How Fox Completely F***ed X-Men


  1. Dorkly

    DorklyMonth ago

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  2. Et Cogito Ergo Sum

    Et Cogito Ergo Sum21 day ago

    You are not gonna do a video on how disney fucked up the Avengers, arent you, cunts? Biased pieces of shit

  3. Hiran Ferrera

    Hiran Ferrera24 days ago

    Give it to the russo brothers theyll do it right

  4. TruthersUnite Reborn

    TruthersUnite Reborn26 days ago

    For sure Disney will queer up the series. I'm not a fan of any studio doing this but Disney is doing it a lot lately.

  5. Derrick Nichols

    Derrick Nichols26 days ago

    That rat gonna make pg8 watch

  6. Brandon Krol

    Brandon Krol2 hours ago

    You made multiple mistakes criticizing Days of Future Past. First of all, Kitty Pryde’s ability to send someone’s consciousness into their younger body has nothing to do with telepathy. And in fact in the Days of Future Past comic that ability actually belonged to her daughter and Kitty was the one sent back. But because Ellen Page was too young to convincingly look like she could have a teenage daughter at that time, they gave Kate’s powers to her mother. Secondly, the reason why Wolverine was sent back was because in the movie he was the only one who could physically make the trip. The original plan was to send Professor X back but being sent back 50 years would’ve ripped his mind apart. Third, the reason Mystique was the crux of the story was because that’s how it was in the comics. The plan was to stop Mystique from assassinating Bolivar Trask in the film, as well Senator Kelly, Moira McTaggert, and Professor X in the comic. They die, the sentinels kill all the mutants. They stop the assassination, the mutants live. All your other criticisms of the franchise were valid though.

  7. Lydia-Renee Darling

    Lydia-Renee Darling2 hours ago

    Not to mention according to the most recent Marvel comic polls, Storm was the second most popular character in the comics- second to Spider-Man. The series could’ve capitalized on her popularity but Fox was too dumb to implement it.

  8. KingOfMadCows

    KingOfMadCows8 hours ago

    Just pretend that the crappy movies are actually movies in the universe based on those bad comics Wolverine complains about in Logan.

  9. Some Guy

    Some GuyDay ago

    I barely even know wtf is happening in X Men anymore Well I’m probably just distracted by the other Marvel Movies

  10. karna pratap singh

    karna pratap singhDay ago

    Who gives a shit about darvin

  11. GaiaSeed

    GaiaSeedDay ago

    Straight up why I don't usually watch live action. Consistency can become real difficult, and the slightest changes can enrage a fanbase. If you are going for aesthetic, make sure you stay true to it.

  12. cestalia

    cestaliaDay ago

    I rather don't have bad movie than its existing.

  13. cestalia

    cestaliaDay ago

    Look how they slay my gurl Storm. I HATE IT

  14. Skylar Noire

    Skylar NoireDay ago

    They had a reason for picking Wolverine: There were only 3 people who were alive in the 70's, Charles, Erik and Logan. Erik was in prison, and Charles was in a slum. If Charles did go, the pressure could've snapped his neck. Logan was the only one who could've survived.

  15. Lee;O Gone Wild

    Lee;O Gone WildDay ago

    I actually loved XMen 3, maybe because I loved how they treated Jean Grey/Phoenix being played by Famke, but it was so insulting they replaced Famke and Rebecca for these beyond basic subpar actresses. I’m glad you acknowledged how horrible Jennifer played Mystique, ruining one of my favorite franchises!

  16. Omarr Koroma

    Omarr KoromaDay ago

    My favourite mutant would have to be omega red! Badass

  17. Metal Mario

    Metal Mario2 days ago

    Wait so brett ratner. The guy who made rush hour! Is a pervert... I HAVE NO REASON TO LIVE ANYMORE!!!

  18. random dude

    random dude2 days ago

    Canadian with claws? Hugh Jackman is Australian you silly goose

  19. Limitless XP

    Limitless XP2 days ago

    She is talking about Wolverine. You know? The fictional canadian character played by Hugh Jackman? I guess you are the silly goose her

  20. Tim Boundy

    Tim Boundy2 days ago

    Yeah, don't keep recasting main characters. That'll be like recasting The Hulk or Spiderman 3 times... Oh wait

  21. Kenyatta Uhuru

    Kenyatta Uhuru2 days ago

    was surprised to see Dazzle in Dark Phoenix

  22. Hnke90

    Hnke902 days ago

    Wait.. Logan was a good movie?

  23. seina hlychho

    seina hlychho2 days ago

    I was hoping to see a kitty and avalanche romance like they gave to rogue and iceman but guess ill just stick to the tv series..😔

  24. Janet Helen

    Janet Helen2 days ago

    The only thing that kept me watching it was Hugh Jackman, the gay relationship between Charles and Erik, and quicksilver who is the cutest man ever!

  25. bbb

    bbb3 days ago

    I Iiked origins of wolverine...


    JOSE TAYLOR3 days ago

    I hated the fat mystique played by what's her name? I don't give a shit bout actors.

  27. bbb

    bbb3 days ago

    Days of future past, pist me off

  28. Isabella Belleza

    Isabella Belleza3 days ago

    Wolverine is Canadian?

  29. jayVAtoGA mason

    jayVAtoGA mason4 days ago

    Yeah they completely fucked night crawler first they found him in X2 then he was with them on first class I think shit crazy

  30. Woray King

    Woray King4 days ago

    I think they should just turn this into a high budget Tv show. in the that way the characters would be more fleshed-out. the 90's cartoon series was the best imo

  31. kaminoshiyo

    kaminoshiyo4 days ago

    I think Disney gets much more money from people hoping that their movies will be good than them actually making good movies.

  32. thegreenmanofnorwich

    thegreenmanofnorwich4 days ago

    I hadn't thought about it in the depth you did. I think for me the one that really hit home with me was the lack of overall direction. I had a huge problem with imagining anything remotely like Apocalypse, First Class, or Days of Future Past could have happened in the same continuity as the first film where Jean Grey is talking to a conference or committed or something (forgive me, it's been a while) about the possible dangers of mutants.

  33. Kenneth Vallecillo

    Kenneth Vallecillo4 days ago

    "Not to mention they're killing the only character of color" 😑 if he dies he dies, that's it.

  34. Eshaan Nayar

    Eshaan Nayar5 days ago

    Canadian???? I think he is from Australia :D

  35. Kim Strong Un

    Kim Strong Un5 days ago

    Just sell the rights to marvel studios. They know how to make movies

  36. Ryan Gibson

    Ryan Gibson5 days ago

    I've loved x men since I was a little kid. Later, when I grew up the movies disappointed me. At no point have I ever gave a shit about the director sexually harassing an actress. I still don't.

  37. Daxis Perry

    Daxis Perry5 days ago

    Look at how fucking pathetic Mystiques look is. MILLIONS of dollars and you do a worse job than a casual cosplayer? Are you serious!!!


    WESTECH MEDIA5 days ago

    Please do more videos like this as well as your video game ones. Both are awesome.

  39. The InFamous TMF

    The InFamous TMF5 days ago

    I feel like these studios are doing this shit to make y’all mad at black people.

  40. Alexandra Bath

    Alexandra Bath5 days ago

    so, not allowing F-Bombs in these videos? what about the one at 5:57 when shes talking about Darwin, lol. totally missed that one Mr/Mrs F-Bomb censor

  41. 33melonpaws77

    33melonpaws776 days ago

    I don't get why people are hating this video.

  42. John Taylor

    John Taylor6 days ago

    Iceman was one of my favorite characters in the comics. He should have been called the invisible man because they rarely showed him or let him use his powers.

  43. Thor C.

    Thor C.6 days ago

    JLAW's powdery blue make up alone, looks like it's just a spoof. 😂 FRANKLY SPEAKING, What pisses us is that it seems they were thinking that they're audiences are naive to not notice it.

  44. IN5T1NCT66

    IN5T1NCT666 days ago

    I don't think Disney will be much better ! but an improvement

  45. Steamboat Willie.

    Steamboat Willie.6 days ago

    *Marvel Studios, Disney only distributes the films so don't blame them for anything.

  46. david10006

    david100066 days ago

    The only real thing the franchise ever had going for it was great casting..Hugh as Logan, Kelsey Grammer as Beast, Stewart and McKellen ect. so much talent only to be sunk by clueless directors , shitty scripts and a studio that couldn't care less.

  47. Nathan Slijkhuis

    Nathan Slijkhuis7 days ago

    tip read the comics more

  48. Doughy the edible Cube

    Doughy the edible Cube7 days ago

    Damn girl, that may very well be the ugliest shirt that was ever produced.

  49. Lorelei Catherine

    Lorelei Catherine7 days ago

    The moment I saw Olivia munn was the moment I gave up completely on the franchise. The last shred of hope I had burnt to a crispy fried bacon bit.

  50. Koupon King

    Koupon King7 days ago

    Hugh Jackman is from Sydney, Australia. Not Canada. Do you know how to wikipedia? Just as Fox has botched this franchise, you all botched the review of it. And oh the poor black guy that got killed off deserves his own movie. Bet you all your subscribers you wouldn't watch it if they made it. Stop your fake PC shit.

  51. 33melonpaws77

    33melonpaws776 days ago

    Damn son, think twice before you post!

  52. John Taylor

    John Taylor6 days ago

    Wolverine, the character, is from Canada. Try not to get your knickers in an uproar over your own mistakes.

  53. james christian

    james christian7 days ago

    Yes fox did screw the pooch with the mishandling of all the X-men franchise.. And X-men apocalypse was absolutely horrid why make apocalypse look like a reject Power Ranger Villain let's hope that Disney doesn't put us through that hypocrisy again

  54. Charlotte's Web

    Charlotte's Web7 days ago

    All of these reboots are a disgrace. It shows a huge lack of respect for the source material and insults our intelligence. They think we’ll just buy anything .

  55. raeofsunshine

    raeofsunshine7 days ago

    she cute.

  56. Z Man

    Z Man7 days ago

    Getting a 'better' movie from Disney is highly doubtful.

  57. Z Man

    Z Man3 days ago

    @Steamboat Willie. I'm from 'realville'. In modern times, Disney has skrewed up more movies than I can count.

  58. Steamboat Willie.

    Steamboat Willie.6 days ago

    Where are you from? Bizzaro World? ( i know thats DC but i don't know if Marvel has an equivalent )

  59. mjbset93

    mjbset937 days ago

    Thank you for this spot on analysis. I hate that Fox was constantly rewarded for making bad movies in this franchise. More than half of them were horrible. So the really good ones were overrated because the bar was set so low. X-Men 2000 was judged a really good because we had never scene anything like it before. X-2 rode the storytelling momentum. Origins Wolverine barely mediocre. The Wolverine just mediocre. Logan really good but over rated. I don't give credit to them for Deadpool movies because Ryan Reynolds basically did everything but direct the movies. First Class was great but they took a huge dump on everything that movie established.

  60. Bitchslapped

    Bitchslapped8 days ago

    They gave some overpowered habilities to Kitty Pride that she never had... and then we never saw her again, they didn't even recast her.