Billie Eilish Gives Us A Look Inside Her Tour Closet


  1. Miss Vee

    Miss Vee40 minutes ago

    She reminds me of those kids in school that would waltz in to class hella late with a bag of cheetos and wearing pajamas.

  2. 1a

    1a48 minutes ago

    She has so much counterfeits

  3. Miss Karen

    Miss KarenHour ago

    Is she lesbian?

  4. Kayla Fisher

    Kayla Fisher2 hours ago

    Damn did she say “ I don’t wear shirts like B****es shorts” lmaooo

  5. David Theran

    David Theran2 hours ago

    Big drip

  6. Riley Richardson

    Riley Richardson3 hours ago

    Billie : “I normally wear shorts when i’m on stage.... Not like bitches shorts but like past the knee shorts “

  7. Alison Nelson

    Alison Nelson4 hours ago LOVE YOU BILLIE!!!!!

  8. Theo Filatss

    Theo Filatss7 hours ago

    Did she just call me a b*tch? Love her tho.

  9. Lawrence Young Kim Jae Hyun

    Lawrence Young Kim Jae Hyun8 hours ago

    i love how zipperhead. not. this shit is a scam against lawrence kim.

  10. Potato Life

    Potato Life9 hours ago

    love how the music they used is called ‘close your fridge it’s cold’ by clueless kit *I’m wheezing*

  11. 0ve gunnarson

    0ve gunnarson9 hours ago

    I just love pooping. Big solid poops If u know u know

  12. aestheticbiish •

    aestheticbiish •9 hours ago

    she can pull off everything, what a queen 👏🏼😌

  13. JA Twist

    JA Twist10 hours ago

    go home and stop stealing


    LIFE PATH10 hours ago

    I couldn't afford it then and I can't afford them now

  15. lgnfve

    lgnfve10 hours ago

    She has burned out and OD written all over herself. when the 15 min are up, it will be good night.

  16. lgnfve

    lgnfve10 hours ago

    Who ???

  17. Mich Mj

    Mich Mj11 hours ago

    And Anna Wintour died.

  18. Monica Ramirez

    Monica Ramirez12 hours ago

    Bitches shorts 🤣

  19. Atalia Younan

    Atalia Younan13 hours ago

    Can someone tell me where Billie gets her clothes. I wanna be her for Halloween cuz she’s amazing.

  20. Jewel Ivy

    Jewel Ivy14 hours ago

    Keeping your diamonds in a plastic bag is how you stay humble 🤣🤣🤣

  21. queen Queen

    queen Queen15 hours ago

    She rich rich

  22. Larissa Zavala

    Larissa Zavala16 hours ago

    Her style is dope I could never pull it off but she does 😍💙

  23. Mom Sheriff

    Mom Sheriff17 hours ago

    I would send her to blacked raw for an attitude adjustment

  24. Cranky Lilperson

    Cranky Lilperson18 hours ago

    Wow her nails

  25. Rebecca Sheckel

    Rebecca Sheckel18 hours ago

    Every photo of her, she looks like she’s just had a 30 min cry session :( I hope she’s okay.... her eyes just look unhappy.

  26. liAnneee lmao

    liAnneee lmao19 hours ago

    "bitches' shorts"

  27. Bekah

    Bekah23 hours ago

    Billies closet is the best and both girls and guys, anyone can wear it. Love it 💜♥💚

  28. 26babil26

    26babil26Day ago

    i appreciate that she doesnt show her body like other popular singers god bless billie

  29. Queen stealer

    Queen stealerDay ago

    Anyone else notices the moving shadow that becomes Billies shadow at 0:22 ? Or am I tripping..

  30. Queen stealer

    Queen stealer9 hours ago

    @Sparkle LSM oohh okay ty

  31. Sparkle LSM

    Sparkle LSM10 hours ago

    The camera is facing her one way but they also have a light on her , when the light moves so does her shadow.

  32. Elaina Sterner

    Elaina SternerDay ago

    Wait wtf

  33. JocelynKetler

    JocelynKetlerDay ago

    Green Day shirt. Yes.

  34. Sunnyday Sunshine13

    Sunnyday Sunshine13Day ago

    This is what folks refer to as NOUVE RICHE

  35. Dora loves u

    Dora loves uDay ago

    bitches shorts ,,,,, i

  36. Michelle G

    Michelle GDay ago

    Damn she riich 😂💖

  37. Martina Ochoa

    Martina OchoaDay ago

    idk why the people care about the closet of a person who sings... its just so boring

  38. Anastasia Washmuth

    Anastasia WashmuthDay ago

    just throws the clothes on the ground.... ughhhhhhhhhhh

  39. evelyn ramirez

    evelyn ramirezDay ago

    I feel like her outfits are basic and ratchet at the same time. Idk just me

  40. Miranda

    Miranda2 days ago

    ATTENTION PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS!!! Did you know it's totally possible to praise Billie without putting down other women who don't dress/act like her??? "I love how she dresses UNLIKE THESE OTHER HALF NAKED HOES OUT HERE!!!" Ok, you could have left that last part out and still made your point.

  41. Jaslyn Aroomugam

    Jaslyn Aroomugam2 days ago

    Her style is so unique

  42. just tired

    just tired2 days ago

    She does a good job of looking like shit so people don't judge her............. The way she talks is a huge cherry on top........

  43. anitin gagnidze

    anitin gagnidze2 days ago

    always when i look her, thinking about rihanna too... 🙄

  44. playinragz

    playinragz3 days ago

    This thing is total satanic shit. If you allow your kids to watch it your a irresponsible parent. Are You?

  45. Haja

    Haja3 days ago

    Her music is trash. Stop giving garbage a name.

  46. DarK AngèLz

    DarK AngèLz3 days ago

    Have u guys heard the billie bad guy with justin bieber!!! I love it

  47. Lorraine A

    Lorraine A4 days ago

    Her closet is bigger than my room...

  48. Daniel Warner

    Daniel Warner4 days ago

    Nigga look like a boy in a wig..

  49. Nena h

    Nena h4 days ago

    "Not like bitches shorts"😂😂

  50. Cha Beo

    Cha Beo5 days ago

    Stfu u couldn’t afford Nike sneakers as kid they’re not that expensive and ur parents were in biz

  51. whatever

    whatever4 days ago

    Cha Beo she grew up with not that much money and it doesn’t matter if her parents where in that they didn’t star in big movies

  52. Last andFirst

    Last andFirst5 days ago

    Me: Drinking water while watching this video at work. Billie: “ my diamonds, yea there in here haha” In a plastic bag!. Me: Dramatically spits out water and yells wtf! Billie! You a real QUEEN!! I love how she’s so real! Not once did she “um, ugh “ like half these dumb broads who dress half naked can’t even say a complete sentence.. #LOVEYOUBILLIE #LOVEFROMPALMSPRINGSCA 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍🥰🙌🙌🙌💀

  53. Miranda

    Miranda2 days ago

    Did you know you can praise her without putting down other women who don't dress/act like her?

  54. DigitalBuoy

    DigitalBuoy5 days ago

    I see what's coming and I feel bad for her.

  55. Sheika Santana Gonzalez

    Sheika Santana Gonzalez5 days ago

    I have a question what does she means by she doesn’t pay for anything anymore for the stuff she has now??