"The Falcon has landed" | Recap of Falcon 9 launch and landing

On December 21, 2015, SpaceX's Falcon 9 delivered 11 satellites to low-Earth orbit and landed the first stage of the rocket back on land.
Music: Absolution Calling by Incubus


  1. Celivalg

    CelivalgDay ago

    wait that was only 3 years ago...

  2. Sean Cunningham

    Sean Cunningham2 days ago

    This was THE moment that history was changed for space travel. Just ordered my spacex shirts from their website to honor the accomplishment

  3. ytrew

    ytrew6 days ago

    at 0:29 they use aan open source app called "grafana" (the team talk about it heregrafana.com/blog/2019/10/04/grafana-labs-at-5-how-we-got-here-and-where-were-going/ ) I hope spaceX will be noble enough to help the grafana team (who made huge sacrifice to maintain it's code open source).

  4. Jidstarnator

    Jidstarnator11 days ago

    Is it me? Or does that guy from 3:06 look like Walter White?

  5. librapaladin81

    librapaladin8117 days ago

    They said, "This can't be done right now... we're not there yet." ...and Elon musk said, "Hold my beer... I'll show you how."

  6. McSlaine

    McSlaine17 days ago

    Is there a version of this video without the crappy loud music ?

  7. Jay Ko

    Jay Ko18 days ago

    I got goosebumps throughout the whole video

  8. Mikael Uhl

    Mikael Uhl18 days ago

    It should be called Team Rocket... cause it blasts off again

  9. Antichrys

    Antichrys22 days ago

    Whenever I get a hit of cynicism about humanity...I watch this.

  10. acr_8133

    acr_813329 days ago

    what ksp mod is this?

  11. Jidstarnator

    JidstarnatorMonth ago

    Who here is from 2019?

  12. Adam R.

    Adam R.Month ago

    Got chills...

  13. Kb

    KbMonth ago

    "LZ-1 has landed"

  14. Yvette Biekart

    Yvette Biekart2 months ago

    On board camera rocket launch

  15. Michael K

    Michael K2 months ago

    One of the best darn things I have ever seen

  16. Ashish Patole

    Ashish Patole2 months ago

    1st reusable rocket by NASA 2nd re-launch vehicles by SpaceX And now time to discover Electro-Magnetic Launch Vehicle with Successful Separation to use Space's unused Gas (for fuel) for Space Transportation...


    BBXBLOXX3 months ago

    Some persons got nailed that night...

  18. syahrul mubarok

    syahrul mubarok3 months ago

    I'm fucking hyped

  19. Brandon Wilks

    Brandon Wilks3 months ago

    Still bloodpumping stuff, I never get tired of seeing it. That's legit enthusiasm.



    This should have a billion views.

  21. Not Sure

    Not Sure3 months ago

    Such a huge accomplishment......yet people criticize you if you don't land an orbital booster after you kick your rocks off into space....

  22. Night Reader

    Night Reader3 months ago

    How about 2015 Falcon 9.

  23. Devan Hale

    Devan Hale4 months ago

    who would win? all of NASA? or one *muskie boi*

  24. wino0000006

    wino00000064 months ago

    We all know you took the idea from Sheldon. Shame on you.

  25. Phan Anh Hải

    Phan Anh Hải5 months ago

    Success 4 you. I come from vietnamese

  26. iera

    iera5 months ago

    They told him he couldn't do it. His heroes! What a bunch of bastards

  27. Toasty582

    Toasty5826 months ago

    This was the moment when the space age started again

  28. Francis Craig

    Francis Craig6 months ago

    Returning after the successful commercial Falcon Heavy Launch.

  29. Juscelino JR

    Juscelino JR6 months ago

    Iron man= E.Musk.

  30. Seth Falconer

    Seth Falconer6 months ago

    Good idea launching at night. Then you can film everything else in a hangar! Anyone who call this proof of trip is being less than critical. They hired enough extras. We live in clownworld. Clearly Falcon 9 went way WAY up high, though. That's not a special effect. The repotred payload is over 1,200 lbs, containg a dummy, a stuffed animal, and a gold-foil wrapped Israeli lunar lander that as of this writing has reportedly circled the moon many times in anticipation of a landing tomorrow. I suppose the video Israel produces will be as compelling as the lander, which was named after the book of Genesis. Such humility.

  31. Jose Sebastiao Evangelista

    Jose Sebastiao Evangelista6 months ago

    Great and wonderful work.But in that case what is doing with the capsula after the last satolite is gone??

  32. Dormammu

    Dormammu6 months ago

    SpceX Falcon 9 Epic launch and landing uswork.info/videos/NGfOp0rlasM-video.html

  33. Ridwan Afwan Karim Fauzi

    Ridwan Afwan Karim Fauzi7 months ago

    Damn, those smiles.

  34. iera

    iera7 months ago

    'Experts' told them they couldn't do it, how about that

  35. thejmiester14

    thejmiester147 months ago

    2:17 The moment "Theoretically possible" turns into "Holy s**t we did it!!!"

  36. MICHGO1

    MICHGO17 months ago


  37. mrhiblo

    mrhiblo8 months ago

    watch while listening to uswork.info/videos/37Yyk_RuzNs-video.html in sync. It is eargasmic!

  38. joao campos

    joao campos8 months ago

    All hail Elon!!!

  39. Lord Skara

    Lord Skara8 months ago


  40. Patrick HEHE

    Patrick HEHE8 months ago

    Please tell me if this is real

  41. Agressive Parmesan II

    Agressive Parmesan II6 months ago

    @Patrick HEHE yes, it is

  42. Patrick HEHE

    Patrick HEHE7 months ago

    Lmfao i'm just excited and this is what you answer me mate?? Look at ya. You have no respect at all

  43. Fred Cink

    Fred Cink7 months ago

    If you have to ask that question, you are simply too stupid to ever be able to discern fact from fiction.

  44. Avery Horrocks

    Avery Horrocks9 months ago

    I am going to say it!!! This is the first of many steps to going were no one has gone before.

  45. FutureMartian97

    FutureMartian979 months ago

    3 years ago today...

  46. Common Sense

    Common Sense10 months ago

    Stop that horrible music!!!

  47. Michael Farrell

    Michael Farrell10 months ago

    I'm not crying you are!

  48. চৌধুরী তাহমিম

    চৌধুরী তাহমিম10 months ago

    Keep the video for next 500 years. The game changing moment for our future

  49. Sam U.S.A

    Sam U.S.A10 months ago


  50. Tristan X05

    Tristan X0510 months ago


  51. HT N

    HT N11 months ago

    The most beautiful smile in this video is from the young lady with light gray sweatshirt at 3:08. Congratulation.

  52. klyonsden

    klyonsden11 months ago

    Freaking AWESOME!

  53. Vaibhav Chitneni

    Vaibhav Chitneni11 months ago

    How ICONIC

  54. Xardox17

    Xardox1711 months ago

    Simply amazing, the state of technology. Now for the rest of society to catch up to its potential.

  55. Matt Bland

    Matt Bland11 months ago

    Terrific video, amazing accomplishment and to top it off a great soundtrack :)

  56. Raidenway

    RaidenwayYear ago

    Please hurry up with universal basic credit because there is too much crime and social unrest because of it

  57. Olibara Hosasa

    Olibara HosasaYear ago

    Needs more flash powder in the top

  58. CruzzioXT

    CruzzioXTYear ago

    This is genuinely inspiring, awesome job by the SpaceX team!!

  59. Zoomer30

    Zoomer30Year ago

    And 10 years ago this month, SpaceX was down to it's last pitch. The 4th flight of the Falcon 1 had to work. If it didnt, SpaceX would have faded into the history.

  60. Ming Ip

    Ming IpYear ago

    I love the radio

  61. N4NO4

    N4NO4Year ago

    fuck u elon.. why u have to be this cool!

  62. Samuel Baldwin

    Samuel BaldwinYear ago

    this needs to go into the Smithsonian

  63. Emile Blum

    Emile BlumYear ago

    Elon what the FUCK are you doing?!