Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “Hulk Out” Exclusive Clip


  1. xThreeYearsx

    xThreeYearsx7 hours ago

    You missed the fan scene!

  2. William Mickelson

    William Mickelson19 hours ago

    these are strange times

  3. mog dor

    mog dorDay ago

    "He's even saying no" I get the feeling that was improv on the spot acting, Paul Rudd is hilarious!

  4. Whitney Pyant

    Whitney PyantDay ago

    Fun fact that the girl in this scene is Joe Russo’s daughter Lia. Joe had both of his daughters in the movie. Ava is playing Lila Barton.

  5. Santimagine

    SantimagineDay ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I am very sad Because the dab is isn't in the video

  6. Tehmpts

    TehmptsDay ago

    Who came here after miniladd

  7. SpinosaurusStudios

    SpinosaurusStudios2 days ago

    Hulk dabs in the movie Thor plays fortnite yet we all cringe at Shazam for flossing

  8. Nov 5062

    Nov 5062Day ago

    People are biased and brainwashed.

  9. kevinwong1

    kevinwong12 days ago

    Do you know the fact that one of the fans of hulk especially the girl is clint daughter, Lila Barton.

  10. Creed

    Creed2 days ago

    0:59 kid on the left looked straight at the camera. This is the biggest most top selling movie and he did tht

  11. Vito Mcsween

    Vito Mcsween3 days ago

    I know those kids love Hulk but they seriously did not acknowledge Captain America and a black widow literally right next to them

  12. Gabriel Nembhard

    Gabriel Nembhard3 days ago

    If y'all haven't noticed this but the Russo's nephew (on the left of the screen) at 0:59 looked directly at the camera instead of Scott 😂

  13. Carla Gisell

    Carla Gisell3 days ago

    Hulk: (Dabs) Me: I don't want to see another single pop culture reference from you again

  14. Ringo Hendrix

    Ringo Hendrix4 days ago

    1:05 Hulk out!

  15. LX arts

    LX arts4 days ago

    Russo brothers love Captain America Ironman Bucky Black widow They don't give two shots for my boy hulk And they should give hulk back to universal if they cant handle working on hulks grand story.

  16. Samuel Villarreal

    Samuel Villarreal5 days ago

    Look at the older kid

  17. ᄒ규빈

    ᄒ규빈5 days ago

    he's handsome and he's good at acting, right?

  18. Anton Dobles

    Anton Dobles5 days ago

    that kid staring at the camera makes me want to die

  19. ᄒ규빈

    ᄒ규빈5 days ago

    No, he's handsome and he's good at acting, right?

  20. arqm555

    arqm5555 days ago

    Am I the only one here for hulk out 😂😂

  21. Unidentified

    Unidentified6 days ago

    0:41 the kid to the left looks directly into your soul

  22. ᄒ규빈

    ᄒ규빈5 days ago

    No, he's handsome and he's good at acting, right?

  23. ernst Van Rossem.

    ernst Van Rossem.6 days ago

    0:59 he is looking in the camera.....awkard

  24. ᄒ규빈

    ᄒ규빈5 days ago

    No, he's handsome and he's good at acting, right?

  25. Seth Hultkrantz

    Seth Hultkrantz6 days ago

    Where's the dab? I came for the dab!

  26. Vaspickle Gaming

    Vaspickle Gaming6 days ago


  27. DarkMark369

    DarkMark3697 days ago

    Where's the "DAB!!"? 😑

  28. Blessing Goredji

    Blessing Goredji7 days ago

    0:58 the boy looks directly at the camera

  29. ᄒ규빈

    ᄒ규빈5 days ago

    No, he's handsome and he's good at acting, right?

  30. Joossetube

    Joossetube9 days ago

    you cut out the Dab?!?!?

  31. ᄒ규빈

    ᄒ규빈11 days ago

    Honestly, the tall guy on the left is handsome and good at acting, right? What's the boy's name?

  32. Rune Solberg

    Rune Solberg14 days ago

    the kid on the left is the same kid in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when cap goes to the captain america museum , and captain america does the "hush " with his finger and the kid nods

  33. caiocoimbra385

    caiocoimbra38515 days ago

    Who remember the coca-cola commercial with ant-man and hulk??

  34. ToxicAss

    ToxicAss16 days ago

    *When Marvel releases a endgame clip but Hulk didn't day the line you were looking for* "These Are confusing Times"

  35. JohnnyBoy 07

    JohnnyBoy 0717 days ago

    Now these are confusing times

  36. TheAceSpaceman

    TheAceSpaceman19 days ago

    Oh, my old man loved this scene. He just loves the Hulk in any way.

  37. R A G G E R O T T O

    R A G G E R O T T O19 days ago

    I Just love this scene

  38. Ghost 1990

    Ghost 199020 days ago

    I see this as an absolute win

  39. Corey Moore

    Corey Moore21 day ago

    This should've been in the movie. But his voice shouldn't be reg

  40. Brian Rose

    Brian Rose21 day ago

    0:24 You mean 3000%?

  41. Jared Ortiz

    Jared Ortiz19 days ago

    Brian Rose K

  42. Brian Rose

    Brian Rose19 days ago

    Jared Ortiz No, I agree with you.

  43. Jared Ortiz

    Jared Ortiz19 days ago

    Brian Rose no really he should have said that 3000%

  44. Brian Rose

    Brian Rose19 days ago

    Jared Ortiz That’s a joke!

  45. Jared Ortiz

    Jared Ortiz19 days ago


  46. Bibek lama

    Bibek lama22 days ago

    0.35 Google pixel 3

  47. CYCLE

    CYCLE23 days ago

    Damnit bro, I miss the old hulk so much man WTF is this

  48. I

    I25 days ago

    2008 hulk: Hulk smash!!! 2019 hulk: im going to be late for my manicure

  49. Zeynep tugba Godek

    Zeynep tugba Godek28 days ago

    Yiaa nasilda alındi 💜💜💜

  50. Jake Berube

    Jake Berube29 days ago

    And it was at this point the movie went downward until the last 30 min

  51. Clive Mercer

    Clive MercerMonth ago

    When Hulk dabs... we stray further away from gods light...

  52. Dc 5

    Dc 5Month ago

    Ughh lgbtqf organization ruins everything. The hulk used to be my favorite character as a kid. Now they made him some panzi. 2008 hulk was the best

  53. Cypress

    CypressMonth ago

    I’m disliking this because no dab

  54. Marisa Tamayo

    Marisa TamayoMonth ago


  55. EJ

    EJMonth ago

    I like this new Hulk & I feel so happy for Banner because he finally found his cure. Now he can be Banner & Hulk at the same time & now Black Widow can have the whole package, if you know what I mean 😏👉👌

  56. GeekyGirl Plays

    GeekyGirl PlaysMonth ago


  57. Kashi K.

    Kashi K.Month ago

    tmw this already happened in one of the old cartoons

  58. Nick p

    Nick pMonth ago

    The Avengers have so many fans!

  59. Smoothmj

    SmoothmjMonth ago

    Ohh look mr.shrek am the hulk i have Layers same like you

  60. Josh Rule

    Josh RuleMonth ago

    This scene wasn’t funny.Avengers Endgame ruined my favorite character in the marvel universe

  61. The8bitFreak

    The8bitFreakMonth ago

    God I love that! ^^ banner hulk is best hulk :)

  62. Ben Gedeon 12

    Ben Gedeon 12Month ago

    huk looks like shrek lol

  63. noo noo

    noo nooMonth ago


  64. Mr. Hummus

    Mr. HummusMonth ago

    "It's like I was made for this" He then proceeds to make it bigger so it fits

  65. Mr.HalfNHALF

    Mr.HalfNHALFMonth ago

    I was so afraid he was gonna hurt then by mistake lmao

  66. Michelle Davis

    Michelle DavisMonth ago

    those kids are just weird looking.

  67. hi

    hiMonth ago

    Kid: can we get a picture Mr hulk Hulk: 3000% sure

  68. XTK

    XTKMonth ago

    1:05 People from Hong Kong will understand the true meaning of Hulk Out

  69. Adam Erian

    Adam ErianMonth ago

    Am I the only one the noticed the kid was looking at the camera?

  70. Ranjan Kumar

    Ranjan KumarMonth ago

    This is the saddest part of the entire movie . "They don't know Ant-Man. Nobody does."

  71. Codq

    CodqMonth ago

    Guys come to my channel i have post credit scene from Spider-Man Far From Home

  72. Jackie Estacado

    Jackie EstacadoMonth ago

    Wtf is this? Thank god im not a marvel fan bruh. 😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Jackie Estacado

    Jackie EstacadoMonth ago

    Trevor Philips Don’t get mad bro. It’s ok you like this garbage lol.

  74. Trevor Philips

    Trevor PhilipsMonth ago

    @With great powers comes great responsibility Oh shut the hell up marvel and DC fans are both idiots deal with it

  75. With great powers comes great responsibility

    With great powers comes great responsibilityMonth ago

    I feel bad for you you are a trash DC butthurted fan and toxic.

  76. Trevor Philips

    Trevor PhilipsMonth ago

    He put the brains and the brawn together

  77. Landon Hood

    Landon HoodMonth ago

    Imagine going back in time and trying to explain this scene to someone eleven years ago

  78. RJ' Trappoo

    RJ' TrappooMonth ago

    Not exclusive

  79. Zax Plays

    Zax PlaysMonth ago


  80. David Green

    David GreenMonth ago

    Take the goddamn phone

  81. Nick Gage

    Nick GageMonth ago

    If I ever become famous, and someone asks for a picture, I am totally going to answer with "100%, little person."

  82. Swing DaWing

    Swing DaWingMonth ago

    *Hulk protecc* *Hulk attacc* but most importantly... *Hulk snap to bring everybody bacc*

  83. Hope Nolan

    Hope NolanMonth ago

    It would have been nice if we saw him use more brawn


    MR. BUZZERHDMonth ago

    They cut out the Dabbing part. Why marvel, just why


    SATYA SRIKARMonth ago

    Hulk pose for picture!!

  86. Jhon Kumar

    Jhon KumarMonth ago


  87. I Md Wardhiana

    I Md WardhianaMonth ago

    1:02 here is the mistake.. Pancake on the top suddenly connected..

  88. MrNiko

    MrNikoMonth ago


  89. rachel

    rachelMonth ago

    i thought i was on acid when i saw professor hulk for the first time

  90. Grandma

    GrandmaMonth ago

    Notice how the burrito is cut at the beginning, but near the end it's no longer cut in half.

  91. Lucas Guerin

    Lucas GuerinMonth ago


  92. Bruno Daniel

    Bruno DanielMonth ago

    I Love the detail of the "Crepe" being cut in half, and then being back together again.

  93. Thunderwing Doomslayer

    Thunderwing DoomslayerMonth ago

    man you guys blow me away on how real this looks never have i thought this looks fake with hulk or thanos in the films

  94. revin hatol

    revin hatolMonth ago

    1:06 PEACE.

  95. Truth Seeker

    Truth SeekerMonth ago

    We want enraged smashing Hulk.