Kids Try 100 Years of the Most Expensive Foods


  1. CC Baer

    CC Baer3 hours ago


  2. Kejtý

    Kejtý4 hours ago

    These kids are sweet and smart, but God, did anyone learn them how to eat properly, like a civilised human? =Dd My mother would slap me if I played with pasta.

  3. SX GX

    SX GX6 hours ago

    I would literally eat everything 😂😭

  4. 12 hours ago

    1:34 *Insert galaxy meme here*

  5. Mr. W

    Mr. W14 hours ago

    The sauces will always get kids. Their taste buds just aren't developed to the point where they can tolerate the strong acidic and alkili flavors.

  6. Eva Diol

    Eva Diol15 hours ago

    These kids has good taste of food

  7. Ramon Hernandez

    Ramon Hernandez20 hours ago

    Shut up white kids

  8. Antton Boi

    Antton Boi20 hours ago

    I C A N T A S T E A S O O S

  9. Dawn Pickering

    Dawn Pickering22 hours ago

    It’s not getting any cocktail sauce on it. Instead of expecting the shrimp to dive into the sauce itself, dunk it. Just a thought. 🤷‍♀️

  10. Queen of Andriaglatus

    Queen of Andriaglatus22 hours ago

    Okay is no one gonna talk about how freaking ADORABLE they all are

  11. Ya-Boi-Insanity

    Ya-Boi-InsanityDay ago

    2:15 it's the SHROMP

  12. Ayeetsha

    AyeetshaDay ago


  13. Aaron Batty

    Aaron BattyDay ago

    ASMR with them voices is hella annoying

  14. Phong Nguyen

    Phong NguyenDay ago

    When u realise gold was edible

  15. Kyleigh Davis

    Kyleigh DavisDay ago

    “i dont want this. i want pretzels”

  16. Milk Cipher

    Milk CipherDay ago

    “Where do I eat the shell or the inside?” Me: ARE U STUPID

  17. Big D Killa

    Big D KillaDay ago

    please give us more than 0,5 seconds to read what it is.

  18. Ashley Conner

    Ashley ConnerDay ago

    I ate oysters clams shrimp liver lamb anything else that these kids don't eat nowadays as a child

  19. rowingman

    rowingmanDay ago

    You want a medal for that?

  20. Ger

    GerDay ago

    I watch this video: "I WANT KIDS!!!!" I'm around my niece and nephews for 10 minutes: "I'M NEVER HAVING KIDS!"

  21. Derek Poore

    Derek PooreDay ago

    is in a lobster shell: “LOBSTER!??”

  22. jutubaeh

    jutubaeh2 days ago

    at least they dönt id themselves v taste like arröGRvnt vv€$+wüRLD aka cutlärry meddl€ ^^

  23. Simone Maduro

    Simone Maduro2 days ago

    How did they get kids to eat all this stuff? I can't get my niece to eat veggies

  24. Reality Check

    Reality Check2 days ago

    Giving oysters to little kids... Welcome to Liberal America in 2019 folks. Absolutely disgusting.

  25. Succulent Boi

    Succulent BoiDay ago


  26. Rhapsidy

    Rhapsidy2 days ago

    I am only curious about how much of that expensive food was toss straight into the garbage. Kind of like veggies off my sons plate???

  27. Komissar Hatta

    Komissar Hatta2 days ago

    its like HIHO KIDS!!

  28. Nicholas Campbell

    Nicholas Campbell2 days ago

    Alright this girl in pink . “Mellows out” “Good texture” Her parents are definitely some chefs or else this 8 year old is a chef.

  29. CATmet

    CATmet2 days ago

    I love frog legs! Mmmmmmmmm~

  30. Jonathan Osako

    Jonathan Osako2 days ago

    Do you ear the shell or the inside?

  31. Pete Brown

    Pete Brown2 days ago

    Lost it at the girl in pink "that's gross". Impressed that these kids all tried these.

  32. Makayla

    Makayla2 days ago

    Kid eats leg of frog “YUP THAT’S FISH”

  33. Ironuniverse 1230

    Ironuniverse 12302 days ago

    “Do I eat the shell or the inside” Me: Good question

  34. Saint Papal Paws

    Saint Papal Paws2 days ago

    Kids are all a bunch of spoiled BRATS these days. They have NO respect for anything and value NOTHING. In my day, you were lucky if you got a good meal and didn't go to bed hungry as I did.

  35. Strike Pro Bazooka

    Strike Pro Bazooka2 days ago

    Girl: I thought that avacados came from frogs so I stopped eating it Me; So do you eat avacados now?!?!??!?!?!?!🤣

  36. AiraArxstoria

    AiraArxstoria2 days ago

    *J u l i a n n o*

  37. Linda BTDT

    Linda BTDT2 days ago

    Oysters I took a big bite and that was a mistake! Smart young lady!

  38. Haiddsalami

    Haiddsalami2 days ago

    These are some professionally trained model/tv kids that are basically trained to be like adults though so.. next time get some regular kids lol. Much more entertaining

  39. xuximuxi

    xuximuxi3 days ago

    Who else got annoyed when she pronounced *foie gras* wrong?

  40. Ryan T

    Ryan T3 days ago

    such waste of expensive food :( i wanna have a taste pls hahaha

  41. isyoboisos

    isyoboisos3 days ago

    Ive wanted to eat shrimp cocktails for a long time now.

  42. an actual hobnob

    an actual hobnob3 days ago

    These kids have such adorable reactions, I love it

  43. Joshua Guard

    Joshua Guard3 days ago

    The foods secret is exposed!!!

  44. Tuguldur Bayarsaikhan

    Tuguldur Bayarsaikhan3 days ago

    I'm gonna saying this to everything I eat 'is there alcohol in this'

  45. Elliot 279

    Elliot 2793 days ago

    Julian, no

  46. heavenfxeyesforsale

    heavenfxeyesforsale3 days ago

    Lol @ 06:28 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that kid is hilarious af i'm died

  47. Jayden Sena

    Jayden Sena3 days ago

    The girl trying to eat the pasta lol

  48. LickieCat Music

    LickieCat Music3 days ago

    2:07 So cute I almost died I don't even like kids.

  49. Drue Ashton

    Drue Ashton3 days ago

    4:44 is that molly baz????

  50. Trinity Kinnaman

    Trinity Kinnaman3 days ago

    “ Julian no “ 🤭. 😂😂

  51. Owlypups UwU

    Owlypups UwU3 days ago

    2019 w0t i didnt know the Phillipines made that... i also didnt know it was even expensive XD

  52. Vinny

    Vinny3 days ago

    Foie gras is made by force feeding ducks corn with a feeding tube its cruel and inhumane