10 Absurd Games You Wouldn't Believe Actually Exist!


  1. Hayden Lingo

    Hayden LingoHour ago

    👏👏 butthead

  2. Llama Comedians

    Llama ComediansHour ago

    Buttface 👏🏻 👏🏻

  3. McSilmThicc

    McSilmThiccHour ago

    2:32 I spot a “Your Name” character Mitsuha

  4. rockettt3

    rockettt33 hours ago

    Butt face👏👏

  5. Hakunama Tasha

    Hakunama Tasha4 hours ago

    Those edits for the booger game hahahahahha

  6. Hakunama Tasha

    Hakunama Tasha4 hours ago

    Ahhhhh michael saying "floaties" instead of "floaters" is making me crazyyyyyy lol

  7. Solomonster 15

    Solomonster 154 hours ago


  8. V10 YT

    V10 YT4 hours ago

    Who likes dope or nope 👎

  9. Diamond Dragons

    Diamond Dragons5 hours ago

    I’m trypophobiac, so I skipped the pimple one.....

  10. Isabel Boyack

    Isabel Boyack6 hours ago

    Down Below👏🏻👏🏻

  11. OpstheDog axd

    OpstheDog axd6 hours ago

    Hey matt why doese this look so familiar

  12. Caitlin Allen

    Caitlin Allen6 hours ago

    Butt face 👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Dunchalai

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  14. Lynzei Smith

    Lynzei Smith7 hours ago

    shout out to the Hi5 team, be it the hosts or editor that didnt show the holes in that pimple popping guy's face... I have a fear of hole clusters and was dreading having to see it and it wasnt shown! ♥ also "we love you 3000" =( too soon, tanner, too soon

  15. Colin Kelly

    Colin Kelly8 hours ago

    “HEY GUYS!” “Wha- DID A DOG PEE ON YOU!?!” “Yea! It was so fun!” “My goodness Oliver you are messed up....”

  16. Lawsy Vines

    Lawsy Vines8 hours ago


  17. David Serna

    David Serna8 hours ago

    Please do cards against humanity

  18. Jimin got no jams

    Jimin got no jams8 hours ago

    2:02 2:15 Its attacking him.

  19. Dendi Stoyanov

    Dendi Stoyanov8 hours ago

    6:04 endgame reference

  20. cokkie lovers

    cokkie lovers9 hours ago

    Buttface 👏👏

  21. lola faith studios

    lola faith studios11 hours ago

    Tan man : its like uno with poop Me : so in american its poono im british its disgusting

  22. Jumpy cash Me-me Mo-mo

    Jumpy cash Me-me Mo-mo11 hours ago

    Did anyone else realize that tanner said an endgame spoiler

  23. Caiti Lynn

    Caiti Lynn12 hours ago

    When i was like 5 I used to love gooey Louie

  24. Thomas Pauplis

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  25. Olivia's life and things to do

    Olivia's life and things to do14 hours ago

    Where is Tanner's money

  26. todoroki shoto

    todoroki shoto15 hours ago

    Butt face 👏 👏

  27. Montana van Zandbergen

    Montana van Zandbergen21 hour ago

    When tanner said I love you 3000 my heart broke a little cause I remembered 😢

  28. Alexis Pelland

    Alexis Pelland21 hour ago

    down below 👏🏼👏🏼 buttface 👏🏼👏🏼 lol fishin for floaties . What a name

  29. Kaylen Cowan

    Kaylen Cowan22 hours ago

    Try evolution or smashup

  30. Kitten

    Kitten22 hours ago

    5:39 you’re welcome

  31. Madison Robinson

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  32. OOF MAN 287

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  33. Informaty

    InformatyDay ago

    I have pimple Pete

  34. Cassandra Aguilar

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    Down Below 👏🏼👏🏼 Butt face 👏🏼👏🏼

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    Down below 👏🏻👏🏻 Buttface 👏🏻👏🏻

  36. ItsHoldenHere

    ItsHoldenHereDay ago

    Buttface 👏👏



    Who else came to see tanner eat all the bacon flavoured popping candy from last episode as promised

  38. kid with a couple of tricks up his sleeve

    kid with a couple of tricks up his sleeveDay ago

    I'v seen peeing pup at wallmart

  39. Poppy Adventures

    Poppy AdventuresDay ago

    Down below👏🏻👏🏻

  40. Glphys YT

    Glphys YT2 days ago

    I’ve never had so much trouble with a bubble until I met wubble. 😂

  41. BubbleTeaPanda

    BubbleTeaPanda2 days ago

    “Down below 👏👏” “butt clap 👏👏”

  42. Red Rose24

    Red Rose242 days ago

    My best friend got the greedy granny game for Christmas 😂

  43. Gaming Dj

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  44. Zoe Brown

    Zoe Brown2 days ago

    5:39 MICHAEL

  45. Zoe Brown

    Zoe Brown2 days ago

    guys go to dope or nope channel videos sort by oldest 😂


    ᎳhᎾᎪ MEME FᎯCᏆᎾR2 days ago

    Butt face clap clap

  47. god goku 7778

    god goku 77782 days ago

    BUTT FASE 👏 👏

  48. Notyourdaddy 21

    Notyourdaddy 212 days ago

    Where is Tanners money from the previous video???

  49. brittany garcia

    brittany garcia2 days ago

    Nobody: Mathias:so the point of this is that you are pimpping it 8:73 Everybody:im dead 😂😂😂

  50. Phl crave

    Phl crave2 days ago