SEMA Cruise 2018 - 3 1/2 hour parade of custom vehicles leaving SEMA - brought to you by Truck Hero


  1. rashard D'Auvergne

    rashard D'Auvergne23 hours ago

    How was this guy able to talk for so long

  2. ashton kisch

    ashton kischDay ago

    At 3:06:37 the green Gtr is tanner fox’s


    KING MUHAMMAD3 days ago

    the camera angles pissed me off

  4. Mefoy3

    Mefoy34 days ago

    51:00 *51:00* Edit: also a lot of those trucks were gay

  5. Pepper Bellew

    Pepper Bellew6 days ago

    49:18 dope truck also wait for Tron bike at 51:00


    DUDELIKECHELLA10 days ago

    Bitch u are not made of glass get ya ugly ass chipped paint nail hvin ass on

  7. Spencer J Elliott

    Spencer J Elliott12 days ago

    How many of these people just trying to get to home depot?

  8. Benson 'Drongo' Hedges

    Benson 'Drongo' Hedges13 days ago

    those were some horrible trucks, what use do they have? i can tow a caravan with a sedan, seems dumb

  9. getashotuhthis

    getashotuhthis13 days ago

    90 percent trucks and jeeps

  10. Joshua Norris

    Joshua Norris14 days ago

    "trucks" with low profile tires.....

  11. Joshua Norris

    Joshua Norris8 days ago

    @Sam klien fuck thats sad... What a joke!

  12. Sam klien

    Sam klien8 days ago

    Joshua Norris you think that's bad? During sema there's Instagram pages that are devoted to "exposing" these trucks. It's amazing how shitty built they are. It's pretty sad, like not even good enough or to function on a public road. Especially the diesel brothers truck's this year.

  13. Alex Murillo

    Alex Murillo14 days ago

    What car is that at 2:08:00

  14. Alex Murillo

    Alex Murillo13 days ago

    Thank you bro

  15. Jakob Törner

    Jakob Törner13 days ago

    Alex Murillo evo x

  16. Masrik Barat

    Masrik Barat15 days ago

    Saw a cool torn bike on the thumbnail....... But where?

  17. UR MOM

    UR MOM11 days ago


  18. Dave Scott

    Dave Scott15 days ago

    No Chevy Astro? dam it, maybe next year.

  19. Mefoy3

    Mefoy34 days ago

    Dave Scott I know. The Chevy Astro is great

  20. IcarusLSC

    IcarusLSC19 days ago

    Whats with all the stupid looking trucks? They ruined so many there :/ (few nice ones though ;) ) Annoying announcers ftl...

  21. vreference

    vreference22 days ago

    Can you believe people used to lift trucks to fit bigger tires... for off-roading? Now you do it so your 10" drop hitch doesn't hit the ground while towing your side-by-side. happened to us.

  22. E Marketing

    E Marketing23 days ago

    Who the hell is pullin focus on the Camera?

  23. Tydell Williams

    Tydell Williams24 days ago

    48:29 What is it?!? and ... I want one..

  24. soviet_russian

    soviet_russian23 days ago

    Thats, a modded 69/68 chevelle.

  25. Dieselmax 23

    Dieselmax 2326 days ago

    Can’t we all just appreciate that these lifted trucks look better than the 2000’s trucks? Those were dreadful even to me

  26. brandy sigmon

    brandy sigmon27 days ago

    21:30, most AWESOME truck ever

  27. Gamer Questboard Supporter

    Gamer Questboard Supporter27 days ago


  28. Robert Polkamp

    Robert Polkamp29 days ago

    I still don't get the mall crawler trucks... If it doesn't function like a truck why bother.

  29. stu booth

    stu boothMonth ago

    Play at x2 speed. You're welcome

  30. Hd_ bands

    Hd_ bandsMonth ago

    29:13 my dads truck

  31. Andy Cline

    Andy ClineMonth ago


  32. Underworld

    UnderworldMonth ago


  33. Loud Mike Productions

    Loud Mike ProductionsMonth ago

    crazy yo

  34. O Polemico

    O PolemicoMonth ago

    2:27:41 é do Brasil ai sim TK representou

  35. bansku

    banskuMonth ago

    2:47:08 most american moment ever. the music

  36. Rolling Guy #1

    Rolling Guy #1Month ago

    80% of this is a bunch of mustangs, corvettes, and Camaro passing by. 'Murica.

  37. Rebel State Sovereign

    Rebel State SovereignMonth ago

    Very nice 👍🏻

  38. Wyatt Fortune

    Wyatt FortuneMonth ago

    Kevin is an awesome announcer and is very fit for the position and should stay as the announcer. The other guy has been there before in previous years and I cannot stand him. He is annoying and hardly knows anything about cars he points and has cheesy and boring jokes. Even when Kevin is talking he also interrupted him sometimes too. Get rid of the co announcer part and keep Kevin as the main guy because the other has gotta go.

  39. Dieselmax 23

    Dieselmax 23Month ago

    Wyatt Fortune yeah I agree Kevin at least talks about some of the cars there and gives us some info on them, while joe just babbles on and on

  40. Blurryerface

    BlurryerfaceMonth ago

    Tron Bike at 50:30

  41. Philip Bo Thrane 5A Anna Trolles Skole

    Philip Bo Thrane 5A Anna Trolles Skole12 days ago

    Blurryerface 51:00

  42. Truck 550

    Truck 550Month ago

    I’d rather hear the engine’s instead of that guy talking all day

  43. Cody Featherstone

    Cody FeatherstoneMonth ago

    Love the blue jeep😍😍😍

  44. Cody Featherstone

    Cody FeatherstoneMonth ago

    rolling big Power 💯😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  45. Heath Perry

    Heath Perry23 days ago

    100% gay

  46. Bob Taint

    Bob TaintMonth ago

    That one guy talking named "Joe" is obnoxious and rude trying to make lame jokes.

  47. Robert Garza

    Robert GarzaMonth ago

    Tron cycle is at *51:00*

  48. potato gaming with PotatoSky

    potato gaming with PotatoSky2 days ago


  49. Robert Garza

    Robert Garza24 days ago

    You know how long that took I use the cars time of day and camera men to find it

  50. David S

    David S24 days ago

    Life saver

  51. micah evans

    micah evans27 days ago

    Thabks lol

  52. ciaran brenn100

    ciaran brenn100Month ago


  53. Gary Snyder

    Gary SnyderMonth ago


  54. Delta W

    Delta WMonth ago

    opened the video just cause the charger was in the thumbnail

  55. MSS432

    MSS432Month ago

    That Datsun at 01:38 is slick , looks far more modified than alot of cars that are participating...👍🏻

  56. Lil Lamb

    Lil LambMonth ago

    MSS432 it has an LS and a corvette chassis nice build and he always tracks it I think his Instagram is TylerPowell. Or something like that.

  57. Northwoods Enduro

    Northwoods EnduroMonth ago


  58. pagansforbreakfast

    pagansforbreakfastMonth ago

    I'll sure be glad when the Progressive's and the tech Overlords succeed in bringing us the blessing of their wisdom in the form of A.I. Autonomous vehicles so all this needless creative expression can finally be stamped out.

  59. Retarted Air

    Retarted AirMonth ago

    They put a wing the size the U.S on a Supra 🙄

  60. chris arnold

    chris arnoldMonth ago

    Retarted Air where

  61. Guhwap

    GuhwapMonth ago

    I recommend watching on mute

  62. lawszepie

    lawszepie5 days ago

    GoodWood does it great. The hosts there do their research on every single car on the track, knowledgeable and tasteful commentary. Audio level of engine and commentary also had a great balance on video. This one at SEMA is terrible.

  63. Jay Kacin

    Jay KacinMonth ago

    dude talking is a complete tool

  64. Truck 550

    Truck 550Month ago

    Guhwap you’re right. I’d rather hear the engine’s instead of that guy talking all day

  65. Enjoy!

    Enjoy!Month ago

    about a Billion Worth of cars & Bikes?

  66. Truck 550

    Truck 550Month ago

    Enjoy! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was over billion

  67. yellooh

    yellooh2 months ago

    I watch in segments

  68. Dan W

    Dan W2 months ago

    Between the audio dropouts and the out of sync announcements, this is practically unwatchable. Better luck next time.. finally had to give it up about 15 minutes in.😐

  69. Havoc Gaming

    Havoc Gaming2 months ago

    O. O. What o o. Pi

  70. Jack 235

    Jack 2352 months ago

    I check my recent vids from last night and i watched 2:34 hrs of it and i was asleep

  71. Alex L

    Alex L2 months ago

    dam that Camaro was sexy