Fruit Salad - You Suck at Cooking (episode 92)

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  1. sugarylime

    sugarylimeDay ago

    B. Itch I love you

  2. Steven Lofft

    Steven Lofft5 days ago

    2:06 who else here’s the splat of him flicking the fruit off the spoon?

  3. la la

    la la6 days ago

    aaA look at those kittens

  4. samdaboss Gaming

    samdaboss Gaming7 days ago

    *Fruit salad, yummy yummy*

  5. absurat

    absurat10 days ago

    I freaking hate the melon inside seedy bit cuz it looks weird... melonphobia

  6. Cheese

    Cheese10 days ago

    Hey, YSAC? I noticed that you were having trouble with slicing the grapes. Why did you not use auto-chop from the tuna, or maybe photoshop them apart, and pluck?

  7. macey -

    macey -11 days ago

    This video helped me realise I hate watching people touch fruit, it makes my teeth feel weird, don’t ask me why because I do not have the answers

  8. n a t a l i e

    n a t a l i e11 days ago

    ysac- rants about putting dressing on fruit salad also ysac- adds lime juice 1 sec after rant

  9. rosie

    rosie13 days ago


  10. inkgreen13 yt

    inkgreen13 yt16 days ago

    Fruit salad yummy yummy

  11. Ruben Rivera

    Ruben Rivera17 days ago

    Anyone else cringe when he put the fork in the banana

  12. Watermelon The Rainwing

    Watermelon The Rainwing19 days ago

    wHaT tHe FuCk Is A sAlAd

  13. Boo Sweets

    Boo Sweets24 days ago

    He’s giving me anxieties

  14. humphrey707

    humphrey70728 days ago

    Is macaroni and cheese a salad? DISCUSS

  15. Progamer1013

    Progamer1013Month ago

    But, kiwi’s have a seed nest...

  16. Galena Silveroak

    Galena SilveroakMonth ago

    The kittens were a great bonus!!

  17. Brandon Morris

    Brandon MorrisMonth ago

    I swear at 2:30 I thought there was a quarter in kt

  18. ElveeKaye

    ElveeKayeMonth ago

    I hope one of those kittens is named Bananjangler.

  19. CREW Newf

    CREW NewfMonth ago

    Me: * *sees title* * *”yummy yummy”*

  20. sphinix rc

    sphinix rcMonth ago

    Ill eat a whole fuckin pineapple. What are you talking about

  21. Muzic Loverr

    Muzic LoverrMonth ago

    The constant random nods to alcoholism are subtle yet laughably relatable.

  22. Vall Hills

    Vall HillsMonth ago

    His kittens just make my day

  23. kejow

    kejowMonth ago

    *ordinary youtube music starts playing while blueberries parade stopmotion happens "NO! WE DO NOT DO THAT HERE!" ROFLMAO I THINK YOU JUST CURED MY DEPRESSION

  24. LazyContent

    LazyContentMonth ago

    “ don’t trust a fruit with a seed nest” Apple: *nervously sweats*

  25. Able Reason

    Able ReasonMonth ago

    Appleshave ruined many fruit salads before. I won't forgive them... Yet..

  26. rigdigwus

    rigdigwusMonth ago

    what are kiwis then

  27. Hhan Lee

    Hhan LeeMonth ago


  28. Parker Gray

    Parker GrayMonth ago


  29. Ayla MoonWolf

    Ayla MoonWolfMonth ago

    Watermelon is a berry and a strawberry is not.

  30. LordKami

    LordKamiMonth ago


  31. Niranjana Rajesh

    Niranjana RajeshMonth ago

    That cutting board has been through a lot.

  32. ZigsMiniMe

    ZigsMiniMeMonth ago

    Is seedless watermelon considered vegetables????

  33. GiggleMeBlaH BlaH

    GiggleMeBlaH BlaHMonth ago

    I really really really really really really really really really really really Want to kidnap your kittens The more I see them in your videos the more I want to keep them for myself. T~T I want kittens 😭 Is that too much to ask? I’d also like some fruit salad at this point 🤷‍♀️

  34. Anindya Borah

    Anindya BorahMonth ago

    a motherfucking jojo reference...... i am so happy

  35. Asdfghjkl1 Aff

    Asdfghjkl1 AffMonth ago

    0:02 is that a JOJO reference?!!

  36. Deetiny Noisey

    Deetiny NoiseyMonth ago

    The kitties 💞💞💖💖💖💖

  37. Chris Cotton

    Chris CottonMonth ago

    odd tip. Put that cutting board on top of the grapes and apply pressure. slide your knife through the middle of the grapes and bam cut 100 at a time in half.

  38. dumbass that regrets

    dumbass that regretsMonth ago

    I thought you put whipped cream in salad.

  39. Ali Williams

    Ali WilliamsMonth ago

    Good I hate bananas in fruit salad lol

  40. Rami Abdellah Mokrane

    Rami Abdellah MokraneMonth ago

    0:57 and you seriously opened it from the other side with a canopener

  41. Glitch

    Glitch2 months ago

    That song hits hard

  42. Ophi 2

    Ophi 22 months ago

    Bold of you to assume I will _not_ have a fruit salad party.

  43. E

    E2 months ago

    i love you.

  44. Mr. Biscuit

    Mr. Biscuit2 months ago

    What if I can eat a ton of pineapple?

  45. ThatOneInternetGuy

    ThatOneInternetGuy2 months ago

    so the lime juice is there to make your salad a tsundere? nice.

  46. Mango4Life

    Mango4Life2 months ago

    those cats are so cute

  47. Daimond Star

    Daimond Star2 months ago

    On my country we have meat salad 😐🤔😦

  48. Moraco Mole

    Moraco Mole2 months ago

    There is a place for a banana in a fruit salad if you gonna eat it straight away

  49. The Legend 27

    The Legend 272 months ago

    Yummy Yummy.

  50. Photo Graphy

    Photo Graphy2 months ago

    Dont trust fruit with a seed nest inside *inserts kiwi*

  51. ChildishCodino

    ChildishCodino2 months ago

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed he used a can opener on a can with a opening tab on it right.

  52. Mr Cha Plays

    Mr Cha Plays2 months ago

    i love you no homo

  53. demas christoventus

    demas christoventus2 months ago

    Fruit salad yummy yummy Psychosocial, psychosocial, psychosocial Psychosocial, psychosocial, psychosocial

  54. Kinzsters172

    Kinzsters1722 months ago


  55. Jasmine :D

    Jasmine :D2 months ago

    I’m allergic to pineapple

  56. a bottle of cranberry juice

    a bottle of cranberry juice2 months ago

    Fruit salad, yummy yummy, fruit salad, in my tummy, fruit salad, bitches love me, im a wiggles

  57. TheEpicDiamondMiner

    TheEpicDiamondMiner2 months ago

    1:18 Wait, but don't kiwis have fruit nest in the middle?

  58. Susana’s Vlogs

    Susana’s Vlogs2 months ago

    It’s 2:17 am and I just noticed u posted like 4 new videos and I just watched them alll


    THANOSANITY EFFECT2 months ago

    I feel like I got a lot of the jokes nobody else got but maybe that’s just me making the jokes a lot more complex in my head

  60. CoffeeWoz Videos

    CoffeeWoz Videos2 months ago

    No wiggles, 0/10

  61. Blue Sturkey

    Blue Sturkey3 months ago

    French toast or i call the FBI

  62. Kornikus

    Kornikus3 months ago

    Those blueberries moving in a line was amazing

  63. Brill Iant

    Brill Iant3 months ago