Kumail Nanjiani Sweats Intensely While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast12 days ago

    What's your favorite episode of Season 9 so far?

  2. Jacqueline Delgado

    Jacqueline Delgado16 hours ago

    Joaquin Phoenix needs to be here! You need more Latinos!

  3. Kashinath S

    Kashinath S3 days ago

    This one.

  4. Julie Rivera

    Julie Rivera4 days ago

    Please bring in The Rock!! 😭😭

  5. John Thomas

    John Thomas4 days ago

    Thats when i found your channel lol favorite part

  6. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor5 days ago

    can i blow my nose on camera?! camera pans down to watch everything incase something gross came out:D

  7. Sloosh FTW

    Sloosh FTW42 minutes ago

    Bro do a double episode and bring super mega on

  8. Tater Tot

    Tater TotHour ago

    Oliver tree next

  9. Garry Perkins

    Garry Perkins2 hours ago

    Was that a Nautilus or an Aquanuat?

  10. Maxine Schuldt

    Maxine Schuldt6 hours ago

    I've only seen Kumail on Portlandia back in the day, but he was one of my favorite features! You should have Brendan Urie on!

  11. Gabriel Moura

    Gabriel Moura11 hours ago

    Get Awkwafina on the show!!!

  12. Leceous

    Leceous11 hours ago

    Iko Uwais or Dave Bautista next please

  13. AJ

    AJ12 hours ago

    Damn nice watch

  14. Logan Kerlee

    Logan Kerlee12 hours ago

    This episode was great!! Had a lot of fun watching it. :)

  15. Sergio Martinez

    Sergio Martinez12 hours ago

    24:58 lmao that look "Her hair is white?"

  16. xuli3 Kira

    xuli3 Kira13 hours ago

    I love how personal he's getting with the guests

  17. Jacqueline Delgado

    Jacqueline Delgado16 hours ago

    Joaquin Phoenix needs to be here!

  18. JC

    JC16 hours ago

    Someone needs to develop an AI assistant with Kumail's voice. How amazing would it be to have him give you little pep talks during your day, have some sarcastic responses and read you bedtime stories. Also, FWF that old dude doing math, everyone expects stock footage, it would have been so funny if you shot that scene to look like stock and the old dude turned around and gestured jerking off. Either way, this video is awesome anyway.

  19. c4pt41ntrips

    c4pt41ntrips21 hour ago

    Love when he talked about video games. You can tell he's a true gamer

  20. nkotb 82

    nkotb 8223 hours ago

    I've never watched the x-files. I'm 36. Is it too late?

  21. nkotb 82

    nkotb 8223 hours ago

    Should have had cheese boats to neutralize the spicy. Cheese boats are dope.

  22. lithium191

    lithium19123 hours ago

    Get Chief Justice John Roberts!

  23. lithium191

    lithium19123 hours ago

    Him trying to power through his answer after eating da bomb was the best

  24. Kevin Rasmussen

    Kevin RasmussenDay ago

    The jerking an auditorium of guys off bit is such a classic piece of comedy. As usual, Evans coming through with the questions he knows we all want answers for.

  25. Jared Parchman

    Jared ParchmanDay ago

    What’s a unique episode per se, dudes voice box starting glitching meanwhile Shaun is just a living cheat code for hot wings. What a stress test it can be.

  26. Anum Lakhani

    Anum LakhaniDay ago

    I liked him but it was annoying how obsessed he was with how he looks, by constantly checking his phone camera. It was awkward...

  27. itz ya boi moe joe

    itz ya boi moe joeDay ago

    Get some of the guys from slip knot on the show please please please

  28. N4rwhall

    N4rwhallDay ago


  29. quflos

    quflosDay ago

    Keanu Reeves is destined to happen... make it happen please.

  30. Isabella

    IsabellaDay ago

    get trixie and katya on here

  31. Pidi Pecan

    Pidi PecanDay ago

    I was such a gay little seven year old, I used to lick the abs on my He-Man action figures... Also I plan to see STUBER today!

  32. Tyler Swanson

    Tyler SwansonDay ago

    No wonder he crushed this, he's an Eternal

  33. Róbert Gerendás

    Róbert GerendásDay ago

    Can we see the members of Korn?

  34. Jay Rel

    Jay RelDay ago

    Jerk off calculus is by far one of top 5 moments of TV comedy

  35. Noor Khan

    Noor KhanDay ago

    get sebastian stan and anthony mackie

  36. rossie aji baskara

    rossie aji baskaraDay ago

    Iko uwais shootout!

  37. Keith WS

    Keith WSDay ago

    17:31 no, it's not plenty, eat the whole fucking thing. Come on! I'm tired of people pussing out. For the record, long time Kumail fan have been listening to his podcasts since 2013. Just think he should have stepped up to the plate.

  38. omar mughal

    omar mughalDay ago

    The sound effects editing is so on point on this show!

  39. Philm

    PhilmDay ago

    Is Kumail wearing a Patek?

  40. Blind Ryan

    Blind RyanDay ago

    Claims to be a gamer. Cites Skyrim as good writing. Naaah.

  41. Blind Ryan

    Blind RyanDay ago

    @Steven Ryder One word: Morrowind.

  42. Steven Ryder

    Steven RyderDay ago

    I don't think he said it had good writing, pretty sure what he said was that it was good at immersing you into the world and that it felt lived in, which I would agree with. The writing of the actual main quest isn't great but the world itself is great.

  43. Myveryname23

    Myveryname23Day ago

    6th and final season?

  44. John Doe

    John DoeDay ago

    Kumail was on Game Informer's Replay show playing Super Castlevania IV and talking about gaming in Pakistan. Go check it out!

  45. John Doe

    John DoeDay ago

    Did Kumail eat Dave Bautista and absorb his features?

  46. micgao

    micgao2 days ago


  47. Doodoo Head

    Doodoo Head2 days ago

    Get the Rock on here

  48. Dakota Craft

    Dakota Craft2 days ago

    Does anyone else wanna see Matt stonie on here?

  49. Kevin Berry

    Kevin Berry2 days ago

    Always great energy on this who, even if the host hasn't met a host before, it always seem professional, and I would never have met that these two hadn't met previously.

  50. Danielle C

    Danielle C2 days ago

    Kumail is the first time I wanted the show to stop so that you wouldn't torture your guest anymore. He seems like such a nice dude I don't want to hurt him.

  51. CoD _Uploads

    CoD _Uploads2 days ago

    The math is totally sound. 😂

  52. B P

    B P2 days ago

    Get Tom Ford on here lol that would be interesting

  53. tjaleth

    tjaleth2 days ago

    fuck I didn't realize I wasn't subscribed until he said that, they always show up in my feed

  54. De -Vine

    De -Vine2 days ago

    Omg I love this so much!!🤣🤣🤣

  55. Michael Cookielover

    Michael Cookielover2 days ago

    Id love to subscribe. But everytime i want to buy your hot sauce packs you are sold out!

  56. Caleb Mueller

    Caleb Mueller2 days ago

    Get Pete Davidson

  57. Spencer Gadoury

    Spencer Gadoury2 days ago

    Why aren't those wings...