Rambo: Last Blood (2019 Movie) Teaser Trailer- Sylvester Stallone

Rambo: Last Blood- In theaters September 20, 2019. Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adriana Barraza, Yvette Monreal, Genie Kim aka Yenah Han, Joaquin Cosio, and Oscar Jaenada.
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Almost four decades after he drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone is back as one of the greatest action heroes of all time, John Rambo. Now, Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission. A deadly journey of vengeance, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD marks the last chapter of the legendary series.
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  1. Najuma 25

    Najuma 25Day ago

    last blood teaches us that age is not a limit to show who we are

  2. jim doe

    jim doeDay ago

    Was this movie better thsn the recent Terminator?

  3. Gregory Rush

    Gregory RushDay ago

    I'm looking forward to Rambo 10 - Wheelchair of death!

  4. sky world

    sky world2 days ago

    Very nice

  5. Steve Rapposelli

    Steve Rapposelli2 days ago

    All he wanted was something to eat!

  6. TheGoldenMan

    TheGoldenMan4 days ago

    Only here for music lol

  7. Julio Valdez

    Julio Valdez4 days ago

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  8. Legend Jumper

    Legend Jumper4 days ago


  9. Crazy Cold

    Crazy Cold5 days ago

    Fucking disappointment.

  10. Eric Neely

    Eric Neely8 days ago

    2031: Rambo 6 - The Final Last of the Ultimate End Blood

  11. Life Is A Sketch

    Life Is A Sketch8 days ago

    i saw it...just like movie Home alone...but more bloody 😄


    CLOSE- CALLZ8 days ago


  13. Hiatt Grey

    Hiatt Grey8 days ago

    Anybody else remember seeing this from the early showing of Godzilla: King of the Monsters?

  14. Stelios Koukourakis

    Stelios Koukourakis9 days ago

    I saw the movie in the cinema. IT WAS AWESOME !!!👍

  15. 怪弹El Fredo

    怪弹El Fredo9 days ago

    For me, it's better 'bombing' scene shooting at town!!!

  16. 12x12surface

    12x12surface9 days ago

    Up up down down left right left right BA start. Rambo gets 30 more sequels. 😂

  17. martin saunters

    martin saunters10 days ago

    Watched it last night. What a piece of sh!t this is. Recycled script you've seen a thousand times before with a made for tv budget. Absolute trash.

  18. Đức Anh Trịnh

    Đức Anh Trịnh9 days ago

    you trash

  19. elmosky

    elmosky11 days ago

    Song name?!

  20. TheGoldenMan

    TheGoldenMan5 days ago

    Old town road

  21. Vladucard

    Vladucard12 days ago

    I just left the cinema, you can rest now soldier the war is over

  22. 11pakegmail.com

    11pakegmail.com12 days ago

    right wing hilly billys and other idiots gon love this shit lol ::::.

  23. علي الشهراني

    علي الشهراني12 days ago


  24. BBB BB

    BBB BB15 days ago


  25. Roborav

    Roborav15 days ago

    This shit was a flop nobody cares about these old guys now. What utter pointless garbage just like rambo 4. Sly is past it he should hang up his bow and arrow.

  26. lautaro sarquis

    lautaro sarquis16 days ago


  27. ReixZB

    ReixZB17 days ago

    MOVIE COMPLETED SPAIN uswork.info/videos/A9fIxIK-18c-video.html

  28. Leida Kit

    Leida Kit18 days ago

    where's the scene 1:12 and 1:20 , I don't see this scene in cinema

  29. Luis angel Dávila Padilla

    Luis angel Dávila Padilla18 days ago

    Claro que no es mala esta película de Rambo 5

  30. Luis angel Dávila Padilla

    Luis angel Dávila Padilla18 days ago

    Rambo pelicula final Esta buena se la recomiendo

  31. CP YU

    CP YU18 days ago

    We need RAMBO 0 ~WAR HERO story

  32. CP YU

    CP YU18 days ago

    We need ~RAMBO "0"~

  33. dobermansnp

    dobermansnp20 days ago

    One of the best movies i'v ever watched!

  34. Team Xtreme Freestylerz

    Team Xtreme Freestylerz20 days ago

    Long live Sylvester Stallone❤

  35. Lincoln TC

    Lincoln TC21 day ago

    Stallone's last pay check

  36. Dre Day

    Dre Day22 days ago

    HAHAHAHAHAH 73 shame poor stallone! cant accept that his glory days are over nobody wants to see your wrinkly as beat up 10 guys! youre 73!! go retire! kin hanging liek youre melting! shit nigga!! give it up!!

  37. Orlando Suarez C

    Orlando Suarez C23 days ago

    muy buena la película ya la mire estuvo full


    MR. ANDREIRICH23 days ago


  39. Gaston

    Gaston24 days ago

    “¡Vamos, Juans, es un hombre, no un dios!”

  40. Nico Dacher

    Nico Dacher24 days ago

    Yeah stallone is back

  41. The Nintendo Fan

    The Nintendo Fan24 days ago

    Saw it today, don’t trust the critics this movie is amazing and intense, if you have not seen it, watch it

  42. Michael Ferraro

    Michael Ferraro24 days ago

    Fucking Stallone

  43. Michael Ferraro

    Michael Ferraro24 days ago

    :55 wait! You mean to tell me that he is NOT snyching up with LOGAN?

  44. luckenzy

    luckenzy25 days ago

    Film Is awesome i reccomend watching it

  45. Cory Griffiths

    Cory Griffiths26 days ago

    I can’t stand him believe it or not he supports gun control whenever I had found that out I can’t ever look at him the same again he’s such a hypocrite his movies he makes are filled with gun violence and yet he’s against guns in real life what a hypocrite.

  46. Gaming Kanális

    Gaming Kanális23 days ago

    I guess going on by this logic, Harrison Ford should be a smuggler or an archaelogist in real life, and the guy who plays Dexter should be a serial killer, and please let us not talk about the other guys ahaha

  47. ac2leung

    ac2leung26 days ago

    It was enjoyable and brings back memories of iconic The First Blood. Don’t listen to the critics, especially Rotten Tomatoes! Would be so awesome to see a Rambo v Commando! Imagine that!

  48. Arthur Lustig

    Arthur Lustig26 days ago

    2019...Rambo goes Home Alone.

  49. Faris Kamaruzaman

    Faris Kamaruzaman26 days ago

    how about rambo 6??

  50. RJ

    RJ26 days ago

    Rambo Last Blood -> *HOME ALONE 6: THE LAST STANDING*

  51. аминь

    аминь26 days ago

    эй , рэнба- сьебися нахуй,я иду !!!

  52. аминь

    аминь26 days ago


  53. aneen myburgh

    aneen myburgh27 days ago

    Rambo wil fuck wick up

  54. aneen myburgh

    aneen myburgh27 days ago

    Looks good and intense.. Going to get a few beers and popcorn tonight and sit back and njoy..

  55. Tamil thirai

    Tamil thirai27 days ago


  56. melagkomas20

    melagkomas2027 days ago

    finally an action movie with SOME BALLS OF STEEL and magnesium....

  57. schwako1

    schwako128 days ago

    I'm delighted that Rambo killed gangsters here. Gangsters are toxic versions of manly and action figures. They must be killed.

  58. mert ceren

    mert ceren29 days ago

    (☄ฺ◣д◢)☄ฺ (⊜‿⊜✴)

  59. Emily Morgan

    Emily Morgan29 days ago

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  60. Hesen ismayilov

    Hesen ismayilov29 days ago


  61. Fire king

    Fire king29 days ago


  62. Harsha Malinga

    Harsha Malinga29 days ago

    Best movie up coming eunsetee.com/aMSs

  63. luca9ccc

    luca9ccc29 days ago

    Man critics are always the worst people ever they just always want something that needs to be changed they are just ultra liberal motherfeckers being like little spoilt picky brats plus loves feministic things

  64. maDeiNtHe80s

    maDeiNtHe80sMonth ago

    Badass Movie

  65. Discover Fitness

    Discover FitnessMonth ago

    The movie was everything I wanted, so entertaining!! Proper old school action!