History of England - Ashes - Extra History - #4

Bertrand du Guesclin was the hero the French needed. Focused on fortifying defenses and cities, Guesclin rebutted the advances of the Black Prince--who ended up contracting an illness that undid his iconic image of triumph and chivalry. Edward became beset by drama in the royal court, and England started to lose power...
Thanks again to David Crowther for writing AND narrating this series! thehistoryofengland.co.uk/podcasts/history-of-england/
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by Sean and Dean Kiner


  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits3 months ago

    We now realize that we ran the wrong flag up the flagpole in this episode. Twice near the start (:17 seconds and :27 second in to be precise) we displayed the Union Flag, which as you know represents the union of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. However we were talking about just England, and so it should have been the flag of St George. We're sorry about the mixup and we'll look out for this in the future.

  2. Christian Dauz

    Christian Dauz3 months ago

    For those interested, Good Men and Crossover Series are novels in this time period

  3. Lina Xu

    Lina Xu3 months ago

    The nemesis of extra credits: flags

  4. Christopher Ver Hoef

    Christopher Ver Hoef3 months ago

    I blame Walpole.

  5. DragoniteSpam

    DragoniteSpam3 months ago

    The curse strikes again

  6. Del S

    Del S3 months ago

    You silly buggers.

  7. Echo Thundor

    Echo Thundor5 days ago

    At 2:25 😆 is just straight up REAPERTALE! SANS!! COOL! (If who ever reading understand what I mean Grand! your awesome!)

  8. F14 tomcat That’s a secret

    F14 tomcat That’s a secret21 day ago

    The title for anyone name of the word

  9. Azraie Ruslim

    Azraie Ruslim22 days ago

    Is that Alice Peres or Cersei Lannister?

  10. Daria Zagorskaya

    Daria Zagorskaya28 days ago

    Death as a better career move. Harsh!

  11. Laura Elizabeth

    Laura ElizabethMonth ago

    Extra history and mythology should be separate channels to follow

  12. DNDwizard

    DNDwizardMonth ago

    I learned more here then my 6 years of middle school and high school. (I learned nothing about history in elementary school)

  13. Owen Karunagoda

    Owen KarunagodaMonth ago


  14. dada416 gaming

    dada416 gamingMonth ago

    Where are the french substile?

  15. DelphanGruss

    DelphanGrussMonth ago

    "Squabbled and pinched each-other." Why? Of all the lines, why did THAT one make me break down with laughter?!

  16. Praetorianjoel Njoku

    Praetorianjoel NjokuMonth ago

    1369 *NICE*

  17. dirn flim

    dirn flimMonth ago

    Nobody: 4:02 : Minecraft noises

  18. James Dobson

    James DobsonMonth ago

    “Change doth org “ lmao

  19. R Guillaume

    R GuillaumeMonth ago

    3:50 you all cannot hide this from me. I know this Reference!

  20. Virendra Awasthi

    Virendra AwasthiMonth ago

    Some one needs to call a janitor,one might slip on those peels.

  21. Donald Esmay

    Donald EsmayMonth ago

    3:08 I think King David II of Scotland and the entire Kingdom of Scotland would disagree on their supposed glory based on the 42 years of reign King David II spent dealing with these two English pricks as they continuously tried to annex Scotland even into King Robert II's reign.


    JANE EDMUND2 months ago

    John of Gaunt was Edward III third son not second son

  23. Alexander Garfin

    Alexander Garfin2 months ago

    7:10 mistake

  24. Liz Schmidt

    Liz Schmidt2 months ago

    Alice?? Who the f*** is Alice?!

  25. Capissotor

    Capissotor2 months ago

    2:24 Insert Megalovania Here

  26. Edmon Francis L. Sicat

    Edmon Francis L. Sicat2 months ago

    can you do a video on the 300 year slavery of the Philippines?

  27. Zerpderp0

    Zerpderp02 months ago

    4:58 good thing the Good Parliament didn't exist in 1776, or I may well be sipping tea and singing Rule Britannia. Instead I'm chugging Mountain Dew and singing the Star Spangled Banner.

  28. Zerpderp0

    Zerpderp02 months ago

    3:25 you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself turned a villain

  29. mrbrockpeters

    mrbrockpeters2 months ago

    Stay away from the no go zones.

  30. DougGlendower

    DougGlendower2 months ago

    To hell with Henry Bollingbroke.

  31. ArmyImperium

    ArmyImperium2 months ago


  32. golgariSoul

    golgariSoul2 months ago

    I don't know if burning the farms of peasants should be seen as "chivalrous".

  33. Zoey Gibson

    Zoey Gibson2 months ago

    0:12 YES I DO!!!

  34. ahmad

    ahmad2 months ago

    too fast to be enjoyable, I feel my head is going to explode, sorry


    SOOKYUM KIM2 months ago

    BACK THEN..... France: exists Britain: exists all of Europe: oh god here we go again NOW..... feminism: exists logic: exists The whole world: oh god here we go again

  36. InTheBasementProduct

    InTheBasementProduct2 months ago

    I just returned from a trip to Italy and visiting the all the old city states and classical ruins had me wondering about Italy as a nation and how it came to be. Could you consider doing a series on the unification of Italy, or Germany, or Greece, or any of the large European nation powers that we take for granted as having always existed?

  37. Kieran Gilkes

    Kieran Gilkes3 months ago

    Downvoted because not about cricket

  38. Aymara Fan

    Aymara Fan3 months ago

    Pretty sad that Bolingbroke tried to force Richard II, Queen Isabella of Valois go marry his son Henry V, after he killed her husband! 😡

  39. Yellow Panzer

    Yellow Panzer3 months ago

    Meantioning Fabius? Ah we’re going full circle from the first episodes are we :)

  40. Big Luiy

    Big Luiy3 months ago

    Yeah I thought that as well, can't believe its been so long since then

  41. anomie nous

    anomie nous3 months ago

    I was expecting more brown sofa in this video. Ik it's my fault for misreading the title, but I'm still disappointed.

  42. The Despair Man

    The Despair Man3 months ago

    Pls make one about stalin!!

  43. FireSeraphim

    FireSeraphim3 months ago

    Personally I'm looking forward to when they'll cover Joan of Arc in this series, I mean there's no way in hell you could possibly cover the 100 years war or it's conclusion without mention the Maid of Orleans herself, her miraculous victories over the English or the fact that she started out as a mere peasant herself who only got involved because she claimed that god told her to do so.

  44. Mohsin Hassan

    Mohsin Hassan3 months ago

    I really want you guys do one on the whole Muslim kinship in India. I mean everything before British rule in India.

  45. Elizabeththegreatest

    Elizabeththegreatest3 months ago

    Complete 180 on Edward's part!

  46. J Cool

    J Cool3 months ago

    The English have too many Henrys

  47. Strutinan

    Strutinan3 months ago

    Alice Perres: proof positive that THOTs are *not* a modern occurrence!

  48. Zerub Is Zeus

    Zerub Is Zeus3 months ago

    Not gonna lie, that one was hard to follow

  49. Herr Rex Penguin

    Herr Rex Penguin3 months ago

    You know At first I didn’t like the change in voice actor, preferring the old guy But this new guy has grown on me, good job guys can’t wait for the next episode of extra history

  50. DekuBones 231

    DekuBones 2313 months ago

    Can you please do Chernobyl?

  51. J Godden

    J Godden3 months ago

    Calling something historical 'Ashes' is going to mean something very different to a significant proportion of English people than what's covered in this vid. Especially with the Cricket World Cup currently taking place and the, you know, Ashes right round the corner...

  52. Ramy Fili

    Ramy Fili3 months ago

    Best art Extra art style.

  53. Sharcc

    Sharcc3 months ago

    Giving us an episode on Henry V on episode V? Touché.

  54. Native Log

    Native Log3 months ago

    Oh dear god, please no one do what he suggested in the beginning you'll look like an ass. Walking into an English pub, asking about an English hero, and then smugly asking if they've heard of a French hero. It's just a poorly thought out joke that is, establishing a common ground to then bring up someone from the other side that would immediately sour that good will. Edit: Of course, if that was the point, to just get British people annoyed with Americans then fair play I suppose.

  55. J Lupus

    J Lupus3 months ago

    Wow, it’s like the Archbishop of Canterbury is followed by a curse

  56. do ngoc hoang khang

    do ngoc hoang khang3 months ago

    Make a video about ho chi minh and general vo nguyen giap and battle of dien bien phu

  57. EME

    EME3 months ago

    Top video!

  58. Honey Cat

    Honey Cat3 months ago

    At the start when explaining England That is all the last thing you want to do When you get there Go to the pub taste the Alcohol and be sick then visit wales try the beer and stay there

  59. PrototypeSpaceMonkey

    PrototypeSpaceMonkey3 months ago

    Death of Rats! I love you guys so much.

  60. Rico Kurniawan

    Rico Kurniawan3 months ago

    You should have mentioned how Charles VI almost burned to death on the dance floor while dressed up as savages.

  61. Jack Eccleston

    Jack Eccleston3 months ago

    "mad as a box of cheese" yes ladsss

  62. Yakir Baranes

    Yakir Baranes3 months ago

    Please make a video on the fundetion of Israel

  63. William Cox

    William Cox3 months ago

    Great stuff. Thanks for posting.

  64. Bart

    Bart3 months ago

    Was Henry IV the grandson of Henry III, as shown in the drawing, or of Edward III, as said by the narrator?

  65. Hornyshark

    Hornyshark2 months ago

    Bart Edward III (the writing saying Henry is a mistake) Henry IV is grandson to Edward III, and Edward III’s great grandfather is Henry III. So there is a big gap between Hen III and Hen IV

  66. This subject Sucks

    This subject Sucks3 months ago

    The history of England is my city

  67. F14 tomcat That’s a secret

    F14 tomcat That’s a secret3 months ago

    Ah the war of the roses have begun