Samsung Galaxy View 2 - 17 Inch Android Tablet

Samsung Galaxy View 2 - 17 Inch Android Tablet
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  1. Flossy Carter

    Flossy Carter4 months ago

    #Squad Roll Call

  2. cheetoh

    cheetohMonth ago

    Hey I want to use this as a car dash tablet how big is it for that use? What is you le opinion?

  3. Edmond Thiebaud

    Edmond Thiebaud2 months ago

    Front and center

  4. Joe Becker

    Joe Becker4 months ago

    Do have a spotify playlist and if you do whats it called?

  5. hat

    hat4 months ago


  6. ꧁Rainbow Boy With Glass Head - MINECRAFT꧂ ❶

    ꧁Rainbow Boy With Glass Head - MINECRAFT꧂ ❶Day ago

    You play minecraft?

  7. Matt 24

    Matt 243 days ago

    Can you output a image from a gaming console/pc to it?

  8. Joe Liew

    Joe Liew12 days ago

    Any idea if it works perfectly well with Playstation PS4 Remote Play? Also, if the remote gets full screen?

  9. Aaron Starkey

    Aaron Starkey14 days ago

    Was thinking of getting this for the kitchen. I think I'll be getting a Tab S5e instead.

  10. SpacePirate's Hobbies

    SpacePirate's Hobbies20 days ago

    For those of you who don't like the case, you might want to try a artist portfolio. Enjoy the video as usual.

  11. Cheryl Singleton

    Cheryl Singleton21 day ago

    When they told me at at&t the tablet only came in gray, I was a little disappointed. I must be color blind; the tablet looks more like a Matt black to me. I use it for all that Flossy mentioned and I'm happy. It has great picture and sound,and charges very fast. I carry it from my downstairs to upstairs by using the hole. When carrying it in the case I turn it so that my screen is fully covered. I'm still trying to figure out if I can minimize my keyboard while watching USwork full screen. I thought I would be able to type with my old S pen to type, unfortunately that doesn't work. I hate seeing all the finger prints when the tablet is off. I'm constantly wiping my screen. A smug proof screen would have been bomb.I also think Samsung should have thrown in some earphones. Any way I'll love this Veiw2 until the next new and approved tablet comes out.

  12. The Golden Sumo

    The Golden Sumo23 days ago

    Yo this man got Tony Soprano!!!!

  13. The Golden Sumo

    The Golden Sumo23 days ago

    If you want a big ass Android tablet🤣🤣🤣 I like how you narrate and review on your Channel this is the first video I've scene but good job thank you

  14. Marcel van Meulenaarsgraf

    Marcel van Meulenaarsgraf24 days ago

    vert useful vid, thanks!

  15. ISSAC.J

    ISSAC.J25 days ago

    Personally I use my galaxy view for remote play for ps4 & xbox remote play works great it's a great solution to when you want to play on the go!

  16. Mech Mod Mark

    Mech Mod Mark25 days ago

    Flossy I just ordered this tablet but I’m gonna need more storage on it. What micro SD card would you recommend for more video media consumption???Overall great video 👍👍👍

  17. TK

    TKMonth ago

    Pro tip you have it in the case backwards from how it should be

  18. Dmm Dmm543

    Dmm Dmm543Month ago

    Alright...You a are now my new and improved favorite black man ! I got all the information I wanted on this Big Ass Tablet. I want one. It'll be next to the recliner on a HD swiveling arm. Big Ass TV, Big Ass Tablet, Big Ass Recliner and cell phone all in one place while I watch my MMA. I'm perfecting the hermit lifestyle.

  19. Mohamed Ashraf XvX

    Mohamed Ashraf XvXMonth ago

    Does this tab support screen mirroring or any feature that displays the tablet's screen to smart tv? Dont want any external connections or apps since i want to display the content of an application so an application like Chromecast doesn't work for me

  20. Jeff Patterson

    Jeff PattersonMonth ago

    Let me add 9ne major thought....out of 100 people on about 5 of them actually even use their smart phones to there full capacity...the average person spends $1000 on a phone just to look at Facebook and make a phone call...speaking all the tech talk is only good for those 5 people, the other 95 want a big ass android tablet....even you have the old one and the new

  21. Kokica Langarec

    Kokica Langarec2 months ago

    View 2 or tab pro in ur opinion?

  22. Kokica Langarec

    Kokica Langarec2 months ago

    @Flossy Carter btw feels kinda strange being able to talk directly to a famous youtuber . Peace!

  23. Kokica Langarec

    Kokica Langarec2 months ago

    @Flossy Carter for movies. Is the view 2 heavy and what about overall display quality compared to the tab pro ( the resolution is better on the tab of course)

  24. Flossy Carter

    Flossy Carter2 months ago

    For what use?

  25. Shawn K

    Shawn K2 months ago

    I ordered it today and I'm so excited much :)

  26. Super Slovak

    Super Slovak2 months ago

    That price is too god damn high

  27. Linda Breyfogle

    Linda Breyfogle2 months ago

    Would this be a good tablet to use to teach classes online such as Vipkid or Palfish? I teach children online and need a good tablet.

  28. Linda Breyfogle

    Linda Breyfogle2 months ago

    @Flossy Carter Thank you. I am needing to upgrade and want to find a good tablet that will work great for teaching students from China online in a classroom format. I need to make sure it is good quality. Thank you again for responding.

  29. Flossy Carter

    Flossy Carter2 months ago

    It's good for that because it's huge

  30. M M

    M M2 months ago


  31. Olu k

    Olu k3 months ago

    I had the first one and the screen was so bad, I traded it for some whiskey to drown my sorrows away.

  32. Gerard McManus

    Gerard McManus3 months ago

    Awesome video man! Thumbs up!

  33. Alexis Garcia

    Alexis Garcia3 months ago

    Lol still 1080p like the original

  34. OneLiterPeter

    OneLiterPeter3 months ago

    It's a shame they didn't put a video input jack on it so that you could use it as a second display for your laptop.

  35. Jacob Allen

    Jacob Allen3 months ago

    The main purpose of this tablet is for watching movies.

  36. Shtwaan E.

    Shtwaan E.2 months ago

    Yes, apparently, because in portrait mode it is completeley useless.

  37. Raymond Cole

    Raymond Cole3 months ago

    Great review buddy

  38. Helmut

    Helmut3 months ago


  39. KnuckleBreaker 2

    KnuckleBreaker 23 months ago

    Wow floss you watch mk11 videos i like dat

  40. kevin dellatore

    kevin dellatore3 months ago

    How is Samsung selling phones with 8gb of ram and tablets with 3?

  41. Akasuki Akasuki

    Akasuki Akasuki4 months ago

    USB charging slut 😆😆😆

  42. Dogrzz

    Dogrzz4 months ago


  43. Michael Sellers

    Michael Sellers4 months ago

    USB charging Slooottttttt!!!!!😂🤣

  44. Ron Patton

    Ron Patton4 months ago

    I love my Samsung Galaxy view 2 .

  45. lochinvar50

    lochinvar504 months ago

    I understand this tablet can also be used as phone.

  46. Alex Harman

    Alex Harman4 months ago

    Thank you so much for review. I have a question. Can it handle and play 4k videos smoothly?


    SALIM BMGO4 months ago

    0:25 it a big a*s tablet

  48. MrHist

    MrHist4 months ago

    3:23 *ItMightNotFit lmaoo i died

  49. Keith Brown

    Keith Brown4 months ago

    One thing I'm not clear about. Is AT&T involved with this device in some way??

  50. heroicslug

    heroicslug4 months ago

    Android 8.1 ...Optimus Prime?

  51. jacob Thompson

    jacob Thompson4 months ago

    "it might not fit" that's what she said

  52. Jason L

    Jason L4 months ago

    "User experience pretty much the same" $275 for v1 vs $700 for v2 hmm

  53. Raymond Gomez

    Raymond Gomez4 months ago

    Where’s shoes ?

  54. Kaleb Patat

    Kaleb Patat4 months ago

    Best youtuber ever!!

  55. social media

    social media4 months ago

    Samsung made a second one, lol

  56. anvi banjara

    anvi banjara4 months ago

    can i unlock and use it in india?

  57. 김병수

    김병수4 months ago

    Why no DEX on Galaxy View 2 :(

  58. Tanmay singh

    Tanmay singh4 months ago

    Where is your table tell me please and love from India

  59. LadyDi M

    LadyDi M4 months ago

    An an ex Samsung junkie, I saw the original View huge azz tablet in an AT$T and I was immersed. Then I read it's specs and I kept my money and my Samsung divorce in check. I then purchased a much larger storage device while falling under the Apple tree I swore to never sit under. I've never looked back at Samsung tablets ever again after owning a Note 10.1 and a Tab 2 10.1 tablets. This video sounded and looked fabulous on the 2nd Gen iPad Pro. Thanks always Flossy for honest reviews. Missed White Shoes but even she needs her beautiful rest.

  60. Steve Blount

    Steve Blount4 months ago

    It ya boy FLOSS!

  61. Amir Stin

    Amir Stin4 months ago

    What does that mean? Mid-range specs bro...MID-RANGE

  62. Zachary Busch

    Zachary Busch4 months ago

    Love white shoes

  63. Zachary Busch

    Zachary Busch4 months ago

    Ur so funny

  64. Velin Caroline Hua

    Velin Caroline Hua4 months ago

    I want this Sexy Tablet!! for Replacing My Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 Pro 13.3 Inch. So Satisfied with 17.3 Inch for Watching USwork & Movies 💔 ❣️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 💟

  65. Gerard Freeman

    Gerard Freeman4 months ago

    Samsung's Big Ass Android Tablet on sale now 😆

  66. Gregory Burkhead

    Gregory Burkhead4 months ago

    No thank you... but good review as always

  67. Tom's Tutorials

    Tom's Tutorials4 months ago

    It's still on galaxy experience!

  68. The Supreme Nerd

    The Supreme Nerd4 months ago

    Its dope but I dunno about spending 700 bucks on a device that doesn't even have premium specs except for Atmos. It's good those speakers are loud because they're back firing speakers...

  69. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson4 months ago

    8.1 optimus prime huh??

  70. Christopher Cuben-Tatum

    Christopher Cuben-Tatum4 months ago

    I heard the original Galaxy View did not work in vertical portrait mode -- bad for playing Pinball Arcade. Looks like the View 2 fixed that.