10 Absurd Games You Wouldn't Believe Actually Exist!

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Yooo, what's poppin'? I'll tell you what's poppin', today's new video! You guys asked us to review and play some games sooo, we listened. We searched the web for 10 absurd games and man, these not only exist but are SUPER CRINGY!! Join us in today's video and let us know which game you'd want to play with your friends!

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  1. Julia Kroll

    Julia Kroll2 hours ago

    8:07 I’m literally wearing one of their shirts 😆

  2. BB Ha

    BB Ha9 hours ago

    But face🧱👏👏

  3. Joslyn Binkowski

    Joslyn Binkowski15 hours ago

    “Buttface 👏🏽👏🏽”

  4. Yahnissi Figueroa

    Yahnissi Figueroa16 hours ago


  5. Fast fan Sonic 101

    Fast fan Sonic 101Day ago

    Down bellow 👏👏

  6. Simon Winstanley

    Simon WinstanleyDay ago

    But face 👏👏

  7. Stupid Animations

    Stupid Animations2 days ago

    Buttface 👏👏

  8. Jennifer Richards

    Jennifer Richards2 days ago


  9. Laura Schneider

    Laura Schneider2 days ago


  10. Matt B

    Matt B3 days ago

    I had Gooey Louie heh

  11. Herobig BossPLayzz

    Herobig BossPLayzz3 days ago

    Who is new here in Dope or Nope channel? Me: First video I watch here I already love it

  12. Eira Sletvold

    Eira Sletvold3 days ago


  13. Justin Lewis

    Justin Lewis4 days ago

    its like UNO with DOS

  14. Calli-ann Fitzpatrick

    Calli-ann Fitzpatrick4 days ago

    8:22 Lol BLOOP

  15. Manda Panda

    Manda Panda4 days ago

    BUTTFACE 👏🏻👏🏻

  16. Layla Borg

    Layla Borg5 days ago

    Who watched “hasbro gaming peeing pup game fun so many times

  17. Jarred Short

    Jarred Short5 days ago

    "Down bellow👏👏"

  18. Emmag McMahon

    Emmag McMahon5 days ago

    The greedy grany commercial and the gooey luey plays like a million times on our tv its disturbing

  19. armani voorhees

    armani voorhees6 days ago

    But did tanner ever get his 200 dollars??

  20. Jai Baez

    Jai Baez6 days ago

    not bob rossssssss!!!!!

  21. NASA FAN

    NASA FAN6 days ago


  22. sombody a tocha my spahaget

    sombody a tocha my spahaget9 days ago


  23. Dylan McCarter

    Dylan McCarter9 days ago

    But face👏👏

  24. Rochelle Drager

    Rochelle Drager11 days ago

    thumbs up this comment if you remember them playing Gooey Louey on Team Edge!

  25. Aaron Ramos

    Aaron Ramos11 days ago

    Michael: Will you for the biscuit AD: say yes

  26. Marcos Nevarez

    Marcos Nevarez12 days ago

    24min man mr

  27. Angie Moncrief

    Angie Moncrief13 days ago


  28. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith14 days ago

    I love you for thousand. rip Tony Stark

  29. Carmela Galapon

    Carmela Galapon15 days ago

    "Down Bellow👏👏" "BUTTFACE👏👏"

  30. Sky Tillery

    Sky Tillery15 days ago


  31. Sky Tillery

    Sky Tillery15 days ago

    Down Below

  32. Sky Tillery

    Sky Tillery15 days ago


  33. Haley Morgan

    Haley Morgan15 days ago

    Tanner, I LOVE your nails! Who did them? Btw I ship u and Michael ÙwÚ

  34. SupahDuk

    SupahDuk15 days ago

    me playing any game ever: *GETS ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED BY EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN* matt playing any game: 2:30

  35. Jess White

    Jess White16 days ago

    Butt face 👏🏻👏🏻

  36. Abdul Mohiz

    Abdul Mohiz16 days ago

    1:00 why does tanner have nail polish 💅 did any1 else notice like if u diid

  37. mikayla Hastings

    mikayla Hastings19 days ago

    Down Below👏👏"

  38. R&D

    R&D19 days ago

    down below👏👏........buttface👏👏

  39. Yuri Ramos

    Yuri Ramos20 days ago

    Guys look at micheal's face in 5:39

  40. Caitlin Valentic

    Caitlin Valentic21 day ago

    “Butt face 👏👏”

  41. Leonardo Coccoz

    Leonardo Coccoz21 day ago

    my brothers friend made pimple pete

  42. Divine God Extalia

    Divine God Extalia22 days ago


  43. Alexa Croxton

    Alexa Croxton23 days ago

    Tanner: my boy is dumb thick

  44. John nirro marcera

    John nirro marcera24 days ago


  45. Porter Doiron Productions

    Porter Doiron Productions26 days ago


  46. T H I C C

    T H I C C29 days ago

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  47. taaka kemp

    taaka kemp29 days ago

    Um video went dookey an pee pee- ish real quick.......

  48. Sean Kritzinger

    Sean Kritzinger29 days ago

    why dose he have blake nails

  49. 2027 Candy Mares

    2027 Candy MaresMonth ago

    Ain´t going to be rude but does Tanner act dumb or is he dumb people answer this please. I NEED ANSWERS

  50. Kat Waters

    Kat WatersMonth ago

    But face👏🏻👏🏻

  51. Rita Houle

    Rita HouleMonth ago

    Down below 👏👏

  52. Emiliano Serrano

    Emiliano SerranoMonth ago

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  53. Gaming With Eli LpsAliTv bro

    Gaming With Eli LpsAliTv broMonth ago

    I have played poopyhead

  54. LJ the hedgehog

    LJ the hedgehogMonth ago

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  55. King Awesome

    King AwesomeMonth ago

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  56. DNT TV

    DNT TVMonth ago

    4:17 "So you want to get farted on." -Tanner 2019

  57. Myaliz Santos

    Myaliz SantosMonth ago

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  58. Kakarot 22

    Kakarot 22Month ago

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  59. Aaron Ramos

    Aaron RamosMonth ago

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  60. Malaki Battles

    Malaki BattlesMonth ago

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