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  1. Screen Junkies

    Screen Junkies7 days ago

    Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline? *Check out the return of Honest Game Trailers with the same creative team from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies on our new channel Fandom Games. Featuring a rotating cast of voices to give greater variety to the trailers. Check back every Tuesday for a brand new Honest Game Trailer at 10AM Pacific.* POOL RULES One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: Don’t go looking for fights. Four: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith7 hours ago

    Do the great mouse detective

  3. SilverSmoke

    SilverSmoke12 hours ago

    @T Electronix I got upset because you didn't understand what I was asking, and then acted like an asshole about it.

  4. EagleStealth403

    EagleStealth40313 hours ago

    What is Love?! An Honest Movie Trailer for Night at the Roxbury is what!

  5. T Electronix

    T Electronix16 hours ago

    @SilverSmoke "I can't find his comment.." And you should evidently take your own advice, dear. Look, you are wanting to be involved in comments between two other people. That's your choice but there's no point getting upset when your question doesn't get the answer you wanted. Have a lovely day.

  6. SilverSmoke

    SilverSmoke16 hours ago

    @T Electronix You made two comments, to two different people... One was to a person who said captain marvel is bad. I agree with that person. Your other comment was to a different person. You said they were homophobic. I can't find his comment, and want to know what it was he said. You should learn basic reading comprehension skills.

  7. Sarah McCausland - Lorne Park SS (2252)

    Sarah McCausland - Lorne Park SS (2252)Hour ago

    What's ecrof ria eht nioj?

  8. Brian

    BrianHour ago

    Much like the movie Captain Marvel, this Honest Trailer is is towards the bottom of the barrel.

  9. fdrc rnldn

    fdrc rnldn2 hours ago

    3:17 facts

  10. Vegitunks0

    Vegitunks02 hours ago

    No mention of DC captain marvel should have never let there copyright run out

  11. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago


  12. Jayvis Mendoza

    Jayvis Mendoza3 hours ago

    Can you guys do a Honest Trailer for the Van Helsing movie with hugh jackman? It's definitely underrated.

  13. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  14. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  15. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  16. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  17. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  18. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  19. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  20. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  21. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  22. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  23. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  24. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  25. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  26. Vyshnav

    Vyshnav3 hours ago

    Do Shazam

  27. theoncehermitking

    theoncehermitking3 hours ago

    Tank Girl would beat the hell out of Capt marvel any day of the week

  28. Marian Mayuga

    Marian Mayuga3 hours ago

    I think the point in ppl telling her she's too emotional when she's completely coolheaded and rational is that that's exactly what a lot of women have to put up with irl Like if you look at how she reacts to things, it seems more like she's containing herself/holding back rather than not feeling anything. She was conditioned to be that way and ppl still don't shut up about her showing expressions visibly. It's a legit problem lol

  29. Dylan Kern

    Dylan Kern3 hours ago

    3:09 ok....that’s a good point.

  30. hamid reza

    hamid reza4 hours ago

    please do game of thrones vol 3

  31. CDJ Bricks

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  32. CDJ Bricks

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  33. CDJ Bricks

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  34. CDJ Bricks

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  35. CDJ Bricks

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  36. CDJ Bricks

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  37. CDJ Bricks

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  38. CDJ Bricks

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  39. CDJ Bricks

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  40. Daenerys

    Daenerys4 hours ago

    Captain Marvel is basically two hours of Brie Larson frowning.

  41. Kacper Karczmarczyk

    Kacper Karczmarczyk5 hours ago

    Please try to say Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz it's a polish name.

  42. December 14

    December 145 hours ago

    Do pokemon detective pikachu please. We 're waiting for it!!!!

  43. Regina Phalange

    Regina Phalange6 hours ago


  44. buffalo man

    buffalo man6 hours ago

    Please say mother of arceus

  45. Shivani

    Shivani6 hours ago

    Only the people who desperately wanted the Captain Marvel movie to be bad, said that it was bad after they watched it. It was an enjoyable film.

  46. Ally Mayden

    Ally Mayden6 hours ago

    *Nick Furry* killed me!

  47. Scott McCloud

    Scott McCloud6 hours ago

    Hopefully Rogue's introduction to the MCU will see her absorbing the powers, memories and life force of Carol Danvers, just as God and John Byrne intended.

  48. ali213 Paris

    ali213 Paris6 hours ago

    Please do endgame and Say my name thanks

  49. roseslasher

    roseslasher7 hours ago

    I enjoyed the movie. Sam j and Ben whatshisname were funny AF.

  50. J Space

    J Space7 hours ago

    Nick Fury is still mad at Goose

  51. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith7 hours ago


  52. Emily eliza

    Emily eliza8 hours ago


  53. Emily eliza

    Emily eliza8 hours ago


  54. Mirage Nobody

    Mirage Nobody8 hours ago

    She is the femi one

  55. Wewe ak

    Wewe ak8 hours ago

    U guys should do a Supernatural honest trailer

  56. Airbourne92

    Airbourne929 hours ago

    Do Terminator (1984) before the new one comes out

  57. Imagine RacooN

    Imagine RacooN10 hours ago

    This movie is so boring that I don't even want to see its honest trailer

  58. John Sofianidis

    John Sofianidis11 hours ago

    I want an honest trailer for the"adut film Pirates". Guys help me take into the top!

  59. paranoid android

    paranoid android11 hours ago

    i absolutely loved captain marvel and i literally do not care what you all say

  60. Aya29jaila7

    Aya29jaila711 hours ago

    Now do endgame.

  61. Jerca

    Jerca11 hours ago

    The green guy should've been "PICCOLO"

  62. OmniGodGamer

    OmniGodGamer12 hours ago

    Please say "Wake the FUCK up Samurai, we got a city to burn!"

  63. SID Hollistina

    SID Hollistina12 hours ago

    I realized that Monica's name is "Join the Air Force" in reverse

  64. Inan Jarif

    Inan Jarif12 hours ago

    You should've named the cat "Octopuss". Get it? Because it has tentacles and it's a cat? Cool,eh? No? I'll just leave now...

  65. Jishan Mallick

    Jishan Mallick12 hours ago

    CP mrvl!😌

  66. James Miller

    James Miller13 hours ago

    Nick Furry 😂😂😂

  67. AK V

    AK V13 hours ago

    Thank you. I thought compared to Thor 1,2 Captain 1 and hulk this movie was great. But comparing it to the Avengers sandwich it was underwhelming. I thought Captain marvel was a fun watch

  68. EagleStealth403

    EagleStealth40313 hours ago

    What is Love?! An Honest Movie Trailer for Night at the Roxbury is what!

  69. Anxiety Brittnie

    Anxiety Brittnie13 hours ago

    Her...marvel issued black friend 😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Redflametrow

    Redflametrow13 hours ago

    This is indeed one of the best Origin stories. Still a few are better.

  71. Mojtaba Moghaddam

    Mojtaba Moghaddam14 hours ago

    can you do Planet Earth 2. I know it's a da-q-men-tary BUT it's good. first it has all the Disney animals, second it has great soundtrack (Hans Zimmer does not sleep on his organ), and third there are many lines that needs to be said in your "great voice". pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, do it, do it, do it, doit, doit, dot, dooooooooooooooooo it, (my friends tell me I'm very persuasive) 😂😂

  72. Amelia Vance

    Amelia Vance14 hours ago

    Men: "women need to stop being so emotional" Also men: "wow how come she doesn't show any emotion"

  73. CrystalCritter

    CrystalCritter13 hours ago

    Males also don't count their constant rage and anger as emotions. They think emotional means crying only.

  74. Martin Smith

    Martin Smith14 hours ago

    Not the 1990's, this was set in WW11 guys

  75. Fun and Gaming

    Fun and Gaming14 hours ago

    Captain marvel was worst mcu movie.

  76. KV HD

    KV HD15 hours ago

    2019 black Panther. I’m starting to think marvel should release a controversial movie ever year.

  77. Savage Jackson

    Savage Jackson16 hours ago

    God I hate this movie and not just because they ruined the Skrull Invasion hope. Worst MCU movie ever

  78. Riley Carroll

    Riley Carroll16 hours ago

    Can you do Bohemian Rhapsody

  79. Izzle Chick

    Izzle Chick17 hours ago

    I'm sorry, maria is her girlfriend. They are raising a child together. It is so obviously queercoded it makes my soul hurt, but no one but fringe accounts even discusses it and AAAGGGHHH.

  80. Rommel Aguila

    Rommel Aguila17 hours ago

    Honest Trailer Predestination please!!!!!!!!!

  81. William Pangelinan

    William Pangelinan17 hours ago


  82. Miguel de Lima

    Miguel de Lima17 hours ago

    Please, please do an _Agent Carter_ honest trailer. And if you get to Season 2, please mention that zero matter is LEAGUES above Pym particles in scientific inconsistency.

  83. кαωαιι juícє

    кαωαιι juícє18 hours ago

    Do avengers endgame

  84. SuperWilliam64

    SuperWilliam6418 hours ago

    I like this movie and character, COME AT ME 75% OF THE INTERNET!

  85. Anthony Decesare

    Anthony Decesare18 hours ago

    Captian mary sue.

  86. GrahfMetal

    GrahfMetal18 hours ago

    For some reason I feel like joining the Air Force

  87. PlacidDragon

    PlacidDragon19 hours ago

    I remember when you (as in Screen Junkies) did the movie review... you caved faster than a 5 dollar hoo.. yeah... skirting multiple issues to avoid saying anything negative about the movie... lets see if this is any different ? Though i guess it doesn't really matter anymore, right.. Captain Marvel has earned the money its going to, so bash away to try to retain your credibility ? (would be my guess anyway.. lets watch this).

  88. Annisa Martia dewi

    Annisa Martia dewi19 hours ago

    Please do Netflix' Death Note..

  89. Alex Clark-Thompson

    Alex Clark-Thompson19 hours ago

    I'd comment on how much I like the video but I have a sudden urge to join the air force...

  90. W Cross

    W Cross19 hours ago

    See you didn't disable comments a risky one

  91. Aniket Raha

    Aniket Raha19 hours ago

    Please do Detective Pikachu

  92. Robert Shockley

    Robert Shockley20 hours ago

    The one that killed the franchise. Way to go Brie... Won't even watch Endgame. I do not support vanity.

  93. Joe Young

    Joe Young20 hours ago

    Please do Masters of the Universe

  94. Max Wasserman

    Max Wasserman20 hours ago

    Please say “Gina linetti spaghetti confetti”

  95. Alani Parks

    Alani Parks20 hours ago

    People constantly telling her to stop being emotional even though she wasn't was on purpose. People confused her ambition and constant interrogation with being too emotional. Just thought I'd clear that up.

  96. TheDragonstorm1993

    TheDragonstorm199321 hour ago

    Captian Marvel was the most emotional Avenger ever I swear

  97. Lack_Trichterlin G

    Lack_Trichterlin G21 hour ago

    Would you do an honest trailer for Good Omens?

  98. McConaughey Mgtow

    McConaughey Mgtow21 hour ago

    Glad that I missed this movie.

  99. Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed

    Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed21 hour ago

    Karen The movie

  100. Xk Productions.

    Xk Productions.22 hours ago

    Can we seriously get TMNT 1 & 3 in a double review like you did with Cars 1 & 2?

  101. Andrew Ledford

    Andrew Ledford22 hours ago

    Say "We will always be with you. No one's ever really gone."

  102. Falk Hammermüller

    Falk Hammermüller23 hours ago


  103. multifandomz

    multifandomz23 hours ago

    "marvel issued black friend" LMFFAAOOO IMDEAD

  104. Mikayel Alikhanyan

    Mikayel Alikhanyan23 hours ago

    This whole movie just felt awkward and misguided

  105. E

    E23 hours ago

    I think they did the whole "Keep your emotions in check" thing because Brie Larson couldn't act.

  106. 4444Caramella

    4444CaramellaDay ago

    Her Marvel issued black friend!!!! LMAO!!!!!! Now that you mention it... XD