1. Kirsty Lawton

    Kirsty Lawton15 days ago

    Herrons favourite animal is a snow Leopard or his dog

  2. hm surf

    hm surf8 hours ago

    Come on you 'Rs

  3. Max Lucas

    Max LucasDay ago

    Yo'ur you tube chanool suks

  4. Max Lucas

    Max LucasDay ago


  5. Max Lucas

    Max LucasDay ago

    What doing

  6. Dakota Parker

    Dakota ParkerDay ago

    My favourite animal is a snow leopard

  7. Twin Life

    Twin Life22 minutes ago

    If you haven't already try hammer vs anvil

  8. Metsurit

    Metsurit24 minutes ago

    Everyone: *makes videos of mjolnir* Gungnir: *why you bully me? :(*

  9. Meme Lover3074

    Meme Lover307430 minutes ago

    Can you drop the bullet proof glass?

  10. Andrew Mahones

    Andrew Mahones45 minutes ago

    #Momo at 5:09

  11. Like_ Latias

    Like_ LatiasHour ago

    Now drop 2 layers of bulletproof glass on the hammer

  12. That One Enderman

    That One EndermanHour ago

    So the hammer is supposed to be around 200 pounds? What is it made of then ?

  13. LemonWalrus

    LemonWalrusHour ago

    Sure wish I could get 5 million subs by just dropping things...

  14. Evan Harris

    Evan HarrisHour ago

    Who is that in the back ground at 0:38

  15. Christian B3339

    Christian B3339Hour ago

    Clickbaited me I thought it actually was that size

  16. Juan Romero

    Juan RomeroHour ago

    Drop a weight 45 feet! 9:00

  17. Fender Crawford

    Fender Crawford2 hours ago

    Your dog

  18. Dylan Flood

    Dylan Flood2 hours ago

    I call them jocks

  19. Daviboy11

    Daviboy112 hours ago

    Clean the sand from the balloons, guy's😪


    ALLADINE BELHA2 hours ago

    Are you a astralian

  21. Malachai Noir

    Malachai Noir3 hours ago

    You guys need to install like a firemans poll or something for the top of the tower (with a way to secure yourselves) so the trip down is faster

  22. Malachai Noir

    Malachai Noir3 hours ago

    I still find it fricking hilarious that the hammer has the same name as i do and yet i never did anything on the naming game

  23. Malachai Noir

    Malachai Noir3 hours ago

    Who was the guy in the background in the beginning????

  24. xv2_Dev_xv2

    xv2_Dev_xv23 hours ago

    Not to be racist or anything, but Asian people 10:01

  25. The Jailbreak Pro

    The Jailbreak Pro3 hours ago


  26. For the love of Oils! YL

    For the love of Oils! YL4 hours ago

    I have this muny 4'4444444444444'4444444444'5555555555555'666$

  27. For the love of Oils! YL

    For the love of Oils! YL4 hours ago


  28. Driimz

    Driimz4 hours ago

    The next time you guys are dropping an heavy object on to somthing, can you try it with a cat?

  29. Harrison Easter

    Harrison Easter4 hours ago

    No South Africa Uses Jocks

  30. Wildwood Hoppe

    Wildwood Hoppe5 hours ago

    Copyright strike for using the word spiffy

  31. Charlie Buckle

    Charlie Buckle5 hours ago

    What is the tower used for ?

  32. Charlie Buckle

    Charlie Buckle5 hours ago

    I now know

  33. Varun Shankar Raizada

    Varun Shankar Raizada5 hours ago

    Nobody: USworkrs: :o

  34. ToxicBeast71

    ToxicBeast716 hours ago

    Video starts at 9:01 thank me later

  35. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke6 hours ago

    Gotta strech it past the 10 minute mark

  36. The Duke Of Swat

    The Duke Of Swat6 hours ago

    1000 percent crazy guys

  37. iXHallowed

    iXHallowed7 hours ago

    You should collab with the slo mo guys

  38. Max W

    Max W7 hours ago

    09:00. No Problen :*


    KUSTOMO KUSTOMO7 hours ago

    welp mjőlnir didn't work on glass cuz humans build them not dwarf

  40. Matthew GC

    Matthew GC8 hours ago

    Do a car

  41. Harry Alexander

    Harry Alexander8 hours ago

    Giant dart vs double bullet proof glass?

  42. The Goat

    The Goat8 hours ago

    #we want Chris in a video

  43. Frosty Raspberry

    Frosty Raspberry8 hours ago

    You guys really need to do a video collab with The Slow Mo Guys!

  44. Boone Daboone

    Boone Daboone8 hours ago

    Wow this is the biggest click bait ever

  45. Kevin Velazco

    Kevin Velazco8 hours ago

    Their was someone in the back round

  46. Mathias Falch

    Mathias Falch8 hours ago

    Clikbate makes IT look like its a massive hammer

  47. arya arudselvan

    arya arudselvan8 hours ago

    5:08 that face

  48. Deepika Cutinha

    Deepika Cutinha8 hours ago

    Ronnie the Gopro

  49. Cameron Fischer

    Cameron Fischer8 hours ago

    You need to coordinate with Gavin and Dan from the Slowmo guys so you can use a Phantom for some of these tests.

  50. Bradley Ziegelmaier

    Bradley Ziegelmaier8 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: you guys should clean up that whole area

  51. Nilagang Baka

    Nilagang Baka9 hours ago

    Wait so... That pulley of yours is worthy?

  52. John Doe Smith

    John Doe Smith9 hours ago

    The language cadence is every modern Californian. Guoys........yuck

  53. Tiago Cabral (Student)

    Tiago Cabral (Student)9 hours ago

    His favorite animal is a Dog

  54. kattflickan1

    kattflickan19 hours ago


  55. The adventures of Ash and Jeff

    The adventures of Ash and Jeff9 hours ago


  56. gaza_2k

    gaza_2k10 hours ago


  57. Alex Day 509

    Alex Day 50910 hours ago

    Aussies say jocks as well

  58. Bubi Asatiani

    Bubi Asatiani10 hours ago

    Guys u need ti co-op with slow mo guys

  59. InvisaBlind

    InvisaBlind10 hours ago

    11:29 put spifey in a video I’m sure he’ll make you lose brain cells

  60. Benjamin Walker

    Benjamin Walker10 hours ago

    The Irish says jocks

  61. FaZe Demolisher

    FaZe Demolisher10 hours ago

    100% going to go through 7:14

  62. Taurus Izayah

    Taurus Izayah10 hours ago

    Us South Africans say Jocky not jocks

  63. fuba

    fuba11 hours ago

    This is a lot of damage!

  64. TuloWodash

    TuloWodash11 hours ago

    nobody: cats: 7:02

  65. Dandaloodle

    Dandaloodle11 hours ago

    Nek Minit

  66. Gamma

    Gamma12 hours ago

    you guys should really get an elevator

  67. Cobus Coetzer

    Cobus Coetzer12 hours ago

    You ONLY have to click on this link:

  68. Golden Nugget

    Golden Nugget12 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I got click baited And so did you :|

  69. Marius le Roux

    Marius le Roux12 hours ago

    Thor just need to get my hammer. How ridiculous well we've got it

  70. Marius le Roux

    Marius le Roux12 hours ago


  71. Emanuel Gonzalez

    Emanuel Gonzalez12 hours ago

    I dont think thor wants to be in a video with yall bro yall are annoying af😂

  72. Fiona R

    Fiona R13 hours ago

    I need to see a Scottish person try and have a conversation with an Australian, I think it would be hilarious with the differences in words they use 😂

  73. BoysPlanet

    BoysPlanet13 hours ago

    Your favourite animal is a kangaroo

  74. Nadia Laassri

    Nadia Laassri13 hours ago

    please do the thor hammer against ooblec hahaha like to agree

  75. Kendy Louwaars

    Kendy Louwaars15 hours ago

    I reckon I reckon I reckon I reckon

  76. TGWG12

    TGWG1215 hours ago


  77. Samrath Chhina

    Samrath Chhina15 hours ago

    Plz like this vid

  78. Suckmyrightnutts 4 life

    Suckmyrightnutts 4 life17 hours ago

    So that’s what took out the dinosaurs

  79. Yuvanesh Silvanathan

    Yuvanesh Silvanathan18 hours ago

    I like how you guys still perform the action when winning on rock paper scissors lol. 😹

  80. Rob Cross

    Rob Cross19 hours ago

    shoulda been "Pee 3 Poopy O"

  81. tyler billy

    tyler billy20 hours ago

    Like for respect for the golden toilet

  82. Specter_ 101

    Specter_ 10120 hours ago

    What are jocks

  83. Rhino

    Rhino21 hour ago

    literally every video on this channel is dropping something from the same thing. creative**

  84. Andrew Price

    Andrew Price21 hour ago

    Gold toilet should've been C-3-Pee-uh oh

  85. soje402

    soje40221 hour ago

    09:13 you're welcome.

  86. Conner Breckenfeld

    Conner Breckenfeld23 hours ago

    how about a koalla

  87. Kronos Gaming

    Kronos GamingDay ago

    Name it goldy


    YOUR MOTHERDay ago

    What a clickbait you f*cking sh*t

  89. Jed Gibson

    Jed GibsonDay ago


  90. Mr.mister

    Mr.misterDay ago

    9:28 sounds like a porno😂😂 lmfao

  91. Niklavs

    NiklavsDay ago

    There were table with legs, which went straight in sand, penatrating the hit

  92. Hbro 98

    Hbro 98Day ago


  93. Nova Blade

    Nova BladeDay ago

    A dog is herrens favorite animal

  94. Jokester 858

    Jokester 858Day ago


  95. Göksen kayhan

    Göksen kayhanDay ago


  96. Hannah Rankin

    Hannah RankinDay ago


  97. Aidan Bell

    Aidan BellDay ago

    Who can stand under Thor’s hammer while it drops for the longest time

  98. Amanda Davis

    Amanda DavisDay ago

    Camera under table: oh God no... After impact: yup I have PTSD

  99. son of kami

    son of kamiDay ago

    F*****g thumbnail...

  100. M1K3Y Godley

    M1K3Y GodleyDay ago

    Fucking click bait.

  101. Max Lucas

    Max LucasDay ago

    Do saptiing difrint


    POWER WOLFDay ago

    i think it would’ve gotten through if it landed more in the middle of the glass

  103. Nixbar

    NixbarDay ago

    Nice click bait

  104. I animate

    I animateDay ago


  105. Matthew Anthony

    Matthew AnthonyDay ago

    Nah in Ireland we say jocks

  106. Jona Wolfram

    Jona WolframDay ago

    9:15 Hammer falling down.