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Anwe the Killer was a man skilled in death--and he approached the People in their hour of need, to put to death the cannibals--the Wendigo--who had been torturing them.
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra CreditsYear ago

    As the thought of desire for human flesh possesses a person, their heart becomes ice and they turn Wendigo. They forget that people are people and not just animals to be consumed, and they become a danger to all who pass them by.

  2. mustanggtr stangy

    mustanggtr stangyMonth ago

    Dude I love wendigos

  3. The Riddler Usurper

    The Riddler UsurperMonth ago

    Where is part 2

  4. Daniel Hyson

    Daniel Hyson3 months ago

    Greetings from Former Wendigo Country

  5. Raul Israel

    Raul Israel4 months ago

    People are animals that are just big brain. People are no different from animals.

  6. Nich _witzig

    Nich _witzig6 months ago

    U Can tell this is an American story because of how stupidly badass the Charakter is

  7. Greenish

    Greenish23 hours ago

    Anwe is like “omae wa mou shindaru” guy of America

  8. Ugly SCP Tato

    Ugly SCP TatoDay ago

    Please stop rhyming

  9. FOXGEAR92

    FOXGEAR92Day ago

    ...I think this guy murdered a family and their servants then forced the remaining servants to go along with the Wendigo story he made up and killed the servants who wouldn't :V

  10. Mr random stuff

    Mr random stuff2 days ago

    Ah great only 2 hours away fro. Where I live

  11. Zugi

    Zugi2 days ago

    that's soooo cool

  12. Olaf Michelson

    Olaf Michelson4 days ago

    God Like Fears OMFG

  13. Glenn McGrew II

    Glenn McGrew II4 days ago

    What happened to the sequel?

  14. There is not a fish in my my boot!

    There is not a fish in my my boot!4 days ago

    Your a damned fool if you think the Wendigo is a myth

  15. Cresly Adam Bardon

    Cresly Adam Bardon4 days ago

    He observed them for so long only so that he can fight them straight on.

  16. Laeiryn

    Laeiryn4 days ago

    Your little bit of harp music for these reminds me intently of the Minbari from Babylon 5.

  17. Mylz Ballinger

    Mylz Ballinger5 days ago

    Wait I live in Michigan up

  18. 00modpod

    00modpod7 days ago

    0:23 Just look at that tongue! OwO 👅

  19. Robus WhiteWolf

    Robus WhiteWolf7 days ago

    Anwe must be a Winchester.

  20. Mitchred99 derp

    Mitchred99 derp8 days ago


  21. Mitchred99 derp

    Mitchred99 derp8 days ago

    So uhhh I live near the Great Lakes........ that’s fun

  22. Stovacious

    Stovacious8 days ago

    Oh great. Just when I thought Michigan couldn't get any worse

  23. Jonathan Pryor

    Jonathan Pryor9 days ago

    Still waiting for this next episode 11 months later

  24. MadamFoogie

    MadamFoogie10 days ago

    Y'all excited about Antlers?

  25. *Sans616Chara6 Roblox*

    *Sans616Chara6 Roblox*12 days ago

    Ah yes, watch this at night


    JANE MOODY12 days ago

    The 3rd brother has the best looking hair EVER I WANT IT

  27. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker12 days ago

    Do najvo skinwalker please it would be cool

  28. Mocchaq

    Mocchaq14 days ago

    Part 2?

  29. Mocchaq

    Mocchaq15 days ago

    Extra credits:wendigo Me: *hears my little pony theme in the background*

  30. Claymann71

    Claymann7116 days ago

    Real-talk: this episode & the Dune-series are the best Extra Credits videos, IMO.

  31. Jose Ovidio Martinez Jasso

    Jose Ovidio Martinez Jasso16 days ago

    the algoritm brought me here and I got lost on the story of the wendigo family, exelent work guys

  32. Heyward Shepherd

    Heyward Shepherd16 days ago

    So he tricks the old man into taking a drink. Then he stabbed him and kicked him in the ICEHOLE!

  33. Sheld Owned

    Sheld Owned16 days ago

    To me the Wendigo Curse gives an air of Consumerism, the same way Zombies did until people started making zombie movies about... well zombies and not the consumerism or the zombie itself

  34. Your future boyfriends

    Your future boyfriends16 days ago

    Weting my dinggo

  35. Zzee the1st

    Zzee the1st17 days ago

    Where is part 2

  36. Bonnie Allen

    Bonnie Allen17 days ago

    I saw a movie about something like these once

  37. Mr. Osmosis

    Mr. Osmosis17 days ago

    At least the youngest brother was killed almost too swiftly to feel pain.

  38. Mr. Osmosis

    Mr. Osmosis17 days ago

    And that’s how he f***ing died

  39. Mr. Osmosis

    Mr. Osmosis17 days ago

    (The father)

  40. david banan

    david banan18 days ago

    Wendigos are humans turned monsters, created by eating human flesh on cursed lands, there for they are cursed

  41. Rebecca Goodrich

    Rebecca Goodrich19 days ago

    * came up to the campfire* Me: aww cute baby!.. Oh you're telling a story? Can I listen too!:

  42. Suyong Lee

    Suyong Lee19 days ago

    Red coats:We are invisible Anwe: Really? Anwe+Conner =DESTRUCTION

  43. NeNe Jordan

    NeNe Jordan19 days ago


  44. Boba BountyHunter

    Boba BountyHunter19 days ago

    aye heres my favorite myth *fingerguns*

  45. Smokeysmo kedawg

    Smokeysmo kedawg19 days ago

    7:28 that's a neat stone mallet

  46. Donut lord Yeetus

    Donut lord Yeetus20 days ago


  47. King Kam

    King Kam21 day ago

    Damn he’s badass

  48. John Stuart

    John Stuart22 days ago

    So...Anwe was basically a Witcher.

  49. Communist Bocaj

    Communist Bocaj22 days ago

    Imagine seeing that when you wake

  50. Martha Barraza

    Martha Barraza23 days ago

    This is my favorite one

  51. W.D Gaster

    W.D Gaster23 days ago

    Wait what about the dad he was thrown in the ice

  52. John Marston

    John Marston25 days ago

    Native Tribes Religion: *exists* Non-natives: hey that's a nice _myth_ you've got there

  53. John Marston

    John Marston16 days ago

    @Guitar Chick it's a religion, it's not that hard to respect it. Calling it a myth is incredibly rude

  54. Guitar Chick

    Guitar Chick21 day ago

    But, it is a myth.

  55. Sad Turtle

    Sad Turtle26 days ago

    So he is a Native Mail Lara Croft or VanHelsing cool

  56. Damien King-Acevedo

    Damien King-Acevedo27 days ago

    Thank God for due process; Anwe sounds like a right bastard.

  57. Dino

    Dino29 days ago

    Windegoes didn't have antlers

  58. The Senate

    The Senate29 days ago

    Is this a new Rimworld mod where they tell interactive stories at campfires

  59. TheStagesOfGrief

    TheStagesOfGriefMonth ago


  60. Arc 117

    Arc 117Month ago

    Yeah, the wendigo makes me think of Darth Nihilus

  61. Kevin Sturges

    Kevin SturgesMonth ago

    Great stuff!

  62. Andrei Stoica

    Andrei StoicaMonth ago

    Anwe looks like a mix of Kratos and BOY

  63. Asainb0III 101

    Asainb0III 101Month ago

    CEO of no arms

  64. Nhiên Lê Minh Huệ

    Nhiên Lê Minh HuệMonth ago

    Anwe is a partner that everyone all need when playing Five night at Freddy

  65. Crassus

    CrassusMonth ago

    I'm american and I didn't know we had this kinda stuff

  66. John Marston

    John Marston25 days ago

    Native American religion is very fascinating :)

  67. School Stinks Butt

    School Stinks ButtMonth ago

    My step dad said that the wendigo would eat us if we left our back gate open. Long story short, we closed the gate

  68. Baby Dyke

    Baby DykeMonth ago

    My Seminole ass was expecting something really racist. There was a couple things I didn’t agree with, but this was pretty good!

  69. Baby Dyke

    Baby DykeMonth ago

    Wendigo’s are Native folks who have starved. More First Nations are sorry for them rather than scared.

  70. The gaming bat 12

    The gaming bat 12Month ago

    yo what if the hero guy was a wendigo who was trying to make up for his sins