As Seen on TV - Garage Gadgets UNBOXING & TESTED!

Are these "As Seen On TV" Garage Gadgets worth your money? Two are ๐Ÿ‘ and one is a ๐Ÿ’ฉ. Do you agree?
Link to the Mini-Hack LED's:
Check out my last As Seen on TV Tested video:
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Handy Brite:
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  1. kipkay

    kipkay5 months ago

    *Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy this UNBOXING & TESTED video. Also in this video, another "Mini-Hack"! If you missed my previous video and "Mini-Hack", check it out here: * **** *Thanks for watching!* ๐Ÿ‘

  2. Jr Pueyo-Morales

    Jr Pueyo-Morales3 months ago

    I got a suggestion for the LEDs instead of having it above the door frame, why not it the ceiling since the wires are not that short, that way, it can really illuminate a (small) path

  3. Hobbybuddy99

    Hobbybuddy993 months ago

    I really liked the last one! Maybe I'll see if I can find it!

  4. Grzegorz Durda

    Grzegorz Durda4 months ago

    The humble tennis ball is tops!


    THE JACK HQ5 months ago

    Noodle Sushi Nostalgia indeed! SpongeBob chatterbox toy he tinkered with.

  6. Tommy Pasley

    Tommy Pasley5 months ago

    Your garage light mini hack is a very good one.

  7. seatheous robloxian

    seatheous robloxian13 days ago

    Or for the last one, get a garage door opener that has WiFi capabilities so you can open/close your garage door via the app you can get with the door opener

  8. Shibu

    Shibu15 days ago

    That garage light hack uses an always plugged in AC adapter; one that wastes electricity even when not supplying power. I know I'm being nitpicky. Literally everyone leaves their phone bricks plugged in. Even I do on occasion. But just think about it. How much electricity would the world save if it didn't have all those AC adapters plugged in 24/7?

  9. dcmontage

    dcmontageMonth ago

    Door closes behind you.... FUUUUU

  10. MultiRobotnik

    MultiRobotnikMonth ago


  11. Stefan Eitnier

    Stefan EitnierMonth ago

    The only thing about that garage light hack is that garage doors to the interior are supposed to be self-closing

  12. I have no name I also have no ideas for videos

    I have no name I also have no ideas for videosMonth ago

    His logo looks like vsauce dont it????

  13. kipkay

    kipkayMonth ago

    +I have no name I also have no ideas for videos His might look like mine since I was here before him. Lol

  14. GWINE

    GWINE2 months ago

    So, a couple of hundred bucks for something to replace my $20 garage door remote?

  15. Shibu

    Shibu15 days ago

    LMAO I know

  16. tony montana

    tony montana3 months ago

    How much i love you as a childhood hero that drawing of you looks like it belongs in a 2005 flash game

  17. kiwiEverything

    kiwiEverything3 months ago

    tony montana ?

  18. 2Wtoo Tonee

    2Wtoo Tonee3 months ago

    That cadi lookn fyeurrr

  19. kiwiEverything

    kiwiEverything3 months ago


  20. Stephanie Taylor

    Stephanie Taylor3 months ago

    Love the mini hacks!

  21. This is Otaku!

    This is Otaku!3 months ago

    Lost the soul of his channel

  22. Memento Vivere Memento Mori

    Memento Vivere Memento Mori3 months ago

    Leds can explode or break, dont try it at home, but I heard a 5v led, is really strange to see take 20kv

  23. Tellico Toyz

    Tellico Toyz3 months ago


  24. Jake B

    Jake B3 months ago

    Park ease or park easy?

  25. globe255

    globe2554 months ago

    Concerning parking in the garage, just use the headlight of your car, to measure the distance.

  26. prince debi

    prince debi4 months ago

    Did u know he makes money only on these videos

  27. Raymund Seguar

    Raymund Seguar4 months ago

    Heeey Kipkay, can you go back building something or upgrading something?? I really love watching those videos of yours. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ™

  28. Aj Downs

    Aj Downs4 months ago

    I love your hacks more

  29. EatingAwayTime

    EatingAwayTime4 months ago

    What Cadillac do you own?

  30. brass skull forge

    brass skull forge4 months ago

    Loving the mini hacks man

  31. Stephen Novotny

    Stephen Novotny4 months ago

    I love this video very nice kipkay i love it

  32. Jon O'Dell

    Jon O'Dell4 months ago

    I bought the handy bright and the shadow has a annoyingly bright yellow in the shadow it hurt your eyes and a couple times I used it that little metal hook broke off...I give it a ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  33. slitherixxx

    slitherixxx4 months ago

    where is your laser viddeo???

  34. Jack

    Jack4 months ago

    There's light bulbs specifically for those drop lights. So you don't get glass everywhere

  35. andre fenlon

    andre fenlon4 months ago

    Damn your channel has changed a lot

  36. Rob L

    Rob L4 months ago

    You sound the EXACT same as some other as Seen On TV reviewers..

  37. Deion Johnson

    Deion Johnson5 months ago

    Light at beginning shouldโ€™ve gotten ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  38. King Mehdi

    King Mehdi5 months ago

    Why don't you hack stinker gadgets and gizmos to make a thumbs up stuffs

  39. AtrumNoxProductions

    AtrumNoxProductions5 months ago

    3:52 looks like you have a drip.

  40. Dry Humor

    Dry Humor5 months ago

    I do miss the projects that you used to do. Great fun and really interesting. Good to see you cruising on!

  41. Ryan Palmer

    Ryan Palmer5 months ago

    Anyone else hear what sounds like brake squealing in the background throughout the video?

  42. WCGwkf

    WCGwkf5 months ago

    I just installed the tennis ball in my garage for my truck. Needed it to be able to fit in and just be able to close the garage but also have enough space to slide between the bumper and my workbench.

  43. salozmen29

    salozmen295 months ago

    Glad you are past the divorce and back on the web!

  44. RSSS68 Camaro

    RSSS68 Camaro5 months ago

    No real car guy would ever use that cheap Handy Brite junk! Iโ€™ll stick with my Snap-On light

  45. RSSS68 Camaro

    RSSS68 Camaro4 months ago

    RR if Iโ€™m watching a video and commenting then arenโ€™t you doing the same?? Youโ€™re not too bright I see

  46. RR

    RR4 months ago

    68Camaro RS/SS wtf again

  47. Maser209

    Maser2095 months ago

    So glad this channel is putting out good content again!

  48. Eddy Ramires

    Eddy Ramires5 months ago

    Maser209 he probably behind bills and remember he had a USwork

  49. Wesley Carroll

    Wesley Carroll5 months ago

    Liked the mini hack. more of that, please.

  50. A.J. Hope

    A.J. Hope5 months ago

    You're awesome man

  51. Juulcat

    Juulcat5 months ago

    hey at 5:58. if you leave the ac adapter plugged in for too long can't it explode?

  52. Trygve Evensen

    Trygve Evensen5 months ago

    All ac adapters have a *tiny* chance of catching fire, I don't think this one is that much worse (it's cheap so maybe )

  53. Dilan Hunt

    Dilan Hunt5 months ago

    so.. if a breeez closes the door after you are in the middle of the garage,,,, you will be in the dark ? ;0 ILL STICK WITH MOTION SENSORS

  54. Tom Vereecke

    Tom Vereecke5 months ago

    is the reed switch in the magnetic contact good enough for the current of those led's? I would place a small relay in between it.

  55. Chin Tong We

    Chin Tong We5 months ago

    Great video !!


    DANKLUMI5 months ago



    DANKLUMI5 months ago


  58. Todd

    Todd5 months ago

    Mini Hack for the win!

  59. livecrosswire

    livecrosswire5 months ago

    Ismart ha ha Only if your the only person using it. I could only guess who else has one and can do the same with yours?

  60. Kasper Frederiksen

    Kasper Frederiksen5 months ago

    nope you cant. Since your paring it with the QR code it will only open your garage and not anyone else.

  61. DaddyGhast

    DaddyGhast5 months ago

    You've become garbage kipkay. Go back to making gadgets or stop making videos

  62. Juulcat

    Juulcat5 months ago

    @DaddyGhast why not?

  63. Felix Talks About Stuff

    Felix Talks About Stuff5 months ago

    @DaddyGhast ๐Ÿค”

  64. DaddyGhast

    DaddyGhast5 months ago

    @Juulcat if he's having to resort to the same algorithm as every other youtuber to survive than he shouldn't

  65. DaddyGhast

    DaddyGhast5 months ago

    @Felix Talks About Stuff because your mom had a stroke while we were watching this video together

  66. Felix Talks About Stuff

    Felix Talks About Stuff5 months ago

    @DaddyGhast Dude why you gotta be like that?

  67. Hailster

    Hailster5 months ago

    You an easily create the garage door opener using a Raspberry Pi, a magnetic reed switch and a relay board. I have it setup so I can pull up a website and see if my garage door is open or closed and I can open or close it with a simple tap on a icon. I also have it setup so I can toggle the power to the motion sensor light on the outside of my garage. I only have about $60 in that project and it could be cut by $25 by using a Pi Zero W.

  68. Skullrider 123

    Skullrider 1235 months ago

    I miss when you made your own gadgets

  69. Xsiner

    Xsiner5 months ago

    The mini hack was a really cool ideal and I like that ismart devices.

  70. dbsummit

    dbsummit5 months ago


  71. Super Man

    Super Man5 months ago

    there are dozens of videos that PROVE that most of these so called "things that make life easier" actually introduce more steps and make things take longer

  72. Anirudh Appala

    Anirudh Appala5 months ago

    Maybe , but as an engineer, my focus is to avoid just this ! Building an intuitive , unobtrusive and easy to use (like talking to your assistant ) is how I want all things to be built and that's how I'll ever build anything. If I feels it's more of a hassle , immediately scrap it and think of a better way.

  73. techforever1970

    techforever19705 months ago

    Totally agree. Such as is the case with Philips Hue, makes turning on the lights once you get to your room a little bit harder than just flipping a switch (provided you dont have the $30 remote). I personally have an echo so I just tell her to turn on the lights, instead of fumbling with my phone. On the other hand, once you really really exploit the features, theyre super nice and do actually make life easier. Something to be mentioned though, is that theyre very expensive, and it would take a million bucks to turn your home all smart lighting. Aaaaand it would be outdated in a couple of years๐Ÿ˜‚

  74. Rakshith Prakash

    Rakshith Prakash5 months ago

    This guy inspired me to study electronics

  75. Rakshith Prakash

    Rakshith Prakash5 months ago

    Thanks for the heart kipkay :)

  76. Wyatt Booth

    Wyatt Booth5 months ago

    bro you just posted cringe EDIT: also boomer

  77. Nima Jafari

    Nima Jafari5 months ago

    Who else remembers when Kipkay made actual good videos?

  78. Nima Jafari

    Nima Jafari5 months ago

    @kipkay Well it's not a bad video man but I'm just saying. Growing up watching you was different, back when you used to make stuff and have the kits on your website and all that, those were good times.

  79. kipkay

    kipkay5 months ago

    Nima Jafari 96% of the viewers of this video think this is โ€œactualโ€ good.

  80. Damian9303

    Damian93035 months ago

    We all do


    THE JACK HQ5 months ago

    Garage hacks are the best! The tennis ball is the best. Cars have to play sports too!

  82. Alec Ver Bunker

    Alec Ver Bunker5 months ago

    Remember Kipkay in 2014?

  83. Beans2Go

    Beans2Go5 months ago


  84. hawaiiflowerchild

    hawaiiflowerchild5 months ago

    no offense, but shouldnt the intro be super or pooper? just sayin-it rings in my head everytime-thought id share-great job though-you should receive a percentage of saves ive had from my cancellations-

  85. hans davis

    hans davis5 months ago

    Hmm so the truck light hack can be used as an alarm system on the windows too, instead of lights, use sirens :-)

  86. 10223220

    102232205 months ago

    I liked your hack with the truck lights why don't you do electronic videos anymore?๐Ÿ‘

  87. Kevin Fields

    Kevin Fields5 months ago

    Indeed, these were always my favorite videos!