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Lancia is the Italian automaker behind some of the greatest rally cars of all time: the Fulvia, the Stratos, the Lancia 037, and Lancia Delta Integrale blazed the way for Lancia’s rally dominating legacy. Join James as he explores the history of the world’s winningest rally car maker, LANCIA.
And yes, it is pronounced “LAN-SHUH”
Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Spencer Huff
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by Sarah Fairfield
Directed by Jesse Wood
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  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media9 months ago

    Thanks for watching! Comment with a time code to your favorite moment, and Pumphrey will heart his favorite one. ❤️

  2. dos Santos

    dos SantosMonth ago

    Alfa Romeo Up to Speed...? please😎

  3. Misael Muñiz

    Misael Muñiz4 months ago

    Do a video explaining why rally has 2 drivers AMD explaining Rally racing and history .

  4. Kerry Ow Buland

    Kerry Ow Buland5 months ago

    12:20 Lightning! Lightning! Lightning!!!

  5. Brad Lemmond

    Brad Lemmond6 months ago

    3:24 Also: 7:46

  6. JM Gaming

    JM Gaming7 months ago

    No lancia ypsilon?

  7. SoSerialify

    SoSerialify2 days ago

    Calls me an asshole and tells me to hit the like button... DAMN STRAIGHT IMMA HIT THE BUTTON. PERFECT MOTIVATION. You're speaking my language, james p. Especially since its english and cars.

  8. Marco Reibaldi

    Marco Reibaldi7 days ago

    I live in Turin, it is a very bad moment for the automotive industry here, Lancia 4-5 years ago made some other cars that were FIATs with another body, what was bertone is now the Maserati sad here :(((

  9. Marco Reibaldi

    Marco Reibaldi7 days ago

    Oh yeah, and thanks to some jerks that administrate the city this year was unfortunately the last of the Turin Motor Show

  10. yeeaah boiii

    yeeaah boiii8 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: the Delta s4 front looks like the Manta front

  11. Ole Alexander Halstensgård

    Ole Alexander Halstensgård11 days ago

    Love the info, stop screaming.

  12. Cars n' Opinion

    Cars n' Opinion12 days ago

    Dear James, you didn't mention the first lancia to have awd transmission: the "Trevi Bimotore" wich was an experimental car with two engines running both at the same time using bowden cables.

  13. Frosted Beats

    Frosted Beats14 days ago


  14. Daniel Lynch

    Daniel Lynch15 days ago

    7:45 James is like my favorite person ever 😂 "it's a frickin racecar!! who neeeds rear visability??"

  15. Daniel Lynch

    Daniel Lynch15 days ago

    "you can have a fob, on your keychain, to unlock your house!... i mean turn your alarm off" 😂😂😂

  16. Stig Gjerstadli

    Stig Gjerstadli18 days ago

    So nice episode. More Groupe B :)

  17. rey luna

    rey luna19 days ago

    What about the Lancia Vulva, the Lancia Labia or the Lancia Clitoria?

  18. thatquirkyredhead

    thatquirkyredhead21 day ago

    Anyone remember Sega Rally Championship?

  19. xGTAxFireHawk19

    xGTAxFireHawk1925 days ago

    This will forever be my favorite rally car brand

  20. JAK JAK

    JAK JAK29 days ago

    Lan-cha? Please stop.

  21. JAK JAK

    JAK JAK24 days ago

    @michele lorusso so why does resort to saying lancia properly later in the video?

  22. michele lorusso

    michele lorusso29 days ago

    It is the correct pronunciation :-)

  23. tSp289

    tSp289Month ago

    Fiat's an odd company. They and their group (Alfa, Lancia, Maserati) sometimes come out with real gems, then ditch them in favour of some underpowered mundane shit a few years later.

  24. Gabriele Montenevoso

    Gabriele MontenevosoMonth ago

    ...and 676 people non capiscono un cazzo di automobili ;-)

  25. Gabriele Montenevoso

    Gabriele MontenevosoMonth ago

    Thank you for this video, people all over the world need to know what Lancia whas. Grazie 😊

  26. Kleiner backfisch

    Kleiner backfischMonth ago

    9:32 wow never seen those clips

  27. Zunaid Paulse

    Zunaid PaulseMonth ago

    You are by Far thee most entertaining host ever, Love your vidz dude, oh and I am from South Africa

  28. jbassgold

    jbassgoldMonth ago

    You should do an Alfa Romeo episode

  29. Flash Giordani

    Flash GiordaniMonth ago

    Im disappointed in the fact that “LIGHTENING!” Has been integrated into my every day conversations

  30. Zero Ninety

    Zero NinetyMonth ago

    RIP Lancia

  31. jy7duality

    jy7dualityMonth ago

    This channel is great, james energy and passion for cars makes it that much better...he's a fuckin maniac and it's awesome 😂💯

  32. Jason Guarino

    Jason GuarinoMonth ago

    i actually saw one of those new Lancia Stratos things at my San Simeon, California hotel back in april, thing blew my freaking mind. never found out who the driver was though

  33. Sean adair

    Sean adairMonth ago

    An annoying presenter gets very excited like a little puppy hopefully you don’t have to wipe up after him and his pronunciation is atrocious at times apart from that fantastic video 😂

  34. Jason Lambek

    Jason LambekMonth ago

    Up to speed on the bertone X1/9. That would be 😎

  35. Movie Fan

    Movie Fan22 days ago

    please do one ... I would be forever grateful! My ex drove a yellow one in the 80-ies.

  36. spinta xd

    spinta xdMonth ago

    Audi won in Finland because the lancia driver Walter didnt go to Finland because he didnt like the jumps and he refused to go to Finland and as he said "if i wanted to fly i would race planes not cars"

  37. tomtalk24

    tomtalk24Month ago

    Lancia always had the BEST badge design!

  38. colinmoriarty

    colinmoriartyMonth ago

    Stratos is the one where they put fake roll cages made out of cardboard right?

  39. Luke Setters

    Luke SettersMonth ago

    this guy is a douche..

  40. Isantir

    IsantirMonth ago

    holy .. that italian pronunciation is TERRIBLE

  41. Branon Fontaine

    Branon FontaineMonth ago

    Isantir....not one fuck is given cuz it doesn't matter....

  42. OfficialEzzy

    OfficialEzzyMonth ago

    English : Lan-si-a (Lancia) Italian: Lan-ce-á Never: Lan-cha

  43. SpadoKln

    SpadoKlnMonth ago

    @OfficialEzzy I'm questioning them cause I'm actually Italian

  44. OfficialEzzy

    OfficialEzzyMonth ago

    @SpadoKln If you arent talking translation correction its "Lan-Chia" in iatalian, not Lan-cha. Lan-chia is the same as Lan-ce-á because e-á makes "hia" > Lan-c-hia = Lan-ce-á. :) Sorry bro you will not be able to argue facts :D

  45. SpadoKln

    SpadoKlnMonth ago

    Well Lan-cha is the correct pronunciation even in Italian

  46. Rui Pereira

    Rui PereiraMonth ago

    This could be such a cool channel. You can have Tourette's, just edit those moments out, not in.

  47. NewSnow Duck

    NewSnow DuckMonth ago

    What's wrong with the presenter?

  48. allenm213

    allenm213Month ago

    Please do videos on Alfa Romeo GTV6, GT Junior, Alfetta .Thanks!

  49. Ra1yan

    Ra1yanMonth ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this dude is on crack?

  50. Duciux

    DuciuxMonth ago

    11:05 dont fuck with AUDI QUATTRO

  51. Russell Southard

    Russell SouthardMonth ago

    2:37 nice subaru

  52. Joetime90

    Joetime90Month ago

    The Lancia Stratos

  53. Movie Fan

    Movie Fan22 days ago

    It's my number one. Car heaven is called StratoSphere, and my cat is called Stratos. To me it is the most beautiful car, just watching one brings tears to me eyes ... driving one is pure extasy

  54. rambo lambo

    rambo lambo2 months ago

    Can you make a video about the alfa romeo 2000gtv

  55. Optimistic Misanthropist

    Optimistic Misanthropist2 months ago

    Can you guys at Donut stop putting this annoying idiot on these videos. These cars deserve someone to explain these cars with dignity and class. Not some idiot man child who isn’t even funny accidentally!

  56. Just4Fun

    Just4Fun2 months ago

    Looks like mechanics back then knew how to crank out the horsepower 0-60 in under 3 is hard to hit. The awd design was beast to support all the powa baiby

  57. Chaz Swaz

    Chaz Swaz2 months ago

    Never likes Call me a Lazy assholes Smashes like button hahaha

  58. Šimon Hromada

    Šimon Hromada2 months ago

    F*ck Fiat

  59. ElMilito89

    ElMilito892 months ago

    Vittorio Jano is spelled Iano, like Iacocca

  60. Jake Jasareno

    Jake Jasareno2 months ago

    try also th mitsubishi galant

  61. Carlos Orozco

    Carlos Orozco2 months ago

    Great video guys. I really like your channel. Would you make a video about Alfa Romeo?

  62. Slipknotpimp 666

    Slipknotpimp 6662 months ago

    This guy is CRINGE!

  63. MarloSoBalJr

    MarloSoBalJr2 months ago

    An apple red *Delta Integrale Evoluzione II* is here in the suburbs of Baltimore. It's like a unicorn among a farm of buffhorses here.

  64. mareletrantor

    mareletrantor2 months ago

    stop yelling you foul! you should see a doctor to teach you anger management!

  65. HFMon

    HFMon2 months ago

    Mate you crack me up!!🤣 The way how you explained the lancia history his very hilarious.....I'm in tears ...but it could be because I'm thinking at what lancia is nowadays... ( I'm literally born and grown up for 30 years in a family Lancia busin---- passioned garage )😪😥😢😭

  66. Tyfighters002 Verkerk

    Tyfighters002 Verkerk2 months ago

    Theres pasta named lancia and when i see the package i cry on the inside every time :/

  67. Bryan Paul

    Bryan Paul2 months ago

    The Delta S4 has dictated my life choices for the better part of the past decade.

  68. Jon D

    Jon D2 months ago

    Brilliant.. I’d just watched Doug DeMuros commentary on exactly the same car which put me to sleep but your review was amazing.. nice one

  69. Branon Fontaine

    Branon Fontaine2 months ago

    Why is this dude always hollerin? Bro, we fucking hear you I swear we do, so maybe tone it down a bit....other than that, great vid....

  70. Toby mak

    Toby mak2 months ago

    Legendary machine. One guy in Hong Kong got everything lancia from models to to real thing. Some dead hard fan still out there.😉

  71. joe bohlman

    joe bohlman2 months ago

    I’m not a lazy AS*H*LE James‼️ I just respectfully forget sometimes😪

  72. sh0ckv3l

    sh0ckv3l2 months ago

    Btw, via aurelia actually way north of Pisa :D


    THEIRISHAXE2 months ago

    Fuckin impossible to wear headphones listening to this maxed out hipster scream and whisper fuck man

  74. Daniel J Garcia

    Daniel J Garcia2 months ago

    7:45 uhh I can see perfectly through the back of the car.