Actors Who Look Totally Different From Their GoT Characters |⭐ OSSA Radar


  1. OSSA

    OSSAMonth ago

    Which of these actors would you like to meet in real life? Subscribe to our new channel OSSA'm Movies!

  2. Pyro Oblivio

    Pyro Oblivio4 days ago

    Tywin, tyrian, the hound, Breanne, davos, tormund, Bron, jorah, Sansa, and arya... My top 10

  3. Natalie Bowen

    Natalie Bowen6 days ago

    OSSA John Snow,Arya & Tyrion my fave characters in Got matter of fact u would meet the whole cast lol

  4. gsxrboi1000

    gsxrboi100010 days ago

    Roose Bolton, Beric Dondarrion, danerys

  5. Satyendra Mondal

    Satyendra Mondal17 days ago

    Ian Glen

  6. Prateek Shukla

    Prateek Shukla19 days ago

    That one whose name is Jaqin H'ghar and the hound!!

  7. Jay Ohlrogge

    Jay OhlroggeDay ago

    What a surprise...what a dumbass video....

  8. THE SANDBOX akasands

    THE SANDBOX akasands3 days ago

    "Yarra" and "Brienne" would be recognizable or, at least, people would do a double-take. Didn't even think that Brienne was "ugly".

  9. Red Ladybird

    Red Ladybird4 days ago

    It's wlashi- HAH

  10. Dayang Jym

    Dayang Jym8 days ago

    i would like to meet drogon.:D

  11. Razzy1312

    Razzy13128 days ago

    Woah Shireen grew up into a beautiful woman.

  12. Razzy1312

    Razzy13128 days ago

    1:15 And then the guy was like, "You gonna die for some breakfast?"

  13. Roy Thorne

    Roy Thorne10 days ago

    Wow, you mean make up, and prosthetics? TV and film are like, super clever.

  14. Ddrhl

    Ddrhl11 days ago

    If you really didn't want to blink, you'd tell yourself "Eyes open." Thinking "Don't blink" actually processes in your brain as "blink don't." Because the "don't" processes AFTER the "blink," you'd tend to blink. "Eyes open" doesn't have that problem. You can try this yourself. Ever given a child a juice box and say "don't squeeze it" only to have to clean up the mess? Hand it to him/her and say "hold it carefully", and you aren't likely to have a mess to clean up.

  15. happy_kitten

    happy_kitten11 days ago

    Amazing 😍

  16. Bee Ameen

    Bee Ameen13 days ago

    Sandor Clegane! He was my favorite since season 2!!!!

  17. sarikatimmi

    sarikatimmi13 days ago

    love how we never found out if his magic was real or not.

  18. Eily Bergin

    Eily Bergin14 days ago

    Vladimir Furdik looks like the lovechild of Bronn and Daniel Craig. :D And I would like to hang out with Tormund and swoon over Brienne.

  19. Nick Flavell

    Nick Flavell14 days ago

    I work in a shop in North London and luckily we have a few game of Thrones actors who come in occasionally and I must say they're very nice people.

  20. fanOmry

    fanOmry14 days ago

    All the legal age men..

  21. joanne lyon

    joanne lyon16 days ago

    Peter Dinklage

  22. Satyendra Mondal

    Satyendra Mondal17 days ago

    Ian Glen

  23. OGwaa FrenchBoy

    OGwaa FrenchBoy18 days ago

    the hound!!!

  24. Lina K

    Lina K18 days ago

    Thx for the season 7 spoilers

  25. dark light

    dark light20 days ago

    I ended the video the second he said GOT instead of game of thrones

  26. rad stag

    rad stag21 day ago

    Love jagen h’qar

  27. Ella of Tarth

    Ella of Tarth21 day ago

    I'd love to meet Gwen and Nikolaj... they're just amazing and lovely😫😍

  28. Consuella Turner

    Consuella Turner22 days ago

    Little Shireen is cute

  29. Alexander Ringler

    Alexander Ringler23 days ago

    Vladimir... what a name for the NK

  30. Stiles Kuchiki

    Stiles Kuchiki23 days ago

    I can't believe I didn't even notice that was Robyn... I was just thinking who's this young dude....

  31. Elma Mirdan

    Elma Mirdan23 days ago

    I want to meet Kit Harington. I’m obsessed with him.

  32. Acchu

    Acchu24 days ago

    At 4.01, he says Ian whyte is 7'11 but he actually is 216m that is 7'1..still a giant though 😂

  33. Vee Ramage

    Vee Ramage24 days ago

    You added that Gemma Whelan is a young mother but you might be surprised if you look up her age - she's 38! Not that young.

  34. Logan Bowers

    Logan Bowers24 days ago

    The Hound is the equivalent to dad I’m Irish

  35. One-Eye

    One-Eye25 days ago

    I first saw Rory McCann in a terrific series called THE BOOK GROUP.

  36. Jocelyn McSayles

    Jocelyn McSayles26 days ago

    Would be totally awesome to meet The actor who plays Tormund. Just provided such comic relief to the show. And broke my heart he couldn’t be with Brienne.

  37. AXZ1974

    AXZ197426 days ago

    4:00 7'11''? You must have no idea how tall that is. Someone could have written down 12 feet 9 inches and you still would have read it, no problem. :)

  38. Paul MOXY

    Paul MOXY26 days ago

    I met gemma at comic con, she looks so petite, I actually did a double take when I walked past her. Nothing like the butch amazonian warrior she plays...

  39. Maria Simina Cristea

    Maria Simina Cristea27 days ago

    well i’ve met vladimir furdik (the night king) at a comic con and was awesome 💖

  40. ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

    ICallsEmLikeISeesEm27 days ago

    Huh, Yara's actually kind of cute. Got sort of the girl next door thing going on.

  41. Mulatós Bulibáró aki MolnárKiki rajongója álulu

    Mulatós Bulibáró aki MolnárKiki rajongója álulu28 days ago


  42. Mulatós Bulibáró aki MolnárKiki rajongója álulu

    Mulatós Bulibáró aki MolnárKiki rajongója álulu28 days ago


  43. Ada Ven

    Ada Ven28 days ago

    Tom and Lino

  44. craig stewart

    craig stewart29 days ago

    Ian Whyte is 7'1", not 7'11". Do your research before making a video. Credibility is important.

  45. Ethical Gamer

    Ethical Gamer29 days ago

    Damn season 8

  46. Monica Yoder

    Monica Yoder29 days ago

    I'd love to meet Tom Wlaschiha!

  47. Bachtiar F

    Bachtiar FMonth ago

    Am i watch smart banana?


    YSABELLE MMonth ago

    8:24 I THOUGHT IT WAS LIKE A LORD FROM A NONE POPULAR HOUSE!!!! He sooooooOooOooOooOooOooOoOoOooooooooOOooOOoOo grownup

  49. Angerpanda

    AngerpandaMonth ago

    How long does NK have to go without blinking?

  50. salma살마

    salma살마Month ago

    I would love to see a heart melting romance between the hound and sansa , like the beauty and the beast,.....I'm little disappointed

  51. C1assifiedUser

    C1assifiedUserMonth ago

    on 10:48 isn't it wun wun instead of night king?

  52. DL Southwell

    DL SouthwellMonth ago

    I'd recognize tall Brienne/Gemma anywhere. No wigs no makeup? Height?

  53. Travis Ross

    Travis RossMonth ago

    Tormound giantsbane

  54. abhishek mittal

    abhishek mittalMonth ago

    Shame shame shame..

  55. Sam Bozz

    Sam BozzMonth ago

    Sophie Turner