Gerrit Cole leads Astros in 7-1 World Series Game 5 win | Astros-Nationals MLB Highlights

Gerrit Cole struck out nine batters over seven innings and the Astros hit three homers to win Game 5 and take a 3-2 series lead
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  1. Jojopuffs

    Jojopuffs4 days ago

    All I gotta say astros... 🗑

  2. Jim Mcfarland

    Jim Mcfarland12 days ago


  3. Gary A

    Gary A13 days ago

    I sure hope this complicit cheater doesn’t sign with the Yankees. I wonder what his record would have been without the offensive cheating? Maybe 10-10?

  4. Green wall Tree

    Green wall Tree21 day ago

    Isnt this the game where two girl flashed

  5. leroy jenkins

    leroy jenkinsMonth ago

    Good to see the Nats fans didn't walk out late when losing like some other team did.

  6. anthony gonzalez

    anthony gonzalezMonth ago


  7. Gary McAleer

    Gary McAleerMonth ago

    I loved the game when it was more quiet. Now, it's like a rock concert with every batter having his own little jingle. Always hyping up what once had class.

  8. 12OclockLow

    12OclockLowMonth ago

    Who else is here after Nats won the world series to lol & reflect on the comments?

  9. C _man

    C _manMonth ago

    12OclockLow I am but I’m a giants fan

  10. ABoxOfBroken8Tracks

    ABoxOfBroken8TracksMonth ago

    I did the same 3 years ago, enjoying Cub hater comments from being down 3 games to 1.

  11. 김정의

    김정의Month ago

    ㅋㅋ 휴지


    RZARECTAH7Month ago

    I think nats will pull it off 6-2 in a game 7 thriller


    RZARECTAH7Month ago

    Astros in 8

  14. raving801

    raving801Month ago

    Who’s here after the WS reading over confident comments from Astro fans? Hahaha

  15. Gary A

    Gary A13 days ago

    And the cheating scandal.

  16. Gillani G

    Gillani GMonth ago

    Now they are depressed because the Nats ripped their hearts out and spit it in the toilet


    RZARECTAH7Month ago

    Me lol

  18. Jill Anderson

    Jill AndersonMonth ago

    That's what happens when you go for bare hands

  19. Osvaldo the best

    Osvaldo the bestMonth ago

    Why did two girls show there breasts

  20. Samuel Demiss

    Samuel DemissMonth ago

    Does "why" really matter?


    RZARECTAH7Month ago

    Cause the clout chasing bums

  22. Hassanali Kanji

    Hassanali KanjiMonth ago

    Nationals need to win

  23. Retired Time To Watch

    Retired Time To WatchMonth ago

    Ummm remember that the girls show ***** during the 7th

  24. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomMonth ago

    Astros were just playing with their food

  25. Jared Morton

    Jared MortonMonth ago

    @4:32 a hat was forever lost

  26. Rashad Allah

    Rashad AllahMonth ago

    Shouldn’t boo’d the President! Now that we are away from our Hillary loyal city..... We’re winning game 6!

  27. Samuel Demiss

    Samuel DemissMonth ago

    Tell me more😎🤭

  28. James Breedlove

    James BreedloveMonth ago


  29. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomMonth ago

    That ump man...

  30. Deep hug

    Deep hugMonth ago

    have regained their mojo.

  31. Tomfoolery

    TomfooleryMonth ago

    Nooo bring back the background music in highlights. iT mAkEs It So MuCh BeTtEr!

  32. Jonathan Ulloa

    Jonathan UlloaMonth ago

    I'm a Nats fan just saw a Astros pitching coach commentate part of the game. Wow MLB better change that. Best change it to UFC style impartial comments.

  33. Jonathan Ulloa

    Jonathan UlloaMonth ago

    Stop interviewing coaches in the middle of the game

  34. Jonathan Ulloa

    Jonathan UlloaMonth ago

    @RZARECTAH7 Yeah obviously it isn't a good idea but whatever 😂


    RZARECTAH7Month ago

    I remember they did this w joe girardi a olayer got hurt and he just threw the headphones and ran to the field lol

  36. Jonathan Ulloa

    Jonathan UlloaMonth ago

    @Deep hug you in my comments 🤔👍 Touche

  37. Deep hug

    Deep hugMonth ago

    Yuli smiling and sliding! 😘

  38. Titanicus FirePower

    Titanicus FirePowerMonth ago

    1996 Braves failure repeat where the road team won 1st 2, then lost 3 at home, then boom over on the road again - says Willie nelson

  39. Hunter

    HunterMonth ago

    I respect the Nats for making the series interesting. Also a great team.

  40. Lloyd Beaman

    Lloyd BeamanMonth ago

    Isn't that the same W that Weingarten's has been using for years?

  41. Clem fandango

    Clem fandangoMonth ago

    Washington DC is full of losers


    RZARECTAH7Month ago

    Trump has had enough leave him alone lol

  43. Good Youtuber

    Good YoutuberMonth ago

    Houston, you had a problem

  44. kelanth462

    kelanth462Month ago

    Strikes and balls were all over the place. Home plate ump was blind.

  45. Bob Heck

    Bob HeckMonth ago


  46. Buddy L

    Buddy LMonth ago

    the previous walk, was a strike balance it out .

  47. Ellison Rodgers

    Ellison RodgersMonth ago

    Home plate umpire is definitely favoring a "fluid" strike zone.

  48. Jack Metz

    Jack MetzMonth ago

    That ump man...

  49. anonymous

    anonymousMonth ago

    does anyone have a good version of the flashing video?

  50. Joanna

    JoannaMonth ago

    Astros were just playing with their food

  51. Ali Roshanzamir

    Ali RoshanzamirMonth ago

    They gotta allow coaches to challenge the umpire next year

  52. Alexandra salas

    Alexandra salasMonth ago

    Yuli smiling and sliding! 😘

  53. 이석원

    이석원Month ago

    Referee changed this game

  54. Joanna

    JoannaMonth ago

    Winter is coming.


    JOE DADDYMonth ago

    No one seen those girls flashing behind the fence bottom of 7th

  56. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverMonth ago

    I saw it at 8:12