Binging with Babish: Teddy Brûlée from Bob's Burgers


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish3 months ago

    So uh, marshmallow batter? Marshmallow dough? Raw marshmallow? Marshmallow potential?

  2. Molly Sharpe

    Molly Sharpe15 days ago

    FLUFF !

  3. Christina Singleton

    Christina Singleton15 days ago

    Marshmellow Batter...i think...

  4. UriyaSabah309

    UriyaSabah30915 days ago

    Marshmellow fluff?

  5. Ashrak Ahmed

    Ashrak Ahmed16 days ago


  6. Rimabros 98

    Rimabros 9817 days ago


  7. Alicia Scarlet

    Alicia Scarlet12 hours ago

    Now i need to know. Can we put melted chocolate or cocoa powder in the Marshmallow fluff thing?

  8. NamJungGi

    NamJungGi16 hours ago

    Pls do not mention masturbation specially if you're just cooking, it's not necessary, stop making a recipe video not watchable for children. Now i had to stop my kid from watching your channel because of it.

  9. Chong Doolin

    Chong Doolin19 hours ago

    Everything he said after he made that graham cracker masturbation pun became a sex joke in my childish mind

  10. Dr. M Hyde

    Dr. M HydeDay ago

    You like your marshmallows burned?! I need to get Area 51 on the line cause there’s no way your human.

  11. Kavin Jayaraman

    Kavin JayaramanDay ago

    Did anyone hear the guy laugh in the background when he said to make sure the gelatin mixture should be moistened? 3:30

  12. xXxFire_LeonxXx GD pkmn

    xXxFire_LeonxXx GD pkmnDay ago

    Father i have sined

  13. Erwin Canaya

    Erwin Canaya2 days ago

    I guess I should buy more Graham crackers..

  14. Coolio Ash

    Coolio Ash2 days ago

    oh so graham crackers had the same purpose as kellog's corn flakes.

  15. Hi Mejason

    Hi Mejason2 days ago

    Marshmallow fluff


    AYI KARMESTA2 days ago

    It is called "marsmellow fluff" sir.

  17. Ali Jahaj

    Ali Jahaj2 days ago

    To stop masturbation... IN THAT SPIRIT Lol

  18. Average FN 02r

    Average FN 02r3 days ago

    Babish is literally a American Gordon Ramsay

  19. crizpy donut

    crizpy donut3 days ago

    It's marshmallow fluff!

  20. Jeremy

    Jeremy3 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  21. Snappy Man

    Snappy Man3 days ago

    When he burned the marshmallow my face🤯

  22. Xharia

    Xharia3 days ago

    Would just say fluff lol

  23. London Quiroz

    London Quiroz3 days ago

    I’m binge watching babish

  24. Myles Fe

    Myles Fe4 days ago

    You didn’t crush the pretzels

  25. Edwin F.

    Edwin F.4 days ago

    hey how about Michael Scott's mayo and black olives from the office?

  26. Yasmin George

    Yasmin George4 days ago

    Gram crackers where made to stop masturbation everyone

  27. LilFox

    LilFox4 days ago

    You forgot the pretzles

  28. Zesty_Beelzebub

    Zesty_Beelzebub4 days ago

    6:23 Me trying to help my mom bake

  29. BlackArcher123Gaming 3

    BlackArcher123Gaming 34 days ago

    I have one question teddy why would you give her the fucking *blowtorch*

  30. Antusj Gaming

    Antusj Gaming4 days ago

    Babish Brulee looks like a great snack for the family, with some coco and a fire in the fireplace. In like midwinter... I'll have to keep this one in mind when it starts snowing in a few months!


    LXNATIC4 days ago

    Before 6:57 - Great video Babish! 😊 After 6:57 - stop it. Stop it now. STOP IT YOU MONSTER!

  32. Geoff Stoner

    Geoff Stoner5 days ago

    I like how he doesn't really use measuring cups or spoons like he's said a couple hand fulls of pretzels and then dumps the whole bag

  33. WalnutTime

    WalnutTime5 days ago


  34. WalnutTime

    WalnutTime5 days ago


  35. denbeere4

    denbeere46 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about that great impression


    POOPA SKOOPA6 days ago

    Does it come in black.... oh

  37. Britt Snapsters

    Britt Snapsters6 days ago


  38. Andy Fleischman

    Andy Fleischman6 days ago

    Marshmallow stuff

  39. Moose the Dodge Pickup

    Moose the Dodge Pickup6 days ago

    Hmmmm doesn’t work

  40. Corpse Flower Canvas

    Corpse Flower Canvas6 days ago

    I just realized that Babish is doing fan art with food.

  41. derek verhoeven

    derek verhoeven6 days ago

    lol, i appreciate this channel

  42. Govind Saggu

    Govind Saggu6 days ago

    Did he say to stop masturbation??

  43. Keaton Spell

    Keaton Spell6 days ago

    That impression was dead on, wp.

  44. ian long

    ian long6 days ago

    I'm a cook at a hotel restaurant and the most annoying order I get is creme brulee to-go. Since you can't use a torch with a styrofoam container, I have to brown the dessert in its normal container and then try to transfer it to the to go box. It never looks good and it pisses me off because it took me several weeks to perfect my creme brulee and they make me ruin it.

  45. Empress Lolo Bell

    Empress Lolo Bell6 days ago

    Ok we can all agree that 4:33 is the most satisfying thing ever

  46. Chocolate Sunday

    Chocolate Sunday7 days ago

    Fun fact marshmallows were made as an easy way for kids to take cough medicine.

  47. Forever Undying

    Forever Undying8 days ago does a Graham cracker stop you from jacking it?

  48. Kiera Seestadt

    Kiera Seestadt8 days ago

    it's not burnt. it's IDEAL TEMPERATURE.


    BRAEDON C MILLS8 days ago

    When you shave your arm to make a slight impressive joke

  50. Luke Mehaffey

    Luke Mehaffey8 days ago

    Banish should make a restaurant of all his episode foods

  51. Flicx

    Flicx8 days ago

    Marshmallows are just chewy sugar jello

  52. Trypsykh

    Trypsykh8 days ago

    I had to reroll 2:05 to confirm you said mass starvation because there's no fucking way you said masturbation. I ate a lot of smores this summer and I still eherm..

  53. Enoch001

    Enoch0019 days ago

    The size of a tangerine

  54. Björn Gerlach

    Björn Gerlach9 days ago

    Sir Andy Rae fucking nailing the Michael Caine impression😬

  55. Lorn

    Lorn9 days ago

    marshmallow's original purpose was actually cough medicine

  56. Elvenwind

    Elvenwind9 days ago

    You can call the marshmallows timmy

  57. Whitsoxrule1

    Whitsoxrule19 days ago

    If one were to sit down with Andrew Rea for a marathon of this channel, they'd be Binging Binging with Babish with Babish

  58. Sha K

    Sha K9 days ago

    "in that spirit we are beating..."

  59. Tyson Scott

    Tyson Scott10 days ago

    Graham crackers were made to stop masturbation... So we are BEATING this together

  60. foil hat brigade

    foil hat brigade10 days ago

    I hate smores but love bob's burgers

  61. Trash at Skating

    Trash at Skating10 days ago

    You should make the child molester

  62. LeviathanStorm38

    LeviathanStorm3810 days ago

    Are we all just not gonna talk about the inadvertent eagle he bruleed into the marshamallows at the end?

  63. Cosmic Kitty

    Cosmic Kitty10 days ago

    Is that the Vinny from Bon Appetit?! B + BB forever!! lolz XD

  64. richard riedle

    richard riedle10 days ago

    That poor skillet

  65. the gay tree

    the gay tree10 days ago

    Marshmellow fluff!!!

  66. its_not_enrique

    its_not_enrique11 days ago

    1:00 Propane at propane accessories

  67. Acehaddツ

    Acehaddツ11 days ago

    Babish Brûlée

  68. Iñaki Diaz

    Iñaki Diaz11 days ago

    Burnt marshmallows for the win!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Th3DarkKitsune

    Th3DarkKitsune12 days ago

    Burnt marshmallows is best mashmallows

  70. Carleigh L

    Carleigh L12 days ago

    Haaa the beat the wet into the dry comment made me subscribe. Good stuff

  71. TardisPilot 2004

    TardisPilot 200412 days ago

    My aunt has always called burnt marshmallows, “Skeksimallows,” making reference to the Skekis from “The Dark Crystal.” It’s only become a thing because almost everyone in my family, myself included, is a horrible abomination that enjoys burnt marshmallows. You aren’t as alone in that as you may think, Babish.

  72. AWKisbored

    AWKisbored12 days ago

    Ti-ny whisk! Ti-ny whisk!

  73. William Slattery

    William Slattery12 days ago


  74. Jacob Walker

    Jacob Walker12 days ago

    I have no idea how 1k people can dislike this, WHO CAN HATE S'MORES???????

  75. Thermovale

    Thermovale12 days ago

    My face at 1:50: 😯

  76. oathkeeper65

    oathkeeper6512 days ago

    Making your own marshmallows and graham crackers allows you to control the flavoring and will actually make them taste good. I can attest to homemade marshmallows kicking the jet puff stuff way out of the atmosphere.

  77. jennifer

    jennifer12 days ago

    Marshmallow discharge

  78. terrexia

    terrexia12 days ago

    marshmellow block

  79. Stone Brick

    Stone Brick12 days ago

    Did you forget to crush the pretzels

  80. sartorian darkstorm

    sartorian darkstorm13 days ago

    teddy brûlée or diabetes brûlée

  81. bloodthirsty

    bloodthirsty13 days ago

    Schmallow goop

  82. Christian Tinoco

    Christian Tinoco13 days ago

    mars mallow

  83. Blake Morrison

    Blake Morrison13 days ago

    This is a part of reason I love Babish. Why would I ever need to know how to make these things at home? I wouldn't. But I like that the how is somewhere in my brain

  84. Thunderer18

    Thunderer1813 days ago

    Would love to see you take a crack at making marshmallows with actual marsh mallow extract.

  85. Ayden Hymel

    Ayden Hymel13 days ago

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not even the homemade marshmallows: Babish: Saucepin.

  86. Mugiwara Lee

    Mugiwara Lee13 days ago

    Definitely one of the last places I expected to hear a masturbation joke was on the pop culture cooking show lol.