It'll take the Yankees at least four weeks to print the $400MM in $100 bills Scott Boras wants.

  54. Franki Maier Jr

    Franki Maier JrMonth ago

    Also Epstein didn’t kill himself

  55. JF Bub

    JF BubMonth ago

    You're right it was I who did it and MY name is Pazzin Gazz!😂😂😂

  56. Franki Maier Jr

    Franki Maier JrMonth ago

    16:50 proves why all of the Bryce Harper contract hate is soooo laughable Phillies still are making moves

  57. Fastball Films

    Fastball FilmsMonth ago

    Nothing on the astros cheating? When will this be addressed?

  58. theycallme_oj

    theycallme_ojMonth ago

    CandyGrooves literally a dude on the team at the time admitted to it. That’s how the allegations and investigation started

  59. Crazygamer 257

    Crazygamer 257Month ago

    @Simone Eli ur kidding right?

  60. Fastball Films

    Fastball FilmsMonth ago

    @carrythatweight i guess the sound that happens thousands of times during the 2017 season isnt enough? jesus you guys are blind. if theres a RAW NEF file photo of a man un plugging a tv hardwired rightoutside the dougout....what does that tell you......

  61. carrythatweight

    carrythatweightMonth ago

    In order to charge/acuse someone with something you need to have CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE. Without a confession or secret tape of someone admitting it, all we have now is maybes. It's not impossible that someone could have seen the signs from far away with the naked ey

  62. Fastball Films

    Fastball FilmsMonth ago

    Simone Eli ohh I guess the photo of a man unplugging a tv right outside the dug out with a beat up trash can in the frame...kind of odd don’t you think? Pretty weird that a team being accused of using a hard wired camera zoomed in on the catcher and relayed the signs through banging of a trash can and they have a tv with a hard wire going to it with a trash can right next to that.....yea they didn’t do it🥴🥴

  63. Joseph S

    Joseph SMonth ago

    Go Dodgers!!

  64. SpiffySqueaker

    SpiffySqueakerMonth ago

    Yes you are awesome thank you

  65. Jordan Davis

    Jordan DavisMonth ago

    Please don't tell me the Nats are letting Rendon walk?

  66. Obmot58 P

    Obmot58 PMonth ago

    Henry C They could pay Rendon. There’s enough room to do so without hitting the luxury tax threshold. They probably won’t though.

  67. Hank Channel

    Hank ChannelMonth ago

    Jordan Davis They have to. Impossible to afford both. Rendon is likely headed to Texas, his home. It’s not as if the Nats are “letting” him walk...can’t pay another player $250m. And Rendon won’t give a hometown discount.

  68. Michael Fishman

    Michael FishmanMonth ago

    When there is money involved, there is no loyalty.

  69. ehi80

    ehi80Month ago

    That intro theme song tho...had me bopping and busting a move

  70. Abraham Bencourt

    Abraham BencourtMonth ago

    Cole - yanks Rendon- Dodgers Donaldson - rangers Bumgarner - angels

  71. Obmot58 P

    Obmot58 PMonth ago

    Carlos Estrada Why? You already have Alex Bregman to play third base next year for a whole lot cheaper than Rendon will cost you.

  72. Kristopher Foster

    Kristopher FosterMonth ago

    Bumgarner is not goi g to the AL hewants to hit he is staying in the nl

  73. Fastball Films

    Fastball FilmsMonth ago

    Carlos Estrada after the cheating scandal is still going on? I’m sure he wants no part of that trash organization

  74. 1 G

    1 GMonth ago

    Yankees arent gonna put the money to give Cole a good enough contract. Maybe the Angels

  75. Zeus Wancer

    Zeus WancerMonth ago

    Should have kept Anthony rendon

  76. Michael Fishman

    Michael FishmanMonth ago

    I understand that but he was clutch good player to have on your team.

  77. Hank Channel

    Hank ChannelMonth ago

    Zeus Wancer Pitching is more important than batting. Look at the post season. Pitching is priority one. You can find a decent replacement for Rendon. You can’t find a decent replacement for a top five pitcher.

  78. Michael Fishman

    Michael FishmanMonth ago

    Yes Yes Yes

  79. Ljubica Stanisic

    Ljubica StanisicMonth ago