Ja Morant Names His Dream NBA Starting 5 | “Take It There” with Taylor Rooks S1E7


  1. KeyDaGoat

    KeyDaGoatMonth ago

    Ja better have hopped down on that

  2. S Edward

    S EdwardMonth ago

    Leaving off LBJ "the King" was a loser move. He would make a much better point guard than Morant and should have been his first pick!


    PUNISHER _Month ago


  4. They call me som rich

    They call me som rich2 months ago

    Most College PG From the Last 3 Years "Westbrook My Fav Player"

  5. Flash Wade

    Flash Wade2 months ago

    Current Starting 5: PG: Stephen Curry SG: Kawhi Leonard SF: Kevin Durant *best player in the NBA* PF: Giannis Antetokounmpo C: Anthony Davis

  6. Flash Wade

    Flash Wade2 months ago

    PG: *PRiME* Magic Johnson SG: *PRiME* 1988 Michael Jordan SF: *PRiME* 2013 LeBRON James PF: *PRiME* 2014 Kevin Durant C: *PRiME* 1962 Wilt Chamberlain Only I put Kevin Durant at the 4 instead of an '03 Tim Duncan is because there would be more spacing. Plus Kevin Durant is my only *KNOCKDOWN* 3 point shooter on the starting 5. In the All-Star Game, this team would score more than 200. Magic would have 22 points and 28 assists. Jordan would score 54. LeBron would have 48 points, 12 assists and 7 rebounds. KD would score 50. Wilt would have 62 points, 37 rebounds, and 12 blocks. 236 points. That's just the Starting 5.

  7. Shane Ticknor

    Shane Ticknor2 months ago

    Why do black guys wear 2 hoop Dangley earrings like girls do

  8. might guy

    might guy2 months ago

    Taylor looks like she taste sweeter then the apple eve ate to doom us.

  9. Michael Dunlap

    Michael Dunlap2 months ago

    this dude was more impressive than zion to me. he does exactly what you want your pg to do, make everyone else on the court a better player.

  10. Jack man

    Jack man2 months ago

    What’s humble about calling yourself point god lmfao other ppl supposed to give u nicknames

  11. Jack man

    Jack man2 months ago

    What about that big man wearing 32 dropping dimes 👀

  12. areawiper

    areawiper2 months ago

    Stupid bich talking about Instagram followers?

  13. Spooky Shaggy

    Spooky Shaggy2 months ago

    I guessed every player correctly just looking at the sillohete

  14. Hell Yeah

    Hell Yeah2 months ago

    10:07 that line was used by MGK when his career was fu*ked up

  15. Kristian Joel Bello

    Kristian Joel Bello2 months ago

    ja talks like an uncle

  16. dj eng

    dj eng2 months ago

    Air max 270's are fire

  17. DGForzaF2P

    DGForzaF2P2 months ago

    JA to Lakers Confirmed

  18. nabil chowdhury

    nabil chowdhury2 months ago

    Damn Taylor is straight fire🔥😍💯. I hope she likes 16 year old HS sprinters. I got a 10.7 second 100m and 21.8 second 200m.

  19. nabil chowdhury

    nabil chowdhury2 months ago

    I first heard of this dude when I was 15 around the end of his freshman year

  20. SHIN MT

    SHIN MT2 months ago

    Nigga likes westbrick that’s an automatic L. This nigga gonna plummet cause he don’t got curry in there. No 🧢😂💀

  21. Max

    Max2 months ago


  22. roderrick stackens

    roderrick stackens2 months ago

    She is feeling Ja

  23. Chill Vibes

    Chill Vibes2 months ago

    Baby girl 😩😍💕

  24. Chill Vibes

    Chill Vibes2 months ago

    Baby girl 😩😍💕

  25. Blue Diamonds

    Blue Diamonds2 months ago

    I hope he smashed he rotten


    REVELATOR BENJAMIN2 months ago

    SHAQ KOBE DURANT CURRY PEJA STOJAKOVIC No one is beating this team...They will rain terror on you. I know you will question the last name but it's the strategy involved

  27. Lavar Ball

    Lavar Ball2 months ago

    REVELATOR BENJAMIN current players

  28. JG Shaolin Terrific

    JG Shaolin Terrific2 months ago

    "Let me see your form before you hit it". Taylor know she sexy

  29. Yoshiki G

    Yoshiki G2 months ago

    If that team happens for real, R.I.P NBA.

  30. Sam T

    Sam T2 months ago

    does he know they played basketball before 2004?

  31. C. KHiD

    C. KHiD2 months ago

    LETS GO SOUTH CAROLINA! We been winning BLack Panther in Hollywood (Chad Bossman) ... Speaker Knockaz, Jetson Made It, Blacc Zacc in rap,.... Clemson got football locked..... We got draft picks in NFL from Clowney up..............Now we got the Top 2 NBA picks........... Lets Go!

  32. Bill C-16

    Bill C-162 months ago

    PG: Steph SG: Kawhi SW: KD PF: Lebron C: AD There I saved you all some time

  33. MoMoneyLessProblems

    MoMoneyLessProblems2 months ago

    I'm still traumatized that the Bulls didn't get Zion Morant or Barrett.

  34. IlyJay Jaiseer2k

    IlyJay Jaiseer2k2 months ago

    Sc boys we out here you heard

  35. IlyJay Jaiseer2k

    IlyJay Jaiseer2k2 months ago

    Low key ik this dude no cap

  36. Patrick Simmons

    Patrick Simmons2 months ago

    That golf swing haha

  37. - #00

    - #002 months ago

    They always be putting niggas close af to her lmao shits probably uncomfortable in front of cameras

  38. Acc_george

    Acc_george2 months ago

    She’s bad bad 💯

  39. Charlene Walker

    Charlene Walker3 months ago


  40. Lvlz Fuze

    Lvlz Fuze3 months ago

    She like da boy ja dreads

  41. King James

    King James3 months ago

    They forgot about Kawhi he came from Weber State

  42. Eduardo Araújo

    Eduardo Araújo2 months ago

    he came from san diego state

  43. FuturistiCBoi ez

    FuturistiCBoi ez3 months ago

    A wonder how much Weed that Reporter smoked before the Interview...

  44. michael smith

    michael smith3 months ago

    Ja definitely smacked

  45. Cloud TCG

    Cloud TCG3 months ago

    Yo they a little tooo close

  46. Trippy Grey

    Trippy Grey3 months ago

    8:50-9:02 Taylor was lowkey flirting with my boy Ja.

  47. Stevone Capone

    Stevone Capone3 months ago

    ROY him or Zion

  48. S N

    S N3 months ago

    Man she cold lmao... she know what she doing

  49. ct hoffman

    ct hoffman3 months ago

    Wa..Wa..Wa..Walkin in Memphis.....

  50. Suckdatdick

    Suckdatdick3 months ago

    These niggas went on a date

  51. Lewis Knight

    Lewis Knight3 months ago

    Is it just me or are those titties making him sound retarded af

  52. Grego Roy

    Grego Roy3 months ago

    Grizz picks morant? Come on..barett is definitly better than him

  53. Jackie King

    Jackie King3 months ago

    His voice deep

  54. grafitti36545

    grafitti365453 months ago

    Lil Nas u ain't slick

  55. jphvm_ '

    jphvm_ '3 months ago

    8:52 "let me see your form before you hit it"

  56. Zach Golden

    Zach Golden3 months ago

    Feel like they piped after this

  57. Jonmyster The Long

    Jonmyster The Long3 months ago

    Damn she fine, she got big boobs, big ass, and a big ass nose

  58. Adam Hunter

    Adam Hunter3 months ago

    He low key in love with her

  59. Hott L Mr. Nickname

    Hott L Mr. Nickname3 months ago

    I got carolina vs anybody rn..... Steph curr Ja marant Brandon ingram Zion Williamson Montrez harrell

  60. King Samuels II

    King Samuels II3 months ago

    Everybody saying Westbrook, in my opinion, hes a combo of Rose and Rondo

  61. Orion Keehan

    Orion Keehan3 months ago

    I think I hate USwork

  62. bayr

    bayr3 months ago

    My guy picks 3 forwards. He might be a shootingpointgod