Kevin Owens rants against Shane McMahon: SmackDown LIVE, July 9, 2019

After being thrown out of the arena, KO crashes SmackDown LIVE and goes on a tirade against Shane McMahon.
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  1. NZM 45

    NZM 4520 hours ago

    WWE trying to replace CM Punk i see

  2. FA1A2

    FA1A24 days ago

    Not as hard hitting and anarchist like as Punk but man went crazy

  3. NiPA

    NiPA5 days ago

    Up there with the best promos

  4. Eric Smacchia

    Eric Smacchia6 days ago

    Still great

  5. Kenan Von Kaiser

    Kenan Von Kaiser7 days ago


  6. Loneski255

    Loneski25510 days ago

    Somebody call Shane McMahon I think I’ve made him mad.

  7. John Gibson

    John Gibson11 days ago

    I love KO


    H100DREDSBOMB17 days ago

    Lmaoooo where are the wwe rebels

  9. Cosmin Buturuga

    Cosmin Buturuga20 days ago


  10. 神Trunks

    神Trunks20 days ago

    That's how u know it's scripted cuz if it wasn't they wouldn't put it on this USwork channel

  11. Kaneshia Williams

    Kaneshia Williams23 days ago

    I like the part when Kevin Owens says: " And you know what happens when you call yourself the best in the world?, Everybody back there, including me is thinking that Shane Mcmahon, can kiss my "A"!!! " 😂😂😂

  12. Fortnite is gay

    Fortnite is gay16 days ago

    You just made the list

  13. Minato Thunder

    Minato Thunder25 days ago

    He remind me to cm punk

  14. deniz kaplan

    deniz kaplan27 days ago

    WWE trying to erase CM Punk from history... I got it better nowadays. 😥 i missing you, Punk ❤️

  15. Andeo Novelli

    Andeo Novelli28 days ago

    Kevin Owens is the best in the world because he beat the fake best in the world Shane McMahon.

  16. 김타쿠

    김타쿠Month ago

    Kevin owens' Pipe bomb against Best in the World.

  17. Fitness Lyam

    Fitness LyamMonth ago

    Notice there was no bleeps in the swear words, thank goodness.

  18. Fitness Lyam

    Fitness LyamMonth ago

    Shane was cutting Kevin's Mic because everything Kevin said in this segment is true.

  19. Fitness Lyam

    Fitness LyamMonth ago

    KO is much better as a baby face.

  20. Doruk Metiner

    Doruk MetinerMonth ago

    Owens can make anything sound good. He is one of those guys who's got natural talent on the mic

  21. SerenitySpiderMonkey

    SerenitySpiderMonkeyMonth ago

    0:40 tfw when a piece of meat makes it into WWE2K20 over Kacy Catanzaro

  22. Zedrik Allen

    Zedrik AllenMonth ago

    This feels so forced. Yeah it's worked, but it feels well rehearsed.

  23. Ricky u

    Ricky uMonth ago

    0:11 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Coley Durham

    Coley DurhamMonth ago

    this is scripted nonsense

  25. Gary walker

    Gary walkerMonth ago

    You all know this is scripted pipebomb right✔

  26. Jayden Paul

    Jayden PaulMonth ago

    Kevin Owens? Or CM Punk?

  27. Angel Perez

    Angel PerezMonth ago

    I saw a sign that said sup to Kip Clips

  28. Christian Davis

    Christian DavisMonth ago

    Kevin Owens for President

  29. T-Bear The DJ

    T-Bear The DJMonth ago

    0:41 how I feel about Brock winning the wwe championship beatin Kofi within 5 sec

  30. Chris Mumpower

    Chris MumpowerMonth ago

    I came back and watched after Kevin Owens fired Shane McMahon. This was the start of the end of Shane-o-Mac. KO, you are the man!

  31. Marco Melchor

    Marco MelchorMonth ago


  32. Michael Mason

    Michael MasonMonth ago

    OMG he got another

  33. zyklon b

    zyklon bMonth ago

    should have came out with a cm punk t shirt

  34. arjun rane

    arjun raneMonth ago

    Kevin Owens Fans Hit Here Comment who agree with Kevin Owen is 100% Right about Shane McMahon

  35. pseudochef07

    pseudochef07Month ago


  36. john duran

    john duranMonth ago

    Even though this was scripted it was a great promo

  37. Mr. Ambrose Wattpad

    Mr. Ambrose Wattpad2 months ago

    These 700 dislikes are Shane with 700 different accounts.

  38. T-Bear The DJ

    T-Bear The DJ2 months ago

    0:41 how I feel about “king Corbin”

  39. Rashimir Fieros

    Rashimir Fieros13 days ago

    T-Bear The DJ Not really, some people _including myself_ wanted Baron Corbin as king of the ring. I chose him to win after McIntyre got eliminated.

  40. triyambak jaiswal

    triyambak jaiswal2 months ago

    Reminds me of CM Punk!!!

  41. zuripons Editor

    zuripons Editor2 months ago

    Yesssss dudeeee now we are talking

  42. Mystic Hydrax

    Mystic Hydrax2 months ago

    Where were the cm punk chants I was expecting them

  43. Mystic Hydrax

    Mystic Hydrax2 months ago

    There’s only one word to describe this CM PUNK

  44. Jesus Soltero

    Jesus Soltero2 months ago

    0:34 who else came here just to hear Kevin Owens pronounce Shane McMahons name the way he did?

  45. Zaynimations

    Zaynimations2 months ago

    "guess what idiot there is more than one microphone" well i guess CM punk forgot

  46. Ik Singh

    Ik Singh5 days ago

    @GUNS_OF_BOOM_ J0K3R and he could've if he wanted to but he would've had to walk from the top to the commentator table would've been a waste of time


    GUNS_OF_BOOM_ J0K3R6 days ago

    @Ik Singh he had legs I think

  48. Ik Singh

    Ik SinghMonth ago

    He was sitting in front of the runway of the entrance how could he get a microphone

  49. Serena Buccellato

    Serena Buccellato2 months ago

    Kevin was really right what he said &there shouldn't be any any one going to see the wrestling

  50. SPH

    SPH2 months ago

    If this is unscripted then why is it if the official channel

  51. Zaquarvious Gaffney

    Zaquarvious Gaffney2 months ago

    I agree with Kevin Owens Shane McMahon is taking TV time for all talents like give sin Cara a IC title opportunity

  52. ShO

    ShO2 months ago

    So he's supposed ta be the next stone cold

  53. TheJonas973

    TheJonas9732 months ago

    Love how CM Punk coined the term pipe bomb

  54. Karl M

    Karl M2 months ago

    The only thing missing in this scene is K.O. sitting on the stage in an Indian style sitting position like Punk did eight years ago.

  55. Aashutosh Khatry

    Aashutosh Khatry2 months ago

    it's not ranting he's telling the truth

  56. shaochia vang

    shaochia vang2 months ago

    Lol....this is what the wwe needs.

  57. Praise The Lord

    Praise The Lord2 months ago

    This video gets uploaded on wwe's official channel, and here I am wondering why most people think the pipebomb is unscripted...

  58. Jithin A.P

    Jithin A.P2 months ago

    This is the Pipebomb for the 2000s Kids.. We 90s kids have CM Punk's masterpiece😎

  59. Steven The destroyer

    Steven The destroyer3 days ago


  60. Epic Sicko Mode

    Epic Sicko Mode8 days ago

    Well, it is for the late 2000s kids, the early ones got CM Punk's pipebomb.

  61. just_Rockyy

    just_Rockyy12 days ago

    lol these both happened in the same decade, stupid clown



    i was born on the 2000s and i watched the pipebomb of cmpunk I think that this Is for those born un the 2010s

  63. Jagvir Dhatt

    Jagvir Dhatt2 months ago

    Lol Shane McMahon can’t handle the truth

  64. Kaneshia Williams

    Kaneshia Williams2 months ago

    I ❤️ this video clip of Kevin Owens ranting against Shane Mcmahon, because Kevin Owens is absolutely correct about Shane; he uses abuse of power, thinking he's better than everyone else, just because he has money, just like the Bible scripture says: " For the love of money is the root of all evil. That's something Shane Mcmahon needs to realize, weather he knows it or not. And also, Shane Mcmahon was definitely wrong for asking the technician to cut Kevin's mic, while he was talking, and telling the truth, and he was also wrong about one other thing; Shane Mcmahon was absolutely wrong for having security come out on Kevin Owens, to have him evacuate the premises and or building. Shane Mcmahon also said: " This isn't a debate", debate or no debate, Kevin Owens was absolutely correct about Shane Mcmahon, because Shane Mcmahon really does take up tv time, as Kevin Owens explained. Shane Mcmahon isn't all that, and a bag of chips, he just might be all greased up. Shane sure isn't: " The Best In The World", Shane need to stop coming out, and making a name for himself, he's not God, and or Jesus Christ, and I believe that Shane Mcmahon might be paying Drew McIntyre and Elias to be on his side, to agree with everything he says, or Drew McIntyre and Elias just might be Shane Mcmahon's flunkies;just like how Shane Mcmahon probably payed those security men to be on his side, to go after Kevin Owens. There's one more other thing that Shane Mcmahon has to also realize: " Two wrongs don't make a right". I agree with everything that Kevin Owens said about Shane Mcmahon.

  65. Christopher Langley

    Christopher Langley2 months ago

    I do not like Kevin Owen's using the Stunner I really don't like Kevin Owen's at all he is an embarrassment to the WWE Universe

  66. STALKER gaming

    STALKER gaming2 months ago

    This promo is litaf

  67. Kaneshia Williams

    Kaneshia Williams2 months ago

    Kevin Owens Came Out and told the truth about Shane Mcmahon, because Shane does take up tv time, he thinks everything has to be about him, and I'm so sick of Shane coming out making a name for himself, like he's God, which he's not, Shane Mcmahon shouldn't call himself: " The Best in the World"

  68. pepsi BOI!

    pepsi BOI!2 months ago

    Stop trying to be stone cold Steve Austin

  69. no one

    no one2 months ago

    0:01 sub 2 kip clips👏👏👏👏👏