SEMA Cruise 2018 - 3 1/2 hour parade of custom vehicles leaving SEMA - brought to you by Truck Hero

SEMA 2018 was awesome! We enjoyed the SEMA Cruise so much that we wanted to share it with you! Where else can you see 3 1/2 hours of the world's coolest cars and trucks? Includes a brief introduction by Katie Osborne.
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  1. Cody Mccrae

    Cody Mccrae22 hours ago

    anouncer normalizing being high from the night before and dissing little kids and all the cars abd trucks... cant stand em cant watch cant fucking believe you paid this idiot to ruin your show...

  2. Nightingale146

    Nightingale1468 days ago

    2:36:00 that 4 Rotor Rx7 tho 😍

  3. H3R3T1C

    H3R3T1CMonth ago

    How low standards have become... Most of these vehicles have no business being in a show-car parade.


    REDHOT WRXMonth ago

    Fucking DUMB!!!

  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave StephensonMonth ago

    Lets see every truck raised with big tires, every car slammed the rods were cool and a couple of the customs.

  6. TLM

    TLMMonth ago

    2:55:32 The car is huge!

  7. Mike Russo

    Mike Russo22 days ago

    TLM that's actually a f250 truck but ok.

  8. SmokyOwl

    SmokyOwlMonth ago

    Just save me some time here, do they even comment on anything newer than 1990?

  9. Sean Fritz

    Sean FritzMonth ago


  10. doja delassus

    doja delassusMonth ago

    Soooo many more chevys than fords XD chevy #1

  11. Travis Delee

    Travis DeleeMonth ago

    Turn off those fucking light bars.

  12. Weldtec Designs

    Weldtec DesignsMonth ago

    Found us @ 2:55.32..... Great Parade.... now its time for SEMA 2019

  13. ScoredBuffalo31

    ScoredBuffalo31Month ago

    1:28:00 NFSMW GTR

  14. KBtube

    KBtubeMonth ago

    a lot of wacky trucks, not sure whats going on there. . .

  15. Andrew Kiaski

    Andrew Kiaski2 months ago

    whos supra at 2:29:07?

  16. 808 G8GT

    808 G8GT2 months ago

    I cant stand when people put a set of rims and tires on an otherwise stock vehicle and participate in parades or car shows. I mean at least put exhaust, suspension mods or body mods first. Set it different from a typical vehicle on the street.

  17. The Tard Guard

    The Tard GuardMonth ago

    808 G8GT rims and tires are a great mod. stickers are gay

  18. Lbcnu24

    Lbcnu242 months ago

    It is not about showing your ride off I am sure

  19. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts2 months ago

    I stopped watching this video because of the asshole idiot announcer.

  20. REEE MAN

    REEE MAN2 months ago

    It’s at 3.06.36

  21. REEE MAN

    REEE MAN2 months ago

    Tanner fox Nissan GT-R is at 3.00.08

  22. REEE MAN

    REEE MAN2 months ago

    There’s a car that looks like the stradmans babbymac

  23. forbidden pollo

    forbidden pollo2 months ago

    Dude stop commenting

  24. REEE MAN

    REEE MAN2 months ago

    Theres a Lamborghini heracan at 2.37.47

  25. REEE MAN

    REEE MAN2 months ago

    Nice cars and trucks and buggy’s

  26. REEE MAN

    REEE MAN2 months ago

    It’s way cooler to her the cars not the guys that just talk talk talk for almost the hole thing but we get no ads

  27. Bennett Solay

    Bennett Solay29 days ago

    Learn how to spell. Jesus.

  28. uncleansanchez

    uncleansanchez2 months ago

    3 &1/2 hours of posing. Nah.

  29. taketimeout2

    taketimeout22 months ago

    Wonder how many overheat. I wish the commentators would and take a break. And not return. This is advice.

  30. Matt Rinder

    Matt Rinder2 months ago

    That Grey Tacoma looking good

  31. I'm the Real legend

    I'm the Real legend2 months ago

    im the only one that noticed quaczilla or how ever u spell it tanner fox car

  32. REEE MAN

    REEE MAN2 months ago

    I'm the Real legend nice

  33. timothy lines

    timothy lines2 months ago

    great lenard kiinhead the band that thinks they are from the forest gump state .

  34. thevoodoo57

    thevoodoo572 months ago

    Typically...Rockabilly playing in the background..... not sure what's worse, the music or this twats voice!

  35. Aaron Grady

    Aaron Grady2 months ago

    Trucks should stay home.

  36. Steffy Hobmann

    Steffy Hobmann2 months ago

    Way, way, way too many trucks!!!! I thought this was supposed to be a car show. SEMA needs more sports cars and muscle cars!

  37. timothy lines

    timothy lines2 months ago

    doesn't take much to heard some sheep. has all hope been surrendered ?

  38. ML tshehla

    ML tshehla2 months ago

    I luv lifted trucks

  39. timothy lines

    timothy lines2 months ago

    I could be watching the grass grow.

  40. JacobPug Poirier

    JacobPug Poirier3 months ago

    I keep on taking screenshots, but it's a USwork video, and I keep on thinking I'm actually there... And now my storage is full Well I mean not that it was full already but…

  41. Kaiser Sosay

    Kaiser Sosay3 months ago

    no organization at all - less jawing would help!

  42. Dieselmax 23

    Dieselmax 233 months ago

    People: Lifted trucks are fugly and should be taken away Me: Sema’s for all automotive industries, so lifted trucks will stay, whether you like it or not

  43. Thomas Carrillo

    Thomas Carrillo3 months ago

    These commentators really do need to be fired!!! They are too much into themselves and don’t have a clue as to the years of the vehicles. They are disrespectful to the ones they don’t like. They only address the ones they like. And when a car comes in that they can’t afford, it’s a lease!?!? Basically the jokes suck and so does the knowledge of vehicles!!!

  44. slimunshady

    slimunshady3 months ago

    Van Halen at 54:13

  45. Lord Colin

    Lord Colin3 months ago

    World's trashiest truck competition. The competition is stiff!

  46. CommercialVehicle

    CommercialVehicle3 months ago

    Sorry, but the Tron cycle is fugly

  47. Anthony Gregorio

    Anthony Gregorio3 months ago

    Did anyone else’s volume cut out

  48. Ryan Reichardt

    Ryan Reichardt3 months ago

    Lots of candyass pickup trucks in this lineup. SEMA becoming the douchebitch bolt on show?

  49. Brian connor

    Brian connor2 months ago

    Best part about is none of them even work on their own trucks.🤦‍♀️

  50. Nick

    Nick3 months ago

    Lots of retards and their lift kit recolored trucks. big trend

  51. Hướng Hướng vlogs

    Hướng Hướng vlogs3 months ago

    Lai ve hoit gi,mc

  52. RC Codes

    RC Codes3 months ago

    they didnt talk to finnegan instead they pointed out a large white trailer ? lol fuck jay leno we want to hear from the car guys who turned wrenches on their cars, not the ones who got paid to drive a butt ass ugly shiny school bus in a circle.

  53. REEE MAN

    REEE MAN3 months ago

    Mefoy3 your gay

  54. Jared Zedecl

    Jared Zedecl3 months ago

    . Hey hey babe I wanna

  55. SlavikMiro

    SlavikMiro3 months ago

    B IS FOR BUILD 2:46.54 👍👍👏👏

  56. Mike Russo

    Mike Russo22 days ago

    SlavikMiro yesssss

  57. rashard D'Auvergne

    rashard D'Auvergne3 months ago

    How was this guy able to talk for so long

  58. ashton kisch

    ashton kisch3 months ago

    At 3:06:37 the green Gtr is tanner fox’s

  59. Brian connor

    Brian connor2 months ago

    Yet another kid who doesn't deserve to be there he's all about money and mistreating his girlfriend he doesn't even work on his own junk.

  60. Taqi YAK

    Taqi YAK3 months ago

    the camera angles pissed me off

  61. Mefoy3

    Mefoy33 months ago

    51:00 *51:00* Edit: also a lot of those trucks were gay

  62. SYN T0X1C

    SYN T0X1C23 days ago

    forbidden pollo trucks actually suck

  63. Mefoy3

    Mefoy32 months ago

    forbidden pollo the huge, fake beadlock rims are gay. They put no good use to a truck at all. They are fine with big lifts, big tires, just big trucks in general. What is your problem with my comment?

  64. forbidden pollo

    forbidden pollo2 months ago

    You're what's wrong with the truck community

  65. Pepper Bellew

    Pepper Bellew4 months ago

    49:18 dope truck also wait for Tron bike at 51:00

  66. Spencer J Elliott

    Spencer J Elliott4 months ago

    How many of these people just trying to get to home depot?

  67. Benson 'Drongo' Hedges

    Benson 'Drongo' Hedges4 months ago

    those were some horrible trucks, what use do they have? i can tow a caravan with a sedan, seems dumb

  68. getashotuhthis

    getashotuhthis4 months ago

    90 percent trucks and jeeps

  69. Joshua Norris

    Joshua Norris4 months ago

    "trucks" with low profile tires.....

  70. Joshua Norris

    Joshua Norris2 months ago

    @Brian connor lol

  71. Brian connor

    Brian connor2 months ago

    Yeah fr the 78 blue and gray ford rolled over a few months after this because he tried taking his shitty build up a hill.

  72. Joshua Norris

    Joshua Norris4 months ago

    @Sam klien fuck thats sad... What a joke!

  73. Sam klien

    Sam klien4 months ago

    Joshua Norris you think that's bad? During sema there's Instagram pages that are devoted to "exposing" these trucks. It's amazing how shitty built they are. It's pretty sad, like not even good enough or to function on a public road. Especially the diesel brothers truck's this year.

  74. Alex Murillo

    Alex Murillo4 months ago

    What car is that at 2:08:00

  75. Jonah Robinson

    Jonah Robinson3 months ago

    No dude thats a Kia Stinger GT

  76. Alex Murillo

    Alex Murillo4 months ago

    Thank you bro

  77. Jakob Törner

    Jakob Törner4 months ago

    Alex Murillo evo x

  78. Masrik Barat

    Masrik Barat4 months ago

    Saw a cool torn bike on the thumbnail....... But where?

  79. UR MOM

    UR MOM4 months ago


  80. Dave Scott

    Dave Scott4 months ago

    No Chevy Astro? dam it, maybe next year.

  81. Mefoy3

    Mefoy33 months ago

    Dave Scott I know. The Chevy Astro is great