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  1. Shamiya Higgins

    Shamiya Higgins13 hours ago

    Love you bobby

  2. Ariel Tecson

    Ariel Tecson16 hours ago

    6:57-7:04 7:31-7:32 7:49-7:50 Me: The moment you realize you made the wrong choice 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Sun Light

    Sun Light17 hours ago


  4. Tan Studios

    Tan Studios17 hours ago


  5. Metallic Tanner92

    Metallic Tanner92Day ago

    13:45 Bobby had a give another player a punishment but he didn’t use it

  6. Elizabeth Oliver

    Elizabeth OliverDay ago

    Do you want a kookie? 🍪 It cost 1 like.

  7. Ayden Kemp

    Ayden KempDay ago

    Bobby: this game is stupid 5 mins later Bobby: I WON!

  8. William Maurice

    William Maurice2 days ago

    every one thinks jfred is like not scared of anything and at the end he screams like a girl

  9. Dish Soap

    Dish Soap2 days ago

    i swear poor Bobby 😂

  10. Dinesha Campbell

    Dinesha Campbell3 days ago

    Hey I wanna was I heard a fight

  11. Blk Panther

    Blk Panther3 days ago

    Did he say giant porn game

  12. Jon Turner

    Jon Turner3 days ago

    Is there anyone watching this from 2019 not 2018 Jon turne

  13. Golden Gamer

    Golden Gamer21 hour ago


  14. kwokhint

    kwokhintDay ago

    Jon Turner me

  15. Jon Turner

    Jon Turner3 days ago

    Is there anyone watching this from 2019 not 2018 Jon turner

  16. Jon Turner

    Jon Turner3 days ago

    Is anyone watching this in 2018

  17. Star Explorers

    Star Explorers3 days ago

    Team edge drink a cup of pickle juice Jfred. Gross Me. Yeah gove it too me I love pickle juice

  18. JWils 88

    JWils 883 days ago

    "Right in the coconuts"

  19. Layne Dudas

    Layne Dudas3 days ago

    5:09 Bobby you pervert

  20. Colleen Thomas

    Colleen Thomas4 days ago

    love this video love u joey

  21. Tấn Vinh Phan

    Tấn Vinh Phan4 days ago

    LIke for how many Bobby said "This game is stoopid".

  22. Tấn Vinh Phan

    Tấn Vinh PhanDay ago

    I never reach more than 11 likes. Sad.

  23. kwokhint

    kwokhintDay ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 2 likes only

  24. CrowMetic Chanel

    CrowMetic Chanel4 days ago

    Joey: come to papa Bryan: alright bobby your goal is to shoot bobby

  25. Nathan Atwell

    Nathan Atwell4 days ago

    If you like Bryne like my comment i love him because he is vary funny and i mean like vary vary funny.

  26. Nathan Atwell

    Nathan Atwell4 days ago

    Bobby is like me i have a fish ploe to that i sleep on me and Bobby have a lot in come and hi guys but my fish is a rock bass.

  27. Hunter Andersson

    Hunter Andersson4 days ago


  28. Cameron Hutson

    Cameron Hutson4 days ago


  29. Mason Rayner

    Mason Rayner4 days ago

    Who heard the scream at 16:20

  30. 4 days ago


  31. GreenRobo 1

    GreenRobo 14 days ago

    Bryan why do u need a helmet to twees a nose hair?


    RHONDA OSZUST5 days ago

    I Love Your Videos 😱

  33. Nader Elwan

    Nader Elwan5 days ago

    16:20 Joeys scream

  34. Lorelay Liekens

    Lorelay Liekens6 days ago

    NUTSHOT 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😅!!!

  35. Ryker Irontooth

    Ryker Irontooth6 days ago

    Everyone: 1 lIkE eQuAl a SaFe fOr BoBbY or this is ___ *enter stupid emojis here* 1 lIkE eQuAl *amount of money or pain here* | | | V wtf

  36. Jacob Allen

    Jacob Allen6 days ago

    How many likes this gets Bobby dose them

  37. Balto

    Balto6 days ago


  38. Red M

    Red M6 days ago

    Bobby got 10000000000,0000000000000,0000000000000,000 punishments

  39. Madeline Tai

    Madeline Tai6 days ago

    I hate Bryan

  40. Madeline Tai

    Madeline Tai6 days ago

    He’s annoying

  41. fire horse

    fire horse7 days ago

    Why didnt bobby ise his card?

  42. fire horse

    fire horse7 days ago

    I mean use

  43. An Chau

    An Chau8 days ago

    Trash can*

  44. Alondra Bowie

    Alondra Bowie8 days ago

    You should had shot Bony in the buttocks

  45. Briahna Burns

    Briahna Burns8 days ago

    Bryan said seven spaces, but he wanted to say two spaces


    BRITTANY HILL9 days ago

    The next game y’all should do is to see who can play a trumpet 🎺 better


    BRITTANY HILL9 days ago

    I love pickle juice

  48. Aubrey Tennyson

    Aubrey Tennyson9 days ago

    This was the first video I watched from team edge like if it was your first || || || \/

  49. Callum Gibson

    Callum Gibson9 days ago

    It looked like Bobby pooed himself

  50. Anna Perez

    Anna Perez9 days ago

    Drink a cup of mayo or cottage cheese or eat a spoon full of spam

  51. Jayden Jd

    Jayden Jd9 days ago


  52. Monster Jam With MERRIK

    Monster Jam With MERRIK9 days ago

    1:55 I Love My Mother!!

  53. mix maks

    mix maks9 days ago

    It brings back the old vids

  54. Utachrom Lassek

    Utachrom Lassek10 days ago

    This is jimmy 🕴 Each like is useless, because likes don't do anything...SO DONT LIKE

  55. Mr Monkey

    Mr Monkey10 days ago

    Bobby forgot about his reward card in TeamEdgeGamingLand

  56. flame phantom

    flame phantom10 days ago

    00:19 sounds like porn game

  57. Buzzy Brown

    Buzzy Brown10 days ago

    9:43 THIS IS STUPID (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻

  58. Retrowolf 85

    Retrowolf 8510 days ago

    i love you guysssssss

  59. Good Morning

    Good Morning10 days ago

    I am also a master ball game again soon we will have to try it again soon we will have to try it again soon we will have to try it again Autocomplete is the best


    BODIE LARSON10 days ago

    16:19 did anyone hear Joey scream like a girl?

  61. Welding Guy

    Welding Guy19 hours ago

    yup :^ kinda sounds like me tho lol

  62. Glh P

    Glh P6 days ago

    BODIE LARSON he always does that so I meannnn

  63. LEE KNOW

    LEE KNOW12 days ago

    Rip bobby

  64. noah Butler

    noah Butler12 days ago

    Drink 1 gallon of raw egg on the next one

  65. Dilliraj Limbu

    Dilliraj Limbu12 days ago

    😁 👕 👖

  66. Cheyenne Pike

    Cheyenne Pike13 days ago


  67. psycho zombie productions

    psycho zombie productions13 days ago

    The part where Gibson hits Bryan was so funny 😂😂

  68. Phoenix D. LUBIANO

    Phoenix D. LUBIANO14 days ago

    1:54 J-Fred: *I lAb mY mAdErr*

  69. Nathan Atwell

    Nathan Atwell4 days ago

    Umm what