iOS 12.2 Beta 1 Released! 30+ Features/Changes!

Apple Officially Released iOS 12.2 Beta 1! Finally a big update. 30+ Changes/Features! New Siri Music Player, Animations, Icons, etc..
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iOS 12.1.3 Review:
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  1. Meme Gamer

    Meme Gamer5 months ago

    Get rid of this basterd 2:59

  2. Dony Shayo

    Dony Shayo6 months ago

    Apple sometime youu killing our Bandor for stupid updates,i can't see any changesss

  3. Trillex Ian1

    Trillex Ian16 months ago

    What is the keyboard color picker link

  4. Sourav Singh

    Sourav Singh6 months ago

    It’s not working in I phone 6

  5. Denis Sulovic

    Denis Sulovic6 months ago

    Who else has Face ID problems

  6. Christian Rosa

    Christian Rosa7 months ago

    $3 ? Well still winning lol

  7. ap.photodesign

    ap.photodesign7 months ago

    No civilized world here in Europe eather... no news app, no tv app.. its a shame...

  8. Arzhad Mam

    Arzhad Mam7 months ago


  9. Kibota

    Kibota7 months ago

    Can I get the Black and Blue Fade Wallpaper?!?! 😂

  10. Shobhit Gordon

    Shobhit Gordon7 months ago

    '' get rid of this bastard '' lmao 😂😂😂😂

  11. skysurf capt. firdaus

    skysurf capt. firdaus8 months ago

    Its still not gonna update. Arghhh lemon.

  12. Sushil Khanal

    Sushil Khanal8 months ago

    Some major changes are still missing 😏

  13. dharmik amin

    dharmik amin8 months ago

    hey Filip, my date isn't showing below the time on ios 12.2 developer beta. Do you have the same issue or does it show for you?

  14. My World

    My World8 months ago

    Ios 12.2 beta 1 most glitchs Call *#31# it's not work and 2-3 other glitches

  15. Bradley Langeveldt

    Bradley Langeveldt8 months ago

    i do not have the weather conditions option iphone 7

  16. Eljay

    Eljay8 months ago

    Is it worth updating from 11.1.1 with jailbreak? ( I don’t even use the jailbreak, it is just jailbroken)

  17. Aaron Vasquez

    Aaron Vasquez8 months ago

    Wallpaper link?

  18. Bridge blockers

    Bridge blockers8 months ago

    I don’t get any update

  19. Bridge blockers

    Bridge blockers8 months ago

    I don’t get anything for my X....

  20. amy

    amy8 months ago

    How do I get this on iPhone XR I’m on 12.1.3

  21. IRIS Entertainment

    IRIS Entertainment8 months ago

    Download link?

  22. Oscar Andersson

    Oscar Andersson8 months ago

    Ios 12.2 beta 2 is out now

  23. Michplay

    Michplay8 months ago

    Nice, root certificate

  24. halo062885

    halo0628858 months ago

    Stupid changes haha wtf

  25. amit marchelli

    amit marchelli8 months ago

    Link for wallpaper pleaseee

  26. Calvin Lindstrom

    Calvin Lindstrom8 months ago

    Anyone noticing battery problems with 12.2? My battery is draining MUCH faster in the update. Wished it did not auto update.

  27. edward carrillo

    edward carrillo8 months ago

    I really love the new controls you have on the lock screen when connected to the Apple TV.

  28. Dead Man Drifting

    Dead Man Drifting8 months ago

    Hey dude, about apple news available in Canada, want to hear something really funny!? My country, Uruguay, it’s the only one in South America that don’t have access legally to iTunes and Apple Music, but you can buy their products. Like me writing this comment on my iPhone. THAT SUCKS.

  29. Ian Leon

    Ian Leon8 months ago

    That arrow fills in suggestions when you click it

  30. Ellie Bloo Estrella

    Ellie Bloo Estrella8 months ago

    It must just be me but who gives a shit. Make some real changes then hit us up apple. I don’t give two asses over the color of a button or a wavy line. 🙄

  31. Findoherty0697

    Findoherty06978 months ago

    Who else remembers not being able to update on a 16gb iPhone! 😂

  32. Pastor Adam Jones Valley View Church

    Pastor Adam Jones Valley View Church8 months ago

    How do you get to download the bete

  33. Christopher Ocampo

    Christopher Ocampo8 months ago

    IOS 12.2 it is ok if i install in my ip6s plus?

  34. Lunar Studios

    Lunar Studios8 months ago

    The mobile data is still there

  35. Ollando Lyons

    Ollando Lyons8 months ago

    It’s for the xs max i got mines working fine both of them

  36. Fakhran Noorwala

    Fakhran Noorwala8 months ago

    It's on 6s

  37. Jaylen Tyerian

    Jaylen Tyerian8 months ago

    I don't want an always on display. Idk why its such a big deal for you.

  38. BIGRED 16

    BIGRED 168 months ago

    Time for a iOS redesign??

  39. Dakota wilkins

    Dakota wilkins8 months ago

    I I’m still on iOS 12.1 I’m not updating

  40. Mycemie

    Mycemie8 months ago

    I am in Canada 🇨🇦 iPhone5Ssquad

  41. ツ

    8 months ago

    That motion and orientation access is for website/pwa > games, VR and tools ...maybe they compete or do together with Google, who is done this with Chrome/websites for some time now.

  42. Agung Permana

    Agung Permana8 months ago

    Dual WhatsApp and open NFC please...

  43. Karl Columna

    Karl Columna8 months ago

    Slowest version ever

  44. Ramon Balthazar

    Ramon Balthazar8 months ago

    love that blue/black background, anyone has a link?

  45. Riley LeVangie

    Riley LeVangie8 months ago

    6:46 it looks like there is still an animation but its very subtle and hard to notice

  46. Maria Mi

    Maria Mi8 months ago

    I haven’t got the 12.2 update? I have a iPhone X

  47. Corey Cotton

    Corey Cotton8 months ago

    They also should get an iPhone that curves because that would be awesome with 4K on it and have the best updates on their

  48. deadstrings

    deadstrings8 months ago

    I have an iphone 7 plus Should i update it to ios 12.2 ? Does it damage my battery health?

  49. Shan Tech Intro

    Shan Tech Intro8 months ago


  50. Last Metroid

    Last Metroid8 months ago

  51. faizal ramli

    faizal ramli8 months ago

    Please don’t makes updates for battery drain

  52. P S

    P S8 months ago

    Pretty minor update tbh

  53. FamousChuckieTV

    FamousChuckieTV8 months ago

    Apple still can't catch up with Samsung lol 😂 wow siri finally shows music 🎶 lol 😂 BTW I had Apple for many many years, Apple iPad and Apple tv but honestly they need to step it up more for me to return back to their iPhone..

  54. Trey Newawlins

    Trey Newawlins8 months ago


  55. Mike Jim

    Mike Jim8 months ago

    “Features” = moving an icon 3 millimeters higher

  56. albert busante

    albert busante8 months ago

    Can someone give me a alternative link in the wallpaper

  57. Kaleb Kemp

    Kaleb Kemp8 months ago

    2:46 “It’s so clean” - A second volume UI overlaps the UI already present. Ironic. They definitely need to change that ugly volume HUD.

  58. Roby Gadea

    Roby Gadea8 months ago

    Hey bro im watching you from Romania from begining an advice please 12.1.3 or 12.2 on xs max im searching for better perf/battery

  59. Boll1234

    Boll12348 months ago

    Can u buy me AirPods

  60. Bearded STIG

    Bearded STIG8 months ago

    iOS 12.2 public beta is now live!