1. amira lahuna

    amira lahuna5 minutes ago


  2. Jinyoung Park

    Jinyoung Park16 minutes ago

    Hello everyone

  3. Ahgase Forever

    Ahgase Forever8 minutes ago

    Jinyoung Park Hello <3

  4. Ahgase Forever

    Ahgase Forever29 minutes ago

    Who's Still Spinninggg ??? *36.7M* Almosttt *Unlock 37M* Lets Do it Do it Famm Fightinggg ( Green Heartt ) Remember You Are Never Ever Alone Spinningg ! FIGHTINGGGG

  5. Ahgase Forever

    Ahgase Forever7 minutes ago

    Schattenweltler Wow <3 !! FIGHTINGG FAMM *GREEN HEARTT*

  6. Quỳnh Lê Trúc

    Quỳnh Lê Trúc9 minutes ago

    Ahgase Forever oh, you too

  7. Schattenweltler

    Schattenweltler10 minutes ago

    FIGHTING *green heart*

  8. Quỳnh Lê Trúc

    Quỳnh Lê Trúc10 minutes ago

    Ahgase Forever yeah

  9. Ahgase Forever

    Ahgase Forever13 minutes ago

    Jinyoung Park Here We Go Againn Spinningg faam , fightinggg <3 !

  10. Faranak Jalil

    Faranak Jalil42 minutes ago

    Where are you lazy aghase :) we stick on 36

  11. Jinyoung Park

    Jinyoung Park15 minutes ago

    Still spinning

  12. Quỳnh Lê Trúc

    Quỳnh Lê Trúc18 minutes ago

    Faranak Jalil Doing all day

  13. 장반정반

    장반정반47 minutes ago

    I'm gonna win this fight

  14. 장반정반

    장반정반49 minutes ago

    Yugyeom marry me? :(

  15. 장반정반

    장반정반49 minutes ago

    36.767.044 19.6.2019

  16. عطر الروح

    عطر الروح51 minute ago


  17. Joy Vithayasab

    Joy VithayasabHour ago

    I’m not a subscriber to JYP, but I follow GOT7 on Facebook and diligently watching everyday as many times as I could. I’m just wondering if this helps with the numbers or do I need to subscribe?

  18. nyota 26

    nyota 2639 minutes ago

    Joy Vithayasab as far as I know you don’t have to subscribe :) just remember to watch 2-3 other MVs before watching Eclipse again.

  19. 원정진장

    원정진장Hour ago


  20. 원정진장

    원정진장Hour ago

    Hihi GOT7

  21. Yugyeom?Cưới em nha

    Yugyeom?Cưới em nhaHour ago


  22. Stephenie Halder

    Stephenie HalderHour ago

    Yugyeom looks so handsome

  23. Yugyeom?Cưới em nha

    Yugyeom?Cưới em nhaHour ago


  24. Laran kiley

    Laran kileyHour ago

    c'mon Ahgases! we are stuck at 36M surely we can do better for our boys! I know we can, so let's try harder! GOT7 AHGASE FIGHTING!

  25. NoraBora

    NoraBoraHour ago

    Here i go again no

  26. Marium Amina

    Marium AminaHour ago

    Who's love GOT7 1LIKE👍=1LOVE 💖😍

  27. Baharak IGOT7 Jalil

    Baharak IGOT7 JalilHour ago

    Delete your emojis please the YT will delete the vi**s

  28. 10110001 001

    10110001 001Hour ago

    I love this song

  29. Seoul Korea

    Seoul KoreaHour ago

    Please follow GOT7 instagram accounts: 1. @jacksonwang852g7 /14M/ 2. @bambam1a /9.6M/ 3. @mark_tuan /7.8M/ 4. @yu_gyeom /6.7M/ 5. @jinyoung_0922jy /4.4M/ 6. @333cyj333 /4.1M/ 7. @prdsdef /3.1M/ 8. @got7.with.igot7 /4.1M/

  30. Chandana Nayeneni

    Chandana NayeneniHour ago

    hats off to jackson's rap

  31. Chandana Nayeneni

    Chandana NayeneniHour ago

    I keep replaying Jackson's rap!!!

  32. x marktuaned x

    x marktuaned x2 hours ago

    Listen to this : 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 3 times at night for clear skin

  33. Jatirik Echi

    Jatirik Echi2 hours ago

    Love U All !!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Jatirik Echi

    Jatirik Echi2 hours ago

    Love U All !!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Esperanza Selaive

    Esperanza Selaive2 hours ago


  36. Just Fabulous

    Just Fabulous2 hours ago

    Jackson UB 🤩🤩🤩

  37. Chaima Chouchou

    Chaima Chouchou2 hours ago

    من الواضح اني صرت معجبة بGot7 فجأة على كل حال الكليب روعة ارمي جزائرية 😙😘

  38. ib la

    ib laHour ago

    معك اغاسي مغربية

  39. Celeste Stay

    Celeste Stay2 hours ago

    ahgases help support stray kids tomorrow comeback Yellow Wood stay help stream this mv jyp nation

  40. Jinyoung Park

    Jinyoung Park13 minutes ago

    Gonna watch it..

  41. Almarie Mejo

    Almarie Mejo2 hours ago

    help got7 too

  42. Sana Claus

    Sana Claus3 hours ago

    I'm crying, this song really slaps so hard. The vocals, the visuals, the lyrics, even the choreography. I can feel it. My heart really does.

  43. Arwen Elron

    Arwen Elron3 hours ago

    still SPINNING

  44. Sunset w

    Sunset w3 hours ago

    اغاسي اي اغنية عربية تشوفو انها تمثل got7؟ بنسبة ليا (كل ما تكبر تحلا )كاظم الساهر

  45. ib la

    ib laHour ago

    والله ما بعرف الاغاني العربية كثيير

  46. Irma Lynn

    Irma Lynn3 hours ago

    Nowadays, kpop fans are so obsessed with ''str3aming'' than really listening to the song and enjoying it. For example, this song has a GREAT meaning for anxiety and mental battle and no one really cares about it. Oh yes let's just increase the ''vi3ws''. Got7 here made an amazing song and you're all focusing on silly issues.

  47. Irma Lynn

    Irma LynnHour ago

    @nyota 26 do you know what would help them truly also? To share this song or other songs of theirs, to introduce this group to people who dont know them or havent listened to them yet. I've streamed many songs in the past as well but does it really matter in the end? Does it get more popular when you stream it on 5 different devices in your house? Support them in an effective way and I dont necessarily tell you to buy their album or merch or go to their concert (since it costs money). Streaming is nice when you make it fun, not obligatory. ( for example: dont use some specific words or you're not a real fan if you dont stream). This is silly. If you love them there are so many ways to support them. :)

  48. nyota 26

    nyota 26Hour ago

    Irma Lynn I don’t think one thing necessarily excludes the other. When listening to the song for the first time I thought a lot about the lyrics and how brave they are to sing about their insecurities. Many fans commented on it as well. Now we’re trying to give back to them what they gave to us with their song. So they can win this fight :)

  49. Tuyết Nhung

    Tuyết Nhung3 hours ago

    Không thể nhận ra 9 mình Và nụ cười hiền dịu em vẫn dành cho anh CHÍNH LÀ EM Liệu Anh có đủ để khiến em an tâm Anh sợ mình k làm được Hãy bắt đầu Thêm Lần Nữa Khi bóng tối lại nhấn chìm Tâm Trí Anh ANH VẤP NGÃ Giấc mơ vượt qua rồi cứ thế rời xa Nhất định phải thoát khỏi nó Trước khi đêm đen nuốt trọn ta Đấu tranh để thành kẻ chiến thắng Tìm trạng thái cân = Anh sẽ k để mất nguồn sáng mang tên "em" Bởi cuộc chiến này anh nhất định chiến thắng Anh không thể gồng gánh sức nặng trên vai

  50. Tuyết Nhung

    Tuyết Nhung3 hours ago


  51. Mootaw Nunta

    Mootaw NuntaHour ago

    Tuyết Nhung 36,769,554

  52. MTBB got7

    MTBB got73 hours ago


  53. حيدر حيدر

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  54. حيدر حيدر

    حيدر حيدرHour ago

    @ib la هلا

  55. ib la

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  56. paulina 265 kawaii

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  57. Isabela Minucio Pontes

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  58. Alexandra Hinostroza

    Alexandra Hinostroza4 hours ago

    Amo 🔥❤❤

  59. Isabela Minucio Pontes

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  60. Pornpana Umpaivit

    Pornpana Umpaivit4 hours ago

    ยังไหวอยู่ ยังไหวววว ... ถึงแม้กาแฟจะไม่ช่วยอะไร มี Eclipse เป็นกำลังใจ ถ้าไม่ไหวก็แค่หลับคาหน้าจอ... ;)

  61. Pornpana Umpaivit

    Pornpana Umpaivit2 hours ago

    @nid nid น่าจะดูได้อีกสักรอบ ก่อนจะไปเข้าเฝ้าพระอินทร์ เจอกันในฝันนะคุณ ฮ่าๆๆ สู้ๆค่าา :)

  62. nid nid

    nid nid4 hours ago


  63. hsnm khunnie

    hsnm khunnie4 hours ago

    I know Im not alone.. How many ahgases still keep spinning with me??

  64. kpopfan 24/7

    kpopfan 24/74 hours ago

    I still can't get over this song. It's so addictive 🥰😍

  65. Caurel Ayunda

    Caurel Ayunda4 hours ago

    I'am IGOT7 i love my baby jackson..... 😘😍

  66. gurlly iGot7 Love GOT7

    gurlly iGot7 Love GOT74 hours ago

    I still streaming them. Whos with me?

  67. Yin Hei Lam

    Yin Hei Lam5 hours ago

    Ahgase,can we get 100M in 100 day? We can do it 👏💪

  68. nid nid

    nid nid5 hours ago

    ไปไหนกันหมดอากาเช่คือเงียบแท้ สู้ๆๆเด้ออ

  69. nid nid

    nid nid4 hours ago

    @Pornpana Umpaivit นีกว่านอนไปแล้ววันนี้งานเสร็จช้ามากค่ะคุณ อากาเช่คงไปโหวตกันหมดเนาะ สู้ต่อค่ะ

  70. Pornpana Umpaivit

    Pornpana Umpaivit4 hours ago

    ยังอยู่จ้าาา สู้ๆๆ :)

  71. Nantawan park jinyoung

    Nantawan park jinyoung5 hours ago


  72. TH SOL

    TH SOL5 hours ago

    Esos anuncios me parecen de media hora se me hacen muy largas ಥ‿ಥ todo por los chicos ◉‿◉

  73. nid nid

    nid nid5 hours ago

    อากาเช่เรามาสู้เพื่อกัช สู้เพื่อเจ้าก้อนทั้ง7 สู้ๆๆนะคะ

  74. 박지연

    박지연5 hours ago

    40M go

  75. chien huynh

    chien huynh5 hours ago

    my bae is the coolest

  76. PAT 7

    PAT 75 hours ago

    ช่วยกันปั่มวิวให้กัซ กันหน่อยนะค่าาทุกคน ช่วงนี้วิวไม่ค่อยขึ้นเลยย อากาเซ่ทำด้วยกัซได้ไหมม

  77. Sawitree S

    Sawitree S6 hours ago


  78. Diian setiawidiantari Ketut

    Diian setiawidiantari Ketut6 hours ago


  79. Amira B

    Amira B6 hours ago

    Ahgases only 2 days left to vote on! Let's get our boys an award! The gap is small we can WIN. How to vote ◾0. If you dont live in an eligible country (Australia, Usa, Canada, China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand or Vietnam) as shown on the website then download a vpn app called Veil duck and choose any eligible country. Skip this step you live in an eligible region. ◾1.Sign in with either Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or Kakao talk! If you can then vote on all your accounts. ◾2. You can vote 4 times in total per day. You get automatically one free ticket when you login ◾3.Next step to get 3 more tickets to vote click on watching ads 3 times then you will get 1 ticket then wait one minute then you can watch again 3 ads and get one ticket repeat these steps 3 times in total 🔴If you have 600 hearts on Idol champion you can buy 30 tickets to vote! Pls vote with many different accounts! There are 4 types fb , twitter, gmail and kakao talk!!! Let's maks our boys win💚🐥 If you have problems ask me!! -

  80. Amira B

    Amira B5 hours ago

    @The MSBS yes I am already doing my best on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  81. The MSBS

    The MSBS5 hours ago

    Pls spread everywhere. U will do it too ❤❤

  82. GOT7_ MTBB_7

    GOT7_ MTBB_76 hours ago


  83. Hëy Ünïcörnïäs

    Hëy Ünïcörnïäs6 hours ago

    Minhas vidaaaaaaaassss Moresssssss iGot7❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 7 número da sorte 7Lindos 7de iGot7

  84. Cute and Sexy Im Jaebum imnida

    Cute and Sexy Im Jaebum imnida6 hours ago

    *AHGASE WHERE ARE YOU ALL?* We supposed to get 50M v1ews in a month, right?! It has already been a month, and we still stuck in 36M?! Let's spinning more! 1 Like = 1 AHAGSEEE

  85. ARMY_lGOT7 2013_2014

    ARMY_lGOT7 2013_20146 hours ago

    GOT7 👍 lGOT7 😄😊

  86. Hương Phạm

    Hương Phạm6 hours ago

    I fall in love with Mark’s part whenever I watch Eclipse ㅠㅠ

  87. MT97 BB1a

    MT97 BB1a6 hours ago

    สู้ไหม!!! อกซ.

  88. OUOI Freedom

    OUOI Freedom7 hours ago


  89. Gm Mobile

    Gm Mobile6 hours ago


  90. م-마르와

    م-마르와7 hours ago

    تخيلو بس تكون مش من معجبين فرقةة زي قوتسفن! فاتكممم نص عمركممم صراحة!

  91. Ib Once

    Ib Once6 hours ago

    ايه عن جد

  92. Sunset w

    Sunset w6 hours ago

    فعلا.. احلا فرقة..

  93. N A N T H A K A

    N A N T H A K A7 hours ago

    54 Mสู้จร้า

  94. 원정진장

    원정진장7 hours ago

    36.721.797 At 19h25 18.6.2019

  95. Syifa putri Andini

    Syifa putri Andini7 hours ago


  96. Death And Blood

    Death And Blood7 hours ago

    GOT7 💖🤘👇👌💓💕💘❤️💞🌔🌓🌒🌑

  97. dom love

    dom love7 hours ago

    Seven two zero

  98. Pornpana Umpaivit

    Pornpana Umpaivit7 hours ago

    Will Stay By Your Side.... GOT7&IGOT7... Fighting!! :)

  99. Sana Claus

    Sana Claus8 hours ago

    I love you.

  100. it's me jaymei

    it's me jaymei8 hours ago

    hindi ako nagsasawa panoorin to!! Bat baaaaa!!!!!!

  101. Nuan Nuan

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  102. dandelonie svn

    dandelonie svn8 hours ago

    Just stay by my side

  103. P SS

    P SS8 hours ago

    36.717.233 (190618 - 8pm KST)

  104. BethariaNoor

    BethariaNoor8 hours ago

    Hmm... 10 mins ago it was 36, 716, 293... now 288... where did the five go?

  105. JinyoungxJisoo 7

    JinyoungxJisoo 78 hours ago

    USwork being deleting the views since 3 weeks ago..

  106. saif Edinne

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  107. saif Edinne

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  108. saif Edinne

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  109. saif Edinne

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  110. saif Edinne

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  111. saif Edinne

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  112. saif Edinne

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  113. saif Edinne

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  114. saif Edinne

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  115. saif Edinne

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  116. saif Edinne

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  117. saif Edinne

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  118. Caryl Mae Mollaneda

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  119. saif Edinne

    saif Edinne8 hours ago

    all ahgasae

  120. TOT GOT7

    TOT GOT79 hours ago

    قوتسفن مرسومين في أعماقي ♡

  121. saif Edinne

    saif Edinne8 hours ago

    same wlh

  122. TOT GOT7

    TOT GOT79 hours ago

    Hey my GOT7 how are you?

  123. thoed. fruit

    thoed. fruit9 hours ago

    รักตลอดไป got7💚

  124. เเอร์ เเชเเน่ว

    เเอร์ เเชเเน่ว9 hours ago


  125. nojam

    nojam9 hours ago

    i can't believe i didn't stan them sooner :(

  126. Annasuke16

    Annasuke168 hours ago

    But you are here now :) welcome to the Ahgafam

  127. Fateme S

    Fateme S8 hours ago

    nojam me too:,(

  128. saif Edinne

    saif Edinne8 hours ago

    the imposrtant thing that u are stanning them now enjoy

  129. Kayla Rempillo

    Kayla Rempillo9 hours ago

    keep spinninggg!!!! they deserves the best

  130. K-pop GOTTWICE

    K-pop GOTTWICE9 hours ago

    Keep Spinning ahgase

  131. Amira B

    Amira B9 hours ago

    Ahgases you can buy the merch online at 20th june on withdrama

  132. Sarawut Raungwong

    Sarawut Raungwong9 hours ago

    I love .got7,

  133. bineza zapanta

    bineza zapanta9 hours ago

    almost a month yey! 36.7M spins still spinning (green hearts)

  134. Baharak IGOT7 Jalil

    Baharak IGOT7 Jalil10 hours ago

    Let's go to 37 in one month

  135. Christine Borlasa

    Christine Borlasa10 hours ago

    Ahgacheck. Who's here today?