1. Kirsty Lawton

    Kirsty Lawton3 months ago

    Herrons favourite animal is a snow Leopard or his dog

  2. LKD Eckhardt

    LKD Eckhardt20 days ago

    @How Ridiculous your favorite animal is a snow leopard

  3. Kyle CHOI [6H]

    Kyle CHOI [6H]23 days ago

    wheeeeel pee yahhhh

  4. Skinny BurritoĪ

    Skinny BurritoĪMonth ago

    Ur men

  5. Skinny BurritoĪ

    Skinny BurritoĪMonth ago

    Toilet tower got oof

  6. Connor Dickinson

    Connor DickinsonMonth ago

    Witch one leopard or dog

  7. Sam Takoy

    Sam TakoyDay ago

    нахуй так дёснами улыбаться то ,хоть прикрывался бы

  8. Jaiden Coertze

    Jaiden Coertze2 days ago

    We want cris in a vid

  9. UndeadNation

    UndeadNation2 days ago

    I would say those gopros are INVINCIBLE it has dodged everything they have thrown at him hasnt he

  10. Daniel Sch

    Daniel Sch3 days ago

    Thors hamer vs car

  11. Tristan The turtle

    Tristan The turtle3 days ago


  12. Naya

    Naya4 days ago

    1:24 5:06 Best parts of the video 😂

  13. Naya

    Naya4 days ago

    “How long will Rexy last?” “Hopefully longer than his arms” 1:24 best part of the video 😂😂 Brett’s joke was definitely under appreciated 😂

  14. Daniel Guerrero Barreto

    Daniel Guerrero Barreto4 days ago

    We want Chris in a video

  15. Caroline Larochelle

    Caroline Larochelle4 days ago

    A dog

  16. MrBullDoppss

    MrBullDoppss5 days ago

    You guys don't own a few yard brooms? The balloons on the sand are driving me nuts.

  17. Alondra Weikel

    Alondra Weikel5 days ago


  18. Jacob Powell

    Jacob Powell6 days ago

    roses are red violets are blue i just got clickbaited and so did you and this is why i unsubed to these guys

  19. Naya

    Naya4 days ago

    Jacob Powell um this definitely wasn’t clickbait...

  20. Aaron Whipp

    Aaron Whipp6 days ago

    It’s says when I click on I can’t be a member what’s going on and say hi to Clayton for me

  21. Sam Bennett

    Sam Bennett6 days ago

    Fixed crack in the glass

  22. عيسى باركور

    عيسى باركور6 days ago


  23. عبدالرحمن الخلف

    عبدالرحمن الخلف7 days ago


  24. Slayer Shadow

    Slayer Shadow7 days ago


  25. Andy Rene

    Andy Rene7 days ago

    I want Chris and a video

  26. CaptCardinal 70

    CaptCardinal 708 days ago

    Does this mean the table is worthy?

  27. Robyn Dawson

    Robyn Dawson9 days ago

    Ireland uses jocks aswell

  28. The Hullsey Brothers

    The Hullsey Brothers9 days ago

    we want chris hemworth in a videi

  29. AlexAutoz :D

    AlexAutoz :D10 days ago

    Do it again with the polycarbonate at the middle and bottom

  30. Ba Ba

    Ba Ba10 days ago

    Hey look at the toilets

  31. Sebas Gaming

    Sebas Gaming10 days ago

    12-14 size jocks (i'm ozzie)

  32. Shadow Gaming

    Shadow Gaming11 days ago

    Rexy the Rex of T

  33. Mark Merithew

    Mark Merithew12 days ago

    Y’all should be sponsored by GoPro....the things you chaps put those things through...ouch

  34. Jay Duthie

    Jay Duthie13 days ago

    Guys you owe me a couple of new ears, volume + headphones + shouty moments = shattered ear drums. Funny vid as always.

  35. Muamal Assad

    Muamal Assad13 days ago


  36. BluePhenix69

    BluePhenix6914 days ago

    Ur favorite animal is a kangaroo

  37. Tyian Cumminge

    Tyian Cumminge14 days ago

    Chris Christie

  38. Tyian Cumminge

    Tyian Cumminge14 days ago


  39. Somit Kumar

    Somit Kumar14 days ago

    medium size jocks

  40. Ꮪʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ

    Ꮪʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ14 days ago

    Clickbait af

  41. The Python

    The Python15 days ago

    Do it with a gaint dart to c if it goes through

  42. Dj Hybrid

    Dj Hybrid15 days ago

    it’s called double glazing

  43. Les rg Ballos 2019

    Les rg Ballos 201915 days ago

    Vous savez que crier vous êtes trop nul à chier

  44. Sam Stout

    Sam Stout15 days ago


  45. Sam Stout

    Sam Stout15 days ago

    An animal is his favorite animal

  46. Wanderlust Forrest Fenn Gold

    Wanderlust Forrest Fenn Gold15 days ago

    This video illustrates, the reason Australia does not have a Olympic Bob-sled team....yet.

  47. IRONMAN 35

    IRONMAN 3516 days ago


  48. Jordan TRusso

    Jordan TRusso16 days ago

    you should have kept dropping it till it got through.

  49. Dagger

    Dagger17 days ago

    drop the hammer on oobleck

  50. Stephanie Rozell

    Stephanie Rozell17 days ago

    The glass already had a crack in it

  51. Obito uchiha

    Obito uchiha18 days ago


  52. Abdul Muqeet

    Abdul Muqeet18 days ago

    A penguin

  53. abcpizza12345

    abcpizza1234519 days ago

    Can yall drop a 50 meter ruler

  54. Water Master Austin

    Water Master Austin19 days ago

    Slow mo guys, Analyze

  55. Max Elster-Sarachek

    Max Elster-Sarachek20 days ago


  56. LKD Eckhardt

    LKD Eckhardt20 days ago


  57. the hackster 0909

    the hackster 090920 days ago

    Can u drop theirs hammer into the sand but way higher than 45m by its starting to get boring dropping from the same hight

  58. Mason K

    Mason K20 days ago

    Drop a car on a car

  59. The twisted Gamer

    The twisted Gamer20 days ago

    Double it again. Making 4

  60. Adrian The Dabber

    Adrian The Dabber21 day ago


  61. Pølsemanden fus

    Pølsemanden fus21 day ago

    you should do a video with the slow mo guys

  62. Anthony Baz

    Anthony Baz21 day ago


  63. Ciaran O neill

    Ciaran O neill21 day ago

    Ireland say it as well sis lads

  64. oscar munslow

    oscar munslow21 day ago

    Koala 100%

  65. Milo Valentine

    Milo Valentine21 day ago

    Your fav animal is ... Rex


    Gabriel TAMBAKOPOULOS21 day ago


  67. Terrance Jacobson

    Terrance Jacobson21 day ago

    I wish it hit in the middle more

  68. Ian Sawyer

    Ian Sawyer21 day ago

    Let's get the slomoguys in on this!!!

  69. Mehmet Karadaş

    Mehmet Karadaş22 days ago

    Türkleri görelim

  70. Ben Swift

    Ben Swift22 days ago


  71. HCP Halloween

    HCP Halloween22 days ago

    When Scott screens I nearly loled my pants rip headphone users

  72. Bunny

    Bunny22 days ago

    Pls never shout like that my lion got scared

  73. Joey folder

    Joey folder22 days ago


  74. Binar Faris

    Binar Faris22 days ago

    I can go through things like it’s nothing

  75. austrailin gamers

    austrailin gamers22 days ago

    xl (extra large)

  76. nab ban

    nab ban22 days ago

    how rediculous should make a thor hammer as big as the one in the thumbnail for 4 mil subs

  77. LaKellyVEVO

    LaKellyVEVO23 days ago

  78. Jacob Teasdale

    Jacob Teasdale23 days ago

    I wonder if it would have gotten through if they dropped it twice now I'm curious

  79. Mavelll Gaming

    Mavelll Gaming23 days ago

    11:13 that really gave me an impending sense of doom

  80. Jr Pueyo-Morales

    Jr Pueyo-Morales23 days ago

    That pop is definitely Dude Perfect worthy

  81. Ayeobe

    Ayeobe23 days ago

    Id like to see this again but with the table on something harder than sand... the table was pushed into the sand, which absorbed the impact.. What would it have done if the impact wasnt absorbed?

  82. Broticus 3.14

    Broticus 3.1424 days ago

    does anyone else find it funny when Gaunson tries to do ScIEnceS :)

  83. Tristan DeMoss

    Tristan DeMoss24 days ago

    Vertical bullet proof?

  84. Nigel Igger

    Nigel Igger25 days ago

    These videos are 80% merch, self advertising and begging viewers to do various things. 20% of actual stuff it's supposed to be. Oh yeah, and full of mindless yelling.

  85. مصطفى الدليمي

    مصطفى الدليمي25 days ago