Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React


  1. REACT

    REACT14 days ago

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  2. Ward1724

    Ward17246 days ago

    GOT YOU TO 15 k

  3. ghost all avina

    ghost all avina7 days ago

    Hi I love your videos please do more USwork and I want to meet you one day and you are awesome and notification squads

  4. Bryn 蕦蕦蕠

    Bryn 蕦蕦蕠8 days ago

    REACT I just wish I was their

  5. Vexzify Xbl

    Vexzify Xbl8 days ago

    Adrianna Rodriguez I thought it was a image of ninja in the top right. He鈥檚 literally a statue

  6. Dead on one eye

    Dead on one eye8 days ago

    When will you put apex on here?

  7. Emily Vu

    Emily Vu13 hours ago

    Is it me or is Tyler toxic? (Not ninja)

  8. Abby Arambulo

    Abby Arambulo14 hours ago

    Thats not ninja his a defult

  9. SPZ_Arva

    SPZ_Arva16 hours ago

    Ninja has my grandma鈥檚 haircut 馃槀

  10. MittensDunseph

    MittensDunseph17 hours ago

    My boy ninja looks like he hasn't slept in 20 days

  11. Jake Serious

    Jake Serious18 hours ago

    Hey ninja. Ligma?


    I LOVE MEME MEME pLs SuB mE18 hours ago

    Ninja reaction hes like bruh this guys don't know to play he trash

  13. Lasse Henriksen

    Lasse Henriksen19 hours ago

    Somehow ninja seems more stupid than these reactors

  14. Hit or Miss

    Hit or Miss19 hours ago

    Why was ninja trash

  15. Daedra TG

    Daedra TG19 hours ago

    They gave him trash peripherals

  16. Abdallah shalby

    Abdallah shalby23 hours ago

    At 1:09 she said lestarday

  17. ChazzyWazzy Vlogs

    ChazzyWazzy Vlogs22 hours ago


  18. dalton b

    dalton b23 hours ago

    Combat shottie sounded like a heavy shotgun and was faster馃

  19. TheRealDr

    TheRealDr23 hours ago

    Dude lol why does ninja look tired ?

  20. Common Enemy

    Common EnemyDay ago

    All these 10 year olds saying Ninja is bad 馃槀馃槶


    ZAKI GAMEDay ago

    Ninja is bad because he is using a Xbox controller Get it know -_-

  22. The Ham

    The HamDay ago

    Me ninjas pretty bad. *Sees he's playing on Xbox like halfway through the video

  23. Alexa Brittany

    Alexa BrittanyDay ago

    Ninja Ain't even that good 馃ぃ

  24. Alexa Brittany

    Alexa Brittany12 hours ago

    Cookies and cream Ok

  25. Alexa Brittany

    Alexa Brittany12 hours ago

    Dark on Switch No I'm Better

  26. Alexa Brittany

    Alexa Brittany12 hours ago

    SK Izz Sure

  27. Cookies and cream

    Cookies and cream20 hours ago

    I see you in almost half of the public reply鈥檚

  28. Brice Weir

    Brice WeirDay ago

    SK Izz his screen is right to the left of him

  29. DerpJerd

    DerpJerdDay ago

    "secret" Lol

  30. AcE CowZ

    AcE CowZDay ago

    I love how ninja is so nice (NEW NINJA)

  31. Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life

    Weeb Is Love Weeb is LifeDay ago

    *_THAT IS SO E P I C._*

  32. Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life

    Weeb Is Love Weeb is LifeDay ago

    **rEpOrTeD fOr StReAm SnIpInG**

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    飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富18 hours ago

    Kid its funny just because you change the text

  34. Jason M

    Jason MDay ago

    C. O. D. Moves?? That sounds like a disorder. It's COD. Someone get her outta here 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檪锔

  35. MacBack123

    MacBack123Day ago

    my mouse is high end. the front top broke, so i use without a case, soon 3d print one.

  36. Bumbumjum

    BumbumjumDay ago

    Tom: Haha yeah yeah Ninja: 馃椏

  37. dark gaspar

    dark gasparDay ago

    OMG ninja played with a girl

  38. Myles Lee

    Myles Lee12 hours ago

    Was gonna say that 馃槀馃槀

  39. The Pro

    The ProDay ago

    They should put tfue not ninja 1 like= i tfue

  40. FeedMeBleach

    FeedMeBleachDay ago

    And stop asking for likes

  41. FeedMeBleach

    FeedMeBleachDay ago

    F tfue

  42. Kite Maker

    Kite MakerDay ago

    I hate ninja so much :)

  43. Alexa Brittany

    Alexa BrittanyDay ago

    Gavin Houser Its his opinion

  44. Darnell Smith

    Darnell SmithDay ago

    Nija is bad

  45. Sliverpanda McGeehan

    Sliverpanda McGeehanDay ago

    Super VSTutorials i also don't really like ninja that much but really that's your argument "He'S jUsT A GaMEr"

  46. Super VSTutorials

    Super VSTutorialsDay ago

    Like I don鈥檛 get the hype for him... he鈥檚 just a gamer

  47. Gavin Houser

    Gavin HouserDay ago

    I hate you so much

  48. PyRo 0117

    PyRo 0117Day ago

    They couldn鈥檛 get an actual good pro

  49. Alexa Brittany

    Alexa BrittanyDay ago

    PyRo 0117 Ikr

  50. Gavin Houser

    Gavin HouserDay ago

    PyRo 0117 better than you

  51. Abdallah shalby

    Abdallah shalbyDay ago

    Tfue is better

  52. Gavin Houser

    Gavin HouserDay ago

    Abdallah shalby than nobody

  53. Royals Random

    Royals RandomDay ago

    Why can鈥檛 I be them

  54. Alexander Rojas

    Alexander RojasDay ago

    Luckily ninja didn鈥檛 report someone 馃槄

  55. numb

    numbDay ago

    Alexander Rojas lmao

  56. Deep Thought 101

    Deep Thought 101Day ago

    Epic Victory Royale!!!!

  57. Nathan Sandes

    Nathan SandesDay ago

    Why does ninja look depressed

  58. Abdallah shalby

    Abdallah shalbyDay ago

    Wow that鈥檚 awesome great for you

  59. Bryan Castaneda

    Bryan CastanedaDay ago

    Abdallah shalby 8 year old kid plays fortnite all day馃槀馃槀馃槀

  60. Abdallah shalby

    Abdallah shalbyDay ago

    Awesome hair

  61. M0N0

    M0N0Day ago

    thats what years of fortnite does to a man

  62. Abdallah shalby

    Abdallah shalbyDay ago


  63. Ethan Plays ROBLOX

    Ethan Plays ROBLOXDay ago

    I love ninja

  64. Hooper

    HooperDay ago

    Ninja wtf that hair

  65. Gavin The master

    Gavin The masterDay ago

    Hooper ikr

  66. scarletAlex lazuli

    scarletAlex lazuliDay ago

    I don't know but tom looks younger without a beard I thought this vid was old but it's from this month

  67. jovan tashev

    jovan tashevDay ago

    Ninja is low key bad

  68. {LS}Lightning Strike

    {LS}Lightning Strike12 hours ago

    Sodium Chloride and good day

  69. Sodium Chloride

    Sodium Chloride12 hours ago

    @{LS}Lightning Strike Based on the fact that I can 100% say you are under 18 and most likely a wanna be fortnite youtuber I'm gonna assume you weren't joking and are now trying to salvage yourself. good day

  70. {LS}Lightning Strike

    {LS}Lightning Strike12 hours ago

    Sodium Chloride obvs it was a joke

  71. Sodium Chloride

    Sodium Chloride12 hours ago

    @{LS}Lightning Strike just saying the comment is clearly a joke but you're advocating for his skill which leads me to believe you're a part of his nine year old, poor grade, hype-beast army

  72. Cookies and cream

    Cookies and cream20 hours ago

    Uhm he鈥檚 playing on Xbox not on his usual setting so ya..

  73. Abdallah shalby

    Abdallah shalbyDay ago

    Who ever reads this comment you will have good luck 馃崁馃憤 for ever

  74. Jinsoku

    JinsokuDay ago


  75. Jinsoku

    JinsokuDay ago

    JM Studios Of course Minecraft is better. Fortnite is GARBAGE

  76. JM Studios

    JM StudiosDay ago

    Minecraft is better. 馃ぁ.

  77. Abdallah shalby

    Abdallah shalbyDay ago

    賱丕 丕爻賮

  78. sweet girl

    sweet girlDay ago

    Abdallah shalby 賮賷 毓乇亘賷賰 賲丕 鬲賵賯毓鬲

  79. Abdallah shalby

    Abdallah shalbyDay ago


  80. Oblivv

    OblivvDay ago

    Did she just say C O D moves 6:54

  81. KiPPi

    KiPPiDay ago

    It hurt my soul

  82. Orbaz

    OrbazDay ago

    Ninja is a bot

  83. WheresChiefy 621

    WheresChiefy 621Day ago

    Orbaz he is better than you

  84. S w o o f t y

    S w o o f t yDay ago

    Orbaz no

  85. Brandon Wong

    Brandon WongDay ago

    Wow this game of roblox was epic

  86. Jaan

    JaanDay ago

    Her building skills are outta this world

  87. Jaan

    JaanDay ago

    Ye she isn鈥檛 even building

  88. Ye

    YeDay ago

    Jaan her building is decent tho

  89. Ye

    YeDay ago

    Jaan i build better no cap

  90. silas max Ybarra

    silas max YbarraDay ago

    REACT you should make tenns play def jam fight for new York on ps2 this game was awsome comment yes or no

  91. whynot

    whynotDay ago

    why ninja hair parted like that lmaoooo

  92. TT N

    TT NDay ago

    Cos he backstreet 馃槒

  93. JP RORRO

    JP RORRODay ago

    Ninja is a bot

  94. Shadow

    Shadow2 days ago

    4:40 thank me later

  95. K1NG

    K1NGDay ago

    that's disrespectful

  96. Oblivv

    OblivvDay ago

    She flat

  97. anime thighs saves lives

    anime thighs saves livesDay ago

    you're doing god's work. bless

  98. Shadow

    ShadowDay ago

    @Ceeday not that great, but yoga pants 馃憣

  99. Ceeday

    CeedayDay ago

    For wut

  100. Burst Void

    Burst Void2 days ago

    Kendelle be giving me the season 1 vibes... The game used to be fun ;(

  101. Nessa

    Nessa2 days ago

    That girl really reminds me of me when i鈥檓 playing with my friends. My heart cries for her.

  102. IamRedfooled 銉 lol

    IamRedfooled 銉 lol2 days ago

    Lowkey ninjas hair馃槀, ninja your great

  103. IamRedfooled 銉 lol

    IamRedfooled 銉 lolDay ago


  104. Yale Hong

    Yale HongDay ago


  105. Riggs

    Riggs2 days ago

    Ninja! Your such a great dude!