Meet the Friends | Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons & Twan Kuyper


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    Thanks for watching! 😘❤️ DON'T FORGET TO JOIN MEMBERSHIPS!! LINK IN BIO!!

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    Uehusz isgjs

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    Love you hanna

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    I Love you videos

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    from philippines . Love you hannah ❤🌹

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    my is fans hannah

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    Ogre yswwn

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    Hey I’m alyah

  11. Aladdin benokba

    Aladdin benokbaDay ago

    Does he produce biogas ( 100 precent CH3 ) from his ass ? Lols

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    Justice RavenDay ago

    Lele plus Hannah equals comedy

  13. Jenny Berry

    Jenny BerryDay ago

    Lol I love you Hannah ❤️

  14. Nishan Shazad

    Nishan ShazadDay ago

    Hannah. You and lele can make videos of you doing challenges that wid be really coooll

  15. Mama Mama123

    Mama Mama123Day ago

    Bald hannah looks like Ong from Avatar

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    Omg.. Hannah is the best she is soooo funny👌😍😃😜

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    your so pretty hannah!

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    how does anyone find this bs funny

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    qlef she is nice and funny

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    The ancient one from doctor strange

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    ظء ظ شظظ

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    Meet my goodness oooooo

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    What happend to your teeth hannah😬🤯😳😲🤤🤤👹💩🤠👺

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    Jazmine Williams3 days ago

    this was made on my b-day

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    I love you so much Hannah stocking and Lele pons and all ur friends and tell Lele pons I love @escape the night love y'all.!!

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    I'ma a kid my name's not kogee Clark my actual name is Seneca Clark I'm using my mom's phone


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    Hannah stocking and Lele Pons in lebsian strap on

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    I love you guys

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    Literal 😂

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    Hanna and lele are my favorit

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    Ughhhh i love your outro so muchhhh

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    5:27 the hair goes but the clother are in the place lol

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    Omg that is my friends all the way

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    Hannah's! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Check out my brothers channel I agree with him not this one!

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    Willow Tree wut he’s my brother 🤷‍♀️ and it’s....Different..... 😐

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    AshDestiny Gacha the f___

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    I’m not proud of this comment section

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    Hi Hannah

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    I want that sheep 🐑 UwU

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    i would like to get a shoutout

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    i love your videos so much

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    0:14 his pants is wet 😂

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    It’s my birthday today

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    Why did you put that black stuff on you teeth

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    The friends meets amigo

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    ROCIO ANTONIO5 days ago

    Can I please have a heart by Hannah love you

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    He reminds me of david dobrik

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  57. J 97

    J 975 days ago

    0:24 Look at the gouts *im dying* They got scared 😂😂😭😭

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    I'm somebody3 days ago

    @J 97 goats, for Christ sake.

  59. J 97

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    I'm somebody ya gouts?

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    @J 97 "gouts"

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    I'm somebody ?

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    Your spelling=Pain

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    Does he not notice or say anything about her 2 lost teeth lol 😂

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    Big fan