The Ending Of Stranger Things Season 3 Explained


  1. Looper

    Looper14 days ago

    Which season of Stranger Things is your favorite?

  2. Jordan is 23 and 45 Legend

    Jordan is 23 and 45 Legend4 hours ago

    Looper 2

  3. Hailies World

    Hailies WorldDay ago

    Hugo Blendl I didn’t really enjoy 2 either because eleven was barely in it

  4. Mimi Ramli

    Mimi RamliDay ago


  5. West Boys

    West BoysDay ago


  6. Dont mind me

    Dont mind meDay ago


  7. Firas Dou

    Firas Dou2 hours ago


  8. Firas Dou

    Firas Dou2 hours ago

    The demo Gordon looks like it has the colours of dart Does that mean dart is still alive

  9. alexandra flinchum

    alexandra flinchum3 hours ago

    when billy was sent to the upside down his flayed version was put on earth but he did not return so is billy still in the upside down or is he actually dead???

  10. Eliplays 144

    Eliplays 1447 hours ago

    He did die hopper die he exploded

  11. Leonard L Church

    Leonard L Church8 hours ago

    Who is "the american" is my biggest question

  12. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie Griffin23 hours ago

    Let’s pray Netflix dosent mess up the final season of Stranger Things like HBO did with Game of Thrones

  13. Xx_Ellie_xX 21

    Xx_Ellie_xX 21Day ago


  14. AngelLuvsvids2015

    AngelLuvsvids2015Day ago

    I think her powers going to mutate to even higher extent power abilities

  15. Mimi Ramli

    Mimi RamliDay ago

    No matter how much I want Jim Hopper to be alive next season but I still think it's Papa in that cell. How th would the Russians know so much about the Upside Down if not an expert giving them all the info..

  16. Tasha Shaffer

    Tasha ShafferDay ago

    I rewatched the series after season 3. I think they are moving to Maine. In season two Bob talks about moving to Maine with Joyce. Before Mike leaves, he says to Eleven you can come up to see us.. So they’re moving north.

  17. Am I Crazy?

    Am I Crazy?Day ago

    Do you see that there is a black out after Joyce switches the 2 keys??? And then the laser or tesla thing just rotate itself faster but, you will see on the left side that Hopper isn't standing there, even the shadow himself, if he's dead, then why they didn't show Hopper turned into ashes just the Russians who came inside. Another thing is, if Hopper isn't the american inside the cell, maybe Dr. Brenner, but for me it's quite impossible because Dr. Brenner is British, and do you know the last episode of season 1 that Dr. Brenner tackled by the Demogorgon, what if Dr. Brenner had superpowers because he's not scared of Eleven and he tackled by the demogorgon, because demogorgon aren't easily to kill with guns. And isn't weird that the season 3 had less screen time in the upside down? Sorry for my grammar.

  18. Rehaan Khan

    Rehaan Khan2 days ago

    I was having a good day but than i decided to watch stranger things s3 e8 😭

  19. ImVeryCoolLOL

    ImVeryCoolLOL2 days ago

    Next season is probaly gonna be released in 2019 christmas or something, BUT MAN DO I WANNA MEET EL AND MIKE AND DUSTIN AND WILL

  20. Jason Chapman

    Jason Chapman2 days ago

    I think they should follow the same premise as It. Film season four in 1986. Then do a final season set in modern day where they are all grown up.

  21. BoostFlame

    BoostFlame2 days ago

    what happened to the demodog in joyces fridge from season 2?

  22. Robyn L 11

    Robyn L 112 days ago

    How come I never saw them feeding soldiers to the demogorgan

  23. Cao Tuan Vo

    Cao Tuan Vo2 days ago

    Idk but I feel like a lot characters acted irracionally a lot in the 3d season

  24. GD Don’tQuit

    GD Don’tQuit3 days ago

    The American or whatever the Russians call it might be hopper because right before the Machine to open the gate exploded he wasn’t in the scene so there is a possible chance that hopper ran away in time or he went through the gate and once he was in the upside down he found a way out through the gate in Russia where the Russians got the Demogorgon This is just a theory it might not be correct but it is most likely that I am right

  25. NightPhoenix

    NightPhoenix3 days ago

    Stranger Things is.. _a never ending story_

  26. Kristóf Kormos

    Kristóf Kormos3 days ago

    Can someone tell me why is Eleven going with the Byers..?

  27. Gukchii

    Gukchii3 days ago

    It’s funny cause the guy was saying to Alexi this is American as it gets, then Alexi gets shot, coincidence I think not, hotel trivago.

  28. q_rps art

    q_rps art3 days ago

    Why did they have to kill of my boy Smirnoff and the chief

  29. Karteeon HD

    Karteeon HD3 days ago

    If Eleven‘s powers are gone i am gonna not look anymore Stranger Things

  30. Hans Werner

    Hans Werner3 days ago

    what's deal with calling it "demigorgon"?

  31. degan Muscovik

    degan Muscovik3 days ago

    What if the green goo powers up Elevens powers

  32. Mihael Bednjički

    Mihael Bednjički4 days ago

    2003: finding Nemo 2016: finding Dory 2019: finding Hooper

  33. aman kumar

    aman kumar4 days ago

    Plz open the gate 3 inchs for your poor father

  34. Nightwing Noir

    Nightwing Noir4 days ago

    I really wish they could have waited another year to move. Jonathon only has one more year of high school left!

  35. Melanie Averruz

    Melanie Averruz5 days ago

    My prediction of who’s gonna die in st4: Robin :( Her last name starts with b and everyone that has died in stranger things their names or last names started with a b. Hopefully this doesn’t happen ;-;


    CLAVIN ZKL5 days ago

    I waited like 1 week and i DID binge watch it evwn tho it didint have a lot of episodes

  37. Gacha T

    Gacha T5 days ago

    Well in season 2 the last episode she used alot of strength to close to portal to the upside down so.. How did she lose them now?

  38. TheLionAter

    TheLionAter5 days ago

    But why is eleven going with the Byers?

  39. Landon Vachon

    Landon Vachon5 days ago

    Possibility, It could be her...It could be BARB!

  40. Landon Vachon

    Landon Vachon5 days ago

    What if the Demogorgon in Season 1 never died!?

  41. Aimon Azhar

    Aimon Azhar5 days ago

    WHO else wants hopper back 😢😢

  42. Elisa M.O

    Elisa M.O5 days ago

    Hopper better come back 😭

  43. fource lyy

    fource lyy5 days ago

    🖕It isn't the last season

  44. Ashannie Is so cute

    Ashannie Is so cute5 days ago

    Why did eleven and will have to leave?

  45. Gracie Hadlich

    Gracie Hadlich5 days ago

    Please bring El’s sis back to help her find her power again!!! I miss that collab!

  46. Ryan Palmer

    Ryan Palmer6 days ago

    Honestly, i think that in season 4, el would lose her powers and everyine would rely on will, becasue Will's powers will get stronger. and when hopper gets killed, well, he dosen't. i think that he hopped into the upside down right before the explosion. then everyone will mett back up in hawkins because will could sense that hopper was still alive, and they will adventure into the upside down the find him.

  47. ConnorM_16 _16

    ConnorM_16 _166 days ago

    Does everyone know that there is scene after the credits?

  48. Josh Lavers

    Josh Lavers6 days ago

    THEORY: Anyone else think that Alexi may be the American? He wanted to experience what he considered the "American Dream" and was beginning to enjoy his time there. If he was brought in by the Russians cause he didn't actually die they could be calling him American cause he sided with them? Thoughts?

  49. Pauleen Cua

    Pauleen Cua6 days ago

    If you guys are blaming Suzie.. If Dustin would let her sign off.. They would all die because they wouldn’t have the code.. All though they did the song to entertain the audience. It is sad that Hopper and Bob died though..

  50. Isa and Pri

    Isa and Pri6 days ago

    Dustin: We need to save the world Suzie: NeVeR eNdInG sT--

  51. Kiara Stuchbery

    Kiara Stuchbery6 days ago

    In season 1, when Eleven had a flashback of her going into the tank at the lab, there was a Russian there which could have been a hint about upcoming seasons. I don’t know if anything the Russian said gives away anything but it’s just a theory.

  52. Chantell W

    Chantell W7 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the American is “bald eagle”


    xXxDEATHMASTER69xXx7 days ago

    Ugh why did max have to survive

  54. love yoga

    love yoga7 days ago

    I want hopper back i will miss him "3 inches minimun

  55. love yoga

    love yoga7 days ago

    I think hopper will be back