Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED


  1. bio.

    bio.30 minutes ago

    dude i got chills about that flower holding thing.. like i though everyone held it facing down??

  2. Jullian J Waleleng

    Jullian J WalelengHour ago

    Me : **Crosses my feet and feeling very relaxed** FBI : Do you feel anger?! Hate? He was bleeding...

  3. Broken Cage

    Broken Cage2 hours ago

    I wish youtube auto play would quit showing me this!!

  4. fatty mcBatty

    fatty mcBatty3 hours ago

    must be nice to cross your arms :(

  5. LJ Marzula

    LJ Marzula3 hours ago

    So I had to be the one to ask, but what if you scratch your balls?

  6. jessy cambridge

    jessy cambridge3 hours ago

    After this he got shot. Too much info leaked.

  7. Potato Chip

    Potato Chip3 hours ago

    Why does every comment have a bunch a likes

  8. Red The Beard

    Red The Beard4 hours ago

    Wtf is up with these dumbass comments, get some originality sheeple.

  9. steve2275

    steve22755 hours ago

    6:53 lovely double black 13:06 tom arnold? LOL

  10. Bi And ready to cry

    Bi And ready to cry5 hours ago

    Me: *dresses in skirt and oversized hoodie* Him: insecure but wants to be a cool kid

  11. Bryn Zip

    Bryn Zip5 hours ago

    I’m now thinking about blinking, now I’m blinking a lot. Argh!!

  12. Spasoje Kulasevic

    Spasoje Kulasevic6 hours ago

    Oh wow


    SUNNEEKNIGHT7 hours ago

    Me: *scratches my nose* FBI: we've found him!

  14. Suzy E

    Suzy E7 hours ago

    sometimes i cross my arms just to rest my hands. sometimes this stuff doesnt have a deeper meaning, its comfortable

  15. Robert Hartley

    Robert Hartley7 hours ago

    This is what it looks like to have expertise in Insight (Wisdom) checks.

  16. Norman Zurich

    Norman Zurich9 hours ago

    How many persons did you kill ?

  17. Jicky Farina

    Jicky Farina9 hours ago

    This poor man former fbi bla bla bla, is a big nothing and a loser. All he's telling is maybe, maybe yes, maybe no... 100% BS! I think the book will be an enormous FLOP.

  18. Sara Sorensen

    Sara Sorensen9 hours ago

    Perfect space, I'll let you know!

  19. Max Zorin

    Max Zorin9 hours ago

    More pseudo science sincerely communicated by someone who may actually beleive what he is saying , however, other than testimonial nonesense there is no scientific basis for his asertions. However i suspect that there are some very good econimic reasons for them.

  20. C0dest3rr TV

    C0dest3rr TV9 hours ago

    He look like an old agent coleson

  21. Patrick Simmons

    Patrick Simmons10 hours ago

    So analyze the person analyzing you more than they analyze you

  22. Igor Smolovski

    Igor Smolovski10 hours ago

    Never seen anyone carry flowers that way anywhere in Eastern Europe.

  23. Jose Vasquez

    Jose Vasquez10 hours ago

    This guy will take all of you money in a porker game. Lol

  24. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ

    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ10 hours ago

    I thought you American just arrest whoever that not american......or white

  25. Dan Erickson

    Dan Erickson11 hours ago

    Learn vibrations not words.

  26. D Heyes

    D Heyes11 hours ago

    Is there anyone out there who paid attention to how Mr. Navarro moved his right foot underneath the chair right before he began to talk about the poker players (10:32)? Once his right foot is beneath the chair, Mr. Navarro's foot enters into an almost pirouette when he commences to talk about the players. Any suggestion as to what this means?

  27. Yea, Okay.

    Yea, Okay.12 hours ago

    He would be the most boss poker player

  28. baashdi hobstocking

    baashdi hobstocking13 hours ago

    03:40 "it was the flowers" (hopeful bluff projection.) anyone, thoughtful, who wished to carry the flowers in a more protected fashion, would hold them upside-down.

  29. dee b

    dee b13 hours ago

    Mom's are brilliant at detecting deception 🤣

  30. Teodoro Agbo

    Teodoro Agbo14 hours ago

    407k people now believe they are body language readers


    SICKMERCURY77714 hours ago

    The WORST...

  32. Cristina C

    Cristina C14 hours ago

    The comments on this video lol

  33. Nathan Greene

    Nathan Greene15 hours ago

    Richard Henry Lee was a great uncle of Robert E Lee, they were both born on the same plantation in VA, on those grounds, they'd probably object to him as well.

  34. Iannyyy Y

    Iannyyy Y15 hours ago

    *the thumbnail* | / can it be |-/ TØP?

  35. Franklin David

    Franklin David16 hours ago

    this is MK ULTRA PROGRAMMING. none of this is actually true

  36. Peaceful Hooligan

    Peaceful Hooligan16 hours ago

    What if movies are designed to teach us these behaviors to make us easier for the government to read and control.

  37. forbenefitofworld

    forbenefitofworld17 hours ago

    👌each professional has his own training, but police keep learning at faster phase.

  38. Ken Hudson

    Ken Hudson17 hours ago

    If a huge dude with a skull shaved smooth, tattoos all over, rings in ears and nose, wearing a grubby denim vest and biker boots, clutching an empty vodka bottle in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other, with an ugly scowl on his face and eyes narrowed to slits starts walking toward you in a slow deliberate manner while muttering ethnic or gender may reasonably construe his intentions toward you as being primarily unfriendly

  39. connoreo45

    connoreo4517 hours ago

    wired doing videos on FBI finding spies but wired also doing videos on CIA agents who are spies. haha

  40. HaleyQuinn

    HaleyQuinn17 hours ago

    These comments are gold 😂

  41. Catherine C

    Catherine C18 hours ago

    Maybe the fbi should read body language with their own

  42. aaron berridge

    aaron berridge18 hours ago

    Just after he said we blink about eight times a minute, he must have blinked about thirteen times in twenty seconds.

  43. alan moore

    alan moore19 hours ago

    how about the fact that the girl came to the poker table originally with pink shirt on and then suddenly in the next clip she is sitting down with a black shirt on?

  44. Will Steel

    Will Steel21 hour ago

    I scratch my nose a lot. I must be a lying son of a

  45. Summer Escalante

    Summer Escalante21 hour ago

    I cannot express how much it annoys me when people say crossing your arms is a "closed off" signal , I've always told them I do it for comfort. So to now hear that it is actually self soothing is extremely validating. This is truly the best body language video I have seen.

  46. Ericamerica Americo

    Ericamerica Americo23 hours ago

    *_... and that's how an innocent person ends up in prison._*

  47. asc

    asc23 hours ago

    some people just have anxiety, pal. it don’t mean they’re guilty 😂

  48. Andrew Paglio

    Andrew PaglioDay ago

    Pretty sure the only thing the FBI can tell me is how to setup conservatives. Worthless, corrupt, branch.

  49. Jessica Najera

    Jessica NajeraDay ago

    Anyone else here to see how many people you can catch lying for laughs? lol

  50. Zoigity Zigs

    Zoigity ZigsDay ago

    I do this stuff all the time but i just cant stand still i aint hiding anything i swear

  51. Sarah sulwey

    Sarah sulweyDay ago

    I have dry eyes sometimes they r very pink ,i am not a criminal

  52. Anime 4 life

    Anime 4 lifeDay ago

    Anyone realize how once he has explained that when one withdraws their feet and crosses them the may feel threatened by a question but the next frame he is doing it himself

  53. Declan Ferguson

    Declan FergusonDay ago

    Did anybody notice how often the FBI guy blinked?

  54. Declan Ferguson

    Declan FergusonDay ago

    I think everyone would act differently during an interrogation, guilty or not

  55. Jimins Jams

    Jimins JamsDay ago

    This is too complicated for my small brain, I can't take in too much information

  56. Wayne Heath

    Wayne HeathDay ago

    FBI Wants to know your location

  57. southsidepatrol 67

    southsidepatrol 67Day ago

    I'm actually you, and I'm at your house...thanks for playing

  58. poloblueboy

    poloblueboyDay ago

    Didn’t really learn much

  59. southsidepatrol 67

    southsidepatrol 67Day ago

    And then Mr FBI run into a counter surveillance tradesman that know what you are looking for and how to counter it ...but hey, it's just a game, nothing personal, unless you make it personal.

  60. Chrisman77

    Chrisman77Day ago

    "non verbals are anything that communicates that is not a word" ohhh like a not verbal. I get it now.

  61. Erin Laemmle

    Erin LaemmleDay ago

    Great now do something about all the sociopaths!

  62. Justin Wood

    Justin WoodDay ago

    My autistic son is non verbal, he has taught me to read body language like a agent.

  63. S Lighthouse

    S LighthouseDay ago

    Right before @3:51 reminds me of how that German officer or soldier in the movie Inglorious bastards finds out the German officer is a spy by the way he holds the number 3 with his fingers. The scene is were they're in the bar drinking.

  64. Ali Rasool

    Ali RasoolDay ago

    The speaker has his legs crossed again at the end and withdrawn backwards. Does he feel uncomfortable or threatened by sharing this information with us???

  65. SupremeHorizon

    SupremeHorizonDay ago

    Then I'm looking at the butt. If there's any twerking I know somethings up.

  66. Superhero Comics Takeover

    Superhero Comics TakeoverDay ago

    At the 06:59 mark, he has his feet in a crossed position which tells us that he's choosing his words and explanation wisely as to NOT give away secrets that the FBI/CIA use during interrogation and questioning. In other words, he's trying to manage how we perceive what he is saying. Fact.


    BUCHANANDay ago

    Go at the video in the min.of 11,26 and after at 11,34 you will thank me later

  68. rupert pupkin

    rupert pupkinDay ago

    Smart guy, master spycatcher, what happened to pollard and the stolen uranium in the 60s amongst 100s of others by youknowho dickhead?

  69. Ryan Robison

    Ryan RobisonDay ago

    Termination paperwork on its way.

  70. TJ_ the_Insane

    TJ_ the_InsaneDay ago

    I just have a question for the agent. It's seems like he is only talking about his targets, I'm sure his targets are all trained in deception. My question is, Is the average human in day to day life more or less readable with no knowledge of body language themselves?

  71. southsidepatrol 67

    southsidepatrol 67Day ago

    I have the same background as this agent and yes they are. Mannerisms are a dead giveaway of a long list of lifestyle habits and preferences

  72. Dutchik

    DutchikDay ago

    I usually carry flowers up. if it's windy. Or I'm cycling. What ever. I carry em down Not americam tho. Western european

  73. 577AllWell

    577AllWellDay ago

    This is someone we are supposed to trust and respect....

  74. Sean Casity

    Sean CasityDay ago

    My job was to catch spies, yet FBI spies on people. Do you catch yourself?

  75. Faith Breeze

    Faith BreezeDay ago

    This is so good! This guy would dominate the game of mafia.

  76. JanSteen Steen

    JanSteen SteenDay ago

    Joe Navarro thinks he's so smart, but he forgets to cover up his own lying decently. He uses an excessive amount of hand gestures while talking. People tend to overdo the hand gestures when they are lying. 3:56 See how he's moving his eyes as he's saying ''In my 25 years in the FBI...'' Did he really have to think about that so intensively, was he really with the FBI at all? Maybe Joe just cleaned toilets for the FBI and now he wants to make a little more money selling books after failing to climb up the ladder.

  77. southsidepatrol 67

    southsidepatrol 67Day ago

    You caught it as well, his arrogance was his down fall.

  78. angel adolfo alfaro alvarez

    angel adolfo alfaro alvarezDay ago

    Me: spent months watching Lie to me Former FBI agent: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

  79. Jack K

    Jack KDay ago

    I'm American and i hold a bouquet upside down. The water drips down the stalk and gets on the petals, which looks nicer.

  80. impettysmart

    impettysmartDay ago

    Agents: This person has all the signs of what we want to take down. Let's follow her closely. Me: *anxiety, adhd, aspergers, etc..* Agent: *6 months later* Well this was boring and a waste of time. Me: That's what you get.

  81. impettysmart

    impettysmartDay ago

    Him: You don't know ur blink rate, you're not sitting there counting. Me: Great I am now.

  82. impettysmart

    impettysmartDay ago

    Him: You never cross your arms, clasp your hands or put them behind you back. You must be guilty.. Me: No, Im fat. Him: True

  83. impettysmart

    impettysmartDay ago

    big people cant do too much with their hands but leave them at their side.

  84. Jeremy Esters

    Jeremy EstersDay ago

    You can also read a person or get a small snapshot of who they are by there signature.

  85. Fuzz Zeballs

    Fuzz ZeballsDay ago

    makes me laugh as i dress like a gypsie to make people think i have no money when im loaded lol

  86. W.A. watson

    W.A. watsonDay ago

    Cool suit and sophisticated image. Typical FBI?

  87. Sora no tamashī

    Sora no tamashīDay ago

    Great,now i know how to cover up me being a spy.

  88. southsidepatrol 67

    southsidepatrol 67Day ago

    Doubt it clown

  89. Stephen Llavs

    Stephen LlavsDay ago

    I need to learn how to read body languages for my test later. thanks USwork!!! :D

  90. Looma

    LoomaDay ago

    You wouldnt be able to read me at all lol. I'm autistic and do a lot of these things very often, and when I'm alone. The other day I had my hands on my hips in the more "aggressive" way, walking through the store. I clasp my fingers together often. I do these things because I do not know what to do with my hands.

  91. gex geko

    gex gekoDay ago

    So what are the foot shakes>



    I am a deep deep undercover Spy for Chaos & I will defeat Maxwell Smart & Agent 99

  93. Pixel_Geist

    Pixel_GeistDay ago

    when there is no evidence, FBI uses whatever they can find to convict.

  94. Sherry Burrows

    Sherry Burrows15 hours ago

    You know that right you have to remain silent? Use it.

  95. Gabriel Berki

    Gabriel BerkiDay ago

    How do we neutralize them? Is that code for killing them?

  96. Exololl Exotroll

    Exololl ExotrollDay ago

    7:53 "i know that you blink around 8 times a minute.." *blinks 8 times in 10 seconds*

  97. Deception Thundercracker

    Deception Thundercracker13 hours ago

    Where's the cocaine Janet???

  98. Elizabeth Z

    Elizabeth Z18 hours ago

    My thought exactly 😂😂😂

  99. Vaughna Rodi

    Vaughna RodiDay ago

    He just taught me how to get away with a murder. Thank you sir

  100. Marc Applewhite

    Marc ApplewhiteDay ago

    Funny what he said about blocking arms because I've analyzed my own arm crossings during certain situations and rarely am i trying to block out something. The idea of it being self soothing resonates way more.

  101. Nickname 42

    Nickname 42Day ago

    Hey how are you? - Too complicated to explain RoboT

  102. Nickname 42

    Nickname 42Day ago

    Holding the flowers down is not body language it is a habit. The extractable Information comes in an interaction with another intelligence, or an interrogation. Enough physical pain makes admit everyone everything, so this can't be a reliable method.

  103. Howard Anderson

    Howard AndersonDay ago

    Somehow I missed the part about what any of this tells the observer... Practical application is missing?

  104. CloneD Anon

    CloneD AnonDay ago

    *LAMO! They do not carry flowers like that in Eastern Europe! They carry like everyone else in the world for fucks sake LMAO!*

  105. Raimey Gallant

    Raimey GallantDay ago

    Great video!

  106. Captain687

    Captain687Day ago

    feet dynamics. knowledge baby.

  107. Sloe Bone

    Sloe BoneDay ago

    We think we can look at people and read their mind... we can’t.... people are complex. We do things for a lot of reasons.