Mythology Matters - Wendigo Origins - Extra Mythology - #2

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Did you know that the Wendigo myth can be thought of as a warning against overconsumption of the natural world? We talk about this and other fun facts that we didn't really get to cover in our animated Wendigo episode!
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits11 months ago

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  2. c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U

    c a n i g e t a d a m n h u g ? U6 months ago

    So colonialists were metaphorically wendigos.

  3. Kirsty Fairley

    Kirsty Fairley7 months ago

    Extra Credits-If you're still looking for ideas for the show there's plenty of fascinating legends we grow up with here in Scotland. There's one in particular that's pretty terrifying about a cannibal named Sawney Bean & his family.

  4. Roxor128

    Roxor12811 months ago

    Could you turn it into its own channel, while you're at it? It's just better organisation to have each show on its own channel. Especially if they each have their own Patreon feed.

  5. Niranjan Aniruddha Bhor

    Niranjan Aniruddha Bhor11 months ago

    There is abundance of knowledge in the world like the oceans you can't drink it all up but you can explore it....

  6. Niranjan Aniruddha Bhor

    Niranjan Aniruddha Bhor11 months ago

    @fire is awesome yes but there is always a start somewhere....they created Japanese mythology episode that many in the world may not know about but here we are...

  7. Fortnite-cito

    Fortnite-cito5 days ago

    I like this version if Keanu Reeves....Hes awesome C:

  8. MadamFoogie

    MadamFoogie10 days ago

    Who amongst us hasn't looked at a well-cut person with amazing musculature, and hasn't thought of cooking up those tasty bits as meat? I know it's a sick thought, but come on. Everyone gets curious, and I like butchering.



    i believe ive seen the Wendigo (long story) but when i encountered it the thing i saw was like the wendigo but more shy and more like slenderman almost im just worndering if there is anything like the wendigo out there. Keep up the great work!

  10. James Woodard

    James Woodard23 days ago

    The "Wendigo Psychosis" concept sounds to me like the settlers taking the native stories at face value (as much as they could anyway). You do have cases of inexplicable depravity occasionally cropping up in harsh frontier conditions. People could seem to turn into "monsters." The natives explain it as people giving in to base desires and becoming mosters, while the settlers took this idea and thought of it as a kind of madness. If this is the case, the latter definition isn't functionally much different than the former. I, however, can completely see 19th and early 20th-century psychoanalysts fitting this concept into the racial and ethnic theories of the day, as well as the early settlers assuming such madness to be more of a problem among the more "primitive" natives. The concept of a psychological break manifesting from extreme conditions in which the individual foregoes their "humanity" and behaves in an inhuman manner, however, is hardly racist in itself and actual seems like a fairly reasonable hypothesis.

  11. Saint Torpid

    Saint Torpid28 days ago

    I still want to know where people got the idea that wendigos have horns. I keep trying to find sources but there's none

  12. TheStagesOfGrief

    TheStagesOfGriefMonth ago


  13. Braden Fielding

    Braden FieldingMonth ago

    I absolutely love how you explain things

  14. Jian Dumasal

    Jian Dumasal2 months ago

    Thanks hippie!

  15. Crystal Queen

    Crystal Queen2 months ago

    Fun fact: The first year of jamestown (the first colonial town) they weren't prepared for the winter and didn't bring enough supplies. so they started killing and eating each other.

  16. Tuguldur Khosbayar

    Tuguldur Khosbayar2 months ago


  17. Luis Alejandro Valdez Quispe

    Luis Alejandro Valdez Quispe2 months ago


  18. Pyrox Pyro

    Pyrox Pyro4 months ago

    So...where its the animation ?

  19. Brooklyn-Manhattan 2010

    Brooklyn-Manhattan 20102 months ago

    The last episode.

  20. GamingKnight

    GamingKnight4 months ago

    Pachimari in the background!

  21. Alan G. Bandala

    Alan G. Bandala5 months ago

    Well, the original Wendigo haven't horns

  22. XDman r o c k

    XDman r o c k5 months ago

    Its a myth. You will never know.

  23. yαтѕυғυѕα

    yαтѕυғυѕα5 months ago

    Fucking hate wendigos mate , the only mythical creatures that scare the shit out of me

  24. DragonLovingGirl6

    DragonLovingGirl66 months ago

    I love this. The conversation of how people shaped the myth, and how the myth shaped them.

  25. Graeme B

    Graeme B6 months ago

    this seems very important myth for the period of the beaver wars where the Iroquois took over land in the eastern great lakes and drove out the ottawa miami, and other Algonquin tribes forcing them eastward into Michigan and Superior and struggling for finite resources.

  26. SuperKing604

    SuperKing6046 months ago

    Okay better shirt and button situation your almost fully buttoned

  27. Hayp

    Hayp7 months ago

    Holy crap it's critical

  28. Mitchell-ized

    Mitchell-ized7 months ago

    Hi Keanu Reeves

  29. Lobo Muffin

    Lobo Muffin8 months ago

    Do Scandinavian myths please

  30. Lisa Davison

    Lisa Davison8 months ago

    One question, how did they grow horns

  31. Kingthunder09

    Kingthunder098 months ago

    In Omaha tribe there's a lot of strange creatures like shadow people

  32. gay reee

    gay reee9 months ago

    Yay I'm scared of going hunting with my tribe

  33. Matt Towns

    Matt Towns9 months ago

    Can you do some Aussie monsters?

  34. Bryce McKenzie

    Bryce McKenzie9 months ago

    Wow. This is so interesting to see how the culture changed with history

  35. V3Productions

    V3Productions9 months ago

    Mothman. Great topic

  36. pippin newman

    pippin newman9 months ago

    gone wendigo greed apocalypse a wall street wall will not melt our hearts - global warming might just unite us flood them with love mother(s) nature

  37. Nelson Martinez

    Nelson Martinez9 months ago


  38. Roman Tribunella

    Roman Tribunella10 months ago

    This might be kind of weird, and I can't imagine why it comes to mind, but do you happen to be a fan of Dune?

  39. Raw Content

    Raw Content10 months ago

    Nevermind, I just found it....I really need sleep

  40. Casual Guy

    Casual Guy10 months ago

    The ideas of a society only represent the material reality. It's called dialectical materialism.

  41. The Mystic Ninja

    The Mystic Ninja10 months ago

    did you know theres a wendigo in fallout 76 along with other things like moth man

  42. sonictimm

    sonictimm10 months ago

    Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you're told your whole life that starving creates Wendigos, and you're being starved by these invaders and want to fight back... By consuming their flesh, you would prove their atrocities, how evil they must be to drive their fellow man to become Wendigo. Disclaimer : I have no historical backing for this, it's just a thought.

  43. Duchess Van Hoof

    Duchess Van Hoof10 months ago

    Don't eat at the Ultra Lux.

  44. King Ammonite

    King Ammonite11 months ago

    I thought wendigo psychosis was real because it was scientific sounding and a lot of people thought it was real as well.

  45. Mark Mariner

    Mark Mariner11 months ago

    I was in Northern Manitoba for a few years. The Cree up there call it the Weetago. Even in modern times they are afraid of it. It apparently stays outside of communities and watches for an opportunity to get someone.

  46. Too the MAXX

    Too the MAXX11 months ago

    I distinctly remember reading about stories of European settler who suffered wendigo psychosis and killed their families

  47. zacktube100

    zacktube10011 months ago

    I liked these two episodes. Check out Navajo skin walkers. You may find them even more interesting.

  48. zacktube100

    zacktube10011 months ago

    Why does it have antlers?

  49. cheezemonkeyeater

    cheezemonkeyeater11 months ago

    I always thought wendigo psychosis was more like a cultural variation of cabin fever. I mean, these tales are told up north, right? Where the nights are super long in the winter? Not that they actually turn into cannibals, but the cabin fever makes them angry and irritable and they become afraid they might become a wendigo.

  50. Chicken Soup

    Chicken Soup11 months ago

    Can you do some on Spanish myths?

  51. Elijah Bachrach

    Elijah Bachrach11 months ago

    Since wendigo psychosis is apparently fake, I hope you will eventually make a video on the real motives for cannibalism within groups where the taboo was not practiced by necessity.

  52. TheAtomicLemon

    TheAtomicLemon11 months ago

    Hm. I never noticed this, but James is a pretty good looking dude. Also seems like the kind of person that doesn't care about that too much, with all his interests. This comment has no point, but I wanted to point it out.

  53. Adam Steidl

    Adam Steidl11 months ago

    Starvation for sure happened a lot during younger-dryas, I'm sure. ~12kya

  54. Roxor128

    Roxor12811 months ago

    No offence, but I think you guys should split your channel up and put each show on a separate channel. Having all these shows on the one channel seems a bit cluttered. It's a bit hard to find what you're looking for if you only half-know what you're looking for while browsing the uploads and three quarters of the thumbnails are for shows other than the one you know it's part of. Also applies for going through your inbox for email notifications. Everything shows up as "Extra Credits uploaded a video", but most aren't episodes of Extra Credits. Be much easier to pick through things if they showed up as "Extra Mythology uploaded a video" or "Extra History uploaded a video". Extra History, Extra Mythology and Extra Sci-Fi have long since gotten to the point where they should be their own channels. They just have and produce too much content to not be. When they do, you can bet I'll subscribe to them, too.

  55. Miguel Caramel

    Miguel Caramel11 months ago

    So I work at a summer camp in the Shawnee national park, Camp Ondessonk, it’s a camp that pays homage to Native American culture and brings faith into it. We have a story named the Brebuff walker, simply put it’s a story about how some counselors saw a pale white figure staring at them in the middle of the night that was extremely fast, it’s a rather recent story as well. I didn’t know anything about wendigos until I told the story to one of my friends and said that wendigos match the description of what I said. Idk I jus thought that was kinda cool and wanted to share.

  56. svartjonne2

    svartjonne211 months ago

    "the wendigo was always ravenous" i see what you did there :)

  57. Sean Cope

    Sean Cope11 months ago

    Joseph Campbell, nuff said.....

  58. steve jobs

    steve jobs11 months ago

    I’d give the wendigo a hot Cosby then cut its head off

  59. A1 Luz

    A1 Luz11 months ago

    Why is John Wick talking to us about wendigos?

  60. Fif Gallag

    Fif Gallag11 months ago

    ooooh it's a metaphor! Duh

  61. Antonio Luković

    Antonio Luković11 months ago

    I feel like this guy could literally walk up to Ceaser and explain to him directly all the fallacies of his reign, and Ceaser would just quietly and attentively listen. A very soothing narrative

  62. Gabe Williamson

    Gabe Williamson11 months ago

    I'm not sure what's scarier the wendigo or that dudes face

  63. Enza Recchia

    Enza Recchia11 months ago

    Now we need a video about the skinwalker and the ravenmocker

  64. Peanutz

    Peanutz11 months ago

    Keanu Reeves??

  65. randy bowen

    randy bowen11 months ago

    ... I’m hungry but I can’t quite put my fork in what I crave...

  66. Ofelia Gurdian

    Ofelia Gurdian11 months ago

    Pretty small suggestion, but can you do the Mexican story of La Llorona? It’s not that creepy, I’ve heard it most of my life but it’s rather interesting (Edit: There are different “versions” of the story, but it’s about the same thing)

  67. Lloyd

    Lloyd11 months ago

    U N T I L D A W N