Talking to Strangers

I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  1. poopdoop

    poopdoopHour ago

    i would move then act like your going of soon

  2. Lily Raynor

    Lily RaynorHour ago

    I just don't talk to people.

  3. MJ’s Crazy Life

    MJ’s Crazy Life2 hours ago

    Oh yeah and never judge people

  4. MJ’s Crazy Life

    MJ’s Crazy Life2 hours ago

    If you don’t like something that means you don’t have to do that opinion it’s because it’s your opinion

  5. Kitty Star

    Kitty Star2 hours ago

    1:06 Uhm- That would be a very strange thing to imagine when you're a girl. But I don't judge.

  6. Plants Vs Zombies normie

    Plants Vs Zombies normie3 hours ago


  7. slyreene

    slyreene3 hours ago


  8. Donald Tanner

    Donald Tanner3 hours ago

    James do you like the Arizona cardinals

  9. Skull Savage

    Skull Savage3 hours ago

    I'm definitely a weirdo I wear ANIME t-shirts in public

  10. You S

    You S4 hours ago

    I know it's a joke but in a previous video you who're a poison shirt in public

  11. Livia Salle

    Livia Salle4 hours ago

    "Then he waddled away waddle waddle. TIL THE VERY NEXT DAY!!" ME: YES MY SOOOOONG

  12. Grandson theGood

    Grandson theGood4 hours ago

    Notice how the engine turned despite no battery.

  13. Evan Simpson

    Evan Simpson5 hours ago

    I’m the Normal one there the FREAKS

  14. its librith and it's eyeless jack

    its librith and it's eyeless jack6 hours ago

    Their called friends u havent met

  15. Jillian Cook

    Jillian Cook6 hours ago

    I can relate so much to this video cuz I have social anxiety too.

  16. Kacper Spionek

    Kacper Spionek6 hours ago

    Haha the uk fixes this problem by only having 2 seats per row MUAHAHAHAHAH I CANT RELATE

  17. Lib K

    Lib K6 hours ago

    I just noticed you out in the free candy bus.

  18. Pooky Panda Pan

    Pooky Panda Pan6 hours ago

    "Then he waddled away~ waddle waddle~" James you just made my day 😂😂

  19. Ashley Robles

    Ashley Robles8 hours ago

    *tHeN hE wAdDlEd AwAy WaDdLe WaDdLe*

  20. Adrianna The Wolf

    Adrianna The Wolf9 hours ago

    "Hello my name is John doe" OMG DIDN'T HE GET BANNED OFF OF ROMBLIX FOR NO REASON?????? wait does that mean you play roblox, do found some random name?

  21. Tarsh

    Tarsh10 hours ago


  22. Frank Esobedo

    Frank Esobedo10 hours ago

    Same all ways in the middle

  23. Ania_ Mat

    Ania_ Mat11 hours ago

    Thats why in Poland There are 2 seats in buses

  24. WolfZap Scores

    WolfZap Scores11 hours ago


  25. Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish11 hours ago

    6:19 ME

  26. Pheilim O'Brien

    Pheilim O'Brien11 hours ago

  27. Sleepy Shibu

    Sleepy Shibu11 hours ago

    You sir are a dumb dumb

  28. Luchyan brooks

    Luchyan brooks12 hours ago


  29. Luchyan brooks

    Luchyan brooks12 hours ago


  30. Ignacio 21

    Ignacio 2112 hours ago


  31. FANF savy

    FANF savy13 hours ago

    Bruh this is me with out the urinal

  32. gHOsT gaming

    gHOsT gaming13 hours ago

    What u do when - You:hello my friend Your friend:how....

  33. SpOoDeR mAnS

    SpOoDeR mAnS13 hours ago

    Isn’t John Doe like a roblox hacker

  34. DVIR0Z

    DVIR0Z14 hours ago

    2:41 looks like you changed you opinion since "Buying Clothes" video

  35. [JsTa] N_S_11

    [JsTa] N_S_1114 hours ago

    2:43: ok they wore anime shirts but at least they wore something unlike u naked BTW I’m not an anime fan I swear

  36. B14Z3 G4M3Z

    B14Z3 G4M3Z15 hours ago

    My b day is in May

  37. Cat lover 60000

    Cat lover 6000016 hours ago

    My cat's birthday is in May

  38. Dhruva Shah

    Dhruva Shah18 hours ago

    another akward moment: when a stranger sees a seat next to you, and tries to sit there but you tell them it is reserved for your friend. the stranger says that they will get out when your friend arrives then your friend arrives, WHAT DO YOU DO NOW?

  39. noob x

    noob x19 hours ago

    Where i live busses have 2 seats on each side

  40. Shona Kirkwood

    Shona Kirkwood20 hours ago

    My brother wears anime shirts in public . . .

  41. Ala Pína

    Ala Pína20 hours ago

    Sad (supressed anxiety disorder)

  42. sp0rts

    sp0rts21 hour ago

    James ( at 7:14 ): *Shoots rainbow out of this mouth* Me: Wait he's gay?

  43. Mychal Moser

    Mychal Moser22 hours ago

    You're too optimistic. They're arent potential friends. They're potential murdurers.

  44. Gleick Monte

    Gleick Monte22 hours ago


  45. Lol1ta

    Lol1taDay ago

    and he waddled away waddle waddle..

  46. Tanya Mauff

    Tanya MauffDay ago

    I was gonna go to vidcon 2019

  47. Cheezey Mundaiz

    Cheezey MundaizDay ago


  48. Zectsters

    ZectstersDay ago

    2:05 James plays Roblox. John Doe is roblox user

  49. gaming toast

    gaming toast11 hours ago

    Zectsters no you don’t get it John Doe it basically means (unknown)

  50. Dherra Almathani

    Dherra AlmathaniDay ago

    TheOdd1sout:HOW Meh:wut

  51. robloxstuff

    robloxstuffDay ago

    2:04 roblox moderatos be like: OOF

  52. TheBlueGamer 103

    TheBlueGamer 103Day ago

    John doe

  53. gaming toast

    gaming toast11 hours ago

    TheBlueGamer 103 John Doe means unknown

  54. Lunar_ Star123

    Lunar_ Star123Day ago


  55. WolfZap Scores

    WolfZap ScoresDay ago

    2:07 what I say to my bully lol (The bully part is not a joke.)

  56. itz cookie girl

    itz cookie girlDay ago

    Me: hi there am a big fan Odd1stout: am not going to talk to you

  57. itz cookie girl

    itz cookie girlDay ago

    When he stop talking the girl staped him

  58. Camille

    CamilleDay ago

    I can relate to this so much

  59. Sooub way

    Sooub wayDay ago


  60. Tiny Cookie

    Tiny CookieDay ago

    so your siting next to a person then would move or not

  61. Claire F.

    Claire F.Day ago

    If I'm stuck in the middle I get up, say "oh, wrong stop" and sit in the aisle seat.

  62. Pirate Plus Zombie

    Pirate Plus ZombieDay ago

    I ues the toilet not the urnarlol you f##k a youtuber