2019 NBA Finals Game 4: Raptors EXPOSE Warriors

The Toronto Raptors used one of the oldest plays in the book to continually generate easy shots all game, and the Golden State Warriors could not get a stop in crucial moments of Game 4. The Raptors are on the brink of winning their first title ever, unless Steve Kerr can figure something out.
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  1. Datchineseguy

    Datchineseguy27 days ago

    When you realize spicy P is 6”9’

  2. da man

    da man28 days ago

    You make a video about the 90s bulls and how the triangle offense help them

  3. Hanna Kurpaska

    Hanna Kurpaska29 days ago

    We won the champions

  4. Rashid Thompson

    Rashid ThompsonMonth ago

    You ppl are dumber than a box of rocks if you don’t believe this game and all of sports are rigged... The elite control sports just like they control the music and television industry this world was given to the hands of the wicked Satan and his satanic puppets make stars and champions to whoever willing to sell their soul for fame you think these ppl are successful based on their talent keeping on thinking that they can make any team a championship team they control the ball and they control the refs and coaches just like the rap game they can rapper who don’t have any talent or skills and make him the number one rapper in the world they pay ppl to write for whoever they want to be famous it’s the same for sports they don’t give a fuck about your talents they want the biggest sellout to be their puppets which dummy is gonna make them the most money then with all the money they make they’re still being told where to spend it or who you can give it too you’re still a slave with a big paycheck that’s all and that’s facts they say signs and symbols rule the world you ever investigated some of the symbols on these teams logos and some of the corporations that sponsors them cause they’re evil as fuck owned by some of your team owners they are run and financed by the Satan Freemason Lucerferian Devil worshippers secret societies that’s who these famous people work for and you still don’t believe that they won’t rig a game you need to wake up then research for yourself.

  5. YvngGoat

    YvngGoatMonth ago

    Kyle Lowry’s a high IQ point guard.

  6. Jose Herrera

    Jose HerreraMonth ago

    Nigga worriers are the best

  7. Derek G

    Derek GMonth ago

    Warriors were a 73 win team without KD, they had Klay for all but 1 quarter of the series. The retarded comments about injuries are laughable, apparently for Golden State having Curry, Thompson, Green, Iggy and Boogie STILL isn't enough, pathetic lmfao, for those that continually attempt to use this excuse...go choke on those tears.😂🤣

  8. Elijah The goat

    Elijah The goatMonth ago

    i’m not the only one that thinks now that marc has a dpoy and a ring he should be a hofer right?

  9. Unknown General

    Unknown GeneralMonth ago

    Kawhi god of ending three peats

  10. El Comandante

    El ComandanteMonth ago

    #2 along with the clippers going nowhere this season. Over hyped n over rated is #2. Luckiest title ever.

  11. Cap Meliödas

    Cap Meliödas2 months ago

    So many adsssssss. Seat geak your ass up


    JOHNSON DAILY2 months ago

    damn this is the best basketball channel ever

  13. Ken Roberts

    Ken Roberts3 months ago

    Raptors introduced a new oven baked product... Pilsbury Pick and Rolls

  14. Choko Lait

    Choko Lait3 months ago


  15. Victorino Ferrao

    Victorino Ferrao3 months ago

    Draymond is overrated.

  16. erfansvideos

    erfansvideos3 months ago

    The Warriors when all healthy and uninjured they’re unstoppable. However, if there IS a team that can stop them it’d be The Raptors WITH Kawhi Leonard

  17. noat1105

    noat11053 months ago

    Raps made golden state look like they’re playing with 4 players

  18. Harry Kirk

    Harry Kirk3 months ago

    The Warriors were injured you dip shit.

  19. Harry Kirk

    Harry Kirk3 months ago

    The Warriors were injured you dip shit.

  20. Harry Kirk

    Harry Kirk3 months ago

    The Warriors were injured you dip shit.

  21. Harry Kirk

    Harry Kirk3 months ago

    The Warriors were injured you dip shit.

  22. Sub as a RIP For Joergen 1 and 2

    Sub as a RIP For Joergen 1 and 23 months ago


  23. Chyniz Mahss

    Chyniz Mahss3 months ago

    Wanna hear a joke? Warriors in 4

  24. Dead Ey3

    Dead Ey33 months ago

    You all know they win to a broken injury team right..so is the weakest NBA title they get in a live time..

  25. henry700

    henry7002 months ago

    Dead Ey3 Go flavor some chicken with that salt

  26. J Morris

    J Morris3 months ago

    It's easy to beat the Warriors...just play them when most of their starting line-up is injured, and get the refs to help you out.

  27. Rex Luther

    Rex Luther3 months ago

    Green and cousin are Trash in defence

  28. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler3 months ago

    Everyone on the raps dicks. Yea they won against a crippled team. Good job, would they win against a healthy warriors team? No.

  29. Thomas M

    Thomas M3 months ago

    I like the way the ad was done in this vid, it wasn't intrusive and it didnt look boring

  30. Vancovermycity

    Vancovermycity3 months ago

    Best nba team of all time. Raptors will win the 2020 championship


    THE GREAT EZ3 months ago

    LAClippers exposed Warriors 1st

  32. Sammus 9474

    Sammus 94743 months ago

    Holy fuck use a pop filter for Christ sakes

  33. S R Liddell

    S R Liddell3 months ago

    Man this headline is bogus. There was no exposition. GS was injured. Of course the Raptors will win against a bevy of players on GS who haven’t played much all season together. Trash content.

  34. Real truth

    Real truth3 months ago

    toronto truly strong team vs the gsw protected by referees

  35. Cory

    Cory3 months ago

    USA is gay

  36. John McCulloch

    John McCulloch3 months ago

    Listening to the GSW players in their interviews at the beginning of the series you could tell they weren’t taking the Raptors seriously. Over confidence is a dangerous thing. It’s good for basketball that the Raptors won

  37. Darryl Stein

    Darryl Stein3 months ago

    Went to raptors victory parade.... Fucking bananas.... easily 2 million people lined thick the full 5kms of route. It took 5 hours to go 5kms. Epic. When the leafs win... it'll be crazier!

  38. VypeReaper

    VypeReaper3 months ago

    If Raptors could only shoot 3s... or shoot at all lol

  39. Tech4Life !!

    Tech4Life !!3 months ago

    *Plot twist* _Kawhi had watched videos about GSW's plays, then Kawhi went 9999 iq and learned how to counter them_

  40. Ty 2000

    Ty 20003 months ago

    Warriors:its ok will get them next year, wait where's KD KD: thank you for allowing me this I feel like we can work very well togather Raptors

  41. Leonardo Ferreira

    Leonardo Ferreira3 months ago

    Name of the song?

  42. el leiva

    el leiva3 months ago

    This is the first time that ive looked at basketball like a chess board

  43. Chief Louie

    Chief Louie3 months ago

    Where was Zsa Zsa when they needed him?

  44. BintongShingShong 245

    BintongShingShong 2453 months ago

    Yeahhhhh we won. We the North

  45. Onestop Funstop

    Onestop Funstop3 months ago

    They didn't expose anyrhing. Boogie torn Quad. Klay Torn ACL Looney torn ligaments in his chest. KD torn Achilles. 4 out of their top 7 players injured

  46. Onestop Funstop

    Onestop Funstop3 months ago

    @Daniel Zhan, it was only Game 6. And the Warriors were in control of the game before he went out.

  47. Daniel Zhan

    Daniel Zhan3 months ago

    Onestop Funstop You realize that Klay wasn’t injured until the last game and even with KD, the Clippers with only role players took the Warriors to 6. Also ignoring how Kawhi is still clearly suffering from his leg and Lowry played with an injured hand.

  48. Koen Cayabyab

    Koen Cayabyab3 months ago

    Raptors kept doing the same play on the Warriors

  49. Nick Niño Ladroma

    Nick Niño Ladroma3 months ago

    Raptors only won because KD was out, thompson got injured twice, iggy is not fully healthy. Looney got injured too. And also with some questionable calls thats favoring raptors. Those are the reason PERIOD.

  50. Leon Jack

    Leon Jack3 months ago

    Bull shit.

  51. Seth Borneman

    Seth Borneman3 months ago

    Yeah without injuries it wouldve been a sweep for the warriors.

  52. Canada Represent

    Canada Represent3 months ago

    You're retarded LMFAO!!!

  53. I love burritos Mexicano

    I love burritos Mexicano3 months ago

    Man FUCK the raptors

  54. Gary Williams

    Gary Williams3 months ago

    East is weak any big man can easliy win champs there

  55. Swayzo Crazo

    Swayzo Crazo3 months ago

    Yoooo rapts were playing ball idc

  56. Traugott Müller

    Traugott Müller3 months ago

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Those Raptors remind me a lot of the 2004 Pistons. Underdog by a huge margin going up against a seemingly 100% winner of the finals, they manage to beat a team packed with superstars by team effeort.

  57. Traugott Müller

    Traugott Müller3 months ago

    Fred VanVleet for Most Underrated Player Award.

  58. Asian kid Nico

    Asian kid Nico3 months ago

    Warriors have a reason because first Durant gets an injury then Thompson got injured...

  59. Canada Represent

    Canada Represent3 months ago

    You're an idiot.

  60. Marco Gultom

    Marco Gultom3 months ago

    Steph curry is so shit at defense

  61. Mhonzkie Pogi

    Mhonzkie Pogi3 months ago

    genius play

  62. Toblerusse

    Toblerusse3 months ago

    Larry O'ballin

  63. Ester Q

    Ester Q3 months ago

    Great plays all up in the game. I enjoyed the finals this year. 😃👊🏽

  64. The Moyai

    The Moyai3 months ago

    The gods have answered and the raptors have won and balanced the nba!

  65. A space being

    A space being3 months ago

    Raptors played beautiful basketball great teamwork

  66. Emanuelle Bacus

    Emanuelle Bacus3 months ago

    Kawhi! the 3-peat Breaker!

  67. Nonya LuvLyfe

    Nonya LuvLyfe3 months ago

    The Warriors loss😭2019😤I believe they gave that game away🤷