Billie Eilish Gives Us A Look Inside Her Tour Closet | HYPEBAE Backstage Pass

It may feel like Billie Eilish came out of nowhere, but the truth is the enigmatic 17-year-old singer’s stardom has been on a steady climb since she released her 2016 song “Ocean Eyes.” She has been praised by peers like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, earned the respect of greats like Dave Grohl and Thom Yorke, and has managed to achieve both commercial and critical success. And while fans can’t get enough of her ethereal yet edgy music, her distinctive sense of style has played a huge role in her meteoric rise to success.
On a recent tour stop in Canada, Billie invited HYPEBAE backstage before her sold-out show at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage to give us a look at her tour closet. She shared with us her favorite pieces to wear on and off stage, told us why she only wears shorts when performing, and showed off her interesting storage solution for her trademark jewelry collection.
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  1. Adarna Mondragon

    Adarna Mondragon2 days ago

    Why does she look sickly. is she OK, does she need a rest.

  2. gl0ck b3ns

    gl0ck b3ns3 days ago

    If billie was the principal of a school, NO ONE would have any insecurities to worry about, honestly.

  3. naomi omii

    naomi omii3 days ago

    i've never known she had black hair lmao

  4. Evie Stylianidou

    Evie Stylianidou5 days ago

    Has she ever worn jeans?

  5. Thrisha Kate

    Thrisha Kate9 days ago

    "Now i dont even pay for shit at all." You deserve it. I love you Billie 💋

  6. Blue _ Yeet

    Blue _ Yeet10 days ago

    Yooo all those jewelry man

  7. jimmy

    jimmy10 days ago

    Her clothes cool and all but I want that green day shirt highkey

  8. Charlotte The cat

    Charlotte The cat10 days ago

    She wore the freak city one at the concert I went to

  9. J Lib

    J Lib11 days ago

    She doesn't pay for anything? How?

  10. Kellsey O'Brien

    Kellsey O'Brien14 days ago

    She has all this, and is still one of the most humble people I have ever seen. She’s amazing

  11. DiamondKidd YT

    DiamondKidd YT18 days ago

    Can we all just take a moment and appreciate that her laughs are unique and amazing lmao

  12. Reiko

    Reiko19 days ago

    I dont wanna think she's a spoilt teen buuuuuut uuuuhhhh

  13. Eilish O'Connell

    Eilish O'Connell19 days ago

    ohh she is a hella expensive for a 17 year old

  14. Sooraj Popz

    Sooraj Popz20 days ago

    I use her accessories as weapons😂😂

  15. Mariam Khaled

    Mariam Khaled22 days ago

    2019: no 2020: no 2021: no 2022: no 2023: *let's put this in everybody's recommendations*

  16. Ariana Pentecostes

    Ariana Pentecostes27 days ago

    Why is her “ tour closet” bigger than my own closet

  17. R3d Pa1ad!n

    R3d Pa1ad!n28 days ago

    I have one pair of shoes

  18. Animation Studios!

    Animation Studios!28 days ago

    her ON TOUR closet has more clothes then mine

  19. Sha RI

    Sha RI29 days ago

    The rivh & famous rarely pay for their shit. I'm happy for Billie though

  20. Ester Miguel

    Ester Miguel29 days ago

    If her tour closet is that big How big is her actual closet Also me loves u Billie 💚

  21. Xavier Jones

    Xavier JonesMonth ago

    Big flex at the end 💪 freebucketz

  22. You Do Note The Liar Is Mah Peyk

    You Do Note The Liar Is Mah PeykMonth ago

    "heavy ass.... Chunky ass shoes"

  23. CallMeBigAlbert

    CallMeBigAlbertMonth ago

    This video just called me poor in 100 languages

  24. WatchingDude

    WatchingDudeMonth ago

    Her closet is bigger than mah house xD LMAO

  25. Luvirya

    LuviryaMonth ago

    Billie: chooses outfit in 12 seconds Me: chooses outfit in 26 minutes

  26. ALIREZA moghimi

    ALIREZA moghimiMonth ago

    "bitches shorts" 👏👏👏

  27. Ben Bisek

    Ben BisekMonth ago

    Wear some black leggings and a hoodie and some vans and a beanie. This baggy clothing shit needs to go. Dressing like a little kid.

  28. TYL4027 Hi

    TYL4027 HiMonth ago

    “I always wear shorts” Same here

  29. Melanny Roman

    Melanny RomanMonth ago

    Alguien sabe español aqui? Like si sabes :v

  30. julian crespo

    julian crespoMonth ago

    My closet is just one of those lil sections

  31. c ch

    c chMonth ago

    my clothing is exercise attire

  32. Ava_love_Zoe101

    Ava_love_Zoe101Month ago

    Billie is the only one who could get away with wearing stuff like this 😂

  33. Jane Rodr

    Jane RodrMonth ago

    I thought she had a massive wardrobe. She truly doesn't have any clothes. All that bragging🤥🤤 I bath corps and I own were I do it. I have 5 walking closet. 8 dressers. 6 barrels full of clothes u name it I have it and I dress baggie as well. She has nothing. She probably pays 150 250 4 a shirt. One of my shirts alone 400 500. Nope she has nothing. Stop showing off sugar.

  34. Hlhi Hlhi

    Hlhi HlhiMonth ago

    weird how she´s all up our culture´s styles

  35. Cookie_kittens13 -cookies

    Cookie_kittens13 -cookiesMonth ago


  36. Celia Lairana

    Celia LairanaMonth ago

    Eu amo os sapatos e as roupa dela manooo

  37. Lilla 12

    Lilla 12Month ago

    Here ish -Billie 2019

  38. Queen Frog

    Queen Frog2 months ago

    When her closet was literally the size of my house 😮

  39. Xinyi Zhu

    Xinyi Zhu2 months ago

    they are not like bitches shorts hhhhhhhhhhh im dead hhhhhh

  40. PRO-TONE

    PRO-TONE2 months ago

    She's so beautiful and cute.

  41. Flavinha Oliveira

    Flavinha Oliveira2 months ago

    Algum Br?

  42. Kishore Tewari

    Kishore Tewari2 months ago

    1000000$ stuff in a 0.5$ bag( WOW)

  43. papia nasrin

    papia nasrin2 months ago

    My sister says bitches t shirt 😂 We both wear over sized t shirts!

  44. Louis Taylor

    Louis Taylor2 months ago

    her tour closet and all them brand called me broke in every language

  45. The Greenthaners

    The Greenthaners2 months ago

    I loooove her nails

  46. Sumeyra S.

    Sumeyra S.2 months ago

    Bitches short sdafdshgkjhlkşlki

  47. gachahanna YT

    gachahanna YT2 months ago

    her tour closet is bigger then my room😂

  48. Eunice Chia

    Eunice Chia2 months ago

    Wow. Just wow.

  49. Itzgg 4 ever

    Itzgg 4 ever2 months ago

    I love her so muchhhh!!!!❤️❤️😭😭❤️❤️🕷🕷🕷

  50. Dennis Vidot

    Dennis Vidot2 months ago

    I love and respect you Billie

  51. Ocean Eyes

    Ocean Eyes2 months ago

    Oh my gosh yessss!!

  52. Eileen Saavedra

    Eileen Saavedra2 months ago

    1:44 EAR RAPE

  53. Usual A

    Usual A2 months ago

    Who pays for all that shit if she doesn’t? 😅😅

  54. TheRealDavieLondon

    TheRealDavieLondon2 months ago

    Everybody pull up a chair and grab your popcorn. We’re going to witness one of the biggest stars turned dark we’ve ever seen. This girl is only 17 and already burnt out. It’s only a matter of time till she tries drugs and goes crazy. I’m calling it right now. 5 years from now she’ll be covered in tattoos and worshipping the devil more then she already is

  55. Helen Veyonce Jordan

    Helen Veyonce Jordan2 months ago

    i'm distracted by her nails,lmao

  56. I’m not Iron Man

    I’m not Iron Man2 months ago

    *went to complex to buy shirts* Billie: *Duh this shirt is only 5$ lol* Me: *OH MY JESUS THIS IS TOO EXPENSIVE*

  57. • fxlling stars •

    • fxlling stars •2 months ago

    I hope she doesn't ever change ♡

  58. Omone Ojior

    Omone Ojior2 months ago

    Cool 😎

  59. conflict’

    conflict’2 months ago

    Her tour clothes is more than my whole closet

  60. Ashley Parker

    Ashley Parker2 months ago

    How does she even pick which one