2019 NBA Finals Game 4: Raptors EXPOSE Warriors


  1. Emanuelle Bacus

    Emanuelle Bacus3 days ago

    Kawhi! the 3-peat Breaker!

  2. Nonya LuvLyfe

    Nonya LuvLyfe3 days ago

    The Warriors loss😭2019😤I believe they gave that game away🤷

  3. fsoon yoog

    fsoon yoog4 days ago

    Best in depth analysis on youtube.

  4. yeni toy

    yeni toy4 days ago

    Don’t matter what the hell the warriors do the raptors are to LOCKED IN they are not fucking around raps in 5

  5. New Gading

    New Gading5 days ago


  6. deoo iopg

    deoo iopg5 days ago

    Me: I don't want the trophy to go to Canada! Also Me: Go Toronto!

  7. joeh tom

    joeh tom5 days ago

    Vanfleet has definitely been cooking this playoffs

  8. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker5 days ago

    #50 on trending let's go coach🤗🤗

  9. panggop jio

    panggop jio6 days ago

    Best inro hands down

  10. Gandydancer

    Gandydancer6 days ago

    4:22 Let's not ignore the carry. Sheesh.

  11. couchpotato77

    couchpotato776 days ago

    The Reasons the warriors are exposed: Raptors having 5 3pt shooters (Lowry, VanVleet, Kawhi, Siacum, Gasol, Green, Ibaka) on the floor for great spacing without having to play small ball Multiple ball handlers: Lowry, VanVleet, Kawhi, Siacum that can drive to the lane Mulitple shot blockers and rebounders: Kawhi, Siacum, Ibaka, Gasol's size Plus Raptors shooting 88% for Free Throws.

  12. DatBoiAlex

    DatBoiAlex6 days ago

    Raps in 6 🥳🦖

  13. John David Yabut

    John David Yabut6 days ago

    Can someone check how many travel kawhi made in this video.

  14. John David Yabut

    John David Yabut6 days ago

    uswork.info/videos/6F7CiPCk-IE-video.html watch out for Kawhi's trip walk

  15. ei khei

    ei khei6 days ago

    Raptors expose INJURED Warriors

  16. L J Gittinger, III

    L J Gittinger, III6 days ago

    When will we be seeing the following video, to wit: 2019 NBA Finals Game 5: Warriors EXPOSE Raptors!

  17. lich5164four

    lich5164four7 days ago

    3:03 haha what???

  18. sessahme

    sessahme7 days ago

    It is interesting to see Serge has been up on the Warriors 3-1 twice but I think this time they are Raptors are going to win in 5.

  19. Mandingo Duagi

    Mandingo Duagi7 days ago

    Raptors is doomed Kd is back!


    YAHOOISNOTG7 days ago

    lmfao ok bud

  21. poopz

    poopz7 days ago

    lmao all of a sudden im getting force fed ads about seat geek

  22. poopz

    poopz7 days ago

    is it called the great white north because of the snow or because canada is full of white folk

  23. Aldrin Nonato

    Aldrin Nonato7 days ago

    This video got me wonder if your a gsw fan

  24. Austin Feng

    Austin Feng7 days ago

    Best in depth analysis on youtube.


    NOAH BLACK7 days ago

    Don’t matter what the hell the warriors do the raptors are to LOCKED IN they are not fucking around raps in 5

  26. Alex Kuriako

    Alex Kuriako7 days ago

    the reason why Curry did not rotate as much because often, he was guarding Danny Green who is a great shooter and did not want to give up a Danny green three

  27. tobias GR3Y

    tobias GR3Y7 days ago

    Me: I don't want the trophy to go to Canada! Also Me: Go Toronto!

  28. Lost Race

    Lost Race7 days ago

    Vanfleet has definitely been cooking this playoffs

  29. Meepdasheep

    Meepdasheep7 days ago

    #50 on trending let's go coach🤗🤗

  30. No Chill

    No Chill7 days ago

    Best inro hands down

  31. Matthew Sawczyn

    Matthew Sawczyn7 days ago

    NBA fans: I need to commandeer your team, to the NBA championship! Who's in charge here? Toronto: The Claaaaaaaaaw!

  32. michael roche

    michael roche7 days ago

    Another GREAT video coach! Love what you are doing! best NBA channel on USwork

  33. Abdullah Swati

    Abdullah Swati7 days ago

    Use a better mic the “S” sounds make you uncomfortable while listening with beats

  34. Ditch Bank Bandits

    Ditch Bank Bandits7 days ago

    Can’t wait to see the look on Kurry’s face tonight. Dude plays no D

  35. Kevin White

    Kevin White7 days ago

    K.d was not in that game Speculation is good but again the king was out

  36. Daniel Gvlogs

    Daniel Gvlogs7 days ago

    Or maybe they are letting the raptors win because Nba fans are getting bored of the warriors winning. Just saying

  37. Tr Bu

    Tr Bu7 days ago

    Great video, great commentary. Look forward to your game 5 analysis. Go RAPS.

  38. Eman Collins

    Eman Collins7 days ago

    What the hell is Bogut doing at 3:02!?!?!?!?

  39. Ben Simmons

    Ben Simmons7 days ago

    Game 5: Warriors EXPOSE Raptors

  40. Wyman Kemble

    Wyman Kemble3 days ago

    raptors got the best of the warriors so they wont expose the raptors.

  41. Andrae X

    Andrae X7 days ago

    I take nothing away from Toronto, give them credit but look how GS are just standing there playing no defense. Today’s game is sucks. However, Great job Toronto


    BBALLBREAKDOWN7 days ago


  43. Tyrone Brown

    Tyrone Brown7 days ago

    Damn raptors not fucking around

  44. Kyle Mundy

    Kyle Mundy7 days ago

    Kawhi played a big part this season, but let's not forget the Raptors have been playoff contenders for a while now. Great video buddy


    BBALLBREAKDOWN7 days ago


  46. MKG

    MKG7 days ago

    imagine if the Warriors last game at the Oracle was a big FAT LLLLLLLLL

  47. Adi Sharma

    Adi Sharma7 days ago

    People are saying the raptors are an underdog team How, they have kawhi, gasol, green, lowry, and siakam

  48. Cynical Boi

    Cynical Boi7 days ago

    The raptors coach is so smart looking at these plays

  49. Cynical Boi

    Cynical Boi7 days ago

    That is what you call team chemistry

  50. PENGU_plays YT

    PENGU_plays YT7 days ago

    Where r the GS fans at now? Edit:oh they're hanging around the dislike button 🤣

  51. Kevant Gross Richardson

    Kevant Gross Richardson7 days ago

    idc about the breakdowns i’m just here for the beatdrops


    BBALLBREAKDOWN7 days ago


  53. ragingshane istheanswer

    ragingshane istheanswer7 days ago

    Looked like a clear foul on Bogut grabbing siakiams arm as he shoots. Great call


    BBALLBREAKDOWN7 days ago

    For sure

  55. Chris Sparks

    Chris Sparks7 days ago

    It doesn't matter what they do......the trophy is still headed to the North, regardless. I'm a San Antonio Spurs fan.....and I'm happy about that lol. I don't want Warriors to win. I want Kawhi and the Raptors to win. Who cares that it will be in "Canada." You can't share the love? Guess who's a greedy mother Fu**er?!? Lol

  56. Ricardo Araneta

    Ricardo Araneta7 days ago

    Love how coach Nick breakdown each game.

  57. Brasil66

    Brasil667 days ago

    Raptors have two sets of players with big game experience together. Kawhi/Danny Green w Spurs and Gasol/Ibaka w Spain. Kinda feels like there was some shorthand and previous chemistry that was able to catalyze this Raptors run in both cases

  58. harwell teves

    harwell teves7 days ago

    For me the great that happen now is raptors keep scoring no matter what kind of set plays they do...no matter how good your coach is or players are if they cant score all best set plays,best passes are nothing...Go North!!!

  59. PlayingMinecraft WithEstrella

    PlayingMinecraft WithEstrella7 days ago

    Kawhi will not just stop the wheel. Kawhi break the wheel

  60. Roy Cabatuan

    Roy Cabatuan7 days ago

    tanking only works by means of popularity... if your team drafted a player that has a calliber that can bring your team to the playoffs your team gets popular, but as soon as that player leaves or is not effective anymore. that's where tanking becomes a confirmed failure

  61. Earnest T Bass

    Earnest T Bass7 days ago

    I love it the great warriors going down.. can't wait to hear the excuses

  62. Geraldine Cesar

    Geraldine Cesar7 days ago

    the time when warriors taste thier own medecine,,of 3s.

  63. Kiddiejosh Kiddieparty

    Kiddiejosh Kiddieparty7 days ago

    Hayssssss basketball analyst. Why dont you go to sleep bruh. Lmao

  64. D'Marcali

    D'Marcali7 days ago

    the real mvp NICK "GENIUS" NURSE

  65. Doodle Bob

    Doodle Bob7 days ago

    Raptors are trash nba rigging it in their favor

  66. Rexielle Orias

    Rexielle Orias7 days ago

    Poor GSW no defense just offense. Lol

  67. Fev Ola

    Fev Ola7 days ago

    This warriors team can not defend the pick and roll and these fools thinking they would stop Shaq and Kobe Lakers bahahahahahhshshshshhshshshshshshshhshshshshshshhshshshshshshshshs

  68. Big Bro

    Big Bro7 days ago

    Gasol is the option for 3 pts shooter..

  69. JeLow Brigole

    JeLow Brigole7 days ago

    So, can you coach the Warriors?

  70. Jodi Setiawan

    Jodi Setiawan7 days ago

    Smart raptor

  71. Jl Ds

    Jl Ds7 days ago

    Raptors really have a fucking good teamwork... Really like them...

  72. Deltah

    Deltah7 days ago

    That seatgeek ad is so smooth lmfao I love it

  73. Aivander Genesila

    Aivander Genesila7 days ago

    Now the other teams gonna use this against tge warriors when the 2019 - 2020 season

  74. KimSeokJin Holic

    KimSeokJin Holic7 days ago

    When he said When You want to watch this game And Any Concert My Mind:Seetgeek😂

  75. Kyle Freitas

    Kyle Freitas7 days ago

    warriors in 7

  76. Mito Midou

    Mito Midou7 days ago

    I was unhappy Kawhi left since I'm a diehard Spurs fan. I'm still unhappy for the Spurs, but I am happy for Kawhi and the Raptors. They are on the verge of winning a championship. Kudos and give them hell in game 5. Be rooting for you.

  77. zG _pANiC_

    zG _pANiC_7 days ago

    No one: No one at all: Bballbreakdown: USE SEAT GEEK

  78. Eddy Escobar

    Eddy Escobar7 days ago

    Crazy how the warriors are guarding kawhi so much and intensively yet the raptors know and use their entire roster to beat them by playing high screen and roll and that’s why they average more assists than the warriors. Wow

  79. Kplays_

    Kplays_7 days ago

    It’s Kawhi’s Destiny to get that revenge when he was still at spurs while injured and to everybody who doubted him. The King In the North 👑 🤚🏾

  80. jay tao

    jay tao7 days ago

    Man, if the raptors win he championship, I got to give my props to Lowry fr... mans been through all the ups and downs esp the hatred he’s faced but he’s been so composed through all these challenges. Very proud of this man

  81. popeyeisgood

    popeyeisgood7 days ago

    i dont know why you expect the warriors to be any great on defense. they have not be good the entire season. sure they could score a shit tons but so could their opponents. i think the problem with the run and gun small ball oriented style is that you really depend on your shooters to stay sharp as long as possible. curry and thompsons were great a few years ago but now they are far more inconsistent than before, which is a sign of decline in touch and efficiency. given that they are not on the top tier in the athletic department and are never top tier defensive material, along with curry's size disadvantage, it is easy to see why the raptors were able to exploit the shit out of them in the last few games. i don't think curry has have a single game in which he make 5+ 3s with above 45%, which means a lot of misshots. looking at their entire lineup their so called traditional center called bogut is a washed up pick and roll type of player with very little mileage left in his game. loony and cousins aren't even ibaka's level on defensive end... and we all know that ibaka is already going down hill. so my point is, people who think this glass canon warriors with weak defense and inconsistent offense ( other than kd) would come out on top of the 90s bulls are absolutely idiotic. i laughed and puked at the same time when i saw curry jacking up 3s like harden trying to reignite his 3 pt touch when the team is down by 15, a situation when an experienced bball player would seek to minimize the gap with the most efficient and highest % shots he can make. the warriors is looking absolutely miserable overall, and they dont seem to have another way to win the ball game when the 3pts arent falling at all. pretty one dimensional if you ask me.

  82. paulinoaz

    paulinoaz7 days ago

    I was pretty much just expecting to see highlights when I clicked on this video, did not expect the great breakdown and analysis, great job.

  83. IamLuciano

    IamLuciano7 days ago

    They ant expose shit. Bruh we gotta sell tickets them Raptors never been a factor especially when KD come back🙏🏽🏆🏆🏆GSW 3peat

  84. David Tucker

    David Tucker7 days ago

    The Dubs may be hurt and not 100% but they had a year when they benefited every step of the way when one or more of their opponents was missing . So nobody is crying for them now. The narrator is right in assessment that the Warriors are being exposed. The people he is highlighting are veteran players- Green, Bogut, Iggy and Thompson that are making poor decisions on defense. If you are in position and because of physical limitation cannot execute that’s one thing. However if you make the wrong decision and get burnt you cannot blame that on injury or the fact that’s its the next man up. And again he is talking about solid if not all NBA defenders.

  85. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez7 days ago

    Can’t expose a team at 60% lmao not a warriors fan just a fact

  86. 보라색Sua

    보라색Sua7 days ago

    got to appreciate lowry more thanks to this breakdown

  87. Gilberto Lopez

    Gilberto Lopez8 days ago

    The warriors don’t have LeBron to come back from down 3-1 🐍

  88. andrew wood

    andrew wood8 days ago

    So basically warriors need to stop double teaming. Switch less and play more straight up. Easier said than done but seems like the switching and trapping is causing a break down on the weak side and base line.

  89. Gilberto Lopez

    Gilberto Lopez8 days ago

    This is karma for Warriors for angering Kawhi in 2017 KD got hurt this year


    RUNE GOOD8 days ago

    How do these vids not get pulled down? All of my NBA videos get flagged for copyright and pulled. The analysis by Bball Breakdown is SO BAD and I need to get mine up for people to see what's really happening in the NBA.

  91. TheSkinniestLegend

    TheSkinniestLegend8 days ago


  92. you know im right

    you know im right8 days ago

    The intro tho

  93. JW Koenig

    JW Koenig8 days ago

    3:07... check out the hand on the bicep. I call that every time. Straight up body on body? Arms straight up in defence? All fair. But you can’t hold the opponent back from free movement. Great breakdown though. Really interesting. Cheers!

  94. Derick Henderson

    Derick Henderson8 days ago

    Now if the warriors let them do this to them ain't No way the lil warriors are better then the six times Chicago Bulls!!!

  95. Aj Jingco

    Aj Jingco8 days ago

    Raptors gonna give Kawhi any money he asks for once they win the Championship.

  96. tes516

    tes5168 days ago

    Gsw are to small to play against Toronto, and when GSW put their big to play those bigs are too slow to run with Toronto this series is over. They need a 7ft fast big man who can score o yeah KD hurts it over yah

  97. Troll King

    Troll King8 days ago

    You guys are bugging. This team probably would've stomped if they were all healthy. Curry got an ankle brace, Cousins and Klay aren't at 100%, and KD, who would've been overkill, isn't here either.

  98. Troll King

    Troll King8 days ago

    @Benjamin Franklin But here's the thing, if both teams were 100, pretty sure Warriors would end this like how the Raptors are about to end this.

  99. Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin8 days ago

    Troll King what if I told you Lowry, Siakam and kawhi aren’t 100% healthy but you don’t hear me making excuses ?🌝

  100. christian sandoval

    christian sandoval8 days ago

    I dislike the Warriors but to say that the Raptors are exposing a team that is not 100% healthy yeah buddy get off the gas get the scissors and cut it out

  101. GoodGuy

    GoodGuy8 days ago

    It's hard to imagine Raptors blowing their 3-1 lead, with KD out and all

  102. Cain marko

    Cain marko8 days ago

    draymond green got that technical n that ended the game

  103. Rix Slade

    Rix Slade8 days ago

    one of the best things about the warriors losing is we don't have to listen to currys unamerican views and how he wont go to the white house to visit whitey raptore will visit prime minister smoke weed and celebrate

  104. Mikeanz Hamol

    Mikeanz Hamol8 days ago

    go for championship ring raptors

  105. GInger

    GInger8 days ago

    NIGGA DESTROYS THE BASKETBALL HOOP uswork.info/videos/-n1u5yETLa8-video.html&feature=share

  106. Drado220

    Drado2208 days ago

    Another excellent breakdown, Coach. Your coverage of the playoffs has been absolutely fantastic. Great job.

  107. Corduroy2896

    Corduroy28968 days ago

    its ok for vanfleet lose 3 pieces of teeth for a championship ring.

  108. Dale Winston

    Dale Winston8 days ago

    Bogut stanky leg reverse lmao