New York is building a wall to hold back the ocean


  1. Vox

    Vox7 days ago

    This piece was a collaboration with our sister-site, Curbed! Check out the original article here: And for more information on how to build a resilient city check out Alissa Walker’s piece - Kim

  2. Dominus Devacore

    Dominus Devacore4 days ago

    walls are evil bigot.

  3. Damien's Adventure

    Damien's AdventureHour ago

    I like this informative video. :)


    COLLEGE DUDE2 hours ago

    building a wall... something trump likes; not exactly XD

  5. daLi demo

    daLi demo6 hours ago

    make mexico pay for it

  6. Fedir Kriviy

    Fedir Kriviy9 hours ago

    Kim Mas is 😍

  7. Worrywart

    Worrywart10 hours ago

    Wow, they're thinking of building a wall that might actually serve a useful purpose? Whatever will they think of next!

  8. Wes 0608

    Wes 060812 hours ago

    Most of people from NY think walls don’t work...

  9. David Dima

    David Dima12 hours ago

    "Build the walls to protect the city is one thing" "But build the city to protect it self is another thing" You guys understand. *plastics*

  10. Matt Keane

    Matt Keane14 hours ago

    I guess walls work huh

  11. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley15 hours ago

    A 5 mile long, 20ft high concrete wall would have such a large carbon footprint it's insane

  12. Michael Plessala

    Michael Plessala15 hours ago

    We can’t build a wall! Walls are immoral and if the ocean wants to cross Staten Island’s border illegally, it should be able to! Ocean rights are human rights!!✊🏾

  13. Ankita

    Ankita16 hours ago

    Created the city on wetlands (occupied) Now eager to stop the ocean. Nature avenges in weird ways.

  14. Etiti Yulolo

    Etiti Yulolo18 hours ago

    as if a wall can do anything to stop the water...

  15. Yuzu Aihara

    Yuzu Aihara21 hour ago

    In situation like these, people who claim to have a solution tend to choose the easiest and most convenient option; erect a wall.

  16. SuperKing604

    SuperKing60421 hour ago

    Strategic retreat in a good option to basically pay people to move away from high risk areas. In the long run its cheap and effective

  17. thomas is op

    thomas is opDay ago

    every New Yorker would say to Trump that walls don't work hmmmmm

  18. gogzter McAll

    gogzter McAllDay ago

    Aw aye when these lots harp on about how bad building a wall is. Now they want one

  19. EricG326

    EricG326Day ago

    How racist of them...

  20. 《I S R A E L》

    《I S R A E L》Day ago

    This is racist against the Ocean, we should be building bridges not walls

  21. David W

    David WDay ago


  22. Wade Wilson

    Wade WilsonDay ago

    So you’re telling me Walls work?

  23. Dragongamer1301

    Dragongamer1301Day ago

    Why dont you just drink all the water instead of building a wall. Smh

  24. I

    IDay ago

    Trump’s second wall

  25. I

    IDay ago

    Why don’t they build a wall in the most hurricane hit States like Florida

  26. Davis Edwards

    Davis EdwardsDay ago

    New York said walls are immoral

  27. Poppie

    PoppieDay ago

    hope all people care in

  28. NADINE K

    NADINE KDay ago

    For me building wall is stupidity, it's not gonna work the wave just gonna hit the wall and the wall wont stay in long time it alson ruin the eco with all of life in the ocean ?! , aren't plastic already in the ocean and now chemical ,rock and cemen *such not a danger

  29. C H A R L I E T H A R G I C

    C H A R L I E T H A R G I CDay ago


  30. yb s

    yb sDay ago

    water gotta go somewhere tho

  31. Buffalo Herd

    Buffalo HerdDay ago

    wait, did you just say that we need to protect Staten Island from flooding or it will return to its natural state of swampland? 2:55

  32. Joe Knuckles

    Joe Knuckles2 days ago

    Did New York do environmental studies? Building this wall will kill the yellow striped mosquitos.

  33. Seyyed Mohammad Ahmadi

    Seyyed Mohammad Ahmadi2 days ago

    you guys are talking about billions of dollars when your military spends 600 billion annually

  34. m yu

    m yu2 days ago

    02:06 damn

  35. ToothpasteShouldBeTeethpast

    ToothpasteShouldBeTeethpast2 days ago

    Bro what if the sea goes around the wall?

  36. Ersin Avseren

    Ersin Avseren2 days ago

    Just call the Dutchies back..

  37. B ill M iller

    B ill M iller2 days ago

    Build the wall! Lmao

  38. MayReasonBeThyGuide

    MayReasonBeThyGuide2 days ago

    NYC: Builds a wall against a rising ocean and claims "Walls don't hold back anything"... Welcome to Sodumbistan

  39. Geraint Hughes

    Geraint Hughes2 days ago

    people have building sea defences for hundreds of years, its a good idea. Nothing new. Radiation GHE is a lie. Direct proof exists on my channel.

  40. Youtube Today

    Youtube Today2 days ago

    But I thought walls don’t work!🤔

  41. Es Gee

    Es Gee2 days ago

    perfectly appropriate that trump loving staten islanders are finally getting their wall

  42. Alvin Ace Trinidad

    Alvin Ace Trinidad2 days ago

    in the next 10 years, america will be covered by a huge perimeter wall

  43. Alvin Ace Trinidad

    Alvin Ace Trinidad2 days ago

    mother nature will be broke paying for that damn wall

  44. Josephine The Celtic

    Josephine The Celtic2 days ago

    Have a look at Amsterdam and Holland generally - they’ve been dealing with flooding throughout all of their history. They’re called dikes and windmills.. also, you have to allow water through but in a controlled manner so the landscape needs to be adapted to allow “SuDs”.. you can’t just think that building walls everywhere is gonna resolve all your problems.. so simplistic thinking..

  45. Fuby TV

    Fuby TV2 days ago


  46. Woodynic

    Woodynic2 days ago

    Only idiots live on the water. A sea wall wont protect you from swelling. Remember Fukushima? If the ocean wants you dead, He'll get ya.

  47. Dipto Nugroho

    Dipto Nugroho2 days ago

    Americans really love walls

  48. Christina Washburn

    Christina Washburn2 days ago

    Or stop building housing so close to the water and under sea level

  49. K4x4 Map

    K4x4 Map2 days ago

    whether it works or not, the idea of trying something is good. hopefully you can use a program to simulate the effects of a wall. sadly as I've stated on other occasions, the (sea) water will only be diverted somewhere else. less cement covering the ground is a great idea, plants trees to soak up natural groundwater. just remember that unless you're using other binders except for water to build this wall, the efforts might last a little while...interesting video...the water in the high hills cuts down valleys to get to sea level (without the required sedimentation load) whilst the sea level is trying to cut up that future wall to get uphill...leaves me to believe that the earth in them there parts is trying to reach a new equilibrium...somehow the interest of obtaining a seaplane rating seems quite the move!

  50. salvadore sutton

    salvadore sutton3 days ago

    the sea isnt rising. the ship is sinking

  51. don't have nickname , don't want true name around

    don't have nickname , don't want true name around3 days ago

    9 feet = 2,7432m 20 feet = 6,096m

  52. Meme Mine

    Meme Mine3 days ago

    CO2=Y2Kx1984x666 Al Gore is my shepherd, I shall not think. He maketh me lie down in Greenzi pastures: He leadeth me beside his still-freezing waters. He selleth my soul for CO2: He leadeth me in his path of his self-righteousness for his own sake. And yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of reason, I will fear all logic: for thou art with me and thinking for me; Thy Gore family oil fortune & thy 10,000 square Gorey foot mansion, they comfort me. Thou preparest a movie in the presence of contradictory evidence: Thou anointest mine head with nonsense; my mindless conformity runneth over. Surely blind faith and hysteria shall follow me all the days of the rest of my life & I will dwell in the house of ALGORE forever. -Paul Merrifield 1990

  53. PPG KID

    PPG KID3 days ago

    Guess what, your president doesn't think climate change/global warning is real. Sooo good luck

  54. Penny Lane

    Penny Lane3 days ago

    Save Staten Island! Because... I really like the ferry...

  55. matt ruggiero

    matt ruggiero3 days ago

    Yeoooo STATEN island wya

  56. peter jakoncic

    peter jakoncic3 days ago

    people shoudnt live where theyre not supposed to live, for example wetlands...

  57. Maria Lomas

    Maria Lomas3 days ago

    I have a question. Why are the oceans rising? Does that have something to do with the temperature or am I completely wrong?

  58. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones2 days ago

    If oceans are rising why are the docks which are a hundred years old on NY harbor still above water?

  59. Ruki Sar

    Ruki Sar3 days ago

    There's an irony to New York, financial center of the world for decades due to fossil fuel wealth, building a wall to hold back the ocean that they caused to rise.

  60. victor lee

    victor lee3 days ago

    Make aquaman pay for it

  61. Rumki Das

    Rumki Das3 days ago

    *this project is initiated by Trump*

  62. Jesus Covarrubias

    Jesus Covarrubias3 days ago

    But yet we have a president who cares more about people coming into his country than his own country 🙄

  63. Ayy Yo

    Ayy Yo2 days ago

    @Jesus Covarrubias isnt that why they're building this wall? LOL

  64. Jesus Covarrubias

    Jesus Covarrubias2 days ago

    @DoubleJ but shouldn't he make sure that the people who are already here be safe?? 🤔

  65. DoubleJ

    DoubleJ2 days ago

    He should care about the people coming in to this country. People who don’t care who comes into this country don’t care about this country.

  66. Sanne de Heer

    Sanne de Heer3 days ago

    maybe we should actually do something about climate change instead of throwing money at it

  67. Sanne de Heer

    Sanne de Heer3 days ago

    A wall seems to be every solution for the USA nowdays lmao

  68. Aravind V

    Aravind V3 days ago

    America has to do something with this obsession for walls..

  69. Exodus227

    Exodus2273 days ago

    America: Has a minor inconvenience Also America: *"BUILD A WALL"*

  70. BaronVonTrousers

    BaronVonTrousers3 days ago

    Wouldn't necessarily call rising sea levels and billions of dollars of property damage a "minor inconvenience".

  71. Joshua Stone

    Joshua Stone3 days ago

    Yet there are still people in the White House that don’t believe in Climate Change.

  72. Stefanos Mor

    Stefanos Mor3 days ago

    this sounds like the equivalent of putting a band aid on for an open heart surgery

  73. Schleck re

    Schleck re3 days ago

    Anyone else this reminds to the expanse?

  74. Michael Bullock

    Michael Bullock3 days ago

    Did we not debunk the 'rise of the superstorms' myth years ago? Of course storm damage estimates are going to go up, things are getting more expensive!

  75. Jon E

    Jon E3 days ago

    There are ancient ruins under the oceans all over the world. Nothing new. Plato will tell you all about it.

  76. Jon E

    Jon E2 days ago

    @Ayy Yo sea levels have been rising for centuries. Long before the use of fossil fuels.

  77. Ayy Yo

    Ayy Yo2 days ago

    What does that have to do with rising sea levels?

  78. DJ Trendsetta

    DJ Trendsetta3 days ago

    Or you could just move.

  79. Steve Mang

    Steve Mang3 days ago

    Near future, some bar in NYC: Dude "Bruh, you just totally c blocked me!" Bruh drunkenly points in direction of the wall "You're welcome!"

  80. Bryan Rigby

    Bryan Rigby4 days ago

    Smh why dont they just plant trees in protected "green areas"

  81. Mushu Gone

    Mushu Gone4 days ago

    I say thin the herd. Natural selection is quite the motivator.

  82. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones2 days ago

    I couldn't agree more end all aid to africa

  83. Michelle Satterly

    Michelle Satterly4 days ago

    This wall is racist against water

  84. Mikey’s Water Girl

    Mikey’s Water Girl4 days ago

    Mr. President, please Tear Down That Wall!!

  85. Morty Sanchez

    Morty Sanchez4 days ago

    Build that wall! Build that wall!

  86. Loren Theory

    Loren Theory4 days ago

    A big beautiful smart wall..

  87. FortuitusVideo

    FortuitusVideo4 days ago

    Dont build walls, build bridges.

  88. jojofromtx

    jojofromtx4 days ago

    They took funding from Houston for a seawall after Harvey for this. In the richest country on earth we can afford tax cuts but not be able to protect both cities. Sad.

  89. stoic romulan

    stoic romulan4 days ago

    Texas don't believe in climate change and didn't want to give $$ to new jersey for recovery 🤔

  90. YukiSkullDoll

    YukiSkullDoll4 days ago

    Or they could move

  91. Mariëtte G

    Mariëtte G4 days ago

    LOL dat is gewoon een dijk

  92. Kameron Briggs

    Kameron Briggs4 days ago

    The best meteorologist to ever have lived in the entirety of earths history has predicted less severe storms that overall occur less. This has so far been proven true.

  93. Kameron Briggs

    Kameron Briggs4 days ago

    Maybe not NOAA idr what they are called.

  94. Kameron Briggs

    Kameron Briggs4 days ago

    Newyork area as a whole is sinking. But slower than manhattan and all that. This was ignored by NOAA once and resulted in this fraud that got exposed arounf 2009 or something like that. They had to correct the tide guage data.

  95. Stephanie Luff

    Stephanie Luff4 days ago

    Moving away from coasts also helps, for those that can afford it (it's actually cheaper in my experiences).

  96. Meklow The Lemur

    Meklow The Lemur4 days ago

    Yup thats it! We need things that can resist the changes that are happening to our earth caused by Humans. We don't need to change fundamentally as a society if we want to survive as a species. Not at all!

  97. Nazar Sokolyuk

    Nazar Sokolyuk4 days ago

    Finally, we can say that Americans love walls

  98. stoic romulan

    stoic romulan4 days ago

    China did it 1st🤔

  99. kenzie barlow

    kenzie barlow4 days ago

    ninety nine percent of comments: what’s with all the walls the other one percent: actually ab the video

  100. A L

    A L4 days ago

    Walls are bad, we should protest!

  101. Underrated NL

    Underrated NL4 days ago

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  102. LakbayTV HD

    LakbayTV HD4 days ago


  103. Bagus Dhamantra

    Bagus Dhamantra4 days ago

    Sea wall: Because building a gigantic wall is easier than reducing CO2 emission.

  104. Ayy Yo

    Ayy Yo2 days ago

    Well it actually is so..

  105. Classic Jay

    Classic Jay4 days ago

    Make Aquaman Pay for it

  106. Green Papajas

    Green Papajas4 days ago

    There will be the great wall of US oneday.

  107. livnlifjap

    livnlifjap4 days ago


  108. CascadeHush

    CascadeHush4 days ago

    So it's official, the word 'research' has no meaning now.

  109. devontodetroit

    devontodetroit4 days ago

    Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -Build Da Wall -- -

  110. 月英Yueying

    月英Yueying4 days ago

    walls only cost lives

  111. Aseem Kssam

    Aseem Kssam4 days ago


  112. Spiritual Awakening

    Spiritual Awakening4 days ago

    "sea walls" may be a temporary measure, but given the potential amount of sea level rise that could come, coupled with increasingly strong tidal surge, those on the coastline may need to move to higher ground.

  113. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones2 days ago

    Wasn't Florida suppose to be under water 20 years ago?

  114. khaled hackronike

    khaled hackronike4 days ago

    Make saudi arabia pay for it 😂🤣

  115. Frost

    Frost4 days ago

    Mexico gonna pay for the wall? Ich habe 3 Jahre lang geschissen

  116. Jeff Yang

    Jeff Yang4 days ago

    Welcome to America, where problem is solved by building walls.

  117. stoic romulan

    stoic romulan4 days ago

    Hmmm didn't China do it 1st??🤔