11 Craziest Guinness Records


  1. Venkatesh S

    Venkatesh S7 days ago

    Breaking banana is also record😁👌🏻

  2. Varulven04

    Varulven0422 days ago

    What about coconuts instead of watermelons ?

  3. Gaming World Nepal

    Gaming World Nepal25 days ago

    I am from Nepal

  4. Raja Inzimam

    Raja Inzimam26 days ago


  5. فراه زاد امیری

    فراه زاد امیری27 days ago

    خوبه کوسی پاره نمی شه💔💔💔⚡⚡⚡🚽🚽🚽🚿

  6. Bmx Forever

    Bmx Forever28 days ago

    I was born on 5 June 2010

  7. Akash Pun

    Akash Pun29 days ago

    I am from nepal brow

  8. Танзила Асаева

    Танзила АсаеваMonth ago

    That was crazy

  9. Sagar Tamang

    Sagar TamangMonth ago







    This is so very very crazy o my god😱😱😱

  12. IND 007

    IND 007Month ago

    You don't want to be in between those thighs for sure.

  13. IM A CAT

    IM A CATMonth ago

    Guys you wont bealive what i can do i can whistle so loud my mom is mad at me brb

  14. muana ringi

    muana ringiMonth ago

    Tithe cry fr Unity the city rye rrurforof Hituuitiyitu Yyiyututututyiyiy

  15. John Kenneth Tang-o

    John Kenneth Tang-oMonth ago

    3:02 a scene from fifty shades darker

  16. Easther Shrestha

    Easther ShresthaMonth ago


  17. Devang Sharma

    Devang SharmaMonth ago

    Apni laand se tarbuj torh

  18. Shaista Suhail

    Shaista SuhailMonth ago

    Poor peoples are waiting for food and guys are crushing and wasting food.

  19. Molakasa Nepal

    Molakasa NepalMonth ago

    Glad to see Nepal in list.

  20. Play with ARJ

    Play with ARJMonth ago

    Molakasa Nepal me too i am from Kathmandu by the way

  21. Jack Filas

    Jack FilasMonth ago

    There is some worst record

  22. arnel sevare

    arnel sevareMonth ago

    Stupid idiots trying hard for the record

  23. MxkilxYT Gamer

    MxkilxYT GamerMonth ago

    March 24 2010 was when i was born

  24. Markriel Montesa

    Markriel MontesaMonth ago

    I wish i am that watermelon to feel the legs that girl

  25. Ryder J

    Ryder JMonth ago

    Gay wad

  26. Ash m

    Ash m2 months ago

    betcha no dude going to do 69 with the watermelon popper lol

  27. Shadow534

    Shadow5342 months ago

    Let's get a new record. Most likes on 1 comment? (It won't happen)

  28. Esther Mband

    Esther Mband3 months ago

    They were wasted cookies😢😢😢😢😢

  29. Jenny Haffenden

    Jenny Haffenden3 months ago

    5:27 I wanna see how he runs up the stairs 😂🎌

  30. Totsy Anderson

    Totsy Anderson3 months ago

    I can easily run on arms and legs fast it's so fun! ☺

  31. S.wúng Minglun敏

    S.wúng Minglun敏3 months ago

    Just imagine if she have that much energy to break that watermelon..what about,when she's with her bf dude 😂?

  32. Kim Kim

    Kim Kim3 months ago

    I would like to die between them legs

  33. Max Kirkby

    Max Kirkby3 months ago

    Lol 8:45 8:47

  34. SkinnyBoy Cayden

    SkinnyBoy Cayden3 months ago

    4:36, “Gay”

  35. Bitz Lasagna

    Bitz Lasagna4 months ago

    Who came for the thumbnail?like

  36. Wesley Sigei

    Wesley Sigei4 months ago


  37. All In One

    All In One4 months ago

    I m the only one who did not watched the whole video

  38. Severed_J Edwards

    Severed_J Edwards4 months ago

    Pretty sure my cat has the loudest meow lol 😂 You can hear him from down the street.

  39. RappyTracks

    RappyTracks5 months ago

    The real fruit ninja

  40. Infected Gold

    Infected Gold5 months ago

    I need a fan oh wait I have 2:26

  41. Gatcha Edits Killer Cyko

    Gatcha Edits Killer Cyko5 months ago

    Im White Im Black Im Red IM GAY❤💛💚💙💜❤💛💚💜💙

  42. ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    ResidentEvil302cuba rican2155 months ago

    I wouldnt wana b eatn her cooch n she gets mad at me 4 doin it wrong lol

  43. Nova Kid to OpZ

    Nova Kid to OpZ5 months ago

    The thumbnail looked so wrong I didn’t want it in my search history but I wanted to watch the video it kept popping up

  44. K'NEX LIFE!

    K'NEX LIFE!6 months ago

    They are fucking biscuits

  45. BEAR BOY

    BEAR BOY6 months ago

    He looks like a selling fan

  46. Zach T

    Zach T6 months ago

    The crushing power of that woman's legs is terrifying

  47. TeeVee

    TeeVee6 months ago

    Dose that mean there tree huggers.

  48. Mridul Bapary

    Mridul Bapary6 months ago

    crazy people

  49. Argie *-*

    Argie *-*6 months ago


  50. Leftovur

    Leftovur6 months ago

    4:36 it says GAY ;-;

  51. Veselka

    Veselka6 months ago

    i want to try that record with splitting bannanas :D 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  52. Tobi Fabikun

    Tobi Fabikun6 months ago

    Someone broke that much cookies The day after I was born wow just wow

  53. FaultyHurdle 624

    FaultyHurdle 6246 months ago

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  54. logical memes

    logical memes6 months ago

    your channel is dying

  55. Lav4 Hunt3r

    Lav4 Hunt3r6 months ago

    Crush Durian Please.

  56. Turkish gamer

    Turkish gamer6 months ago

    Raise your hand if you came for the red lady 😂.

  57. nischal maharjan

    nischal maharjan6 months ago

    Love from Nepal💓

  58. Marciel Luta

    Marciel Luta6 months ago

    The last guy was realy funny , he look like the real magneto !

  59. Jules Fanaglibuw

    Jules Fanaglibuw6 months ago

    How about world largest money?

  60. Pancake

    Pancake6 months ago

    Watermelon girl will crush your penis, avoid at all cost

  61. Samyog Ojha

    Samyog Ojha6 months ago

    Any Nepali here?

  62. harley corbitt

    harley corbitt6 months ago

    Let's get a record for likes on a comment

  63. Umer Khan

    Umer Khan6 months ago


  64. Aidan Hullihen

    Aidan Hullihen6 months ago

    Wait, are you the guy from car throttle, because you sound like it?i

  65. Banana Russell

    Banana Russell6 months ago


  66. A Lyrics

    A Lyrics6 months ago


  67. 7JR

    7JR6 months ago

    If she can do that to watermelons, imagine what she can do to your penis.😂😂😅

  68. Stoneder TesTickles

    Stoneder TesTickles6 months ago

    Don't wanna go down on her, get your head crushed if your good or if you don't get her off it's even more painful.

  69. Sentinel Rhino

    Sentinel Rhino6 months ago

    Man, crazy get ladies are one of the scariest looking breeds of people

  70. Yesenia SantaMaria

    Yesenia SantaMaria6 months ago

    4:36 bruh, his paper has gay on it

  71. Erik Lopez

    Erik LopezMonth ago

    It's Tyson gay

  72. How to Slime It

    How to Slime ItMonth ago

    Yesenia SantaMaria thats his game duh -.-

  73. Hardik Malaviya

    Hardik MalaviyaMonth ago

    2184 indian gay law

  74. mom tigerlilly

    mom tigerlilly3 months ago

    Yes it did😂

  75. Navy Cujo

    Navy Cujo6 months ago

    That's a name

  76. Riley Kenneth Allen Bumphrey

    Riley Kenneth Allen Bumphrey6 months ago

    I was the 519 person to like. Also hello

  77. Andrew Batts

    Andrew Batts6 months ago

    when you have too many trees you get you get wildfires

  78. June Cash

    June Cash6 months ago

    They should make a shootind 🌟 star meme on 2:29😆lol

  79. George Vargas

    George Vargas6 months ago

    R.I.P to the poor victoms who slept with the girl who is in the thumbnail. 😞


    KING NIGHTSPEARE3 months ago


  81. cupaxx

    cupaxx3 months ago


  82. Inject Reaction

    Inject Reaction5 months ago

    George Vargas she can crush my head any day bro 🤤

  83. Zach T

    Zach T6 months ago

    Guys this woman can crush your skull with her thighs that's terrifying to me


    MONKEYBOY REECE6 months ago

    Talk anout a mind blowing orgasm

  85. James & Nina

    James & Nina6 months ago

    pull out game weak

  86. MusicMenacer

    MusicMenacer6 months ago

    Who is the chick in the thumbnail?

  87. joeki

    joeki6 months ago

    MusicMenacer idk

  88. Open Eye

    Open Eye6 months ago

    2:20 *** You walk in the room: knock knock, Hey Ron have you seen the the Xbox controll...... what in the hell are you doing bro? HUMAN TORNADO!!!!

  89. Melea Spells

    Melea SpellsMonth ago

    Open Eye 😂😂😂😂 I laughed so hard at this and I have no idea why😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Bart Gevers

    Bart Gevers6 months ago

    Klak nice

  91. Sam Kennedy

    Sam Kennedy6 months ago

    And none of these people are in the US... Wow.

  92. pradeep rajput

    pradeep rajput6 months ago

    Nice information bro Jai ho India & Indian people

  93. BIG

    BIG6 months ago

    Can we get a like for Olga


    GOAL & HIGHT LIGHT -6 months ago

    The Last!! WTF??!

  95. The Seven Angels

    The Seven Angels6 months ago

    Replacing the actual record holder, with a better looking women for the thumbnail... Wow that Ukrainian woman must feel offended....

  96. Lucky Waves

    Lucky Waves6 months ago


  97. Ms. Leonalyn Tayone [Solving Math the easiest way]

    Ms. Leonalyn Tayone [Solving Math the easiest way]6 months ago

    guys... click the thumbs up just below my comment, it will turn to blue 😂😂😂

  98. Epidemic

    Epidemic6 months ago

    Wow, these are some new Guinness records🤩 The guy breaking cookies with shoulder blades, are you serious? 🤖I mean who needs that kind of record?😱

  99. Hi How ya doin ?

    Hi How ya doin ?Month ago

    Epidemic what’s with the random emojis

  100. Epidemic

    Epidemic6 months ago

    @Masha Klenkova you see what i mean?

  101. 100% FUN

    100% FUN6 months ago

    Masha Klenkova 😅😆

  102. Masha Klenkova

    Masha Klenkova6 months ago

    i agrie, who need this rekord?

  103. XXrobloxXX 2

    XXrobloxXX 26 months ago

    Can I have my comment pinned? If do, shout yeah pins (in real life)

  104. Joseph taruma

    Joseph taruma6 months ago

    Am leaving this video to Zimbabwe😍😍😍

  105. Sourav Chakraborty

    Sourav Chakraborty6 months ago

    6:26 this guy has talont


    HKM CHANNEL6 months ago


  107. Meet singh

    Meet singh6 months ago

    Can I get a like for no reason😅😨

  108. Asiya Mohamed

    Asiya Mohamed7 days ago

    Why do do you want another reason you say you are awake are you taking a💋

  109. xXxPaPa_StalinxXx

    xXxPaPa_StalinxXx6 months ago

    No comrade, WE will get a like for no reason.

  110. WhiteSideofBread

    WhiteSideofBread6 months ago

    Can you get a reason with no likes?

  111. Ram Sridar

    Ram Sridar6 months ago


  112. Ram Sridar

    Ram Sridar6 months ago

    I know

  113. Ram Sridar

    Ram Sridar6 months ago

    I'm not

  114. Ram Sridar

    Ram Sridar6 months ago


  115. ayush garg

    ayush garg6 months ago

    69th comment😎


    HKM CHANNEL6 months ago


  117. Aayush Shrestha

    Aayush Shrestha6 months ago

    Proud to be Nepali 💜💜 Anyone from Nepal?

  118. Paul Torres Jr.

    Paul Torres Jr.6 months ago

    Guaranteed outrageous.

  119. Heather Harris

    Heather Harris6 months ago

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  120. Warden

    Warden6 months ago

    These people are mad lads!

  121. Jason Irelan

    Jason Irelan6 months ago

    That's one way to make banana splits with ice cream.

  122. Jason Irelan

    Jason Irelan6 months ago

    sub swap with anyone

  123. Jason Irelan

    Jason Irelan6 months ago

    I wish there was a world record for snake keeping. Take care and God loves you.

  124. HondoJulian :D

    HondoJulian :D6 months ago

    Wouldnt want to give the lady on the picture head

  125. Jason Irelan

    Jason Irelan6 months ago

    If anyone tries hugging a sandbox tree for a year, I'll give you a dollar; but it has to be a living sandbox tree.

  126. Richard Stone

    Richard Stone6 months ago