Everything Wrong With Glass In 20 Minutes Or Less

After Split revealed itself to be a stealth sequel to Unbreakable, and after Split made some money, M. Night came back to cap off the trilogy with an expectation-subverting hot mess of a movie that has some cool stuff but then also has LOTS of sins.
Next week: Some family friendly sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  1. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren NicoleHour ago

    that rear window outtake had me dying haha

  2. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren NicoleHour ago

    I was so confused why that girl went back to see David. did she fall in love with him when he was holding her hostage

  3. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas22 hours ago

    I hate Sarah Paulson

  4. Jarod Kruger

    Jarod Kruger4 days ago

    Sin 61 tho 😂😂😂

  5. CC CC

    CC CC5 days ago

    You forgot to say “roll credits” after the line , “first name Mr, last name Glass!” Doh! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Macumbeiro

    Macumbeiro5 days ago

    You missed a couple of sins, when Glass was typing the code the clicking of the keyboard didn't match the amount of characters that were being typed and nobody types that fast, also the aging of Glass' mother was too obvious, and you didn't rolled credits when he said Glass.

  7. Spark

    Spark5 days ago

    I hate it! It’s just so easy to break and secondly hurts like a- wiat What?

  8. Marko Studio

    Marko Studio5 days ago

    "WHAT IS GLASS, BUT TORTURED SAND - VampYr opening scene"

  9. can i PLEASE get a waffle

    can i PLEASE get a waffle6 days ago


  10. Wai Yan

    Wai Yan7 days ago


  11. Dr. Goji

    Dr. Goji7 days ago

    8:47: FB: Oh s**t...calm down, PB! PB: No, this motherf**ker's going to make me go into Rant Mode! Here we go again with that bulls**t "wE'Re oNLy jOKinG" defense! The problem with that weak-sauce, limp-d**k dodge is that you absolutely put 100% meant-to-be-real criticisms next to vague and hilariously not-hilarious jokes and no one besides you can tell the difference! You see, if you were like Beremy-- FB: Wait, wait, wait: who the f**k is Beremy? PB: Don't interrupt me, Future Birdman! As I was saying, if you were like Beremy, you would make your videos actually satirical, and then most normal people could tell that you were trying to be funny, and not this fake-a**, b***h-made, hiding-from-criticism loser attempting to avoid being called out for lazy film criticism! And get those pretzels out of my fac-- (crunching loudly) Alright. I'm good.

  12. PepsiCat

    PepsiCat7 days ago

    @10:14, the browser is from Safari, exclusive to Apple products. He then backs away, and huzzah, it's not an apple product.

  13. Chad Boyher

    Chad Boyher7 days ago

    Oh hey, that's the same place they filmed some of terminator 2, neat

  14. Rebecca Phelps

    Rebecca Phelps8 days ago

    Omg, joseph is the boy from Gladiator!

  15. fyve angelZ

    fyve angelZ8 days ago

    People with super abilities are very real! it's a cover up in mankind's history. so they keep comics for record. in this movie glass is professor X as Samuel L. Jackson and the horde is the beast and Bruce Willis character the overseer is actually superman! & metropolis is really new York. and ironically the actor that played professor X of x men is in this movie too alongside a guy called mr. glass with the telepathic mind ability as does professor x.

  16. Luke Jaramillo

    Luke Jaramillo9 days ago

    The busses are for transporting patients in the hospital

  17. Shanster Goodheart

    Shanster Goodheart9 days ago

    You joke about there being a school near the hospital but my nursery (2-4 year olds) was in the grounds of our local medium secure forensic psychiatric hospital. I've also seen other places with the same arrangement. As far as I know, there have been no problems. Partly because the really dangerous ones are locked up or chaperoned but also because if you did escape, you'd probably want to get as far away from there as possible.

  18. Uzoaku Amadi

    Uzoaku Amadi10 days ago

    Glass looks at least as old as his mom. Possibly older.

  19. Whatisthisshit

    Whatisthisshit10 days ago

    I dont care i think its a great movie...

  20. lordshipdickworm Imagineer

    lordshipdickworm Imagineer12 days ago

    Like hello kitty? Possible creep

  21. Shadowchildx

    Shadowchildx12 days ago

    Honestly im mad that Kevin died. He could’ve had a few more movies

  22. Bobby Dolman

    Bobby Dolman13 days ago

    Always says x minutes or less always more😂

  23. GamingA47

    GamingA4713 days ago

    Today we'll be taking a look at what's wrong with glass. As usual it scratches at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7, so that's why it's always good to have a protector. Remember, glass is glass and glass will break.

  24. Arsenic Poisoning

    Arsenic Poisoning13 days ago

    I'm more wondering why one of Kevin's personalities didn't just think to close his eyes, turn his back, and moonwalk towards the door

  25. Sulejmani Eri

    Sulejmani Eri13 days ago

    You weren't a mistake you were a regret

  26. Robert Jensen

    Robert Jensen14 days ago

    honestly hate the idea of basically the only good guy being murdered for literally no reason. oh you cant have powers so die, Really? i mean seriously plus 10000 sins for such a shit idea.

  27. Michael Brookman

    Michael Brookman14 days ago

    The parents. . . .. . . . . . do not . . . .determine anything about the villains in comics. . . . except like venom

  28. BossMan1250

    BossMan125014 days ago

    @11:41 Slits dudes throat throat with a piece of glass. There is no blood. Throws piece of glass on floor... instant blood.

  29. Mc20a

    Mc20a15 days ago

    Why did I get a fortnite ad?

  30. Alexander Oddest

    Alexander Oddest15 days ago

    Hey the scene where they're in the restaurant, the same guy appears in two separate seats in the same scene. Lol he was by the window and then was next to her in another seat. Forgot that sin 😭😭😭🙄🙊

  31. Matty Jay

    Matty Jay15 days ago

    This wasn't a BAD movie AT ALL.

  32. Matty Jay

    Matty Jay15 days ago

    How dare you!! Lol. There isnt a single thing wrong with glass

  33. Andy Thomas

    Andy Thomas15 days ago

    When talking about locking the door...you stold that from Jerry seinfeld

  34. IsThAtYoUmAn09

    IsThAtYoUmAn0913 days ago

    Andy Thomas I wouldn’t say it was so much stealing as much paying homage to it out of humor for someone to pick up on. Just like you have.

  35. ebhappyfeet

    ebhappyfeet15 days ago

    Hello Kitty really is awesome.

  36. pauljonze

    pauljonze16 days ago

    That film is so shit I can't even watch the complete 'Everything Wrong' video

  37. Nolan Gray

    Nolan Gray16 days ago

    You shouldn’t sin the logos because they’re technically not part of the movie

  38. Mr LloydVal

    Mr LloydVal17 days ago

    5:40 uh... what do you mean "the first movie"?

  39. Lan SJ

    Lan SJ17 days ago

    I find it funny that people nitpick and scorn M.Night for his work yet almost no one ever criticize on "popular" directors like Tarantino or Nolan. I find all their works awesome (except you avatar the last air bender :P) But if you're gonna nitpick at this level well... Remember that Kill Bill scene before O-Ren Ishii duel? Dozens of goons lost their limbs in a sword fight, imagine if 3-5 of them actually have a gun, because well, they are criminals? Or how about that "war" scene in Dark Knight rises where the cops charged with pistols and batons against criminals with semi automatics, and BatMan just hover over his Jet Bat to disable the tank. Imagine if he also drop some gas bombs or shock bombs for the the sake of helping without killing. If you love Movies like the ones MCU make from franchised comic story that needs hundreds of parallel realities just to keep the story going and the money flowing or the things Pixar produces with recycled assets to cut cost, then you should give a lot more credits to M.Night's works because they are original and creative (except you avatar). . PS. I love Kill Bill and The Dark Knight Trilogy (yeah its alos from DC with parallel realities just to keep shit going but alteast Nolan delivered it without superman :P)

  40. Zoan Nataren

    Zoan Nataren17 days ago

    "Oh, stfu already" lmao

  41. CalamityGanon

    CalamityGanon18 days ago

    Imagine if movies had CinemaSins preview them before release to fix all the sins.

  42. D D

    D D18 days ago

    He could have just covered his eyes and walked out the door

  43. Pamela Haskell

    Pamela Haskell19 days ago

    I felt so sorry for James 😢 What a wasted performance in this piece garbage. Everyone in this movie sucked 🤮 This shit almost made me break my TV on the stupid ending 😤 That video would have been buried so quick and forgotten about 🙄 Though the future idiots who think that their Super Heroes getting killed on USwork would be hilarious 😂😂 😂

  44. Tehillah kangamba

    Tehillah kangamba19 days ago

    lol as an actual coder ,i can tell you that the fact he said "is the code compatible to the OS " ,doesnt make any sense at all lol

  45. magnusm4

    magnusm419 days ago

    What I find stupid the most is that ONE moron tries to convince superhumans they aren't superhumans despite their powers. And ONE bitch organization wants to kill all superhumans cause "it's not fair" despite EVERY fucking king and born to power has had unfair power and wealth yet doesn't have the CIA shooting them at point blank for not deserving it. Seriously WTF is there to kill them for if they have such big weaknesses?! Life isn't fucking fair so everything they do and say is BULLSHIT! Or I demand my own country, a military, several fortunes and a perfect body with sharp senses and just having luck all around.

  46. Sloly Pop

    Sloly Pop19 days ago

    7:58 maybe it's actually Megamind 😂

  47. Animefairytail 22203

    Animefairytail 2220320 days ago


  48. Janisa Cruz

    Janisa Cruz20 days ago

    Funnily enough, I live in the town where they filmed and there is in fact a school next to the psychiatric hospital.

  49. Caleb R

    Caleb R20 days ago

    Love the Seinfeld reference near the beginning

  50. Mahan DmC

    Mahan DmC20 days ago

    Comcast Sound of sin adding Is the highlight of these videos Its like a catchphrase Sining comcast is TIGHT

  51. kyle a

    kyle a21 day ago

    its funny the school bus sin. i live a block or two from the hospital. the hospital has been closed since 89. there is actually a school off to the opposite side of the property.

  52. nox scythe right to the face.

    nox scythe right to the face.21 day ago

    You ever just scroll to the comments, on a video about talking about a movie, and never watch either?

  53. Youtubestopmakingmechangemyname

    Youtubestopmakingmechangemyname21 day ago

    Funny story, at my sons old middle school (peachtree charter middle school in dunwoody Georgia) there is a legit mental hospital (peachford hospital) behind it that shares a parking lot with the school.so justsaying, its not entirely improbable for the school buses to be in the exterior shots,

  54. Monte Roc

    Monte Roc21 day ago

    19:41 Priceless, James Stewart - "Rear Window " Classic, Loved It!

  55. Arch Little

    Arch Little22 days ago

    Why doesn't the Beast use the pillow on the bed to block his eyes from the strobe light. Or use the bed to block the lights. Or just close his eyes and walk backwards past the lights.

  56. JusticeGraceful

    JusticeGraceful22 days ago

    A criminal facility right next to a school, what is this, megamind?

  57. phoeniximperator

    phoeniximperator23 days ago

    "how did the news verify this story was true?" Maybe it was Fox News

  58. Pamela Haskell

    Pamela Haskell19 days ago

    In the real world that video would have been forgotten in a week, but the videos of idiots who think they are "Super Heroes or Villains" getting killed off or jumping to there death's thinking they could fly would go hilariously viral 😂🤣😅😂

  59. Riniginianna

    Riniginianna23 days ago

    1:34 When we watched this series (by binging it last night of all things) me and my mom decided to call him "Slicker Man" as his poncho is usually wet with water in one way or another. And let me tell you we found that stupid name even more appealing than the ones in the movie. Edit: At one point you literally call the poncho a slicker, so I'm sticking with Slicker Man 😂😂

  60. Me Miss Marie

    Me Miss Marie24 days ago

    Can you do MIDSOMMAR!

  61. Alex Eisenmenger

    Alex Eisenmenger24 days ago

    I wonder if James McVoy’s arms got tired holding up that movie the entire time......

  62. Pamela Haskell

    Pamela Haskell19 days ago

    No shit 😒

  63. Kyle Hilliard

    Kyle Hilliard19 days ago

    idk about his arm but his back sure ash broken 😣

  64. 738polarbear

    738polarbear24 days ago

    I never realised just how perceptive this guy's vids are until NOW. I take 10 sins for my own stupidity.