1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials11 months ago


  2. Val Adari

    Val AdariMonth ago

    Love Spacebaby!! And Does there have to be a real reason to where an amazing product like that? Question should be when Wouldn't you wear it!! <3 u Nikki!!

  3. Winter Hight

    Winter Hight8 months ago

    QUESTION ALERT 🚨 Which base shade do you use?? Shade 1 or 2?

  4. Juliette

    Juliette10 months ago

    Is it possible to be obsessed and watch all your videos in a day I already feel like I know everything about makeup !!

  5. Maria Mercier

    Maria Mercier7 days ago

    Space baby is rocking it.. It.. It.. It's just so beautiful.. OMG.. I think I fel in love 😍 😍 😍...

  6. a e s t h e t i c

    a e s t h e t i c25 days ago

    look starts at 2:48

  7. lindaa linda

    lindaa linda29 days ago

    U wear to much makeup honey...why? U look like a clown

  8. Giuliana CR

    Giuliana CRMonth ago

    This look is beautiful! 💓🔥💖🔥

  9. Progga Sifat

    Progga SifatMonth ago

    Have u ever thought what these makeups doing to ur skin!🤔

  10. Progga Sifat

    Progga SifatMonth ago

    Purple light above head makes any highlighter shine Purple 😑😐🤔

  11. Prazna Shakya

    Prazna ShakyaMonth ago

    Space baby😍😍🌌

  12. Blue Paint

    Blue PaintMonth ago

    Im so happy that she called her highlighters duo chrome and not holo because it seems that nikkei knows how makeup companies are calling their makeup holo when its not real HOLOOOOOOOOOO +20 respect nikkie

  13. Logan Gray

    Logan GrayMonth ago

    That doesn't look airbrushed.

  14. maria clara

    maria clara3 months ago


  15. R J

    R J3 months ago

    Camera is insane, it picks up absolutely everything. That palette packs a punch.

  16. Deserae Gregory

    Deserae Gregory3 months ago

    I love the space baby. I would use it to glow.

  17. Olivia Erickson

    Olivia Erickson3 months ago

    your highlight actually hurts my eyes

  18. Alana Deckov

    Alana Deckov3 months ago

    I did it! @alanadeckovmua on Instagram

  19. April Horton

    April Horton3 months ago

    Omg...I’m In Love💖I Need Cloud 9 ☁️💖so daughter would love wearing it to💝✨☁️💖

  20. fortnite ELIJAH!

    fortnite ELIJAH!3 months ago

    It wouldn't be a NikkieTutorials video without the foundation lips and sneak-peek of the finished eye. (Don't know if she does the sneak peek on purpose, lol.)

  21. Elena Enriquez

    Elena Enriquez3 months ago

    Do a calab with simplynaillogical

  22. BTSanime2013

    BTSanime20133 months ago

    STARRY NIGHT That’s a song by MAMAMOO a K-POP girl band

  23. Sarah Malik

    Sarah Malik3 months ago

    O my god this highlighter. I wanna look like you after using the highlighter . You are so beautiful 😍

  24. Brian B Dougan

    Brian B Dougan3 months ago

    Stop doing nude lips they sick on you

  25. Germino, Alwena

    Germino, Alwena4 months ago

    SO PRETTY!! I'm still like young for such intense make-up looks but if ever the theme of a party is blue I am DEFINITELY going to borrow this look! (hope u don't mind😯)

  26. Jax Stroh

    Jax Stroh4 months ago

    I LOVEEEE Cloud nine and you have been my #1 fav beauty guru of all time !!!!!!!

  27. savana curtis

    savana curtis4 months ago

    cloud 9

  28. Deborah Washington

    Deborah Washington4 months ago

    My skin is fair just like you and round. Until finding and watching you I had no idea how fun color could be. I've always loves makeup, but after having 2 boys that caused a host of medical problems I let myself go. I started getting back into what I've always loved finally, building back up my collection one piece at a time, and jumping back into the practice of doing my makeup. I must say it's been a blast seeing you have so much fun with it. Your obsession with highlighters are contagious! The pink I think would be used more. Question: how do I hide my double chin without looking crazy with contouring? I just can't figure it out. Love you!

  29. Sarena Maynard

    Sarena Maynard4 months ago

    That eyeshadow palette she used is 56 dollars😐 what world!!😂

  30. Random DIY,s

    Random DIY,s4 months ago

    I love Space Baby. I get Space Baby witch I won’t but I’d give it to my little sister

  31. itsavvyy

    itsavvyy4 months ago


  32. Sarza1000

    Sarza10004 months ago

    space baby! for every day use im in love! the stary night look you killed it girl

  33. Sophie Earl

    Sophie Earl5 months ago

    OMG I've never heard of this... It's freaking awesome 😍😍 Thats it I'm downloading Instagram 🙈

  34. Bridget Masisie

    Bridget Masisie5 months ago

    You are a true artist my love 😍

  35. Kiara Williamson

    Kiara Williamson6 months ago

    Did you use the sponge wet or dry??

  36. Sadie

    Sadie6 months ago

    lost my vision when she applied the highlighters

  37. Carol Crowley

    Carol Crowley6 months ago

    This look is GORG! I am obsessed!!

  38. Brittany Crofts

    Brittany Crofts6 months ago

    where do yo buy your earrings from?

  39. Velvet Tkocz

    Velvet Tkocz6 months ago

    Love the eyes!

  40. moza alghanim

    moza alghanim6 months ago

    cloud 9 is so pretty

  41. Hannah Rose

    Hannah Rose6 months ago

    That's not holo 👁👄👁

  42. Leafshine

    Leafshine7 months ago

    I am sorrrrrieeee but that aian't holo but really pretty look thought😁

  43. Sarena Maynard

    Sarena Maynard7 months ago

    When she turned her head to show off the highlighter it was amazing but her contour looked really muddy and she should have went to a different or darker lip with this look!😐

  44. C h r i s t i n a xoxo

    C h r i s t i n a xoxo7 months ago

    This looks should be called EYE CLOUD

  45. Savanna V

    Savanna V7 months ago

    I literally cannot choose between the highlighters but I’ll definitely be wearing them in my every day bc why not 😸

  46. missbeccajaynexx

    missbeccajaynexx7 months ago

    Does anyone know what highlighter brush or eyeliner brush she generally uses? She doesn’t say anymore or put in the description 😔 Definitely getting Cloud nine 😍

  47. K S

    K S7 months ago

    I love you nikkieeee , Love watching your videos again and again💜

  48. Becky McDowall

    Becky McDowall7 months ago

    Cloud 9. Using it for partying

  49. Ellie Keifer

    Ellie Keifer7 months ago

    cant choose they are perfect

  50. Tilly Belmont

    Tilly Belmont7 months ago

    I’m fucking blind,, that highlighter is everything

  51. Sophie Sach

    Sophie Sach7 months ago

    You are super !!!

  52. Emma Solomon

    Emma Solomon7 months ago

    Hell-oh guys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Liana Kall

    Liana Kall7 months ago

    Anyone know what that bronzer brush she is using is?