Actors Who Look Totally Different From Their GoT Characters |⭐ OSSA Radar

Even if you are a crazy Game of thrones fan, you will probably never recognize these actors even if you meet them face to face.
What was the most difficult thing for The Night King during the filming?
What does Rory McCann have similar with his character The Hound? McCann is well known for living a solitary, transient lifestyle.
The English actress, Hannah Waddingham aka Septa Unella tarkly contrasts her onscreen character. Kae Alexander, the Japanese actress who portrayed the leader of the Children of the Forest.
Alexander went through a procedure that lasted between 9 and 10 hours to be transformed into Leaf! If you meet Ian Whyte in real life, you might not recognize the giant Wun Wun, but you'll definitely grant him some attention.
He is seven feet 11 inches tall! And before acting in GoT, he was a professional basketball player. Gemma Whelan - the English actress who portrays Yara Greyjoy does not wear a wig on HBO’s Game of Thrones.
Now the actress Kerry Ingram aka Shireen Baratheon is already 20! Appearance of the actress Gwendoline Christie aka Brienne of Tarth at the GOT premiere night in a marvelous airy dress outshone everyone, including Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke!
Vladimir Furdik revealed that he spends about 6.5 hours doing makeup to transform into The Night King. By the time that's done, he's already in the character.
It's Robin Arryn, not Daenerys's death, that became the most discussed moment of the finale. Lino Facioli "glow-up" had the audience comparing him to Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter.
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  1. OSSA

    OSSA5 months ago

    Which of these actors would you like to meet in real life? Subscribe to our new channel OSSA'm Movies!

  2. Marian Dereliev

    Marian DerelievMonth ago


  3. Renzo GC

    Renzo GCMonth ago

    Rory, would like him to send me to hell with a grunt and a "fook up bro"

  4. Jennifer Brewer

    Jennifer BrewerMonth ago

    Before I saw this, I would've said Rory McCann, but if he's as grumpy as he's painted here, he'd probably just piss me off.

  5. Pyro Oblivio

    Pyro Oblivio4 months ago

    Tywin, tyrian, the hound, Breanne, davos, tormund, Bron, jorah, Sansa, and arya... My top 10

  6. Talha Rehman

    Talha Rehman2 days ago

    Night king is like Bronn

  7. Z.G

    Z.G7 days ago

    out of all of these on this list, i'd want to meet Gwen the most. She is amazing and as a fellow tall female myself (6'4), I just feel amazing seeing that representation. She is such an inspiration and a gorgeous one at that

  8. Ksenia

    Ksenia9 days ago

    0:01.... *NOT ANYMORE!*

  9. Carlos Soto

    Carlos Soto10 days ago

    Good job!!

  10. redde rationem

    redde rationem11 days ago

    11:04 Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And most of all, don't blink. Good Luck.”

  11. Armadio

    Armadio11 days ago

    I would like to meet David Benioff and Daniel Weiss.

  12. Mary Benedict

    Mary Benedict12 days ago

    How do you like this? I don't think the nun was evil at all. Cersei deserved everything she got and the nun knew it.

  13. Sara Voakes

    Sara Voakes15 days ago

    Gwendolin christie. I love her character and also jerome flynn he is gorgeous

  14. Jonny2Hotty

    Jonny2Hotty21 day ago

    Justice for Vladimir

  15. Carnage Chaos

    Carnage Chaos21 day ago

    Emilia Clarke of course

  16. majd abass

    majd abass23 days ago

    You don't want to give spoilers about what he taught aria but you say what happened in the final episode😅

  17. Brian Walterhouse

    Brian Walterhouse27 days ago

    You said John snow murdered the white walker. John snow is no murderer. To murder is the unlawful act of premeditated killing of another person. That was never in John snows makeup

  18. Brian Heidgerken

    Brian Heidgerken29 days ago

    Puss on all of ya..i wanna meet the true star of the series..( GHOST) LOL

  19. Michelle Vaughn

    Michelle Vaughn29 days ago

    Too many commercials

  20. Ian Godfrey

    Ian GodfreyMonth ago

    I would like to meet Ian Godfrey he's an incredible actor and my favorite in GOT

  21. Bobby Reilly

    Bobby ReillyMonth ago

    7'1" for Ian Whyte. Not 7'11"


    PAPA TANGOMonth ago

    i'd love to meet sansaaah :D

  23. Zoned 247

    Zoned 247Month ago

    @PAPA TANGO Hey, yeah, Sophie was super nice. They didn't want any photographs taken, because her and Joe were trying to stay low-key. When my friend told her she was a massive GOT fan, and that Sansa was her fave, Sophie was so happy and genuinely touched, that she gave her a really big hug :) I couldn't believe it when she texted me !! :)


    PAPA TANGOMonth ago

    @Zoned 247 amazing :)

  25. Zoned 247

    Zoned 247Month ago

    My best friend met Sophie Turner in Amsterdam. She was taking some photographs, and Sophie & Joe walked by. Sophie gave her a hug :)

  26. Kalinka Rovatti

    Kalinka RovattiMonth ago

    6.33 High five for the Tod 🤣🤣🤣🤣🖐️#snap

  27. Mukta Akter

    Mukta AkterMonth ago

    Robin and The Hound

  28. wally whitsett

    wally whitsettMonth ago

    No talk of Natalia Tena as Osha. I would love to meet her.

  29. TurtleObsessed

    TurtleObsessedMonth ago the hell does no one look so damn handsome?!

  30. KeenCrafting

    KeenCraftingMonth ago

    That's the ironic part, Gwendoline is actually kinda hot!


    ANIME FREAKMonth ago

    I'd like to meet Khaleesi, Arya and Sophie in full character for 2 minutes.... Coz after that I'm sure I'll faint from over excitement

  32. Isabella Rocha

    Isabella RochaMonth ago

    Honestly, when I saw Robin Arryn in the last season, I was shocked! He looked so different but still looked good 😂

  33. N k

    N kMonth ago

    when john show , hound and other member were trapped by white walkers , hound was throwing stone on them... i laughed very hard.. oh my god..

  34. Jibril Muhammad Ibrahim Al Hamza

    Jibril Muhammad Ibrahim Al HamzaMonth ago

    Emilia clarke ...I wd like to meet her n kiss her beautiful face n lips.

  35. Chelsea L.S.H.

    Chelsea L.S.H.Month ago

    If you wouldn’t recognize Rory you don’t count as a true fan lol

  36. Juan Capecci

    Juan Capecci2 months ago

    9:45 REALLY? If I were a king I'll marry you 10 times 😍

  37. Paola Rosichetti

    Paola Rosichetti2 months ago

    Robyn Arryn is a wonderful man!!

  38. Ghazanfar Khaskheli

    Ghazanfar Khaskheli2 months ago

    I want to meet with Sophie Turner and her sister in got

  39. Al_Fa'al Al_Jamooh

    Al_Fa'al Al_Jamooh2 months ago

    Edd Stark and The Hound are number 1 and 2 characters in the whole show.

  40. David E Johnson

    David E Johnson2 months ago

    There were no BlackPeople in that era of history?

  41. Gabrielle Stewart

    Gabrielle Stewart2 months ago

    There were like 90,000 in this show. Did we not watch the same show?

  42. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk2 months ago

    I'm going to bed early today Me at 3 am 0:40

  43. Chicago Dan

    Chicago Dan2 months ago

    Rory McCann's teeth weird me out. It's like his entire lower jaw is too far back. The uppers look all pushed forward. Sometimes they make it look like he's chewing cud.

  44. Smilin Prophet

    Smilin Prophet2 months ago

    Thé réal Jaqen looks like the European Nick Kroll


    SHUBHAM KHARE2 months ago

    Is it me or vladimir furdik looks more like ser bron of the blackwater

  46. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday2 months ago

    What is beautiful may never be beautiful in the show

  47. ChamaDeVenezuela

    ChamaDeVenezuela2 months ago


  48. Rob Hamilton

    Rob Hamilton2 months ago

    Totally could tell Leaf was an Asian person, come on now. Everyone knows about Ian Whites rolls on the show and Yara actress looks like Yara. I am beginning to think you just make a video for the sake of making a video. At least give us something new that we did nit know. BORING!!!!!!

  49. Rob Hamilton

    Rob Hamilton2 months ago

    The scars on Clegane barely change his appearance at all. Not sure why you think he is unrecognizable. It is very clear who he is.

  50. pettanya1

    pettanya12 months ago

    Gwen and Nikolay. they are awersome.

  51. DGTasdiq

    DGTasdiq2 months ago

    I met Maisie Williams on the Premier and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

  52. icedragonbreath

    icedragonbreath3 months ago

    How do you not blink!?

  53. Amal Mathew

    Amal Mathew3 months ago

    Arya my love❤😘

  54. Uzoaku Amadi

    Uzoaku Amadi3 months ago

    Duh. There's nothing scary about Septa Unella.

  55. Ken Cheung

    Ken Cheung3 months ago

    Would love to meet Charles Dance and Richard Dormer and just listen to them speak with their amazing accents! Oh and Natalie Dormer too coz she's fking hot! Lol By the way, I thought Ian Whyte was more 7 feet than 8…?

  56. American veteran

    American veteran3 months ago

    Would love to meet, Ygritte in the cave...

  57. Geowyn Leda

    Geowyn Leda3 months ago

    I certainly wouldn't kick Vladimir Furdik out of bed, even thought he was sexy as the Night King.

  58. Geowyn Leda

    Geowyn Leda3 months ago

    @American veteran I couldn't possibly comment..

  59. American veteran

    American veteran3 months ago

    And not to mention, his ability to make things

  60. A. R.

    A. R.3 months ago

    Well, you just forgot Viserys/Harry Lloyd.

  61. Ced 1

    Ced 13 months ago

    Yara Greyjoy is so pretty... I'ld like to meet Yara and Arya

  62. Linn Söndergaard

    Linn Söndergaard3 months ago

    I would really love to meet Kristofer Hivju in real life. Love him so much. And I'm swedish and swedish and Norwegian are very similar. I understand that language so I think it would be great😍

  63. Dennis Reyes

    Dennis Reyes3 months ago

    Definitely Emilia and Kit

  64. Aleksander Underwood

    Aleksander Underwood3 months ago

    Ian Whyte is 7'1" not 7'11".

  65. 찬우여자친구

    찬우여자친구3 months ago

    Robin Arryn is so hot in the final ep. 😍the best part of the finale

  66. Jay Ohlrogge

    Jay Ohlrogge3 months ago

    What a surprise...what a dumbass video....

  67. THE SANDBOX SHOW akasands

    THE SANDBOX SHOW akasands4 months ago

    "Yarra" and "Brienne" would be recognizable or, at least, people would do a double-take. Didn't even think that Brienne was "ugly".

  68. Red Ladybird

    Red Ladybird4 months ago

    It's wlashi- HAH

  69. Dayang Jym

    Dayang Jym4 months ago

    i would like to meet drogon.:D

  70. Razzy1312

    Razzy13124 months ago

    Woah Shireen grew up into a beautiful woman.