10 best sleepers of all time

10 best sleepers of all time
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  1. Emanuel Chmielowski

    Emanuel ChmielowskiMonth ago

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  2. nuta ws

    nuta ws49 minutes ago

    Where is "The Skinne" Bug from Norway?

  3. 1945

    19456 hours ago

    2104 супер

  4. Seth Warner

    Seth Warner15 hours ago

    So like 5 sleepers and a bunch of average builds? Ok.

  5. QuagmireMan6669

    QuagmireMan666917 hours ago

    "My Mini with Honda Engine" yeah sure bro.

  6. UltimateHaxerFTW

    UltimateHaxerFTW13 hours ago

    thought the same bloody thing

  7. Juan Navarrete Lopez

    Juan Navarrete LopezDay ago

    No quema cuh

  8. Vincent Productions

    Vincent ProductionsDay ago

    The Golf was great, the rest was meh.

  9. James Tipton

    James TiptonDay ago

    Bitchez drive usdm

  10. Vandals Gardens

    Vandals Gardens2 days ago

    1200hp out of a 4 banger jeezus

  11. cristian

    cristian2 days ago

    wait... 26 pounds and awd... making 350

  12. WolverineBlues

    WolverineBlues3 days ago

    3:02 the chevis..... Fucking get on with it you 🛎 🔚

  13. Automatic Slim

    Automatic Slim5 days ago

    Some serious throttle steer going on at 5:15.

  14. NoSpeak Games

    NoSpeak Games7 days ago

    first one tho

  15. Honda 220

    Honda 2208 days ago

    Only Golf

  16. Ssppeeeeddyy94

    Ssppeeeeddyy948 days ago

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  17. Shawn Hulsey

    Shawn Hulsey8 days ago

    Trim the videos... should've lost me

  18. JHMacGyver

    JHMacGyver8 days ago

    You need to study editing.

  19. Joker

    Joker9 days ago


  20. edwin van oers

    edwin van oers9 days ago

    ik wil ook een lada

  21. soyou noat

    soyou noat11 days ago

    Learn how to edit your videos. This one is 80% waste.

  22. ma adrie

    ma adrie12 days ago

    Nissan no more

  23. Maurizio Pescatori

    Maurizio Pescatori13 days ago

    GOLF GTI SLEEPER: 1233HP out of a 2.0 liter car is 600hp/liter, virtually the same as a F1 racer and more than a LeMans racer. I canìt believe that is possible, no matter how much boost!

  24. 山田太郎

    山田太郎14 days ago


  25. Joseph Garlick

    Joseph Garlick14 days ago

    Ditch the loud obnoxious music in between clips

  26. Jukka Långström

    Jukka Långström14 days ago

    That lame audi sucked most, and matte black mini Rocked!

  27. Istvan Bartha

    Istvan Bartha14 days ago

    The mini doesn't belong here

  28. Dialysisforever

    Dialysisforever3 days ago

    I have never met a fast Mini. They look fast but they are not. This one can actually get up and go.

  29. Gofu Ckyourself

    Gofu Ckyourself15 days ago

    The mini isnt a sleeper.. gotta be fast to be a sleeper you dunce

  30. Eli fraser

    Eli fraser15 days ago

    0.40 thats 0 to a 100 real fucking quick omg

  31. Tex

    Tex15 days ago

    Dommage les musiques trop pourries entre les tests

  32. Cinema 6R

    Cinema 6R16 days ago

    That golf car when 0 - 60 on command not seconds 😂🤪

  33. Freezy 420

    Freezy 42018 days ago

    Lmao....did a Porsche just get over for a wagon? Hes like wtf just happened?

  34. Stormify5

    Stormify518 days ago


  35. Eric Shpunt

    Eric Shpunt20 days ago

    uhh i didnt even see a legit sleeper before i shut this garbage vid off

  36. ColdBlueDragon

    ColdBlueDragon22 days ago

    der Transporter beste xD

  37. Meragh Charity

    Meragh Charity22 days ago


  38. erpho

    erpho24 days ago

    Yum Schluss ein lames Russenvideo !!

  39. Truck 550

    Truck 55024 days ago

    HeRsE PoWaH BaBay!!!!

  40. Carlos Oruna

    Carlos Oruna24 days ago

    Farm truck and that black civic. But I know they can't corner. Gimme da mill.. lol. I know it's not reliable. I'll detune it 30 per cent make the joy last. I'm poor. Lmao

  41. lickow3

    lickow324 days ago

    what is the car in 6:52

  42. Dialysisforever

    Dialysisforever3 days ago

    About 1975 Chevrolet Camaro

  43. Dato Zanqaidze

    Dato Zanqaidze25 days ago

    what about 1296hp colt? :/ uswork.info/videos/1gMFnX-2pNg-video.html

  44. Deano’s toys & restoration

    Deano’s toys & restoration25 days ago


  45. Dathan Mcmilleon

    Dathan Mcmilleon25 days ago

    Fuckin dumb

  46. Ярослав Шпора

    Ярослав Шпора25 days ago

    словяни есть??? я чет путаю? или оно такое быстрое?

  47. Ярослав Шпора

    Ярослав Шпора25 days ago


  48. Dunhillπ xXx21

    Dunhillπ xXx2128 days ago

    Wasting time some fcking drivers

  49. Gary Wharton

    Gary Wharton29 days ago

    8 adverts in a 12 min vid 4 of which are un-skippable.... Fucking joke

  50. Kristian Dugmel

    Kristian DugmelMonth ago

    My best sleeper when i realize I don't have a car so going to sleep again dream.about it

  51. Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer29 days ago


  52. Larvancio Ramos

    Larvancio RamosMonth ago

    I preffer a rally car like my Subaru WRX STI 2003. 2000 hp are NOTHING on a mountain cruise; worthless.

  53. andy moore

    andy mooreMonth ago

    Your mountain cruise is worthless too.

  54. Luis V

    Luis VMonth ago

    When i saw that mercedes truck at the end i thought, THE LIBYANS! THEY FOUND ME, I DONT KNOW HOW, BUT THEY FOUND ME.....RUN FOR IT MARTY!!!

  55. richard norris

    richard norrisMonth ago

    4:48 nobody noticed the saleen mustang

  56. Pablo

    PabloMonth ago


  57. smanzoli

    smanzoliMonth ago

    I just call sleeper if it´s stock and has great performance... prepared/tuned cars should not count at all. Make another list!

  58. Un ironically

    Un ironicallyMonth ago

    smanzoli sleeper cars are cars that look like they are not fast or have good performance. So he should not make another list. And also find out what a sleeper car is

  59. MrGivmedew

    MrGivmedewMonth ago

    Cool video till you plugged your own car that wasn't fast. It's cool sure... But they got people running 400-500hp on e85 d16 now I'm sure there are people doing even but I don't see the point of going that high on that block but to each his own. Bottom line that car didn't belong with the rest of the cars. You had a 1200HP old school VW with a sequential. Different league

  60. Nik Gnashers

    Nik GnashersMonth ago

    BOBA is the best sleeper. The honda is pretty good too. Most of the others all have massive wheels on, and are obviously highly tuned.

  61. Jason Waters

    Jason WatersMonth ago

    The mini was garbage

  62. Johnny Vain

    Johnny VainMonth ago

    he ran to shut the back of the camper shell so no one would see the 4 big block engines they got running back there too haha.



    VW doing a 9 second lap with total speed at 186MPH! Holy Shit!

  64. Mick Grant

    Mick GrantMonth ago

    Nissan Navarra truck with GTR twin turbo engine a guy in my town did it

  65. John Cordova

    John Cordova2 months ago

    farm truck is a dick, burning that guy up at the light.

  66. RJ

    RJ2 months ago

    I'd still rather have the red Z28 @ 7:12