Full Size Run Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


  1. Sole Collector

    Sole Collector15 days ago

    No, we didn't hit 200k subscribers, but that doesn't mean ya'll should stop subscribing. Enjoy the episode! #FSRMY

  2. Kc Jackson

    Kc Jackson10 days ago

    Shave the mustache

  3. Derrick Vineyard

    Derrick Vineyard13 days ago

    You guys have atrocious taste in shoes.

  4. Derrick Vineyard

    Derrick Vineyard13 days ago

    Sole Collector fuck you faggots.

  5. HardtoFindNooB NOOB

    HardtoFindNooB NOOB15 days ago

    Do sneakshopping with MRBEAST

  6. moonthegoon

    moonthegoon12 hours ago

    Great collab

  7. John Lyle Florentino

    John Lyle Florentino12 hours ago

    FSR should do Hot Ones

  8. VVarrio

    VVarrioDay ago

    I agree with that dude, jordans are fucking wack

  9. Diane Wilson

    Diane Wilson2 days ago

    Do cj so cool

  10. NasTy_eDDie_3000 !

    NasTy_eDDie_3000 !2 days ago

    Trinidad Definitely THE HOST

  11. austin cal

    austin cal2 days ago

    Black Kaws 4 ds for $1,000? Lucky

  12. J.R. Elgran

    J.R. Elgran4 days ago

    Get BLAC YOUNGSTA on here!

  13. Tom Ca

    Tom Ca4 days ago

    Lmaoooo the jump shot photo.... ayeeee yaaaa

  14. jcandia1599

    jcandia15994 days ago

    Who are these guys?


    MASHA THE PRODUCER4 days ago


  16. David Doyle

    David Doyle5 days ago

    Top 10 Anime Crossovers Of All Time


    MOSES SCRIPTURAL6 days ago

    Trinidad with another "My mommy and Daddy never bought me the sneakers that I wanted when I was a little baby testimony😭". Shut the hell up negro.

  18. SpritSlash

    SpritSlash6 days ago

    The edit is so good

  19. James  Taylor

    James Taylor6 days ago

    Trinidad looking like captain crunch in this MF

  20. Mr Lawance

    Mr Lawance7 days ago

    I thought that was Aaron Rodgers

  21. Dan Muoki

    Dan Muoki7 days ago

    Best episode so far by a country mile

  22. Bob Johnson

    Bob Johnson8 days ago

    *i am the lorax* *i speak for the trees* *i’m very short* *and i wear nike tees*

  23. Nrvous 30

    Nrvous 308 days ago

    Who tf are these clowns!?

  24. Luis Felix

    Luis Felix8 days ago

    Daddy yankee

  25. Pablo Skrt

    Pablo Skrt8 days ago

    That mustache guy is a register sex offender

  26. King Cesar

    King Cesar8 days ago

    This is wholesome af

  27. Jack Audette

    Jack Audette9 days ago

    Do one with Kevin Gates

  28. XxDillybar24xX

    XxDillybar24xX9 days ago

    You should do NLE Choppa next

  29. Troy Abad

    Troy Abad9 days ago

    You should try to get bronny James jr

  30. Billy 123321

    Billy 1233219 days ago

    Do giannas antetokounpo

  31. Nasir Washington

    Nasir Washington9 days ago

    Black don’t crack

  32. Chase Wright

    Chase Wright9 days ago

    U should have lil skies on the show

  33. subtopewdiepie

    subtopewdiepie9 days ago

    get NLE CHOPPA on the show!!

  34. james jackal

    james jackal9 days ago

    getting a pair of Cas is like trying to get into area 51

  35. Jessica Mugambe

    Jessica Mugambe9 days ago

    Get BTS please

  36. Jessica Mugambe

    Jessica Mugambe9 days ago

    BTS go sneaker shopping

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    Love your channel, please like and subscribe to my channel Sneakers on Feet 🦶 🙏

  38. Robin

    Robin9 days ago

    12:06 and 12:40 Those arent Bapesta's those are Sk8- Stas. the sk8 stas actually look like dunks rather than air forces

  39. Arbiter

    Arbiter9 days ago

    I hate these words on the top

  40. Cristal Rojas

    Cristal Rojas9 days ago

    Can you have Quadeca on sneaker Shopping please?!!?!!??!!??

  41. Mark Owen

    Mark Owen10 days ago

    Sneaker shopping with Sean Evans

  42. vic

    vic10 days ago

    ...➰... 👋🏽 💪🏽

  43. TheUltimate Geek

    TheUltimate Geek10 days ago

    PLEASEEEE go sneaker shopping with Megan rapinoe her collection is already fire asf

  44. Mike Breezy

    Mike Breezy10 days ago

    This is great 😂they got the FSR editors on this episode 😂🔥

  45. Michael Debien

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  46. Michael Debien

    Michael Debien10 days ago


  47. Michael Debien

    Michael Debien10 days ago

    Get logic back on

  48. M2MRico

    M2MRico10 days ago

    Best one yet 🔥🔥🔥

  49. 1runone

    1runone10 days ago

    Who ???

  50. YBN Colombain

    YBN Colombain10 days ago

    We want Trinidad Ghost 🇹🇹 On the show 👌

  51. Shane Chee

    Shane Chee10 days ago

    Finally 🔥🔥🔥💯

  52. Armando Bravo

    Armando Bravo10 days ago

    The vapor max where the only nice ones

  53. Armando Bravo

    Armando Bravo10 days ago

    Trinidad looks like a clown 🤡

  54. Daniel Supersano

    Daniel Supersano10 days ago

    Also... DAD 👏 BROUGHT 👏 BACK 👏 HIS 👏 GUCCI 👏 SOCKS Shouts out to a Complex and Sole Collector for the 🔥 COLLAB OF THE YEAR! 🔥 Travis Scott and Jordan Brand ain't got sh*t on this video! I was geeking the whole way through. Editing didn't disappoint at all! 👏👏