Never Go to This Gas Station


  1. Scotty Kilmer

    Scotty Kilmer25 days ago

    The past few days I've been doing a test on the live stream question videos by making them longer with more questions but no funny pictures to see what you guys preferred. I've decided to keep the same format as before, shorter videos with funny pictures instead of longer ones without the pictures, since I don't have time to do both. So all videos will once again have the pictures, thanks for the input and support! ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Ethanol Test Kit: 2. Common Sense 3. 4k Camera: 4. Camera Microphone: 5. Camera Tripod: 6. My computer for editing / uploading: ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 2. Cheap Scan Tool: 3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: 4. Professional Socket Set: 5. Ratcheting Wrench Set: 6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► Scotty on Social: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

  2. psycho wyhte

    psycho wyhteDay ago

    Keep the pictures

  3. James Hall

    James Hall3 days ago

    Try Speed-tec by Liqui Moly !!!!!!!

  4. Raja Payan

    Raja Payan4 days ago

    Scotty Kilmer which gas station to avoid? No answer. Simply you have taken us for a ride.

  5. Michael X

    Michael X5 days ago

    Scotty Kilmer GasBuddy APP gives the best prices In your local area.

  6. Angelic Alien333

    Angelic Alien3336 days ago

    This is funny as hell. I dont even own a car and I watch your videos lol

  7. Kelley Condon

    Kelley Condon2 minutes ago

    Oregon has laws about pumping your own gas too

  8. Brittany M

    Brittany M4 hours ago

    Scams are from the top of the chain all the way down to the bottom.

  9. Eddy Edwards

    Eddy Edwards4 hours ago

    Only use Shell , Chevron if I’m in a pinch. I lived in NJ for years, against the law to pump it yourself. First time I left the state I was lost on how to pump myself.

  10. g ricktee Corbin

    g ricktee Corbin5 hours ago

    I love Scotty and his animated style..

  11. Billy Hickman

    Billy Hickman8 hours ago

    2.3k gas station owners have this video a thumbs down so far

  12. sasquatch1 ****

    sasquatch1 ****23 hours ago

    Cr readers... Skimmer! It's not the gas stations fault.

  13. George Ballew

    George BallewDay ago

    That jump starter would be a lifesaver to keep in for car love you tech advise videos Scotty

  14. Thinking Tinker

    Thinking TinkerDay ago

    I always use 95 octane gas... In my 2003 Kia Rio.

  15. peppercap

    peppercapDay ago

    One scam that is done here in the Las Vegas, NV area by a few gas stations is they will post a bogus price on the sign that is lower than what the pump is set for. People pump the gas not knowing the price is not the price on the sign. That low price on the sign is showing up on Gas Buddy and people like me feel good that they are getting the lowest price in town. At one station that runs the scam they will offer to give you a receipt that has the price of the sign on it, apparently this causes some people to believe the pump is actually pumping the price on the sign but showing a higher number. Always check the price on the pump before paying.

  16. Jacob Rodriguez

    Jacob RodriguezDay ago

    I take it he doesn’t like shell 😂

  17. otahu Rice

    otahu RiceDay ago

    Here in Canada. ANY Long weekend.. Gas go up 10 cents or more a liter. After the Long weekends over.. it drops like stone! Talk about Price Gouging.

  18. Kriger X.

    Kriger X.Day ago

    What about for diesel fuel? Do they contain additives or ethanol?

  19. Benjamin Porter

    Benjamin PorterDay ago deep fried twinkies 😂 😂

  20. mimi palmer

    mimi palmerDay ago

    So what gas station should you avoid?

  21. Dqalex

    DqalexDay ago

    He's 100% RIGHT about NJ

  22. Thomas

    ThomasDay ago

    Although he didn't name a brand, the video showed more pictures of Shell stations than any other brand. 🤔

  23. Buddy Vegas

    Buddy VegasDay ago

    Scott, thay pump for cars in Orgone aswell, I think becous the medication and their zombie robotic state!

  24. Picky Ricky

    Picky RickyDay ago


  25. Randy Real

    Randy Real2 days ago

    Get out on your boat Scotty

  26. Vette440

    Vette4402 days ago

    I sprinkle motor oil in my food. Helps lubricate my hip joints

  27. surfertube44

    surfertube442 days ago

    Scotty I dont care what they say about you but I luv ya, and yes I did give a thumbs up to the guy that said " If you handcuffed this guy, he wouldnt be able to talk" had me rolling on the ground! and i am blown away by this information your given us and I cant believe this.

  28. Joseph Webb

    Joseph Webb2 days ago

    Oregon doesn't let you pump your own gas either.

  29. Capt Nemo

    Capt Nemo2 days ago

    Talk about calling the kettle black..lives in Houston Texas and he call NJ a corrupt state?? lol


    ROROSMACHINE2 days ago

    Hey Scotty thanks for the info!! Got a question for ya, what do ya think of the Ford 3.7 liter quad cam(non-turbo) V-6?? Got a 2011 F150 with one myself...Any suggestions or tips and tricks on maintenance end ....

  31. D. G.

    D. G.2 days ago

    Oregon is the same as Jersey!! You can't pump your own gas.

  32. Callandor

    Callandor2 days ago

    Something you never have to a worry about if you buy a Tesla or EV. Cost of maintenance and fueling up much cheaper. If you own a vehicle for more than 5 years, EVs are cheaper even without any EV discounts.

  33. Danmagnamius

    Danmagnamius3 days ago

    Cracked me up when I saw the helicopter at the fuel station.

  34. mario frias

    mario frias3 days ago

    wtf,he didnt name them

  35. NVHSChadSheppard1

    NVHSChadSheppard13 days ago

    Hey Scotty, I’m from New Jersey but I had to learn how to pump my own gas when I moved to Florida

  36. sergio morales

    sergio morales3 days ago

    Excellent information thanks Scotty

  37. James M

    James M3 days ago

    You are in TEXAS? Dude! Houston!!! Small World. Love you videos!!!! Much love

  38. Sludge

    Sludge3 days ago

    Small world, until you have to paint it.

  39. ꧁Jake Pollen꧂

    ꧁Jake Pollen꧂3 days ago

    avoid S_ _ _ _ gas station ⛽️

  40. Jessie Neal

    Jessie Neal3 days ago

    Scotty, I miss service stations like your Dad's. Although my Dad was pretty competent with car care, it was nice to pile out of the car, hit the ladies room, buy the glass bottled Cokes, Lance peanuts and gum. By the time you all got back to the car it had been fueled with "ethal", the oil, water, tire pressure had been checked and topped off as needed. Cars were taken care of and we drove all over the lower 48. 🚗

  41. stan sorensen

    stan sorensen4 days ago

    Good information and I really like your method of handsigning!

  42. ebox008

    ebox0083 days ago

    Should not go to any gang areas.

  43. Eric

    Eric4 days ago

    another thing people in the oil industry has brought my attention to is avoid those stations that do not have a decent flow of traffic. you don't know how long the gas has been degrading in the tanks.

  44. Michael Heathman

    Michael Heathman4 days ago

    I always thought it was a sign of a mental defect if you can’t talk without moving your hands. Not so with Scotty. He’s smarter than most humans. I listen to the audio only. The hand gestures are distracting.

  45. Abe Lincoln

    Abe Lincoln4 days ago

    Scotty for president!

  46. sigma six

    sigma six4 days ago

    If ethanol increases octane how do you get less mileage on ethanol per capita?

  47. Jeffrey Creem

    Jeffrey Creem4 days ago

    Octane is not a measure of the energy density of fuel. It is a measure of how much you can compress it before it explodes. Using fuel with octane rating lower than the design point of an engine causes some of the mixture to expose before the spark plug fires causing 'knocking'. Using higher octane fuel than required essentially just wastes money.

  48. Angelic Alien333

    Angelic Alien3334 days ago

    He didnt tell us what the best gas station was so my car ran out of gas during this video and NOW I DONT KNOW WHWRE TO GO. THANKS SCOTTIE. LOL

  49. Angelic Alien333

    Angelic Alien3332 days ago

    @BigDish101 I dont own a car so I dont care. I do however find his videos entertaining. Also somewhat I formative do to the fact, where I live, you see them all over. Not bad to get some info on the "money pit with wheels"

  50. BigDish101

    BigDish1012 days ago

    Angelic Alien333 Chevron/Texaco is the best gas.

  51. Ed B

    Ed B4 days ago

    While it does suck in NJ they are strict about testing gas pumps for accuracy. Must have seal on the pump and if you get caught they will shut you down and impose lots of fines

  52. ima piledriver

    ima piledriver4 days ago

    dont go to any gas station.

  53. Chip Hood

    Chip Hood4 days ago

    Here in Australia we're not forced to buy ethanol, but have the choice of E10 or E85. But i own a diesel

  54. jim smith

    jim smith4 days ago


  55. Ryon Brand

    Ryon Brand4 days ago

    Don’t forget that some places have a bit of water in the fuel, I bought diesel from a station near my house, I had put it in a jerrycan that was brand new, it ended up sitting for a while, and when I got around to looking at it a few weeks later, there was a thin layer of sand at the bottom, plus 1/4 of it was water... I have since stopped buying fuel there, now I go to Food4Less.

  56. Robert Hedrick

    Robert Hedrick4 days ago

    29 cents a gallon, and down to 23 if there was a price war between neighboring stations.

  57. Mustang Mark

    Mustang Mark5 days ago

    The most still Scotty ever is are the 5 seconds immediately after ringing the bell at the end of his videos

  58. Mustang Mark

    Mustang Mark4 days ago

    @Professor Buttons Nice C32

  59. Professor Buttons

    Professor Buttons4 days ago

    Mustang Mark this is the pinnacle of these jokes 😂

  60. Mustang Mark

    Mustang Mark5 days ago

    As bold of a statement as this will be, ill still make it. Most "true" mechanics probably see this guy as a bit of a joke while most wannabe mechanics think hes great and finally, most non mechanics idolize him. There, i said what no one else wanted to

  61. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith5 days ago

    Dude you need to clean your yard and garage and not do videos....

  62. danbuter

    danbuter5 days ago

    New Jersey is all full service. Pennsylvania is almost all self service. New Jersey's gas is cheaper. Explain that!

  63. Jeremy Shiffer

    Jeremy Shiffer4 days ago

    PA has a much higher gas tax.

  64. chris smith

    chris smith5 days ago

    Somebody tie his hands down,I can't watch this anymore . To much movement of his hands,O my God stop the instantly please make it go away!!😳

  65. duubtuub

    duubtuub5 days ago

    Scotty Kilmer: The human equivalent of ALL CAPS. (Thank you, Mr. K. Another home run.)

  66. chris smith

    chris smith5 days ago

    He keeps telling everyone don't buy this or that he keeps it up there will be NO place left to buy any gas!!

  67. AZMike

    AZMike5 days ago

    Right. We would then just stay home and watch Route 66 reruns.

  68. Manuel Tovar

    Manuel Tovar5 days ago

    All this time watching your videos and i didn't even know your here in Houston. Howdy neighbor!!

  69. Bxman53

    Bxman535 days ago

    Hey Scotty that's EXACTLY what I do if a station pump consistently directs me to see the clerk for my receipt. I just stop going to that station. Doesn't bother me in the least to fuel my vehicles at another station.

  70. OD on FPV

    OD on FPV5 days ago

    Can't pump in Oregon except diesel because of a suicide a long time ago.

  71. Joel Seim

    Joel Seim5 days ago

    You are right on. I used to pump gas at.25 per gallon at a full service chevron station. We did the windshield, check the battery, engine oil, cooling system water and in those days no overflow tank, power steering, windshield washer fluid , wiped clean the headlights for 2.00 dollars and more at the pump and we had double pumps with two pumps on each island and heaven help you if you let the pump run over the amount of the purchase that the customer requested.

  72. jvolstad

    jvolstad6 days ago

    I fill up at my local Costco.

  73. Craig Burwell

    Craig Burwell6 days ago

    So effing home is actually terrible for power I know this cuz my grandpa lives in the fuel they have in the Ukraine I'm pretty sure it doesn't contain ethanol but it's way better and Mini Cooper here does pretty terrible but there it does amazing parative Lee

  74. Leonard Strope

    Leonard Strope6 days ago

    Is a 2007 Audi S 8 a good car. Found one with 124,00 miles on it for 9,991 dollars

  75. kenp3L

    kenp3L6 days ago

    3:25 Your math is off. Ethanol has about 2/3 the heat value of pure gasoline. So a 90/10 mix has about 97 percent of the heat value of pure gasoline.

  76. John M

    John MDay ago

    I didn't see a problem. He was comparing 100% ethanol to 100% gasoline.

  77. Nicu Mamaliga

    Nicu Mamaliga6 days ago

    Too much bullshit!

  78. John Beebe

    John Beebe6 days ago

    New Jersey does not let individuals pump their own fuel because of the Union requirement to have service attendants at each pump to do that for you. It does feel really weird to pull into a median rest stop (not on the outskirts of the Interstate) and have someone tell you to get back into your car as they have to pump for you.

  79. Alexander Karl

    Alexander Karl6 days ago

    Ethynol Is a cut it's a way for these assholes to make more money off their crappy gas

  80. Charles Angell

    Charles Angell6 days ago

    It's not JUST the ethanol, IT'S a witches brew that includes paint solvent, and outside of the tetraethyl lead, is MUCH more toxic and volatile than even the crap from the 60s. At least the 60s fuel smelled like HONEST FUEL. The ethanol is problematic if water (it's hygroscopic) is allowed to dwell and become corrosive IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ADDITIVES. The issue(I believe) with hardening of RUBBER has to do with the 'additive package' de-plastisizing IT over time according to the particulars of additives package. KIDS, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TALKING TO THE OLD HEADS ABOUT WHOS' FUEL THEY USE!!! hy·gro·scop·ic /ˌhīɡrəˈskäpik/ adjective (of a substance) tending to absorb moisture from the air. relating to humidity or its measurement. White gas was as clean as it got. From my study's I believe that the additives ARE what kills fuel economy in addition to operating WITH a THROTTLE. RESEARCH THERMAL CRACKING You may find it changes your mind about the status quo of fuel "EFFICIENCY"

  81. Tod Speer

    Tod Speer6 days ago

    wait so shell is bad?


    BLACKBIRDHEATER16 days ago

    Won't go to Habib gas stations

  83. Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez6 days ago

    This is Houston everything you are saying happened here !!!!!! All of them changed their prices at different times during the day!,,,,,, so which one should I go?

  84. dudedude949

    dudedude9496 days ago

    9:02 nice, Scotty is WOKE!!!

  85. Chad Munday

    Chad Munday6 days ago

    What about diesel fuel??

  86. Ken Sundstrom

    Ken Sundstrom6 days ago

    You sound like Joe Pesci

  87. Av63PNT0

    Av63PNT06 days ago

    Even if gas ststions skim 10% off the top they can make a small fortune

  88. Will Hart

    Will Hart6 days ago

    His hands put me in a trance

  89. Azahr Malik

    Azahr Malik6 days ago

    And they still think the Illuminati don't exist

  90. richardbell556

    richardbell5566 days ago

    Think he's been sniffing to much

  91. andrew barlow

    andrew barlow7 days ago

    Jersey can leave the Union !

  92. JRocco 36

    JRocco 367 days ago

    One gas station by my house was really easy to get in and get out because of the way the pumps where setup.. I really liked going there allot since I never had to jockey my car around to get to a pump. However, A week after the last time I went there they where on the news because they found skimmers on their pumps.. I was relived that I had paid cash that time but I never have been back since.

  93. Preston Campbell

    Preston Campbell7 days ago

    You forgot oregon our state doesn’t either

  94. Waynes Grid

    Waynes Grid7 days ago

    Citgo comes from Venezuela. Avoid!

  95. Steven Albertson

    Steven Albertson7 days ago

    For the love of God, someone please duct tape this guy's arms to his sides!

  96. Ken Durham

    Ken Durham7 days ago

    Most grocery stores don't have cashiers. Self checkout crap. Same price... I hate it.

  97. Chris Philhower

    Chris Philhower7 days ago

    I live in NJ. Motorcyclists Usually pump their own fuel.

  98. Ranty M

    Ranty M7 days ago

    He is Scotty and Scotty always right! 👍🏻

  99. Jay 0711

    Jay 07117 days ago

    They called gas stations convenient stores years before you could swipe at the pump. You know you have diarrhea of the mouth when you just start saying random baseless stuff just to hear your own voice.

  100. fin screenname

    fin screenname8 days ago

    I always get like 10 gallons and not the dollar amount. If you get 10 gal @ 2.50 a Gal it should equal $25.00


    EDDIE LEAL8 days ago

    My concern is why gas stations don't ever show/break down the taxes that are paid on gas on our purchase receipts. Taxes are shown on other retail purchases. Why not fuel??

  102. Burnham Wallace

    Burnham Wallace8 days ago

    Small fuel retailers are the ones pulling the games at the pumps. Do a pump test to see if the total is correct at $10.00 worth of gas. In Illinois the state love to fine dealers that mess with fuel volumes at the pumps.

  103. Leigh Porter

    Leigh Porter8 days ago

    Hey Scotty, I'm from Australia, my state government released a price app, which tells you the best prices in the area, per fuel and type. It's definitely saved me money and has also made it easier to plan trips. Sometimes the suit jockeys do something right. :)

  104. Bronson

    Bronson8 days ago

    Download gas buddy. Searches all local gas prices for cheapest gas. You get 5c back per gallon and can get promos for certain stations another 6-19c off per gallon.

  105. Benilton Maia

    Benilton Maia8 days ago

    I love the photos over the video...!!! .....kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  106. John Libonati

    John Libonati8 days ago

    I just went to a gas station in Alabama. They used the old mechanical pumps. Felt like I was time traveling.

  107. jetnut89

    jetnut896 days ago

    Let me guess, they had colored and whites only pumps too.

  108. cristian valdez

    cristian valdez8 days ago

    I love you scotty kilmer

  109. ThinkFirstable

    ThinkFirstable8 days ago

    LOL!! ...hell. 😂😂😂😂 I def avoid THEM. I've never liked ..hell gas stations.

  110. Beck Rogers

    Beck Rogers8 days ago

    I love love love the funny pics Scotty ! So clever and entertaining...! I love the tips I’m hooked and I’ve hooked my friends! Keep it up sooooo funny!

  111. Larry Weil

    Larry Weil8 days ago

    Love your videos Scotty, but your home garage looks like a fire hazard!

  112. Cody Janus

    Cody Janus8 days ago

    Lucas gets in gasoline all game for getting excited 😆 till then chevron will keep headaches away

  113. TheMonolake

    TheMonolake8 days ago

    Never go to WHAT gas station? Ive listened for nothin for 6 min.

  114. tellyaddict3

    tellyaddict38 days ago

    Well you should've also watched. Then you would've known in 6 seconds!

  115. David Henson

    David Henson9 days ago

    Jersey is a democratic Libtard state

  116. Matt John

    Matt John9 days ago

    Is adding ethanol treatment to the tank necessary or do the gasoline additives do the job?

  117. Calvin Zociety

    Calvin Zociety9 days ago

    Rev up your ethanol lol