All this work... for what?? - Upgrading the Video Render Server


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips13 days ago

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  2. KVA2K Quik

    KVA2K QuikDay ago

    Linus Tech Tips should’ve used 2990WX

  3. Zaur Omarow

    Zaur Omarow2 days ago

    U mb should try to turn off hypertrading. since software is capped at certain amount of threads u might benefit from it.

  4. J van

    J van9 days ago


  5. John Doh

    John Doh10 days ago

    You have mountains of hardware and instead of doing a comparison in a separate test machine you rip out the server, change the hardware and only then do you do a comparison? Linus you're a retard.

  6. Jake Emitte

    Jake EmitteHour ago

    I can hear jay's cringe from here...

  7. Jack Powell

    Jack Powell6 hours ago

    while you're seeing gains on a single workload by keeping core count low and clocks high, would you not get better overall performance (if there is ever a need) by running concurrent renders from multiple editors? There must be a better software solution than adobe and windows for standalone renders.

  8. kaysindre

    kaysindre8 hours ago

    You should get the services/advice of Level1Techs , I see great performance in your future

  9. Killerspieler0815

    Killerspieler08159 hours ago

    @Linus Tech Tips - THIS is how they would have done it (@ 7:50 ) in Soviet Russia if they had the hardware

  10. Phleet Gaming

    Phleet GamingDay ago

    something tells me we're one good tech upgrade away from LTT just going full mythbusters. "how many cores do we need to make this computer explode." or something like that

  11. OP Husky

    OP HuskyDay ago

    when my pc is better then a Video Render Server

  12. ethan moore

    ethan mooreDay ago

    No threadripper?

  13. Argentina3000

    Argentina3000Day ago

    i would TOTALLY use a linus tech tips water bottle. for warm water in my YERBA MATE'S infusion. yeah ssein this video from peronia.

  14. MajorWallopy

    MajorWallopyDay ago

    Do another video as a "test" with the newer AMD and Ram at their new clock potentials. Also... swap out the 980? I believe you should be able to trim down a few more seconds with a slightly newer GPU. And if it's compute you need. Try an AMD GPU with compute on and off and lets see the difference there also!! Cmon linus!! DO IT!!!

  15. MajorWallopy

    MajorWallopyDay ago

    With all your water spills you think you'd remove the line that is higher first.. not lower, to reduce the amount of water to spill out. I mean it's just physics.

  16. Ryker

    RykerDay ago

    ur drawing over half that psu's wattage with just ur CPU. time for an upgrade

  17. Avinash Yadram

    Avinash Yadram2 days ago

    Jeez. This hurts. i went from an i5 -4520 to an i7 -6800 and ddr3 to ddr4 and my render time dropped from 6 hrs to 1 hr. (1080p understandably) but still JEEEEEESUS. 1 minute? That isnt worth

  18. ZX Spectrum

    ZX Spectrum2 days ago

    Linus Vs. Inventory Team

  19. Nick Nos

    Nick Nos2 days ago

    The biggest mistake here? Using AME 😂😂😂

  20. Legacy Summoners

    Legacy Summoners2 days ago

    Reset the BIOS. It will works faster :)

  21. Liviu Bita

    Liviu Bita3 days ago

    10:27 New merch suggestion: Linus Tech Tips funnel?

  22. Bartosz Maj

    Bartosz Maj3 days ago

    Why backpedalling with intel?

  23. Max Bainrot

    Max Bainrot3 days ago

    0:00 todays video is all about using the right hardware for the wrong job :P

  24. jake h

    jake h4 days ago

    Someone get this man a 90 cent funnel.

  25. Mike Camera

    Mike Camera4 days ago

    Build another server

  26. KuruGDI

    KuruGDI4 days ago

    Can we see a test renderfarm with Threadripper?

  27. Cody Chase

    Cody Chase4 days ago

    tpe sleath hoddie is mines Go too discrit hacekerb jaket

  28. No Name

    No Name4 days ago

    what server case is that?

  29. Raging YT

    Raging YT4 days ago

    Ever notice how he never changed the gpu he put the 980 back in


    Jacob EYLES-BOUCHER4 days ago

    Man Wish i had a good performing gaming pc like so i can play rust and its my birthday in 4 days but im not getting a pc :(

  31. dougmb

    dougmb4 days ago

    i think u should remake this upgrade using the new amd chips.... just for fun

  32. LOST AMV

    LOST AMV4 days ago

    Yo lines u r using team os Windows

  33. plezx29

    plezx294 days ago

    Linus not being clever enough to use a funnel to fill up the water tank

  34. David Nonsuch

    David Nonsuch4 days ago

    The way Linus treats the hardware makes it obvious that he doesnt have to pay for it.

  35. Marco Bonera

    Marco Bonera4 days ago

    why not use an epyc with virtualization, to have just the right amount of cores needed for the job?

  36. David Weeks

    David Weeks5 days ago

    Ryzen, fanboy. :-) Love the bait lines, masterful.

  37. chimpfann

    chimpfann5 days ago

    so you didnt get intel to sponsor this so why why didnt you go with ryzen dot tell me because it doesnt support thunderbolt there are work arounds and its a better chip

  38. Sandros94

    Sandros945 days ago

    You guys should start using ffmpeg, maybe with prores_amcdx....

  39. Daniel Beasley

    Daniel Beasley2 days ago

    I thought ffmpeg too, could run a script that automates the whole process

  40. Brandon Murray

    Brandon Murray5 days ago

    Would love to see you guys run some tests with Resolve using your workflow. I think it would do a much better job taking advantage of this hardware. Adobe needs to focus on optimising it's software vs adding useless features and pushing updates that crash your system.

  41. The Cartographer

    The Cartographer5 days ago

    "we're only replacing [every major component]"

  42. Marco Gruebler

    Marco Gruebler5 days ago

    Linus, where is the transition at the end? "Speaking of 'letting it rip'..." :D

  43. Dennis Hill

    Dennis Hill5 days ago

    this should've been a live stream

  44. NoRoof

    NoRoof5 days ago

    Films in 21:9 16:9 Supreme Race

  45. Michael Kicks

    Michael Kicks5 days ago

    Do Adobe render/encoder works not good with Threadripper?

  46. c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0

    c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n05 days ago

    08:30 LinusStretchTips

  47. Richard

    Richard5 days ago

    Use a freaking funnel!

  48. Lj Craft

    Lj Craft6 days ago

    Changed cpus and mobo 2 times but still no AMD. TISK TISK

  49. HBPLUS

    HBPLUS6 days ago

    Nvidia 980 vs 2080 = 10 seconds faster

  50. Brad Neufeld

    Brad Neufeld6 days ago

    2080 ti + 14 core on a 500 watt PSU??

  51. Guillermo Ortiz

    Guillermo Ortiz6 days ago

    Nobody: Linus: My internet is faster than Google's 3:19

  52. Maurits Jacobse

    Maurits Jacobse6 days ago

    And eventually he forgot the 2080

  53. Freddy Cintron

    Freddy Cintron6 days ago

    Invest in corks next time, Linus! :P

  54. Addinator !

    Addinator !6 days ago

    Linuss!! Wttff!! Myyy riiggg i spilled a shit ton of water on it, with your fancy mug ofc. But now is all wet

  55. ya boi

    ya boi6 days ago

    ltt water cooling funnel adapter for bottle when