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  2. Misael Muñiz

    Misael Muñiz19 days ago

    Do a video explaining why rally has 2 drivers AMD explaining Rally racing and history .

  3. Kerry Ow Buland

    Kerry Ow BulandMonth ago

    12:20 Lightning! Lightning! Lightning!!!

  4. Brad Lemmond

    Brad Lemmond2 months ago

    3:24 Also: 7:46

  5. joy alex immanuel manoppo

    joy alex immanuel manoppo3 months ago

    No lancia ypsilon?

  6. Vinny Kurnizi

    Vinny Kurnizi5 hours ago

    do nissan pathfinder

  7. Patrick Mittel

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  8. robuk1981

    robuk1981Day ago

    There was also the ECV that was to replace the group B cars

  9. Shinigami

    Shinigami2 days ago

    lol.. a Fulvia sounds like a part of a vagina.

  10. Ankur Gurung

    Ankur Gurung4 days ago

    Hello from the other side...!!

  11. Juan Navarrete

    Juan Navarrete4 days ago

    All the model reference names sound like parts of the vagina.

  12. Philipp Müller-Sänger

    Philipp Müller-Sänger5 days ago

    Why is there a car with a German plate in the back?

  13. João Lopes

    João Lopes7 days ago

    Great video Donut Media thanks a lot , please make a video about Alfa Romeo or history Quadrifloglio Verde .

  14. Blaskowicz's Father

    Blaskowicz's Father7 days ago

    I love lancia and it's history

  15. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool8 days ago

    hmmmm, Hyundai names some of their engines theta (4 cyl) and lambda (v6). I wonder why.

  16. Jose Aros

    Jose Aros9 days ago

    Los weones gritones!!

  17. marvin villalta

    marvin villalta11 days ago

    so that delta S4 just crashed like 2 days ago..... only came back to this vid to comment that btw 👎🏽

  18. Andrew L.

    Andrew L.14 days ago

    His name was Giovanni Battista Farina. "Pinin" means little, a nickname.

  19. Hill

    Hill16 days ago

    Stratos the only car designed from scratch purely for rally

  20. similaritiesendhere

    similaritiesendhere18 days ago

    God drives a new Stratos.

  21. DJ Dizzy

    DJ Dizzy19 days ago

    The Lancia Stratos owned Sega Rally Championship

  22. Denys Trofimchuk

    Denys Trofimchuk19 days ago

    that sneaky Saab 900 in the back :)

  23. Liam Donaghy

    Liam Donaghy21 day ago

    u had me at more power baba

  24. DrMcMoist

    DrMcMoist21 day ago

    I was already pretty knowledgeable about Lancia's history but what I didn't know is that they wasted so much champagne.

  25. Kebapi

    Kebapi22 days ago

    PLEASE do Alfa Romeo

  26. Robert Vivian

    Robert Vivian22 days ago

    Lancia was the first to do so many things.

  27. Allen Garvin

    Allen Garvin24 days ago

    "milly megglia"... "milly megglia".

  28. stefano ricci

    stefano ricci24 days ago

    The rest of world has to do all it’s best to keep us under the thumb( and they are doing it pretty well) otherwise we will prevail in every single human activity! 😀

  29. aceDriver53

    aceDriver5326 days ago

    so what was the LAMBDA ratio? :D

  30. Petar Dyakov

    Petar Dyakov27 days ago

    If you remove the shouting, this video probably sums up lancia the best, gg lancia wp.

  31. Stefan Falldorf

    Stefan Falldorf27 days ago

    Lancia 😍😭. Has always been my favourite italian brand. The Thema 8.32 with a Ferrari V8 in the late 80's was fantastic ay well.

  32. Alexander Sillan

    Alexander Sillan28 days ago

    When I win the lotto, I will buy every Lancia I can get

  33. nikola zavrtnik

    nikola zavrtnik28 days ago

    Love that 900 behind...

  34. Ben Truitt

    Ben Truitt28 days ago

    You are a spazzz dude, but yr funny and u got a good informatuve show. Thanks for doin it...

  35. Mark Beards

    Mark Beards29 days ago

    I miss the rally starts and finishes in Chester.

  36. Legolas

    Legolas29 days ago

    The Grand Tour did amazing movie about Lancia!

  37. αλεξανδρος ραπτης

    αλεξανδρος ραπτης29 days ago

    fiat ruined lancia,such a shame

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    Cinnamontoast99929 days ago

    I fucking love this show

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    Eric McGranahan29 days ago

    I thought it was pronounced "lansia"

  40. Yang Carter

    Yang CarterMonth ago

    By any chance can donut media talk about peugeot 205 t16 evo 2 for an episode? or just peugeot rally group for an episode please?

  41. Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo MartinezMonth ago

    mo powa baby

  42. Subies Over Evos

    Subies Over EvosMonth ago

    Rest in Peace Group B, and Rest in peace its cars,

  43. Marquis AoF

    Marquis AoFMonth ago

    Ford Fiesta ST please!

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    Can u not yelling in ur videos..

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    0:00-17:38 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

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    why does this guy have to be such an annoying ass

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    I love this channel ns this guy makes the videos fun...ok bye

  48. Fábio Pereira

    Fábio PereiraMonth ago

    557 people don't understand rally. The problem with italian cars are the electronics.

  49. Anthony Lee

    Anthony LeeMonth ago

    Excellent show!

  50. Andrew Ross

    Andrew RossMonth ago

    That’s a lot of buffhorses

  51. Seigma

    SeigmaMonth ago

    Little info: fiat decided to stop developing the delta integrale for rally at the start of 90's (since they decided it was successful enough and unable to bump sales further) to move their focus on the Alfa Romeo 155 for the DTM (still to try to bump 155 sales); but curiously, the 155 DTM was built on the mechanic of the fwd delta, instead than the current 155 available to the public. The engineers who made the 155 DTM, after the event, built a street-legal alfa 155 GTA based off the 155 DTM and showed them to managers in order to bring it into production for the public. Unfortunately, it never made it and the only prototype of the 155 GTA stradale can be seen in Davide Cironi's youtube channel.

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    Warning please have earplugs or have ur finger(s) on the VOLUME button at all times! (CRINGY)

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    (Just woke up my wife)! 14:53 thought the yelling was over...... But no! Gotta say i 💘 love the info but guys gotta tone it down a couple of dec's PLEASE? Im a subscriber but damn i cringe and gotta keep my hand on the VOLUME at all times!

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    One of my favorite cars from the 2012 most wanted