Kids Try 100 Years of the Most Expensive Foods

In this episode of "Kids Try Food", the kids try 100 years of expensive foods. Let's see how kids eat and react to raw oysters, frog legs provençale, shrimp cocktail, lobster thermidor, beef wellington with Madeira truffle sauce, truffled tagliatelle with truffle butter and shaved truffles, caviar and egg, seared foie gras with cherry gastrique, Barclay prime wagyu cheesesteak with yellow label Veuve Clicquot, Manila Social Club 24K golden Cristal Ube donut.
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Kids Try 100 Years of the Most Expensive Foods


  1. MC King

    MC King4 hours ago

    This video summarized into one sentence: "It tastes like chicken."

  2. Lucas Barbosa

    Lucas Barbosa9 hours ago

    Plot twist: indigenous cannibal tribe try most expensive kids

  3. Skulls Ain't Dead

    Skulls Ain't DeadDay ago

    Wait, did Claire (from the BATK) use that very spoon 5:23 to scoop out candy from one of her sweet episodes? She mentioned it was the smallest spoon she could find. Also, the child that asks about the foie gras "what is this?": cruelty, kid, cruelty.

  4. Carl Geomari Linobo

    Carl Geomari LinoboDay ago

    Did she just said truffle does not taste goood?

  5. Joana Islam

    Joana IslamDay ago

    4:57, that lil girl. oh my god! hell of cuteness 😍😍😍

  6. wordwan

    wordwanDay ago

    You have the MOST PERFECT KIDS for this. I'm laughing. Great stuff. roo

  7. Ghostly Doggo

    Ghostly DoggoDay ago

    5:27: When Fortnite cleared everything and replaced the game with a blackhole

  8. Deku

    DekuDay ago

    Man these kids are idiots

  9. BadUploadScheduleツ

    BadUploadScheduleツDay ago

    Modern guide to expensive foods Just put some truffles and edible gold on it and it’s worth $100+

  10. UnrealThing

    UnrealThingDay ago


  11. Armnano Junior

    Armnano Junior2 days ago

    omg,so the oyster shell wasn't supposed to be eaten,,, I've been eating oysters wrong my entire life...

  12. Corey Drew

    Corey Drew2 days ago

    I’ve never seen a smoothness mom either

  13. Reeti Chauhan

    Reeti Chauhan2 days ago

    7:20 THAT is the rebirth of Hermione Granger

  14. cheng shiyu

    cheng shiyu2 days ago

    girl: eats oysters also the girl: *tastes like the ocean* me: oh really? **inserts shocked pikachu face**

  15. lu3ky Chye

    lu3ky Chye2 days ago

    Was anyone else expecting a kid at the beef wellington to shout ITS F***KING *RAW*

  16. imangu

    imangu2 days ago

    1920's isn't this what we've seen in Mr Bean's Holiday?

  17. DarkSlidGamer

    DarkSlidGamer2 days ago

    *_"Eat Your Veggies Kids"_* Kids complaining makes me cringe... But hey... I now know the pain of my mother when she made me eat those Broccolis...

  18. David Tingwald

    David Tingwald2 days ago

    It's probably because you had lobster at Red Lobster. That, what you are eating there, is probably REAL lobster.

  19. jordyn grove

    jordyn grove2 days ago

    some of these kids brain are too old for their bodies

  20. E .V

    E .V2 days ago

    LMAOOO she said its for mice

  21. Amber edits

    Amber edits2 days ago

    7:45 I have lots of questions y are they giving the kids that drink..... eh ....EHHHHH And who got the money for the gold donuts

  22. Kaylin De villiers-Mohr

    Kaylin De villiers-Mohr2 days ago

    Can we just talk about how respectful these kids were, like I would spit out the oyster or most of the food or just like push it away😂

  23. Kaylin De villiers-Mohr

    Kaylin De villiers-Mohr2 days ago

    Smells pasta Oh it smells like pasta 🤯

  24. My Booty

    My Booty2 days ago

    “We’re do I eat the shell or the inside” DOES THE SHELL LOOK EDIBLE

  25. twentyønepøtatøes leave the city

    twentyønepøtatøes leave the city2 days ago

    7:43 “I don’t want that. I want pretzels.” 😂 oml she’s adorable

  26. MagizLord

    MagizLord2 days ago

    dumb kids

  27. Hōtarō Oreki

    Hōtarō Oreki2 days ago

    8:35 You don't say

  28. David Canizares

    David Canizares2 days ago

    6:28 Me when I look at a math question

  29. おれおれ

    おれおれ2 days ago


  30. wOw! A rAndOm PeRsOn aPpEaRs

    wOw! A rAndOm PeRsOn aPpEaRs2 days ago

    Is it bad that I started eating all of those when I was 8?

  31. wOw! A rAndOm PeRsOn aPpEaRs

    wOw! A rAndOm PeRsOn aPpEaRs2 days ago

    I also liked raw mussels a lot ;-;

  32. Beatriz Barczak

    Beatriz Barczak2 days ago

    The girl was like "I've stopped eating avocado bc I thought it came from frogs" little does she know that she just ate a induced steatosis liver, a duck fatty liver.

  33. Poonam smart kitchen

    Poonam smart kitchen3 days ago


  34. Hazel Allen

    Hazel Allen3 days ago

    why cant they identify boiled eggs?

  35. Aaron Wainwright

    Aaron Wainwright3 days ago

    Why these kids pallets so sophisticated. On some " it s got a bold flavour thay kinda calms down torward the end.. not the best lobster ive had"

  36. Aaron Wainwright

    Aaron Wainwright3 days ago

    And then that other kid thinks everything is chicken 🤣

  37. Braeden Faludi

    Braeden Faludi3 days ago

    Lobster used to be prison food? wow.

  38. AsiaGirl

    AsiaGirl3 days ago

    Whelp it couldn't be me guessing all this food... I'm in 9th grade and I've grown up with Hot dog rolled in a slice of bread, Ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese in a cup that's usually watery cause I used to put too much water in it... and the fanciest of the fanciest is Nutella and Jelly sliced bread,lmao.

  39. Vault Boy Better life underground

    Vault Boy Better life underground3 days ago

    2:12 Steven and garnet in the new Steven universe movies 😃

  40. Katelyn Royce

    Katelyn Royce3 days ago

    “Gillian no!”

  41. Bunny Catz Gacha

    Bunny Catz Gacha3 days ago

    0:11 I have tried these before they are so good 😊

  42. Jfkdbdivdic Hfkdbd

    Jfkdbdivdic Hfkdbd3 days ago


  43. Jerees zzstu Afnan

    Jerees zzstu Afnan4 days ago

    It’s not safe to feed kids raw oysters I know it’s for video purposes but it’s still not safe

  44. Sophia Blancarte

    Sophia Blancarte4 days ago

    7:36 i honestly thought he was gonna say "It smells like BEEEEEEEEEEFF"

  45. vanessa sim

    vanessa sim5 days ago

    I've never been more envious of children

  46. BasicBananna

    BasicBananna5 days ago

    Here we have it Avocados come from *f r o g s*

  47. Tsui Hayley

    Tsui Hayley5 days ago

    No one, just no one, Asian parents to thirteen year old me: " Raw seafood is for adults" Seven year old brother: eats raw foods all the time

  48. Queen of Gacha 1

    Queen of Gacha 15 days ago

    Girl:ITS SO GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Also the girl:But I cant stop eating it!

  49. Hudson Benoit

    Hudson Benoit5 days ago

    I wish I could do one of these


    MADELINE DUPREE5 days ago

    Love that there is a $100 donut in front that kid and his attention is on the ribbon

  51. linkthepyromaniac

    linkthepyromaniac5 days ago

    These kids are so wholesome.

  52. Florence Pinili

    Florence Pinili5 days ago

    Nobody: Girl at 1:26: "If you think about it a little bit more, Humans eat every single animal." Me: deeeeeeeep

  53. Florence Pinili

    Florence Pinili3 days ago

    @Nathan Tiger so I was told

  54. Nathan Tiger

    Nathan Tiger3 days ago

    Humans eat every animal Aren't humans animals to??

  55. Gingy Bread Boi

    Gingy Bread Boi6 days ago

    Why are they so exited to eat it every day foods?

  56. Orpheus 247

    Orpheus 2476 days ago

    hmmm their kinda picky with the food xD

  57. Cozy Asmr

    Cozy Asmr6 days ago

    *stares in southern as they complain about frog legs*

  58. quixotic sonnet

    quixotic sonnet6 days ago

    The kids were so cute when eating the pasta.

  59. Isabella Kalea

    Isabella Kalea6 days ago

    7:45 “ion wan dat, i wan presels” me too bby.

  60. Nfsmw_fan

    Nfsmw_fan6 days ago

    -eats wagyu- iT TaSTeS LiKe VeGeTaBLeS

  61. Shelly Klass

    Shelly Klass6 days ago

    You give a kid a $100 donut and they play with the box lol!

  62. Imelie Burke

    Imelie Burke6 days ago

    I love the two older kids 😂

  63. Yuan Onio

    Yuan Onio7 days ago

    Boy : "I like Grilled cheese sandwiches better." Me: *Why would you say something so controversial but so brave at the same time*

  64. loona 1013

    loona 10137 days ago

    that’s why I stopped eating avocados........... I thought it came from a *frog*