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Anwe the Killer was a man skilled in death--and he approached the People in their hour of need, to put to death the cannibals--the Wendigo--who had been torturing them.
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits7 months ago

    As the thought of desire for human flesh possesses a person, their heart becomes ice and they turn Wendigo. They forget that people are people and not just animals to be consumed, and they become a danger to all who pass them by.

  2. Nich _witzig

    Nich _witzigMonth ago

    U Can tell this is an American story because of how stupidly badass the Charakter is

  3. Ian Simonovski

    Ian SimonovskiMonth ago

    Still weiting

  4. Paige Rodriguez

    Paige Rodriguez2 months ago

    The Man Who Sold the World k

  5. Paige Rodriguez

    Paige Rodriguez2 months ago

    The Man Who Sold the World p

  6. Paige Rodriguez

    Paige Rodriguez2 months ago

    Extra Credits p

  7. Cyaanidde

    Cyaanidde12 hours ago

    It’s that kinda night

  8. Quadra Quentine

    Quadra Quentine19 hours ago

    Hmmmmm...both a killer...i want to know anwe past

  9. joe b

    joe bDay ago

    Kids who break curfew in 2019: im gonna ground you if you leave the house Kids who broke curfew in great lakes tribes: there is a monster that will eat you alive and you’ll never be seen again

  10. Thunder Lips

    Thunder LipsDay ago

    Atleast the youngest bro was honest.

  11. Jan Ludwik

    Jan LudwikDay ago

    Welp time to move

  12. 77 pig

    77 pig2 days ago

    I'm so glad the wendigo is fake😪

  13. Black Wolf

    Black Wolf2 days ago

    Anwe is like the main smart character in an anime (You see I knew you would go there before you go there so I decided to go there before you decided to go there so when you got there I would have already been there)

  14. arlene coo

    arlene coo3 days ago

    Wendigo vs Windingo

  15. Fierce Wendigo

    Fierce Wendigo3 days ago

    My papa's going to get Anwe for that!

  16. Marie Vasco

    Marie Vasco4 days ago

    Werwolfs are not scared of wensigos

  17. Edsu Pantsu

    Edsu Pantsu5 days ago

    If you want to become one, just ask a surgeon to freeze your heart and place it back.

  18. Jorden Belanic

    Jorden Belanic5 days ago

    Poop, I live in Wendigo area. We need to get guns & hunt these!

  19. Ian The Cool Thief

    Ian The Cool Thief6 days ago

    Thanos: I'm Inevitabl- Anwe: I'm gonna stop you right there.

  20. dima Dimitrov

    dima Dimitrov6 days ago

    Y'all North Americans are mf on some shi

  21. Kylie Delp

    Kylie Delp7 days ago

    3:43 - God throwing away dead memes

  22. Strixii

    Strixii8 days ago

    Just get Ratonhnhaké:ton to deal with it WAIT WHAT IF ANWE IS RATONHNHAKÉ:TON

  23. Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke11 days ago

    Mmmmhhh yes, when part 2?

  24. FlipSide YT

    FlipSide YT12 days ago

    Frick I live in Michigan

  25. ThatOne WeirdDude

    ThatOne WeirdDude12 days ago

    Anwe:All that for a drop of blood?

  26. Jonathan

    Jonathan12 days ago

    Petition to mod Anwe as the flamethrower guy in Until Dawn.

  27. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan13 days ago

    His name wasn’t anwe his name was Charles

  28. Almighty Kue

    Almighty Kue13 days ago

    The original myth never had a deer skull for a head. And it was suppose to be impossibility tall. Tall as the trees.

  29. Leonardo Stevensen

    Leonardo Stevensen13 days ago

    6:47 Kind of like guts quote from beserk

  30. Your Pal Leon

    Your Pal Leon14 days ago

    6:46 most epiciest anime poses in world

  31. Your Pal Leon

    Your Pal Leon14 days ago

    5:33 when you play gta 5 and then kill one guy Police :

  32. Your Pal Leon

    Your Pal Leon14 days ago

    Woa lets then rush with ak 47's and akm's at those myths

  33. you2angel1

    you2angel115 days ago

    ANWE! You the man!

  34. Itz Been Dakav Gaming

    Itz Been Dakav Gaming16 days ago

    Anyone want a pronunciation of my own invented language?

  35. Itz Been Dakav Gaming

    Itz Been Dakav Gaming16 days ago

    Wiheyhlayh huheyhruheyh yihoohyoo gihooh, tolhuheyhn.

  36. Emelie

    Emelie16 days ago

    soo where's part 2?

  37. White343

    White34318 days ago

    Anwe is like the equivalent to a Native American Doomslayer. Brutal, Merciless, Unemotional and full of Fury. We would have called him, the Wendigo Slayer.

  38. luciferangelica

    luciferangelica18 days ago

    this onwe sounds like a total creeper. i bet he was the real wendigo and just framed these other jerks


    KIRSTY JERKIC18 days ago

    I don’t know if Anwa was too cruel killing the youngest son I mean yeah he didn’t spare anyone but he was young and very stupid

  40. Captain Crow

    Captain Crow19 days ago

    People are food, not friends.

  41. Kendall White

    Kendall White20 days ago

    This story is so metal, omfg.

  42. Aldi

    Aldi21 day ago

    Anwe is over power


    DINO AHMAD21 day ago

    6:47 My Favorite Line

  44. Lance Virant

    Lance Virant22 days ago

    Why does the Wendigo look like a Zenomorph?

  45. SuperScorpionGaming

    SuperScorpionGaming22 days ago

    That's the mordeo from CryptTV

  46. Izick

    Izick22 days ago

    It's spotted in Arizona on resavations ad shape shifters seen

  47. Josuke Boii

    Josuke Boii24 days ago

    I want moar

  48. oak gameing

    oak gameing24 days ago

    Wendigos can commonly found in Northern America from northern Mexico to northern Canada

  49. oak gameing

    oak gameing24 days ago

    All 49 states are affected and other nations too

  50. TheOnionQueen

    TheOnionQueen25 days ago

    They don’t “turn into wendigos”, they become possessed by wendigos.

  51. Hunting Shark1

    Hunting Shark125 days ago

    Here’s the tale about Anwe the warrior who took on the Wendigo Back of my brain: yeah but Sam and Dean Winchester took on one 😄

  52. Tanix gamerstar

    Tanix gamerstar25 days ago

    Do more of the windigo

  53. Yes I still play dat

    Yes I still play dat26 days ago

    In the future this is me

  54. xFunky Mango

    xFunky Mango26 days ago

    Thats not how wendigos work tho

  55. Haunted Gacha

    Haunted GachaMonth ago


  56. 7M4TT Galivo

    7M4TT GalivoMonth ago

    It is like a cat and a rat had a baby

  57. Dallas Benson

    Dallas BensonMonth ago

    My native brothers

  58. Lucifer Satan

    Lucifer SatanMonth ago

    Did the wendigoes eat their arms off?

  59. Xime C. R.

    Xime C. R.Month ago

    Interesting how ancient people viewed cannibals

  60. Pyre Squire

    Pyre SquireMonth ago

    Tribe person: I’m so fucking hungry Other tribe person: *dies* Tribe person #1: *eats #2* Ghost of #2: Yo what the hell man #1: *Reeeeeeeeeeee*

  61. umm yea umm hi guys

    umm yea umm hi guysMonth ago

    I am Ojibwe tribe.

  62. eh canadian

    eh canadianMonth ago

    I'm native if you even speak about it. It will come for you

  63. keybladejedi70

    keybladejedi70Month ago

    Pokemon leak brought me

  64. Dragon Breath

    Dragon BreathMonth ago

    Who has ever heard of a skin walker

  65. vukan boi

    vukan boiMonth ago

    Sam O’Nella?

  66. vEn om

    vEn omMonth ago

    Supernatural brought me here 😌

  67. bye sisters

    bye sistersMonth ago

    Ah. I always knew my friend had a craving for flesh