LION KING CAKE ft Colleen! - Nerdy Nummies


  1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino13 days ago

    How amazing is Colleen? Is anyone else excited for the new Lion King movie??? 🦁👑

  2. Roasted._.Potatos1234

    Roasted._.Potatos12344 hours ago

    I just watched it!

  3. DanceQueen

    DanceQueen5 hours ago

    Yeah 👍

  4. Marianne Villanueva

    Marianne Villanueva17 hours ago

    The lion king movie is amazing!!! SPOILERS:MUFASA DIED,SCAR DIED, SIMBA IS THE NEW KING.

  5. Giraffe Girl

    Giraffe Girl22 hours ago

    Colleen is fantastic ❤️

  6. Samantha Dunnett

    Samantha DunnettDay ago

    Rosanna Pansino I just watched the new one yesterday!

  7. Takiyas Ott

    Takiyas OttHour ago

    The thumbnail looks photoshopped but it's not 😂 it's sooo smooth😂

  8. Kandi Girard

    Kandi Girard3 hours ago

    I seen you on nailed it

  9. Katie Rausch

    Katie Rausch3 hours ago

    Your hair is soooooo beautiful!

  10. AG Official

    AG Official4 hours ago

    September 15 is my bday 😋

  11. Sarah Sophia Vicuna

    Sarah Sophia Vicuna5 hours ago

    I should make a cake FULL of animals

  12. Kathleen Cuell

    Kathleen Cuell5 hours ago

    I love how these two moms are just momming out together. And getting excited about weird mom things

  13. Hamda Alshehhi

    Hamda Alshehhi7 hours ago

    I want to eat this so cute

  14. i want to DIE

    i want to DIE8 hours ago

    i watched you since i was i think 2 or 3 im 8 now

  15. Mia’s Moon path of love

    Mia’s Moon path of love9 hours ago

    First awwa

  16. Galaxy Wolf meg xoxo

    Galaxy Wolf meg xoxo9 hours ago

    Just take a second to just look at the faces Colleen makes

  17. flor Dell valle

    flor Dell valle13 hours ago

    i love you so much ro

  18. Landon Minecraft

    Landon Minecraft13 hours ago

    Why does colleen look like Miranda Sings😂💯 but she is beautiful tho

  19. Abigail Denson

    Abigail Denson14 hours ago

    Rosanna just makes me happy

  20. Tehehs Hehejd

    Tehehs Hehejd14 hours ago

    This is the lion king 👑 🦁 👕 👖 👞 👇🏾 this is how hold he is

  21. HIwot Wolday

    HIwot Wolday14 hours ago

    You should have piped a red line on her s forehead

  22. Chloe Moss

    Chloe Moss19 hours ago

    Love you Ro

  23. Hello_Dudes Studios

    Hello_Dudes Studios20 hours ago

    Iza is my nick name it’s mine

  24. Raisa Contreras

    Raisa Contreras21 hour ago

    Colleen and Miranda Sing. Are 100% twins right??

  25. Mirikro

    Mirikro22 hours ago

    My sister used to watch Nerdy Nummies and owns the book, I found Ro from Escape the Night because... well. It’s the best show ever.

  26. Daniel Vega

    Daniel Vega23 hours ago

    Colleen: I squirt u spin A sec later Colleen: That was a sentence 😂😂

  27. Retain Water much

    Retain Water much23 hours ago

    Ro is a grandma She is sweet and can cook sweets.

  28. Emily Gransden-Ard

    Emily Gransden-ArdDay ago

    Btw your the best you too Coleen

  29. Emily Gransden-Ard

    Emily Gransden-ArdDay ago

    Hi roe just asking how do you edit things out 😓 I’m starting a Channel

  30. KAY B

    KAY BDay ago

    Omg I haven’t been on your channel in years and wow you look so different

  31. Eloisa Hernandez

    Eloisa HernandezDay ago

    I already watched it had real animales and sad😢🦁

  32. Brooke Sullivan

    Brooke SullivanDay ago

    Colleen: “ So I’ll squirt and you spin, is that what’s happening? That was a sentence.” Me: 😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Pokemon Pig

    Pokemon PigDay ago

    is she Miranda sings??? Edit:Yup

  34. cindy g

    cindy gDay ago

    what type of frosting do yall think this is

  35. Lily Stiteler

    Lily StitelerDay ago

    My mom hates the word moist and she works as a lunch monitor that looks after the kids at lunch. She works at the school my brother goes to and that I used to go to. My brother the one day told his friend to go up to my mom and say moist and he said it over and over again and my mom said she literally wanted to smack both of there faces🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. The Random Misfit

    The Random MisfitDay ago

    I have never tried a mango before....and I'm in my teens...

  37. Slider 27

    Slider 27Day ago

    I don’t get it what is so dad about moist?

  38. Emma Woodall

    Emma WoodallDay ago

    The way she said little biscuit oh girllllllllllll I died



    Ro:This recipe is so good Me:And this movie so sad 😭😭

  40. Kyleigh and Allie

    Kyleigh and AllieDay ago

    hey enyway u could make a pj mask cake bc my bb sis has a bday coming up and i want your recipe

  41. Little Wolf Ears

    Little Wolf EarsDay ago

    Fun- Not So fun fact about me. Ive actually never watched any of the Lion King, like not even the cartoon. I know, I haven’t lived yet. But I feel like I know how the movie goes..

  42. FoxHeart Games

    FoxHeart GamesDay ago

    WAIT!!!So y'know how they dropped the thing in the bowl then it was covered in egg yolks then they dropped it on the floor when Ro went to pick it up IT SNOT COVERED WITH EGG YOLKS

  43. Emily Gomez Vlogs

    Emily Gomez VlogsDay ago

    does anyone else taste the mango?

  44. Upstate SlimeDesign

    Upstate SlimeDesignDay ago

    Ha ha just saw the video they did on Colleen’s channel And I’m going to see the new lion king movie today🦁🌿

  45. PlayListz Today.

    PlayListz Today.Day ago

    Did you know the new Lion King movie made over 300 million dollars INTERNATIONALLY less then a week..! 👑 🦁 💰 ⛰

  46. Julie Sleath

    Julie SleathDay ago

    You should do a Roblox head cake

  47. Carrie Drury

    Carrie DruryDay ago

    Hey Ro! If I wanted to make this recipe for cupcakes, how should I adjust the baking time?

  48. Chemo Hidalgo

    Chemo HidalgoDay ago

    I already watched the new movie lion king its not so good..:/

  49. Kit Kat

    Kit KatDay ago

    Thanks for the lion King cake. I was in the Lion King at my school this year and it is like my favorite thing ever and it is so special to me. Thanks!

  50. Luisa Correia da silva

    Luisa Correia da silvaDay ago

    No one Absolutely no one Colleen: Flynn is eating mangoes No one Absolutely no one Ro: cOlleen

  51. Audrey Franks

    Audrey FranksDay ago

    Can u make a baking video with miranda

  52. Ale Arellano

    Ale ArellanoDay ago

    You know how your channel is called nerdy nummies well you could make a desert with nerds but that’s your choice not mine

  53. Pink Faze

    Pink FazeDay ago

    Lil busket

  54. x SuusTijger

    x SuusTijgerDay ago

    Ma favourite line from ETN Joey: I’m here to save you guys Colleen: SAVE US?!? YOU KILLED US Me: HECK YEAH GET IT COLLEEN

  55. x SuusTijger

    x SuusTijgerDay ago

    Ro I have one question Are you really 1.47 meters tall? :)❤️❤️