Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better


  1. Invariably Driven

    Invariably Driven9 hours ago

    It's not about BMW making good engines and cars. It's about the pure JDM experience. It just doesn't feel the same to me. Seems like most car companies now a days aren't staying true to themselves or their roots. Just glad the Toyota FRS got a Subaru engine at least..

  2. Jano Kokot

    Jano Kokot10 hours ago

    This car is so awkward

  3. slickl4l

    slickl4l12 hours ago


  4. Tristan Sassen

    Tristan Sassen14 hours ago

    It doesn't even look like a supra looks more like a BMW

  5. ryan h

    ryan h16 hours ago

    you have 3m subs for a reason. you right. but my mk4 has 2 hood latches

  6. Jacob Gutierrez

    Jacob Gutierrez17 hours ago

    no manual transmission????? I was starting to regret getting a frs until you said that lol

  7. POB108

    POB10817 hours ago

    I saw this in flesh along with mk4 supra in Toyota Manila bay. Its very small yet Toyota avanza is bigger


    LOCATOR17 hours ago

    So do I gotta wait another 21 years for the refresh model? Or Toyota gonna fuck it up again?

  9. CoolStuff Unboxings

    CoolStuff Unboxings18 hours ago

    I think its disappointing that they use a BMW engine because they make really reliable engines that can go for hundreds if thousands of miles. However BMW doesn't make as reliable engines which is a reason for the complaints !

  10. Raafee Khan

    Raafee Khan20 hours ago

    21:22 , a lot of cars do that, I guess the wind hits a perfect frequency to clash , Just crack the other window open a bit

  11. Raafee Khan

    Raafee Khan20 hours ago

    Why I have such a large tachometer if the car is only sold in automatic?

  12. Bass in Your Face!

    Bass in Your Face!20 hours ago

    This is an example of if you don't use it you lose it. Toyota hadn't made a true performance car, in so long they forgot how to do it and this is why they had to collaborate with BMW.

  13. The Combat Engineer

    The Combat Engineer20 hours ago

    Garbage, they should have built the FT-1 Concept with a bespoke motor. Total garbage.

  14. Raafee Khan

    Raafee Khan20 hours ago

    I don't know, it doesn't look good, it doesn't feel right, it just feels like a major let down. Why not just use a turbocharged same engine from before? Why base it on the z4 and not revampe the old model?

  15. Maqui Martin3z

    Maqui Martin3z22 hours ago

    Old supra is the better one

  16. win toto

    win toto23 hours ago

    8:30 BMW building cars Yes they do make great M models but the problem is quality and craftsmanship. Do you know how much it cost to repair a bmw if it breaks down? Thus build great cars but they don’t last

  17. win toto

    win toto23 hours ago

    So the tuning companies are the actual designers for this car since Toyota is like here do whatever u want just give us $50,000

  18. Lunamaria

    LunamariaDay ago

    They should have used a Lexus sports bar and built on that

  19. MrMethadrine

    MrMethadrineDay ago

    I think the automatic transmission trend is mostly for safety reasons because people who usually buy super expensive cars drive like shit.

  20. Dan Oldham

    Dan OldhamDay ago

    Wow, what an ugly car.

  21. ottoman empire

    ottoman empireDay ago

    Lthiiiiiss is the... The original of Douh

  22. Patches0hulahan

    Patches0hulahanDay ago

    Looks like a muggy rainy day in Texas good job Doug

  23. 20000plus Rpm

    20000plus RpmDay ago

    „We want a new supra“ „Here you go, a bmw with 50% finished parts on it. So you can fit stuff. For more of your money. Made by other people. Just like the car itself.“

  24. Pedro Sueta

    Pedro SuetaDay ago

    When millennials take over as project managers, this is what you get. Next, they are going to turn 4Runner into a crossover because it's the "trend."

  25. RC JEDI

    RC JEDIDay ago

    Toyota totally dropped the ball here. I would never buy one of these. What a bummer. Im totally let down and disappointed.

  26. Mckenjie Canale

    Mckenjie CanaleDay ago

    TheStradman Anyone??

  27. ultrablue2

    ultrablue2Day ago

    Doug, let me answer your query about why the new Supra being 90% BMW is a bad thing: because it’s not a Toyota, who simply piggybacked another company’s car, changed the styling, and called it their own. People do put a premium on Toyota products, from their engineering to their reliability, servicing, and ease of use. Beyond that, this is a flagship car, one with its own history and lineage; what does it say when the company jobs it out to someone else? You saying “why is Toyota using a BMW for their flagship car a bad thing” is like saying “my son cheated off one of the smarter students in his class- why is that bad?”

  28. Gregory Fairchild

    Gregory FairchildDay ago

    The combination of turbo and the super Smith, tough 2jz is what made the supra so desirable. Why buy this? Buy a Toyota dropped the ball... off the Hoover dam...

  29. Gregory Fairchild

    Gregory FairchildDay ago

    Trunk release handle is for inop trunk latches.

  30. Gregory Fairchild

    Gregory FairchildDay ago

    Super smooth....darn auto correct

  31. Clayton Rhee

    Clayton RheeDay ago

    Trd boutta be lit

  32. Saurav Sen

    Saurav SenDay ago

    With this mindset it was better for Toyota to revive BMW M1 with the old Lambo design or Corolla sport version LOL

  33. Edgar Morales

    Edgar MoralesDay ago

    They should of called it the BMW Supra 🤣🤦‍♀️

  34. david roberts

    david robertsDay ago

    jeez, too much hand/arm movement for me

  35. Santos Jerez

    Santos JerezDay ago

    Looks exactly like a BMW Roadster ...unbelievable a 2020 Toyota with BMW on it ...

  36. Mr FlexNationDvd

    Mr FlexNationDvdDay ago

    I was fine with it until i saw the cupholders.

  37. Robert Ross

    Robert RossDay ago

    My mom had a Supra in college, and now I'm thinking about buying the new Supra now that I'm in college

  38. Robert Ross

    Robert Ross21 hour ago

    @Panda _DVA it's a Toyota, not a Bugatti lol

  39. Panda _DVA

    Panda _DVADay ago

    You guys must be some rich spoiled family blood line

  40. Atlas Gaming

    Atlas GamingDay ago

    ngl, they could have used all the bmw parts and just stuck in a tuned 2jz and it would have been fine.

  41. Ángel Ravel

    Ángel RavelDay ago


  42. A Steiner

    A SteinerDay ago

    WTF was Toyota thinking! What a disgrace to the original Supras.. oh well looks like my 94’ Turbo just increased in value lol

  43. Kelly Austin

    Kelly AustinDay ago

    Funny because I can't stand the looks of this car. Not now not ever.

  44. mikeguitarification

    mikeguitarification2 days ago

    Looking at Stradman's Supra, the passenger door is the same as this car, no red on it. Seems like an odd stylistic choice.

  45. Joe Osuna

    Joe Osuna2 days ago

    The mismatched door panels actually did make production. All of the 1500 Launch Editions have it

  46. Bill B.

    Bill B.2 days ago

    If I wanted a BMW........

  47. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk2 days ago

    Toyota FT1 should have been the new Supra

  48. Brian M

    Brian M2 days ago

    I think they dropped the ball on the front end design. My 10 year old son, actually pointed out it looks like an Alfa Romeo sedan in the front.......

  49. Jeffrey Del Vecchio

    Jeffrey Del Vecchio2 days ago

    Ive owned two Supra Turbos, a 1992 and a 1989. They were both Turbo Targa, 5 speeds. The Supra NEEDS an inline 6 turbo! This new Supra Sucks because it is underpowered! Please NO BMW engines!

  50. Idaho Jake

    Idaho Jake2 days ago

    Hope you're using your signals.

  51. C. O. F Flightschool

    C. O. F Flightschool2 days ago

    I want to see one after a Dinan Tune.

  52. alex rios

    alex rios2 days ago

    Dam wish I had money to buy the new Supra Someone cashapp me stijonathan lol 😔

  53. Mr. X

    Mr. X2 days ago

    Shut the hell up and DRIVE THE SHIT OUT OF THE CAR!!! That's what we want to see.

  54. James N

    James N2 days ago


  55. Logan H

    Logan H2 days ago

    how many times is Doug gonna say "tuning companies"

  56. Lost Komadas

    Lost Komadas2 days ago

    Toyota Empire ruling subaru and bmw

  57. blaccteezy

    blaccteezy2 days ago

    They know people just rip off the stock part and install aftermarket.

  58. Kevin James

    Kevin James2 days ago

    Between this and the 86, Toyota just can't be bothered to make their own sports cars anymore.

  59. rednutbrian

    rednutbrian17 hours ago

    They should borrow from lexus

  60. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez2 days ago

    8:58 No Supra, Always no Supra!

  61. Macaroni

    Macaroni2 days ago


  62. Diemerstein

    Diemerstein2 days ago

    Actually the Supra is not less powerful, Toyota only claims it has less power, actual dyno tests have confirmed it has way more power then the claim.

  63. Marcus M.

    Marcus M.2 days ago

    I hate this car.......give me a 1996 Supra instead

  64. Wellerstein Law

    Wellerstein Law2 days ago

    Its like meeting your firs love Jenny at Class Reunion. 20 years of anticipation and you come to find out Jenny is now John.

  65. Sentinal Mobile

    Sentinal Mobile2 days ago

    So me and my friends encountered a guy racing his brand new supra in the hills and boy... can that car turn 😱😱

  66. Murat Palaz

    Murat Palaz2 days ago

    Once a legend, now a complete bullshit.

  67. Me Me

    Me Me2 days ago


  68. Me Me

    Me Me2 days ago


  69. FiatDuster

    FiatDuster3 days ago

    An ugly car now made irrelevant by two words: "See Eight"

  70. toubi

    toubi3 days ago

    were here in 2019, but doug be chillin in 2020

  71. The Angry German

    The Angry German3 days ago

    Oh yea, and uh, cough, mazda is building their own straight 6 inhouse, cough.

  72. The Angry German

    The Angry German3 days ago

    The biggest issue of them all? $50k for THAT thing? 😂 yea, okay toyota. Drop that by about $20k and then someone may actually buy this thing.

  73. Emma Gyamfi

    Emma Gyamfi3 days ago

    I agree with you this design is beautiful. Is nice even the interior l can't wait to see the manual transmission. Toyota have done a great job

  74. Vincent Lam

    Vincent Lam3 days ago

    no shit sherlock of course it could be better why go through the troubles of making this video🤦🏽‍♂️

  75. Spencer Belcher

    Spencer Belcher3 days ago

    Toyota said that they will continue to improve the supra throughout the models years like what nissan does with the GTR.

  76. alikanji

    alikanji3 days ago

    Watch the comparison of Toyota Prado vs Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 Click here:

  77. Alexis Contreras

    Alexis Contreras3 days ago

    They should of only made the the suspension so TuNiNg CoMpAnIeS can put the body in.

  78. hector cavazos

    hector cavazos3 days ago

    I wonder what type of car will ever get a 10 score?

  79. HawaiianKong

    HawaiianKong3 days ago

    Mark IV Supra was based on the same platform as the Lexus SC300. Toyota totally could’ve based the new Supra on the RC-F. Turning it into a budget Z4 is really weak. And I have both a Toyota Tacoma and BMW E36 M3. Oof.

  80. Hanzo Hasashi

    Hanzo Hasashi3 days ago

    Imports/Japanese sportscars are meant to be tuned. Get an Italian if u want something powerful fresh off the bat long as u have a powerful pocket as well.

  81. That One Puerto Rican

    That One Puerto Rican3 days ago

    T U N I N G C O M P A N I E S

  82. Jolo

    Jolo3 days ago

    I know for a fact that the supra has good potential for depends on tuning companies to unlock the real potential.never had it been a perfect car.and its holding on to that same reputation.

  83. M McVey

    M McVey3 days ago

    Except its not 'de-tuned' because it makes ~375 on a dyno

  84. cannabinized

    cannabinized3 days ago

    This has now surpassed the McLaren F1 video in views

  85. paris johnson

    paris johnson3 days ago

    Check out the recent dyno test of the Supra.... (I think Toyota just agreed to say it was less HP)