Ja Morant Names His Dream NBA Starting 5 | “Take It There” with Taylor Rooks S1E7


  1. Tyrone TreOhFye

    Tyrone TreOhFye51 minute ago

    C Anthony Davis PF DeMarcus Cousins SF Kevin Durant SG Jamal Crawford PG Kyrie Irving PG

  2. JG Shaolin Terrific

    JG Shaolin Terrific2 hours ago

    "Let me see your form before you hit it". Taylor know she sexy

  3. Yoshiki G

    Yoshiki GDay ago

    If that team happens for real, R.I.P NBA.

  4. Sam T.

    Sam T.Day ago

    does he know they played basketball before 2004?

  5. Kelsey Dortch

    Kelsey DortchDay ago

    Ok Taylor... That lil mix girl gonna F5 your ass.

  6. C. KHiD

    C. KHiDDay ago

    LETS GO SOUTH CAROLINA! We been winning BLack Panther in Hollywood (Chad Bossman) ... Speaker Knockaz, Jetson Made It, Blacc Zacc in rap,.... Clemson got football locked..... We got draft picks in NFL from Clowney up..............Now we got the Top 2 NBA picks........... Lets Go!

  7. Bill C-16

    Bill C-16Day ago

    PG: Steph SG: Kawhi SW: KD PF: Lebron C: AD There I saved you all some time

  8. Bilbo Swaggins

    Bilbo Swaggins3 days ago

    I'm still traumatized that the Bulls didn't get Zion Morant or Barrett.

  9. Mjj Snow

    Mjj Snow3 days ago

    Sc boys we out here you heard

  10. Mjj Snow

    Mjj Snow3 days ago

    Low key ik this dude no cap

  11. Patrick Simmons

    Patrick Simmons3 days ago

    That golf swing haha

  12. - #00

    - #003 days ago

    They always be putting niggas close af to her lmao shits probably uncomfortable in front of cameras

  13. Acc_george

    Acc_george4 days ago

    She’s bad bad 💯

  14. Charlene Walker

    Charlene Walker4 days ago


  15. LyS FuZe

    LyS FuZe4 days ago

    She like da boy ja dreads

  16. King James

    King James4 days ago

    They forgot about Kawhi he came from Weber State

  17. Eduardo Araújo

    Eduardo Araújo4 days ago

    he came from san diego state

  18. FuturistiCBoi ez

    FuturistiCBoi ez4 days ago

    A wonder how much Weed that Reporter smoked before the Interview...

  19. michael smith

    michael smith4 days ago

    Ja definitely smacked

  20. Cloud TCG

    Cloud TCG5 days ago

    Yo they a little tooo close

  21. Trippy Grey

    Trippy Grey5 days ago

    8:50-9:02 Taylor was lowkey flirting with my boy Ja.

  22. Stevone Capone

    Stevone Capone6 days ago

    ROY him or Zion

  23. S N

    S N6 days ago

    Man she cold lmao... she know what she doing

  24. ct hoffman

    ct hoffman6 days ago

    Wa..Wa..Wa..Walkin in Memphis.....

  25. Suckdatdick

    Suckdatdick9 days ago

    These niggas went on a date

  26. Lewis Knight

    Lewis Knight10 days ago

    Is it just me or are those titties making him sound retarded af

  27. Grego Roy

    Grego Roy11 days ago

    Grizz picks morant? Come on..barett is definitly better than him

  28. Jackie King

    Jackie King11 days ago

    His voice deep

  29. grafitti36545

    grafitti3654512 days ago

    Lil Nas u ain't slick

  30. jphvm_ '

    jphvm_ '13 days ago

    8:52 "let me see your form before you hit it"

  31. Zach Golden

    Zach Golden13 days ago

    Feel like they piped after this

  32. Jonmyster The Long

    Jonmyster The Long13 days ago

    Damn she fine, she got big boobs, big ass, and a big ass nose

  33. Adam Hunter

    Adam Hunter15 days ago

    He low key in love with her

  34. Hott L Mr. Nickname

    Hott L Mr. Nickname15 days ago

    I got carolina vs anybody rn..... Steph curr Ja marant Brandon ingram Zion Williamson Montrez harrell

  35. Ty Samuels

    Ty Samuels17 days ago

    Everybody saying Westbrook, in my opinion, hes a combo of Rose and Rondo

  36. Orion Keehan

    Orion Keehan19 days ago

    I think I hate USwork

  37. bayr

    bayr19 days ago

    My guy picks 3 forwards. He might be a shootingpointgod

  38. Erron Mcgriff

    Erron Mcgriff19 days ago

    He is a good kid he just loves to play u don't see dat

  39. Nathan O'Hare

    Nathan O'Hare20 days ago

    On ja

  40. SGTV

    SGTV21 day ago

    No Kobe? Jordan? Wilt? Kareem? Trash. All trash.

  41. Armonti

    Armonti21 day ago

    Bruh people ain’t understanding jaren Jackson and ja Morant? Championship young core 🔥🔥🔥

  42. JASON T

    JASON T21 day ago

    8:53 if she said that to me its on lol

  43. xxdemiixx

    xxdemiixx21 day ago

    He really a point God🔥🔥🔥🔥🤭🤭🤭

  44. Jerard Paul Tulod

    Jerard Paul Tulod21 day ago

    "Beneath no one." That'd be a good tag line for a shoe line.

  45. Richie2k6

    Richie2k621 day ago

    8:52 OK Taylor I'd stroke you like this.... 😂

  46. Johnathan E. Horne, Sr.

    Johnathan E. Horne, Sr.21 day ago

    Taylor just fine as wine! Top shelf professional too!

  47. Clippa Marshall

    Clippa Marshall21 day ago

    He Sound Like DerrickRose...Hope He Fall 2 #7 4Da Bulls

  48. Cheeseball27

    Cheeseball2721 day ago

    He’s being all nice to AD trynna get drafted number 1 lmao

  49. Kapables

    Kapables21 day ago

    She look like a solid mf to vibe with

  50. BmoreBirds22

    BmoreBirds2222 days ago

    I'm trying to look for that shirt Ja is wearing online, does anybody have any idea where I can buy it online?

  51. Campbell J. Fowler

    Campbell J. Fowler22 days ago

    She lowkey was flirtin

  52. Swag life TV

    Swag life TV22 days ago

    Someone knows how he did his hair? Trying to get mine the same way

  53. Corey Wright

    Corey Wright22 days ago


  54. wexer09 b

    wexer09 b22 days ago

    has someone text of full interview? pleassssssss

  55. Sir Nice

    Sir Nice23 days ago

    He nailed his starting 5.

  56. Gardy Francois

    Gardy Francois23 days ago

    AI Is Modern day version of ja morant

  57. Hydros Flame

    Hydros Flame23 days ago

    Ja is the only non 7 footer on his team

  58. Kevin Anthony

    Kevin Anthony22 days ago

    Hydros Flame PG

  59. Mackenly

    Mackenly23 days ago

    Jaylen hands way better then ja morant but dont get it mess up ja is really talented

  60. ImWildWilly

    ImWildWilly22 days ago

    Jaylen fell off hard

  61. ImWildWilly

    ImWildWilly22 days ago

    Hell no what tf are you smoking

  62. plantec smiths

    plantec smiths23 days ago

    His personality sounds like he's 40 to me

  63. plantec smiths

    plantec smiths23 days ago

    5:45 she looks taller than thim

  64. Benson Nguyen

    Benson Nguyen24 days ago

    no homo that morant sexy af

  65. HipHop Scene

    HipHop Scene26 days ago

    Legend has it they dating now

  66. DELL G.

    DELL G.26 days ago

    Yup, JA got them hops from Pops! Congrats!!! Legend T and now upcoming Legend JA. God moves is special ways. He may say not this year, but hand you the world next year. Have fun !

  67. DELL G.

    DELL G.26 days ago

    JA gotta wear the tie on your head one game... that was a classic i always remembered T doing before a game.

  68. The Irish Elk

    The Irish Elk27 days ago

    That line up is ass no cap

  69. Jay George

    Jay George27 days ago

    His personality is like an even keeled A.I.

  70. Asani Wasabi

    Asani Wasabi27 days ago


  71. Yahir Rodriguez

    Yahir Rodriguez28 days ago

    3:32 ......

  72. Lance Yocom

    Lance Yocom28 days ago

    Give me Curry Klay Kwahi LeBron embiid and it’s over


    KING TEEJ TV28 days ago

    Ja's personality is WAAAAAAY more marketable than Zion

  74. HipHop Scene

    HipHop Scene26 days ago

    KING TEEJ TV that’s opinion not fact

  75. GunLineBoss 87

    GunLineBoss 8729 days ago

    Taylor Rooks is a badie😘

  76. nynty5

    nynty529 days ago

    He speaks like Peyton Manning

  77. Diesel Diesel

    Diesel Diesel29 days ago

    that boy definitely from the south

  78. 6 9

    6 929 days ago

    Take me to your bed

  79. 6 9

    6 929 days ago

    C.j. Really wished him success unless he playing the blazers

  80. Sabih Nayyer

    Sabih Nayyer29 days ago

    man said westbrook his idol..he loves how he plays the game. shooting bricks after bricks stat padding and no rings.LMAO what a idol

  81. lutherah

    lutherahMonth ago

    They are at IMG Academy. Jack O'Dowd went there and then transferred to Lipscomb HS and is committed to Vanderbilt. Represent

  82. We lit Bros

    We lit BrosMonth ago

    He low key looks like 21 savage

  83. We lit Bros

    We lit Bros18 hours ago

    Lol I felt the same way

  84. robel gebrezgi

    robel gebrezgi2 days ago

    We lit Bros LOL I CANNOT UNSEE IT NOW 😂😂

  85. Robert Needham

    Robert NeedhamMonth ago

    Nickname idea: ja dropper

  86. Brian Perez

    Brian PerezMonth ago

    Idk if it's brandon ingram but his mannerisms and gestures even his voice plus style remind me a lot of another young nba player

  87. Elijah Myers

    Elijah MyersMonth ago

    uh oh well Zion doesn't want to be a pelican Ja does ? Well i think ik who the pelicans are really going to pick

  88. Christopher Echevarria

    Christopher EchevarriaMonth ago

    Daniel Santiago at 5:00

  89. TheHarryKa

    TheHarryKaMonth ago

    "that's just me being humble and confident" lmao so ironic

  90. Neel Moudgil

    Neel Moudgil10 days ago

    TheHarryKa you can be humble and confident at the same time

  91. Studi♦️ Mix

    Studi♦️ MixMonth ago

    Ease Stretch Distance Don't take your eye of the ...

  92. jeremiah middlebrooks

    jeremiah middlebrooksMonth ago

    Tbh if I’m the pelicans if you can get Anthony Davis to stay I’m taking ja 💯

  93. Mustafa Shah

    Mustafa ShahMonth ago

    Sounds like Joel embid

  94. Draco Bih

    Draco BihMonth ago

    Wtf was she wearing dat ugly ass fit😭😂😂😂

  95. Cesar Canete

    Cesar CaneteMonth ago

    My dream 5 PG: Gary Payton SG: A.I. SF: Giannis PF: Shawn Marion C: Tyson Chandler I'd have a fast, run & gun team.

  96. Surya Surapaneni

    Surya SurapaneniMonth ago

    man be looking like a studddd grizzzzies grit n grind baby

  97. Fred Smith

    Fred SmithMonth ago

    @1:20 if that's the standard of question she asks and thinks is important then g-d help us all!!

  98. TheCode

    TheCodeMonth ago

    The pure point in 2K20 gone be OP

  99. royce wells

    royce wellsMonth ago

    The people you see on the field are not always the best athletes in there sport or the world it’s always a combination of talent and opportunity. Shouts out to ya boy Ja, only look down once you’ve reach the top and that’s when you show your appreciation for the climb.


    DJ KETCHUPMonth ago

    He is going to be a bust mark my words.

  101. Zurym

    ZurymMonth ago

    people dont realize point god is like a damn term from 2k its not him calling himself a god its legit him saying hes a point guard which means he should be passing alot and making plays and scoring sometimes but instead hes doing everything on anyone and doing more than what a traditional point guard should do which makes him hard to guard and in 2k you can only make certain builds so its hard to make your player do everything so when you have a player like him there called a point god. now stfu about him being arrogant clearly hes a great and humble kid.

  102. leoISAlion leo

    leoISAlion leoMonth ago

    Marcus Rashford 😂😂🤣 She ain't fooling no one

  103. Mortality

    MortalityMonth ago

    McCollum looks sad because he got rekt against the warriors

  104. dugz zaa

    dugz zaaMonth ago

    Jah morant will be the number #2 pick bcuz rj barret is #1 pick and zion williamson goes to #3 pick

  105. Jake SM

    Jake SMMonth ago

    his dad looks like demarcus cousins

  106. William Nelson

    William NelsonMonth ago

    His dream team would get hella buckets tho

  107. Playboijavon TV

    Playboijavon TVMonth ago

    Nicca name Demetrious🧐 ?

  108. Don 1K

    Don 1K29 days ago

    Playboijavon TV it’s temetrius

  109. JustAFunnyGuy

    JustAFunnyGuyMonth ago

    niggas on here going crazy and she like a 7.3

  110. Crowned Pharroah

    Crowned PharroahMonth ago

    Jc mcollum looks like 21 savage in this video😂