Timeline of How the Warriors Built a Superteam


  1. Aum Patel

    Aum Patel3 hours ago

    Golden state warriors win the next 2 championships Kawhi: hold my 🍻

  2. DoubleDworth

    DoubleDworth21 hour ago

    “You can’t win a championship as a jump shooting team” might end up being one of the worst takes of all time

  3. TES_Medellin -

    TES_Medellin -Day ago

    But still lost 2019 finals

  4. The warrior fan

    The warrior fan3 days ago

    to not listen to charles barkley

  5. Aisha

    Aisha4 days ago

    why were so many people booing Stephen when he got drafted? :(

  6. Aisha

    Aisha2 days ago

    아나키 oh I see, thank you!

  7. 아나키

    아나키2 days ago

    because knicks wanted steph so everybody thoght steph will go to knicks but he went warriors so knicks fans were angry about that

  8. EjayDaBeast Gamez

    EjayDaBeast Gamez5 days ago

    Unfortunately the warriors superteam fell off lol.

  9. Mary Maisiri

    Mary Maisiri5 days ago

    stephen A smith is a trash talker

  10. Hydrogenated Flax Seed Oil

    Hydrogenated Flax Seed Oil6 days ago

    The key to their dynasty is clearly Riley Curry

  11. Jacob Gomez

    Jacob Gomez6 days ago

    All the players we just lost......

  12. _ NicWereHere

    _ NicWereHere8 days ago

    12:55 shutting up people up

  13. Optimistic King

    Optimistic King8 days ago

    They separated 😂😂😂

  14. Gay Orange

    Gay Orange9 days ago

    U can’t say it’s embarrassing because you have never played an nba game lmao u fat cuck

  15. YoungBroke_Eh

    YoungBroke_Eh9 days ago


  16. Julien cdj

    Julien cdj10 days ago

    Now, you should make the video : Timeline of How the Warriors lost their Superteam

  17. MR CAT MAN

    MR CAT MAN3 days ago

    THATS TRUE, they lost KD and BOOGIE and klay Thompson is injured also they don't even have Harrison Barnes

  18. Ömür Topal

    Ömür Topal9 days ago

    damn :DDDD

  19. Arlind

    Arlind11 days ago

    Not now

  20. William Ulloa

    William Ulloa11 days ago

    I hate how everyone was saying “If Kyrie and Love we’re healthy they would’ve won” “The Warriors got lucky” but no one is saying “If Klay and KD were healthy they would’ve won” “The Raptors got lucky”

  21. Dominic Delgado

    Dominic Delgado10 days ago

    Cus California teams are gay

  22. Michael Matthias

    Michael Matthias10 days ago


  23. Flying V

    Flying V11 days ago

    Never trust Charles Barkley or Skip Bayless OR Chris Broussard. That’s the moral here.

  24. Miguel Herrera

    Miguel Herrera12 days ago

    superteam? “NOT NO MORE!” (conor mcgregor voice)

  25. Thomas Bequette

    Thomas Bequette12 days ago

    Wow that 2012 draft was incredible.

  26. Thomas Bequette

    Thomas Bequette12 days ago

    Their best pick...... Eke Udupo.😂😂😂

  27. DAS

    DAS13 days ago

    the warriors could have drafted Paul George In the 2010 Draft😱

  28. who cares

    who cares15 days ago

    And know KD just left the warriors

  29. Cris Padilla

    Cris Padilla16 days ago

    They lost to Toronto tho 🦖🦖🦖

  30. Brady Ball

    Brady Ball18 days ago

    He said curry doesn’t get assists and rebounds. Now he’s getting a lot of assists and is the second best rebounding pg in the nba

  31. Lucas Serrano

    Lucas Serrano18 days ago

    Steph's extension was 4-year 44million and saw as a risky business. Meanwhile, yesterday, Tobias signed for 5-year 180M. Insane

  32. 1000 subscribers without any videos

    1000 subscribers without any videos18 days ago

    KD came, but now he's gone

  33. John Nguyen

    John Nguyen14 days ago

    1000 subscribers without any videos - No more chips 😂

  34. Daniel Martínez

    Daniel Martínez19 days ago

    They were just lucky with draft picks (Curry, Draymond and Klay)

  35. Master Kerminator

    Master Kerminator9 days ago

    “Lucky” They were only lucky with Curry and that was because Steve Kerr (he was the GM or HC of the Suns at the time) was highly skeptical about Curry’s injuries as was the Wolves and the Wolves felt that Ricky’s defense/passing would rank higher than Curry’s. No one truly wanted Draymond, everyone thought he was trash (he became an outstanding defender and system player) and as for Klay, that wasn’t luck. They wanted a shooting backcourt and they knew Monta wasn’t going to work. Why not go for the best shooter in the draft? Lmao

  36. Curtis Schneider

    Curtis Schneider19 days ago

    Then Demarcus cousins

  37. DavidTCG

    DavidTCG19 days ago

    1:22 the ones who booed when the warriors chose curry is probably regretting being born in life

  38. Etops Aviation

    Etops Aviation19 days ago

    And how they lost to the raptors 🤔 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  39. peaksavage

    peaksavage20 days ago

    Curry got booed when he draftes

  40. Hwags _

    Hwags _20 days ago

    And then all of them got injured and lost to the raptors

  41. Bethany Webb

    Bethany Webb21 day ago

    Little did they know that they would become 3 time nba champs and that steph curry would become the only unanimous mvp once and be a two time mvp

  42. Juju Az

    Juju Az21 day ago

    Not anymore!!!

  43. curt xplays

    curt xplays21 day ago

    I love how curry went from getting booed at the 09 draft to the best shooter💪 true mind of a warrior

  44. Alex Hong

    Alex Hong21 day ago

    Skip Bayless the clown

  45. EliWitTheClutch 0

    EliWitTheClutch 022 days ago

    make a bucks one pls🙏🏽

  46. JawaPunter

    JawaPunter22 days ago

    Tbf, hot take guy did get one thing right. Steph’s ankles are made of paper at this point. With repeated damage to that ankle, it will never be the same. Every other part of that take was trash though lol.

  47. Luke Martin

    Luke Martin22 days ago


  48. Argyris Games

    Argyris Games22 days ago

    In my opinion next year warriors will be destroyed because every good player except from S. Curry will change team and Lakers will become again legends

  49. Jarvis Juice Landry

    Jarvis Juice Landry23 days ago

    “He can’t rebound” HE’S A POINT GUARD

  50. Jackson Chadwick

    Jackson Chadwick23 days ago

    4:50 it’s not just scoring assists and rebounds this guys a fucktard

  51. Matty James

    Matty James23 days ago

    I just started to know I am watching this a year later #2019

  52. Ben Cairns

    Ben Cairns23 days ago

    Lol if this was done a week ago there would be two heart breaking injuries and a phat L to the Raptors in the finals. They may never be the same after kd and Klay’s injuries.

  53. Gaming Master

    Gaming Master23 days ago

    Kd ruined the nba sorry but it’s true

  54. Gaming Master

    Gaming Master23 days ago

    Kd ruined the nba sorry but it’s true

  55. iq2992

    iq299224 days ago

    They had better unis back then..... just like the 76ers, Wizards...... wtf is up with team ruining their unique color scheme and unis?

  56. Issa_ _Penguin

    Issa_ _Penguin24 days ago

    and then raptors fucked emm

  57. Anna Castro

    Anna Castro24 days ago

    Raptors next

  58. Philip Callado

    Philip Callado25 days ago

    So glad the Dubs didn't end up signing Dwight Howard. Talented player but can't be trusted in crunch time, especially with his bad free throw shooting, and his commitment to winning is questionable.