BUG Chubby Bunny Challenge!!

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Hey guys! in this video, we placed a bug in the middle of a tube and had 2 players try to blow the bug into the other's mouth at the same time! Stay tuned because there is some really gross and nasty bugs being eaten!
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  1. michelesphotography

    michelesphotography5 days ago

    Yo this is my favorite vid yet please like they deserve it!

  2. notorious one

    notorious one6 days ago


  3. brainfucked88

    brainfucked886 days ago

    Eww great video

  4. Alayni DeLuca

    Alayni DeLuca16 days ago

    I love that they are wearing gloves but then putting the bugs in their mouth lol

  5. Rajwan Tamim

    Rajwan Tamim22 days ago

    I feel bad for Joey😒

  6. Devy Yuniati

    Devy Yuniati22 days ago


  7. Devy Yuniati

    Devy Yuniati22 days ago


  8. Payton Chitwood

    Payton Chitwood23 days ago

    Grambo says Joey drives him nuts but he now works for him lol

  9. Mason Mcclellan

    Mason Mcclellan24 days ago

    Me eating icecream while watching

  10. Lucy MacLellan

    Lucy MacLellanMonth ago

    I thought i was going to throw up watching this.

  11. xXCatching SoleXx

    xXCatching SoleXxMonth ago

    3:11 *ploop*

  12. Jonathan Hill

    Jonathan HillMonth ago

    BOBBY GET HIT IN the ouch all the Time it’s so funny!? πŸ˜‚

  13. Jonathan Hill

    Jonathan HillMonth ago

    When you eat that Bug πŸ›I Thorough up!?

  14. JackTheGermanOfficer Joe

    JackTheGermanOfficer JoeMonth ago

    Slip in slide challenge idea Try getting the ball in ur goal so ur teams will be 3 vs 3 and the slip n slide will slide all around to win

  15. Alissa anne

    Alissa anneMonth ago

    I dare you to eat some tapeworms !! There is nothing grosser or nastier then that. "Cringe" πŸ˜‚πŸ€£β€β€πŸ˜Ž

  16. Kitty Awesomeness

    Kitty AwesomenessMonth ago

    0:05 *turn on captions* Edit: while watching this my cat creeped up on me and I thought it was a bug so I jumped off my bed legit xD

  17. maxi8865466

    maxi8865466Month ago

    Chubby booger

  18. Bumble Derp

    Bumble DerpMonth ago

    When captions are on the intro has a curse word

  19. Bunkle28 Playz

    Bunkle28 PlayzMonth ago


  20. HoseiPlayz Games

    HoseiPlayz GamesMonth ago

    The game with the tube is a Japanese game

  21. Douglas Lamoureux

    Douglas LamoureuxMonth ago

    # chubbybug

  22. Amy Johnson

    Amy JohnsonMonth ago

    J-Fred: *Literally Dying* Bobby: YES! J-Fred: *Continues to Die* Bobby: YES!

  23. Zoila-Justine Dayao

    Zoila-Justine DayaoMonth ago

    Bryan: YES IM SO GOOD! It’s because of my coaching skills πŸ˜‚

  24. Excellent Emma13

    Excellent Emma13Month ago

    4:12 was it just me who thought of a music video?πŸ˜‚

  25. Kyle Simmerson

    Kyle SimmersonMonth ago

    Do ice cute chubby bunny

  26. Raylene Gonzalez

    Raylene GonzalezMonth ago

    In JESUS NAME !!! ❀️❀️❀️

  27. i have no channel

    i have no channelMonth ago

    i watched this while eating...bad idea

  28. TiCTiCBoom 723

    TiCTiCBoom 723Month ago

    Tagg @Faze rug

  29. Danielle Smith

    Danielle SmithMonth ago

    "If your team is losing in basketball you dont say coach you play!" Am I the only one who laughed when he said that?πŸ€—πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  30. A is for Annihilation

    A is for AnnihilationMonth ago

    This was disturbing on so many levels 😝

  31. Yarbo 007

    Yarbo 007Month ago

    How many channels do they freaking have

  32. Kane J

    Kane JMonth ago

    Booby let Bryan to do it for a part 2 ok πŸ‘Œ so pieces

  33. Is for Your Business

    Is for Your BusinessMonth ago

    Wait don’t those bugs have diseases and stuff??

  34. Aaron Boekhoudt

    Aaron BoekhoudtMonth ago

    that was the hardest chalange to watch

  35. Izmeralda Recinos

    Izmeralda RecinosMonth ago

    If you can see where Joey and Gram were blowing in the pipe, Joey was lifting up his side a little bit.

  36. KelliMariee

    KelliMarieeMonth ago

    that water bug... i would’ve quit the video after that .πŸ˜‚

  37. Nikolas Klimek

    Nikolas KlimekMonth ago


  38. Akhila Achuthan

    Akhila AchuthanMonth ago

    I used to be an overeater. Then I saw this video. Now I'm just 115lbs

  39. Aimee Yasses

    Aimee YassesMonth ago

    J-fred: dying Bobby: Ya WOOOO!

  40. Raging JuicyjTTV

    Raging JuicyjTTV2 months ago

    6:57 β€œis that a piece of poop?!” That had me laughing so hard πŸ˜‚

  41. My Day

    My Day2 months ago

    HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS VIDEO?!??!!!?? IVE HAD NOTIFICATIONS ON BUT WHAAAAAA Dang if Bobby and Bryan participated it would probably be more fun but not to be rude but Bobby and Bryan are wusses especially Bobby no hate LOVE UR VIDS

  42. Jayden Reyes

    Jayden Reyes2 months ago

    The music edit 🀣

  43. Half Fro

    Half Fro2 months ago

    Eeeeeeyyyyyyyy! It's Graham! πŸ˜ƒ

  44. Parker Corby

    Parker Corby2 months ago

    i never thought that J-fred would lose in something so gross

  45. Samantha Weber

    Samantha Weber2 months ago

    The new guy is really cute but his personality sucks

  46. Entertainment Life

    Entertainment Life2 months ago

    4:12 Putting music over a person suffering is such mood

  47. Bradley Lovell

    Bradley Lovell2 months ago

    Wait so how much bug asmr?mhm

  48. Cora Mae

    Cora Mae2 months ago

    Holy I almost threw up watching the chubby buggy challenge

  49. Nikki Peoples

    Nikki Peoples2 months ago

    i lowkey almost gagged espescially when J-Fred had to eat those bugs

  50. CPG

    CPG2 months ago

    Chubby buggy challenge litterally made me throe up.

  51. Nego Γ© Pica

    Nego Γ© Pica2 months ago

    5:59 JOEY BOCA!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  52. Nego Γ© Pica

    Nego Γ© Pica2 months ago

    5:56 Joey boca Boom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  53. Mohammad Sharaf Khan

    Mohammad Sharaf Khan2 months ago

    Don't eat bugs. You will die faster!! It's true!

  54. Kenneth Tagpuno

    Kenneth Tagpuno2 months ago

    It would be more challenging if the pipe was covered

  55. Rockabilly Rebel

    Rockabilly Rebel2 months ago

    When Gram spit the bugs out it looked like a horror movie scene πŸ˜‚

  56. Mike Thomason

    Mike Thomason2 months ago

    I was eating meatloaf while watching this

  57. Chris Thumann

    Chris Thumann2 months ago

    Wait, he put on a rubber glove to touch the bug while he ATE the bug?! Explain to me the logic.

  58. Fun time Jackson

    Fun time Jackson2 months ago

    He didn’t eat the water bug

  59. XxAnnagamerxX zerva

    XxAnnagamerxX zerva2 months ago

    Discustinn xd

  60. yeet man

    yeet man2 months ago

    I would just spit it out on the first one, therefore I only have to eat 1