Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. Jonah Pulse

    Jonah Pulse55 minutes ago

    Is that the dude from dude perfect

  2. lachiu

    lachiu3 hours ago

    Remember, no pre-orders.

  3. Mateo Robles

    Mateo Robles5 hours ago


  4. Jerrod Dorrell

    Jerrod Dorrell5 hours ago

    Y'all can miss me with breakpoint. Eventhough I wouldn't have an issue with being able to play online, I'd want the option especially with the prices of games now. So for that reason alone I won't be purchasing breakpoint. Hope u guys take heed so.eday to what customers want

  5. Nikos A

    Nikos A8 hours ago

    Was that Karma police?

  6. Gilberto Junior

    Gilberto Junior8 hours ago

    Wasnt this guy a good guy in the last update of wildlands. Stf happened?

  7. Gilberto Junior

    Gilberto Junior9 hours ago

    They killed my boy weaver!!! Why did they had to do him like that!?

  8. Apollogamer

    Apollogamer13 hours ago

    Hope this is less repetative than Wildlands

  9. Brick

    Brick13 hours ago

    Me: sees epic looking aircraft I'm a pilot too, I'd expect nothing less. YOUR WORLD IS GOING UP IN HELLFIRE MISSILES BITCHES

  10. Oh Wrinzey

    Oh Wrinzey20 hours ago

    Waiting for gameplay

  11. Jonathan Parker

    Jonathan Parker22 hours ago

    Guess he works on tactical realism games when he's not fucking his best friends wife

  12. PandaVengeance

    PandaVengeance22 hours ago

    Frank motherfucking Castle. Here’s my wallet!!!

  13. namekman01

    namekman0123 hours ago

    im looking forward to this BUUUUUT... im worried they've taken comando elements out, in favor of all out combat

  14. Darius Allison

    Darius Allison23 hours ago

    Pac Katari? That you?

  15. Jelmer Flipsen

    Jelmer FlipsenDay ago

    This is probably gonna be one of the best games ever

  16. Chris S

    Chris SDay ago


  17. Rigo Life

    Rigo LifeDay ago

    It it just me or some the people look like dude perfect members

  18. Tricon Gaming

    Tricon GamingDay ago

    I’m just hoping it’s actually like ghost recon like not just like yah

  19. Darshon Eluett

    Darshon EluettDay ago

    Recalling back to Ghost Recon: Phantoms. Huh, anyone?

  20. Khris 1873

    Khris 1873Day ago


  21. Carlos Darlos2o1

    Carlos Darlos2o1Day ago

    2:51 Dude Perfect

  22. Butter_ _digs

    Butter_ _digsDay ago

    I'm am going to get this game it looks so fun i got the last ghosts recon it was the best i will pre order this game next week😁👍👍👍😁😁😁

  23. Dragonfury999

    Dragonfury999Day ago

    So you know what would be kinda cool? Since we had the predator as a free mini mission in the jungle of Bolivia in wildlands. Since it seems breakpoint is focusing a lot on tech and unmanned drones could they make a terminator mission for this one? Maybe a t-800 Easter egg?

  24. Jhustynn Concepcion

    Jhustynn ConcepcionDay ago

    How to get a game if I can’t afford it?

  25. Shikamaru Nara aka Koolkoala092

    Shikamaru Nara aka Koolkoala092Day ago

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like Shane from walking dead also known as the punisher from marvel

  26. JoshCaprisun

    JoshCaprisunDay ago

    Mf looks like that one dude from Dude Perfect

  27. Sadano Sadini

    Sadano SadiniDay ago

    S H I T B A L L S

  28. Brian Barton

    Brian BartonDay ago

    this game comes out on my birthday! :)

  29. Cameron-Dane Bates

    Cameron-Dane BatesDay ago

    Ubisoft is just making more better games as they go on. I can't even contain myself with excitement for this new game release

  30. Tony B

    Tony BDay ago

    If this look like this just imagine how gta 6 is gonna meet our requirements for sure

  31. Gareth  Marais

    Gareth Marais2 days ago

    I looked at the thumbnail and thought is that frank fucking castle?

  32. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf2 days ago

    This was a better trailer than that lame Terminator movie trailer.

  33. Dest

    Dest2 days ago

    at the end its literally shane from the walking dead

  34. Joel Wilcox

    Joel Wilcox2 days ago

    Bruh is that Radiohead?

  35. Ace

    Ace2 days ago

    wont be buying because of the online requirement. guess ill stick to wildlands. smh. looks good to. not every game needs to be online ubisoft wtf. thats garbage.

  36. Amr Imara

    Amr Imara2 days ago

    Wtf age restictred

  37. ThePolishPolarBear

    ThePolishPolarBear2 days ago

    Pretty much *army of vigils vs blackbeard*

  38. Jared S

    Jared S2 days ago

    Thatcher: bloody hell why i ain't in this fookin game?

  39. Prince Aamir

    Prince Aamir2 days ago

    To be Honest After Wildlands I'm warm Waiting of Breakpoint i'm Pretty Sure it's Gonna be Madness in Worldwide who are the Fan of Tom Clancy's Series

  40. Keks For Trump

    Keks For Trump2 days ago

    Looks amazing.

  41. BloodAngel Neo

    BloodAngel Neo2 days ago

    Okay I'm either slow or Im the only one that sees him as Frank castle?


    HARD TARGET GHOST2 days ago

    This story is so interesting. But wait I thought they were cool.

  43. Rynleik

    Rynleik2 days ago


  44. Doctor Grant

    Doctor Grant2 days ago

    IDK man picking a fight with the punisher just generally seems like a bad idea

  45. Micheal Jackson’s Innocent

    Micheal Jackson’s Innocent2 days ago

    Is that Shane?

  46. MarcTheSpazz

    MarcTheSpazz3 days ago

    Did walker kill holt, weaver and midas? If he did I WILL BURN HIM DOWN

  47. TommY PUFF

    TommY PUFF3 days ago

    this is so cool! i love this game and i wanna play soon! can’t wait anymore😩

  48. Ricky Bea

    Ricky Bea3 days ago

    So that's what happened to frank castle.

  49. Tiller

    Tiller3 days ago

    You should make a movie about one of ur games like halo did

  50. kameron parker

    kameron parker3 days ago

    When do holt Midas and weaver die

  51. R.S. Cherry

    R.S. Cherry3 days ago

    10 thumbs down. I thought this was a movie not another stupid video game. Grow up people.

  52. Yea Boiii

    Yea Boiii3 days ago

    Wait why are we fighting the punisher

  53. Shannon Riley

    Shannon Riley3 days ago

    i still like to play the original trio of ghost recon games that came like 20yrs ago.

  54. Рашид Абдуллаев

    Рашид Абдуллаев3 days ago

    пажалуста верните ассасин крид пиратес в плей маркет

  55. That0neGuyGames

    That0neGuyGames3 days ago

    1:10 and the breach is when it gets effing good.. that muffled gunfire, Love it

  56. Jay Miller

    Jay Miller3 days ago

    Is this a whole new game or is it a dlc to wildlands?

  57. King Core

    King Core3 days ago

    Why does it always have to be a white guy with a long beard and had backwards? Why can't it be a black guy or yellow guy or brown guy? Looks dope and all but come on.

  58. Erektimus Prime

    Erektimus Prime3 days ago

    Wtf bernthal!?!?!?!

  59. Hawkx143

    Hawkx1433 days ago

    Its wildlands 2

  60. 권혁진

    권혁진3 days ago

    RIP nomad team...

  61. DemosKratos

    DemosKratos3 days ago

    will we watch a movie or we play a game ? dont make this trailers so deceptive cuz when we bought the game feelings inside of ours for the game not same as the trailer.

  62. Erick_m 918

    Erick_m 9183 days ago

    Can’t Wait!!! I’m buy it!!!!

  63. Dead_PixL

    Dead_PixL3 days ago

    Ubisoft, give me Scott pilgrim for switch!

  64. Da Money Man

    Da Money Man4 days ago

    Ok top question, is this multiplayer?

  65. Da Money Man

    Da Money Man7 hours ago

    Thank you sir

  66. cataclysme888

    cataclysme8887 hours ago

    Da Money Man yes you can play coop. Up to 4 people.

  67. wolfie metslagroom

    wolfie metslagroom4 days ago

    never really got into the Ghost recon games...But John Bernthal as the bad guy? that's dope.

  68. xRinBaka

    xRinBaka4 days ago

    Wait guys i'm confused, he's nomad?? like from black ops 3-4?? so is there a connection with this game to black ops 4 or is this just a different person who just happens to look like nomad

  69. Frosty

    Frosty4 days ago

    Frankie boy

  70. Danny Mellow

    Danny Mellow4 days ago

    song at 0:19?_?

  71. karam ALjudouri

    karam ALjudouri4 days ago

    انا لدي GHOST RECON على Xbox 360 لا زلت احاول تختيمها 😍

  72. david richards

    david richards4 days ago

    I thought this was an add on , looks good.

  73. Niro iG

    Niro iG4 days ago

    100th time watching my God I can't wait gotta try and make a wolf character 8n wildlands

  74. youtubehost

    youtubehost4 days ago

    However, Lara will always stay out there within her own perspective within the Tomb Raider franchise's perspective.

  75. Jonathan Peña

    Jonathan Peña4 days ago


  76. Sr. Twisted

    Sr. Twisted4 days ago

    Wtf why Dude Perfect is making a game with ubisoft and the principal character its the Tyler Toney?

  77. Hot Wingz

    Hot Wingz4 days ago

    Rick from the walking dead should be dlc

  78. Jonas Sørensen

    Jonas Sørensen4 days ago

    Cool nok

  79. Sweezen

    Sweezen4 days ago

    Music pls ? 😉

  80. Praeivis

    Praeivis4 days ago

    Good Good

  81. Pariddle Igo

    Pariddle Igo4 days ago

    Ghost VS Ghost

  82. Christian Schrader

    Christian Schrader4 days ago

    You guys are doing great just stay your course of avoiding political topics and focus on your fan base rather than getting good media coverage. Like you guys are doing already good job in the end it will be worth it👌

  83. KingSgaming

    KingSgaming4 days ago

    Me want song! Release Karma Police on Spotify 2WEI ^^

  84. Best gamer Forever

    Best gamer Forever4 days ago

    Graphics is so good

  85. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget4 days ago

    open world?

  86. Dillon Berry

    Dillon Berry4 days ago

    Doesn’t even sound like Nomad

  87. Paul Bisset

    Paul Bisset4 days ago

    This is division survival 😊

  88. Selv

    Selv4 days ago

    Big fan of Wildlands, and looks like ima be spending $60 soon :/. Orrrrrrr ubi UwU

  89. Aiman Muzammir

    Aiman Muzammir4 days ago

    So now grady from fury become the ghost?

  90. Caleb Griffin

    Caleb Griffin4 days ago

    Rip Shane

  91. troika101

    troika1014 days ago

    Damn good bye alpha and bravo squad hello Michael bay action pack cod clone.

  92. TacticalBandit

    TacticalBandit4 days ago

    I hope there’s great gun mechanics and that the Remington R5 returns 🥰❤️

  93. MrPenguin top hat

    MrPenguin top hat5 days ago

    Me; Shhh little one its time Wallet: I’m ready father

  94. Dean Willpower

    Dean Willpower5 days ago

    You started making some epic graphical games but Will it really look like in trailers or again downgrades..

  95. Will Mcdade

    Will Mcdade5 days ago


  96. troll man

    troll man5 days ago

    Shane, how did you end up here?

  97. Noam Cohen

    Noam Cohen5 days ago

    The graphics.. its its so beautiful my eye are burning

  98. Thor Price

    Thor Price5 days ago

    The punisher?! Definitely looking forward to this

  99. Reamif

    Reamif5 days ago

    Now if you don't play this game at 4K or 2080ti graphics you really won't be able to experience how real this game looks.

  100. Jamarɪ

    Jamarɪ5 days ago

    I didn't know a member of dudeperfect was in this game

  101. Corentin dlastreet

    Corentin dlastreet5 days ago

    Shane de the walking dead est le méchant ???

  102. NotFilthyZak

    NotFilthyZak5 days ago

    Can I be the punisher