Fruit Salad - You Suck at Cooking (episode 92)


  1. Ismaash Awsome

    Ismaash Awsome2 hours ago

    Fruit salad, yummy yummy. 😚 Fruit salad, in my tummy.🤣 Fruit salad, bitches love me. 🤤👊 I'm a wiggles, gonna give 'dem huggies. 😤😤👊 👊

  2. Joel Jackson

    Joel Jackson6 hours ago

    Do you also suck at photoshop?

  3. EverestDoesStuff

    EverestDoesStuff7 hours ago

    1:20 i’m allergic to kiwi lol

  4. MüsliManTV

    MüsliManTV11 hours ago

    What breed of cat is that? They look super fluffy

  5. Onions YT

    Onions YTDay ago

    We get ever so closer to 100

  6. einat1622

    einat1622Day ago

    Awesome video

  7. Completely Oblivious

    Completely ObliviousDay ago


  8. Kai Klötzer

    Kai KlötzerDay ago

    Who hurt you that you disrespect banans like that?

  9. oneduality

    onedualityDay ago

    You either ARE .. or are related TO .. casually explained =) ..

  10. Some Guy

    Some Guy2 days ago


  11. Robin Maleček

    Robin Maleček2 days ago

    I think he just want to do music

  12. Nemoutis

    Nemoutis2 days ago

    Put the grapes on top of one cutting board and between two cutting boards. Now you can slice multiple grapes at the same time. You're welcome.

  13. Nico Borah

    Nico Borah2 days ago

    you should do a nip reveal when you hit 2 million subs

  14. Kellen evans Official

    Kellen evans Official2 days ago

    Who else thinks that there should be 2 claps after the intro song

  15. Kellen evans Official

    Kellen evans Official2 days ago

    Notice me senpai

  16. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking2 days ago


  17. Li Moala

    Li Moala2 days ago

    You suck at cooking and you suck at a whole bunch of other things and I’m not going to list off right here on account of the fact that I don’t really want to make you look bad in front of your friends and also on account of the fact that I don’t know you in real life which makes it really kind of difficult to get into specifics but if I had to speculate then I would probably say that you suck at croquet, and also building a jet, and you probably can’t fly a helicopter (yet), and you suck at traveling through time, or putting on your pants two legs at a time, but maybe we should hang out so that I could better criticize you in a meaningful way without random speculation because generalizations don’t hold up under the circumstance and all my credibility is on the line... so call me sometime... Yeah you totally suck.

  18. Sorcha K

    Sorcha K3 days ago

    You suck at singing YEAH you totally suck [Edit] I regret that for the song at the end.

  19. Bpk Fishing

    Bpk Fishing3 days ago

    Opens can what a can opener.... Flips can and shows a pull tab

  20. 刘瑞琦

    刘瑞琦3 days ago

    Miss the cute dog

  21. Andrew Roy

    Andrew Roy3 days ago

    Mmm breakfast lol

  22. Dead Roach

    Dead Roach3 days ago

    *Bananas Were Harmed In The Making Of This Video*

  23. Miss Fairbanks

    Miss Fairbanks3 days ago

    This is hysterical thank you. Hahahaha

  24. Ava Rourke

    Ava Rourke3 days ago

    "Fruit Salad, yummy yummy!" ~ The Wiggles

  25. Ismaash Awsome

    Ismaash Awsome2 hours ago

    "Fruit Salad, in my tummy."

  26. oof er

    oof er3 days ago

    Mmmmmm finaly ur back on youtube after bot uploading for months

  27. Ying the Eevee

    Ying the Eevee3 days ago

    BABY KITTIES......but he didn't pay the tuna tax...

  28. TheAsianTakeout _

    TheAsianTakeout _3 days ago

    I like the part where he pretended to eat the fruit salad with the wine, but actually threw it away.

  29. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking3 days ago

    Me too.

  30. Harrison von Bose

    Harrison von Bose3 days ago

    So good

  31. 李寬仔

    李寬仔3 days ago

    This person sings well.

  32. pınar ezgi şeker

    pınar ezgi şeker3 days ago


  33. CAR R.

    CAR R.4 days ago

    Fruit salad.... Yummy yummy

  34. starryabby

    starryabby4 days ago

    A little salt helps too

  35. kingdvm

    kingdvm4 days ago


  36. audrey hill

    audrey hill4 days ago

    Banana is the best part of fruit salad

  37. Simon Gruber

    Simon Gruber4 days ago

    Fuck I love his USwork videos 😂❤️

  38. Kaiiri hallow

    Kaiiri hallow4 days ago

    ... Nobody remembers senpai Pimblokto... I miss Him... Has he thawed yet?

  39. Natalie L

    Natalie L4 days ago



    BACK IN THE KITCHEN4 days ago

    “This isn’t a parade, it’s a fruit salad” 😂😂😓

  41. Coolcoolguy65

    Coolcoolguy654 days ago

    I found this in Pets - Topic

  42. Adriana RAWR

    Adriana RAWR4 days ago

    🎶 Fruit Salad, yummy yummy🎶

  43. a y

    a y4 days ago

    I always sing along to the intro with replacing you parts with i

  44. Tegen Joyce

    Tegen Joyce4 days ago

    exurb1a, upisnotjump and you suck at cooking are all the same person

  45. joey kill

    joey kill4 days ago

    🎶fruit salad yummy yummy🎶

  46. GD Tesla

    GD Tesla4 days ago

    Fruit salad. Yummy yummy

  47. Helen Chen

    Helen Chen4 days ago

    I dont wanna be stereotype but 1:39 if you dont realize that ur probably an American

  48. Helpimdying

    Helpimdying4 days ago

    kiwis have a seed nest in the middle-

  49. Londo1227

    Londo12275 days ago

    Now we’re gonna take a melon. *N O*

  50. Br0wnEyedQueen

    Br0wnEyedQueen5 days ago

    I love that youre like How To Basic if he were sane

  51. Jared Hanson

    Jared Hanson5 days ago

    Really impressed with how much your videos have improved! They old ones are still classics.

  52. 13armor75pa_YT

    13armor75pa_YT5 days ago

    Conspiracy: You Suck At Cooking and Binging With Babish are the same person 🤯

  53. Yi Pan

    Yi Pan5 days ago

    are you a writer for rick and morty or what

  54. Daniel Pelaez

    Daniel Pelaez5 days ago

    Oh fuckk yeah I'm buying that cookbook