Rango: Animated Western at its Finest

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  1. Cosmodore

    Cosmodore5 months ago

    Go to nordvpn.org/cosmodore and use code cosmodore to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free. Protect yourself online today!

  2. G.O.K.

    G.O.K.17 days ago

    @gwanael34 I always thought it was French, like Asterix and Isnogood. I know the Belgians had Tin Tin.

  3. gwanael34

    gwanael3417 days ago

    @G.O.K. It's belgian so probably not.

  4. G.O.K.

    G.O.K.17 days ago

    Who said animated western stories aren't a thing? Don't you have Lucky Luke in the US? It was pretty big in Europe.

  5. gwanael34

    gwanael34Month ago

    Just saying for good animated westerns we had "Lucky Luke" here is canada, some animated iteration are relatively good.

  6. AndyBrawler

    AndyBrawler3 months ago

    Cosmodore, What was Robotboy? It seems to be about a robot trying to stay in cover or something. Can you make a video about it?

  7. DameOfTheRose

    DameOfTheRoseDay ago

    I loved this movie, I recently rewatched it on Hulu and it still holds up

  8. Otto Bangsgaard

    Otto Bangsgaard3 days ago

    Great vid but your comments aint hittin it

  9. NiNjA gUrL

    NiNjA gUrL5 days ago

    This movie was my childhood

  10. Robert Turton

    Robert Turton5 days ago

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas reference 5:31

  11. The Ursa Lord

    The Ursa Lord6 days ago

    What’s that song at 8:42 ? I could’ve sworn I heard it in some Nintendo game or something.

  12. joey Carlson

    joey Carlson8 days ago

    We aren’t talking about how the animation looks nicer than toy story 4?!?!

  13. Kanu Pandit

    Kanu Pandit9 days ago

    Don't tango with the rango

  14. Chidjire ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    Chidjire ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ10 days ago

    Rango is a masterpiece, you can't change my mind

  15. H and Friends

    H and Friends17 days ago

    This....this is really real I thought this movie was just a fever dream I had .... Also...for some reason I remember them....not talking in the movie...idk

  16. 234577

    23457719 days ago

    Good Nickelodeon movies have a certain quality about them that I can't quite describe, but it seems to be missing from there more recent stuff.

  17. Scarlet Has A Big iron on her Hip

    Scarlet Has A Big iron on her Hip20 days ago

    Rango Protecc, Rango Attacc, But Most importantly, He Needs to get more water for dirt

  18. PHISHY

    PHISHY20 days ago

    my cousin named his dog rango

  19. Zigor Campos McGregor

    Zigor Campos McGregor20 days ago


  20. Mr. Chest

    Mr. Chest20 days ago

    *”Ain’t no one gonna tango, with the Rango”*

  21. Ashley drouin

    Ashley drouin23 days ago

    When I was a kid, I didn't really like this movie. But now I've grown to appreciate it. I haven't seen it in ages but I want to see it again.

  22. Kicksno1fan

    Kicksno1fan20 days ago

    I hated it as a kid because I thought the characters and setting were so ugly and gross lol. cant stand western movies because of that, but now that I'm older I can definitely appreciate Rango as well.

  23. Rex Wrecks

    Rex Wrecks25 days ago

    Is it me, or does that white bird character look A LOT! Like ford Cruller from psychonauts.



    “Just like nord VPN oh god” omg I cant 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Carnivorus

    Carnivorus26 days ago

    You forgot to mentioned Lucky Luke when talking about animated westerns

  26. ndrw

    ndrw26 days ago

    2:45 "nigga"

  27. green parrot

    green parrot27 days ago

    Rooster Teeth did a western cartoon

  28. TheDarkSeraph

    TheDarkSeraph27 days ago

    I went into this movie expecting to hate it. I mean Johnny Depp as a cowboy lizard? That's stupid. Why is this movie so good?

  29. Hippolyte

    Hippolyte28 days ago

    I absolutely hated rango. I dont see the purpose and have no interest in the story. I'm watching this hoping to understand why people like it

  30. mıstsparkz

    mıstsparkz29 days ago

    This movie is my childhood, I still love it to this day

  31. Icy Fox

    Icy FoxMonth ago

    Am I the only one who is afraid of the lizard girl?

  32. Luxury

    LuxuryMonth ago

    My 5 favorite animated movies of all time were 1.Rango 2. 9(nine) movie 3.coraline 4.franken weenie 5. Para norman

  33. Menchi Guevarra

    Menchi Guevarra29 days ago

    Where’s Legend of the Guardians?

  34. FierceMango

    FierceMangoMonth ago

    I remember my teacher showing this movie to my class. After that, my teacher was nowhere to be seen( probably got fired )

  35. Sheepy15

    Sheepy15Month ago

    Sonic chronicles was a great game with a great soundtrack, dont @ me

  36. Proffesor Vutale

    Proffesor VutaleMonth ago

    I need that cover of the rango suite at the beginning of the video

  37. Dark Impulse

    Dark ImpulseMonth ago

    Nomad of Nowhere by Rooster Teeth is also and animated Western

  38. Legendary leon

    Legendary leonMonth ago

    8:40 I love the legend of Zelda, spirit tracks

  39. Mitschcrafter

    MitschcrafterMonth ago

    this is the first movie where the german dub was actually good

  40. Fire Player

    Fire PlayerMonth ago

    This was one of my favourite movies growing up. I still have a CD of the film. I should probably watch it again haven't watched it for like 5 or 6 years.

  41. MyNameIsInigoMontoyaYouKilledMyFatherPrepareToDie

    MyNameIsInigoMontoyaYouKilledMyFatherPrepareToDieMonth ago

    3:33 KAKYOIN!?!??!!?!

  42. LizardKing

    LizardKingMonth ago

    i loved this movie as a child

  43. Spider Productions

    Spider ProductionsMonth ago

    Wow your only 8 years older than me

  44. thehumanshitpostbot

    thehumanshitpostbotMonth ago

    there's only 1 thing i find wrong about this movie rango is a chameleon and he would have died within a day from thirst because of how dry the desert is

  45. Kelly Gregory

    Kelly GregoryMonth ago

    Rango is probably my favorite animated film. I just think of it fondly and I kinda want to own this on DVD

  46. hellomy nameis

    hellomy nameisMonth ago

    lucky luke was the best!

  47. Ich bin dumm und habe keinen Plan aber,

    Ich bin dumm und habe keinen Plan aber,Month ago

    Wait ,Hans Zimmer made the music? Now thats a f“ing cast .

  48. Funny Happy Studios

    Funny Happy StudiosMonth ago

    Can we just agree how badass Rattlesnake Jake is?

  49. Yoshi Stover

    Yoshi StoverMonth ago

    2:51 Was that... Was that pmd? with a police siren?

  50. Susu Sketches

    Susu SketchesMonth ago

    How abot lucky luke?

  51. Elizabeth Salazar

    Elizabeth SalazarMonth ago

    We haven't seen Johnny Depp since dead man tell no tales in 2017. Now hes gone again. He's the jontron of Hollywood.

  52. MovieBlocks Productions A.K.

    MovieBlocks Productions A.K.Month ago

    I remember seeing this movie when I was like 3 and I hated it. SOOOO MUCH

  53. Yuri Here Because I'm Here

    Yuri Here Because I'm HereMonth ago

    I'm gonna be honest, the nightmare scene where the cacti turn into rattlesnake tails scared me as a kid

  54. Retrogamer1246

    Retrogamer1246Month ago

    The fact you put in Wild Arms 3 music made me really happy that someone else knows of the best western OST

  55. jg pliskin

    jg pliskinMonth ago

    Fivel goes West eats this movie's ass

  56. The Estevez Company

    The Estevez CompanyMonth ago

    I saw that movie in theaters as a kid, and I still love it as an adult.

  57. Dead

    DeadMonth ago

    The poster for Home on the Range looks like the most cliche disney movie ever

  58. LameAss

    LameAssMonth ago

    i watched this SO many years ago, and i loved it. i actually watched it quite a lot. and the animation, looking back on it, is absolutely amazing, especially for its time. i’m surprised how well it holds up. wow.

  59. TheOneShotWunda

    TheOneShotWundaMonth ago

    I got to see the early screening of this movie in Hollywood and it was so good. I might not have fully realized it then but this movie was fantastic. I also just remembered that I had one of those orange windup fish like the one rango had

  60. Fox Fountain

    Fox FountainMonth ago

    *Gets nostalgic* “Alright time to put the rango disc into my CD player even though it’s a school night”

  61. SelahBeats

    SelahBeatsMonth ago

    Cannon blasters is a good western anime

  62. The Meme Lord

    The Meme LordMonth ago

    Cliff side is another really well animated pilot that looked like a really good show if it was on the air

  63. The Patriarch

    The PatriarchMonth ago

    You know what wasn't at it's finest? The title change.

  64. Redneck Rampage

    Redneck RampageMonth ago

    Thank you so much. I finally found the name of this great film.

  65. GRANDmasterRen1

    GRANDmasterRen1Month ago

    *Hateful 8 worst tarantino* NO

  66. Project Reborn

    Project RebornMonth ago

    Why tf isn't this on Netflix

  67. Thomas Carpenter

    Thomas CarpenterMonth ago

    I wanted to watch Pirates of the Carribean and this well done